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Hindu Fiji Islander found Jesus

By Mark Ellis -- His Hindu ancestors were brought to the Fiji Islands to work the sugar plantations. As a teenager growing up in Fiji,...

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Meeting practical needs in devastated Ukraine

By David McGuire -- Once again I and other concerned Christians ventured into Ukraine to share the love of Jesus with heartbroken and needy Ukrainians. Many...

Rodeo cowboy endured hard knocks, found God’s love

By Mark Ellis – Monty Rieck portrays himself as a plumber, hunter (gun and bow & arrow), rodeo guy, and a cowboy. In a new...

Christian faces jail time, fines, for his testimony about leaving gay lifestyle

By Ireland Daniel – The last thing that Malta Christian charity worker Matthew Grech expected was jail time after speaking out about how this faith...

Homeschooling explodes among black families

By Michael Ashcraft – Keilana Davis doesn’t give a flying fig about the leftist slander against homeschooling. They say parents are not qualified teachers, homeschooling...

Rapper got attacked by street thugs, found solace in songwriting

By Michael Ashcraft – Guvna B, the mild-mannered British Christian rapper, got smacked to the ground and his face bloodied by some white street thugs...

Colorado football coach Sanders’ unabashed faith

By Steve Rees  Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders, now at the helm of the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team in Boulder, is a man of...

AP guide for journalists embraces woke ideology

By Sollas Richardson – Capitulating to the woke agenda for remaking America, The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook – long the guide for the use of...

Colorado football coach Sanders’ unabashed faith

By Steve Rees  Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders, now at the helm of the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team in Boulder, is a man of...

God healed Jordan Peterson’s wife of rare, ‘incurable’ cancer

By Michael Ashcraft – Mom’s rare form of cancer offered a bleak 0% survival rate, but she declared to her husband – mystically – “I’ll...

Featured Comments

Thank you for this article which admits to very honest truths about history, Israel and the Jews. It is very refreshing to see this. Embarrassingly, the church has a lot to apologize for in the way it has related to and treated God’s ancient people for many centuries. I cannot imagine that Jesus and his disciples ever imagined or intended that their teachings would be used for the self-righteous hatred and violence perpetrated on Israel throughout history. Ayachad, 11/22

It’s a terrible thing to procrastinate sharing Jesus with someone and find out the next day that they’re dead.  It’s happened to me twice. But think of all the people around you whom you deliberately ignore their need for salvation..do you open your heart to people in town or wherever and say Lord, show me who to speak to or to give this tract to. There are likely thousands that each of us has let go to hell because we never put ourselves on the mat for God, to share with them. We can share with total strangers; I’ve won quite a few of them. But I admit I’ve likely failed God in reaching out, more than the souls He’s let me win to Him. Laura, 9/22

We live more than clearly in the end of time, as described in God’s Word. So do not be surprised, but look forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus and pray that many more people will embrace the love of the Lord Jesus. That is the Will of God. Shalom, Alois 8/22

This is a beautiful thought, a reminder constantly of the one who gave us life. Even the evil-doer bears unwitting testimony to the giver of every good gift and every perfect present. J, 8/22

What a wonderful testimony of God’s love! He is patient, kind and generous with His love, and He has loved us before we love Him. Thanks for sharing this. Lila, 7/22

Great to hear how the Good News of Jesus is spreading throughout these areas. God has faithful people in difficult places sharing the message of salvation. Sadly, He also has too many who are unfaithful in sharing the Gospel in easy places, places where there’s no persecution. “He who sleeps during harvest is a son who causes shame.”  Proverbs 10:5 Jesus says that the fields are *always* white unto harvest.  John 4:35 — L.W.,7/22

How wonderful! Thank you Lord Jesus. Anyone can do this – turn a mundane situation into an opportunity to share the Gospel! Don’t wait for it to happen – just *look*. The devil lies to us and says we’d be “intrusive” or “annoying” – so go ahead and be intrusive – you will find many times, they were just waiting for you to come along and “intrude!” People get saved when you speak Jesus and His salvation.  It works! Linda, 6/22