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Girl rescued from cutting, binging and purging

By Ryan Zepeda -- Through MySpace, Heather found just the sort of compassionate older friend to whom she, at age 12, could confide her troubles,...

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WWE wrestler ‘The Undertaker’ and his spiritual journey

By Michael Ashcraft -- The Undertaker -- WWE’s longest-running and most-heralded villain -- has had a major change of heart thanks to his wife Michelle...

Pastor’s ‘baby box’ receiving 25 abandoned little ones each month

By Michael Ashcraft -- A desperate mother’s voice pleaded on the other end of the phone, apologizing, crying and begging Pastor Lee at 3:00 a.m....

The gang member named Jesus who found a new life

By Michael Ashcraft -- After years of crime with the Nuestra Familia gang, Jesus Gallegos finally made it to the infamous State Prison known simply...

Christian singer rejected by ‘Idol’ because she reserved first kiss for marriage

By Amber Varela -- The voice was good, the look was good, but American Idol judges summarily dismissed Moriah Peters’ performance based on her Christian...

Thief filmed himself stealing and posted on social media, found change of heart in prison

By Michael Ashcraft -- Boonk Gang -- who garnered five million followers on Instagram filming himself steal stuff -- has apparently come to Christ and...

Idaho boy sent shoebox to ‘Christmas Child’ in Philippines, 14 years...

By Mark Ellis -- Many believers have stuffed a shoebox full of goodies for Operation Christmas Child, a project to bless children around the world...

9/11 Remembrance: only known survivor from impact zone credits God

By Mark Ellis -- The 9/11 Commission credits Stanley Praimnath as the only known survivor from the impact zone at the World Trade Center towers...

Featured Comments

Thank you for the encouragement and words of hope.  I am also standing in faith and believing for a miracle for God to heal our land.  I believe He is working, but I confess the events of the past few days have been very difficult to witness.  My heart is sorrowful, but I still believe He will use it all for His Glory.  Lord Jesus come and send us revival and a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit! Vicky, 1/21

Thank you for the uplifting article. I too still hold onto the promises of our Father. I believe in our history there has never been a time that the whole world is watching and waiting for something miraculous to happen. Debra, 1/21

Many of us feel speechless, not knowing how to make any sense of it…Where does this leave us? Pretty much at the end of human ability. The President apparently has resigned himself to a transfer of power (though to be sure, that is distinct from conceding losing the election, which he did not do. This is a critical point legally and spiritually, and we need to keep it in mind.) It leaves us totally dependent upon the Lord, and upon our prayers, ala 2Chr 7.14. We are at a Lazarus moment: “Lord, if You were here my brother would not have died”. The sisters thought that Jesus had shown up too late. But God never shows up late; He is always on time. The prophets I listen to all say that Trump won and that he will still prevail. One even looks for a turnaround to come in March. For better or worse, I believe them. I don’t understand the details, but I know this battle is worth fighting, and the costs of losing it are unthinkable. Paul, 1/21

Amen and oh yes! Thank you for this reminder in Psalm 118 the Lord also tells us that it’s far better to trust in him and trust in people and far better to trust in him than trust in kings, leaders, and celebrities. I believe what comes next is a Saul to Paul conversion and confession. The evidence is overwhelming, but a prominent leader needs to confess and repent. And God will put it on display for all to see, maybe multiple people. Nothing is impossible for God! Thalion 1/21

Thanking you all members of God Reports. I have been a silent reader of all of your posts and have reposted many in social groups. It amazes me that someone in the US like Isela could be completely unaware of the knowledge of Jesus Christ- the Lord of all. Christians are being persecuted in Nigeria but the spread of Christianity and knowledge about Jesus is unbelievably mighty. Much work is needed to “reach the corners of the world” to herald the much anticipated coming of the Lord. Tunde, 12/20

God bless you. May the Lord’s favor shine upon you. For anyone slandering you, rebuke their personalities. There are demons working in people trying to cause the spirit of offense. We MUST remember we’re not to judge lest we be judged. We’re to walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY as Jesus taught us. What you’ve written is absolutely correct. For every believer, please stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. God is causing a great shaking/quaking. Kassandra, 11/20