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Scientist who worked on Hubble space telescope confirms Genesis creation account

By Michael Ashcraft and Chad Dou -- A former CEO of the firm which built a critical Hubble telescope electronic subsystem believes the latest in...

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Atheist, porn-addict, groomed Christian girls away from church

By Michael Ashcraft – Ironically, his dad, a devout Buddhist, left the family so that everybody “could be happier.” Ahn Le felt anything but happy. “I...

Amid the challenges after communism, he found hope in Jesus

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‘God’s Smuggler’ Brother Andrew passes to his reward

By Mark Ellis -- The legendary Dutch-born Bible smuggler, Andrew van der Bijl, fondly known as Brother Andrew, who used his VW Beetle to deliver...

Cultivating a Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle

By Jerry Wiles In a recent effort to activate individuals to more intentionally reach out and share the Gospel, a group in a local...

Two-pounds at birth, 106-year-old credits God for long life

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Grandson of famous evangelist is preaching the Word

By Ireland Daniel – The world may know the name of the late beloved evangelist, Billy Graham, and his son Rev. Franklin Graham, but many...

‘God’s Smuggler’ Brother Andrew passes to his reward

By Mark Ellis -- The legendary Dutch-born Bible smuggler, Andrew van der Bijl, fondly known as Brother Andrew, who used his VW Beetle to deliver...

Muslim father killed daughter and threw her down a well, but...

By Mark Ellis -- She was born into a strict Muslim family in the Middle East. Because she was born in the Muslim month of...

Featured Comments

It’s a terrible thing to procrastinate sharing Jesus with someone and find out the next day that they’re dead.  It’s happened to me twice. But think of all the people around you whom you deliberately ignore their need for salvation..do you open your heart to people in town or wherever and say Lord, show me who to speak to or to give this tract to. There are likely thousands that each of us has let go to hell because we never put ourselves on the mat for God, to share with them. We can share with total strangers; I’ve won quite a few of them. But I admit I’ve likely failed God in reaching out, more than the souls He’s let me win to Him. Laura, 9/22

We live more than clearly in the end of time, as described in God’s Word. So do not be surprised, but look forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus and pray that many more people will embrace the love of the Lord Jesus. That is the Will of God. Shalom, Alois 8/22

This is a beautiful thought, a reminder constantly of the one who gave us life. Even the evil-doer bears unwitting testimony to the giver of every good gift and every perfect present. J, 8/22

What a wonderful testimony of God’s love! He is patient, kind and generous with His love, and He has loved us before we love Him. Thanks for sharing this. Lila, 7/22

Great to hear how the Good News of Jesus is spreading throughout these areas. God has faithful people in difficult places sharing the message of salvation. Sadly, He also has too many who are unfaithful in sharing the Gospel in easy places, places where there’s no persecution. “He who sleeps during harvest is a son who causes shame.”  Proverbs 10:5 Jesus says that the fields are *always* white unto harvest.  John 4:35 — L.W.,7/22

How wonderful! Thank you Lord Jesus. Anyone can do this – turn a mundane situation into an opportunity to share the Gospel! Don’t wait for it to happen – just *look*. The devil lies to us and says we’d be “intrusive” or “annoying” – so go ahead and be intrusive – you will find many times, they were just waiting for you to come along and “intrude!” People get saved when you speak Jesus and His salvation.  It works! Linda, 6/22

I read this article in heart pounding fear, though I already knew Nick didn’t succumb. I never was into drugs, drinking or anything like that, but that didn’t matter. CHURCH raised people (as I was) ARE TRYING AND KNOW God’s ways, still can get lost or regretfully errant. His story sounded so much like mine years ago in that temptation is overt and it tries to overtake you in spite of your faith. STRENGTH is needed to resist. I just heard, “sins gives you kicks going in, but you get kicked going out.” That’s its deceit. I’m glad he made it. I know what it’s like. This is the ministry for so many Christians who think they can’t find their way. If this finds its way to Nick, let him know I’m so glad he got saved and I champion him. God Bless. -Kevin M., 5/22