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Soldier of Karen people became soldier of Christ

By Mark Ellis -- God miraculously protected him in his battle against the Burmese government, but still he refused to turn from his sinful ways,...

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This Hanukkah, Israel should not rely on horses, chariots, or Egypt (America?)

By Charles Gardner -- The prodigious and insightful author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn asks the question, “Who is the most famous person to attend the annual...

Finding the truth about his father sent him on downward spiral

By Milo Haskour – Up until he was 12, Eric Thomas was the star of the football team. But when he found out that his...

Israeli doctors saved life of Hamas leader who orchestrated Oct. 7th

By Mark Ellis -- Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader who planned the horrible attack against Israel October 7th, once languished in an Israeli jail, and...

Muslim boy taught if they conquer America, they conquer the world

By Zoe George – In his dream, little Kamal Saleem brandished double-edged swords in both hands to behead multitudes of Christians and Jews. When he...

Cultivating Civility: Can philosophical opposites get along?

Tired of polarizing rancor, food-fight media, and constant "gotcha" bickering? Try befriending someone from the "other side" whose views differ greatly from your own. You might learn lots. We did.

Stanford neuroscientist affirms faith in God

By Michael Ashcraft – Blockbuster podcaster Andrew Huberman – who brandishes a PhD to make brain science accessible to the general public – has reaffirmed...

God used former drug smuggler in Romania

By Michael Ashcraft – Smuggling drugs into Australia, Richard Brooks didn’t realize the taxicab driver he got from the airport was actually an undercover cop...

Legendary missionary Don Richardson’s story of the ‘peace child’

By Michael Ashcraft -- After he rounded the last bend on the river in a dugout canoe, Don Richardson saw 400 Sawi cannibals in remote...

God used former drug smuggler in Romania

By Michael Ashcraft – Smuggling drugs into Australia, Richard Brooks didn’t realize the taxicab driver he got from the airport was actually an undercover cop...

Featured Comments

Very inspiring testimony.   JESUS is the only living GOD, who took the form of a man and came down to the earth and displayed the real love of GOD.   HE healed the sick, fed the hungry and preached the gospel.   Only JESUS can give us peace and joy of life, costing nothing. A.S., 12/23

Thank you Jesus for preserving Loren all those years, and doing mighty things through him. The passing of another one of God’s greats. Laura, 10/23

Beautiful article.  Loren Cunningham was a powerful servant of our King.   He finished his race well.  Keep up the great work shining light on those who have devoted their lives to building His kingdom. Ryan, 10/23

A heart touching story.  Really appreciate the family who stood by him as he gained courage to undergo the treatment.  This really proves whatever you do, your family always loves you and want you to be the best.  God’s blessings was the best part of all without which he could never come out of his addiction. Kamuna, 10/23

Great testimony! That Christian who came out to his car to “cajole him into coming inside (the church,”) reminds me of Jesus telling us his servants, ” Compel them to come in..!”(Luke 14:23) He didn’t take no for an answer – thank God! And the man got saved!! Laura, 7/23

“God is on the move, Pearson says, and He’s inviting ordinary people to display His goodness and love to a lost and dying world. ” Yes, it is a “lost” and “dying” world. And, it is a world under siege. They are now, openly, promoting Satanism – as entertainment. In this very face – of what they are now doing (boldly), it is time to come forward and Stand (without a doubt). Gary, 3/23

God is always on the move; He’s always looking for someone to use. I know people who say there’s a great revival coming, yet they miss every opportunity God puts under their nose in the meantime! Why should people suffer and die and go to hell, while we wait for a “Great Revival?” “The fields are already white unto harvest.” People are ALWAYS in need.  Let’s go! Linda, 3/23

It saddens me to hear that a marriage failed “for the gospels sake”. The pressure is real. When people are giving out day after day, their capacity ends up empty. When there is no support for rest, a marriage, or appropriate boundaries, and then temptation is so strong, people often succumbed to temptation in secret for relief. Thankfully it seems the church has learned so much since that time. BUT God…in spite of the mess…He uses frail flawed people to save and touch the hurting and lost. Thank you Connie for all you did. We are all on a journey and it can be so messy. I am not afraid of the mess. God knows anyways. He knows we are all but human. His redemption story continues through it all. All glory to God. Casey, 3/23