Rising rapper overcame Muslim family opposition to follow Jesus


By Michael Ashcraft —

From time to time, her Muslim family members kept Wande Isola from going to church.

“When I initially gave my life to Christ and became vocal about my faith, it was met with a lot of tension,” says the 23-year-old, who came to America from Nigeria as a baby. “I had to make the decision to pursue Christ even when my family didn’t understand. I think many people don’t know how much opposition I had to face to follow Christ.”

At a time when there are calls to expand opportunities for women in Christian Hip Hop, Wande is exploding across the spectrum. The battles she has faced have prepared her for ones to come. She is currently working for Reach Records’ A&R Department, has dropped a number of songs and become the go-to female rapper for features. (UPDATE: On April 11, 2019, Reach Records announced signing her as a full-fledged artist, becoming the first female rapper on a major CHH label. Rapzilla compared her to Captain Marvel.)

Wande says she knew about Christianity in Round Rock, Texas, where she was raised, but didn’t understand her need for a Savior until she was a pre-teen attending a “Discovery Camp” in 2009 in Columbus, Texas. Only her mom was Christian and supported her decision.

“My mom was my ally throughout my journey,” she says. However there were seasons when I was asked to no longer go to church. There were also many times I was told that Jesus can’t perform miracles and can’t save and I was being brainwashed. I think my family environment forced me to be rooted in my faith and be unwavering in what I believe.”

As a teen, she struggled with typical American issues.

“One of my struggles was insecurity,” Wande says. “I struggled with the need to live for the approval of others. This desire dictated my decision making process and ultimately led to frustration and let down. I wasn’t always seen as someone who is cool or talented.

“I overcame all of my struggles of insecurity by filling my mind with the Word of God. I took my thoughts captive and my thoughts manifested into actions. When I reminded myself of who God says I am, I began to view myself differently.”

Ironically, it was her biology teacher in high school who nudged her towards her now-emerging career. As a freshman, she earned an A+ in her class and decided she wanted to be a surgeon.

But instead, she became a musician.

She double majored in journalism and public relations at the University of Texas at Austin.

“My dream is to be able to live a life where I can use each day to point others back to Christ while being myself,” she says. “So I’d honestly say I’m already living my dream.”

At college, she belonged to the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and the Texas Orange Jackets, an honorary organization of The University of Texas’s top women leaders in the areas of scholarship. And she rapped at events on campus.

Her syncopated voice got the attention of CHH professionals and doors started opening for her. She’s filmed her own videos and dropped her own songs.

“I think the biggest lesson God has taught me is obedience and trust. I am so happy I learned this at a younger age because I can honestly say I would not be where I am today if I wasn’t obedient to God’s plan,” she says. “The path God set before me is much greater than all the plans I had created for myself.”

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  1. “And secular rappers who have come to Christ (at least to some degree)”

    what is this suppose to mean? someone can be a partially born again Christian? what passage is that from again??

  2. REading through the list of secular artists I was shocked to see Snoop Dogg. I have seen zero evidence that Snoop is a man of God. He produces porn and promotes pot culture. Unless he has recently converted….

  3. Hi all,
    I’m a Muslim woman and I want all of you to read about Islam well, please!
    My faith as a Muslim requires me to believe in all the Holy Books and all the prophets. So, I must believe in the Bible and Torah and all other Holy Books.
    I must believe in Jesus (and his mother Virgin Mary), Moses, David (and his son Solomon), Issac, Jacob (and his son Joseph) and all other prophets.
    If I don’t believe in all of that, I will not be a real Muslim, I will be considered as an infidel, and God will punish me by Hell.
    It’s so normal that some Muslims name their new born male babies as ‘Jesus’ or in Arabic ‘Eissa’ and new born female babies as ‘Mary’ or in Arabic ‘Maryam’
    You see! Jesus and his mother Virgin Mary are both parts of our religion, faith and life.
    Even their story is mentioned in the Holy Quran, and there is a whole chapter of the Holy Quran that its name is ‘Mary’ or in Arabic ‘Maryam’
    Here is a link to this chapter in English:

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