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She hated Muslims, then God changed her heart

By Mark Ellis -- As a Christian growing up in war-torn Beirut, Lebanon, she hated Muslims with a passion. But the power of God’s Word...

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Finding God’s abundant provision

By Michael Ashcraft -- Despite making millions in real estate, Kevin Robinson, 38, scrimps on groceries, eating oatmeal, tuna out of the can, and frozen...

Daring to hope in trying times

By Carol Round - “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful”—Hebrews 10:23 (NIV). As the first candle of...

Jews of Kaifeng, China receive Hanukkah dreidels

By Mark Ellis – In the 7th or 8th century A.D., Iraqi or Persian Jewish merchants traveling along the Silk Road settled in Kaifeng, one...

Prophetic words by a greeter, a pastor, and an Uber driver got his attention

By Michael Ashcraft -- Justin Berry, 20, grew up in Ladera Heights (in LA) going to church with his mom and brother. Going to the...

The miracle well that saved thousands

By Jerry Wiles – A few years ago I visited a region in Kenya where there had been several years of severe drought. Most...

Open border silver lining: thousands of migrants receive Christ

By Jane Rodgers -- Pastor Carlos Navarro and Golan Ministries of West Brownsville Baptist Church have long engaged in ministry to migrants seeking entry into...

Consumed by darkness, he murdered on 6-6-06, but a painting by Akiane led him to the light

By Jalen Jenkins -- Without a supportive, loving family behind him and virtually without friends, Cody Bates came to even hate himself. “I spent my whole...

Idaho boy sent shoebox to ‘Christmas Child’ in Philippines, 14 years...

By Mark Ellis -- Many believers have stuffed a shoebox full of goodies for Operation Christmas Child, a project to bless children around the world...

9/11 Remembrance: only known survivor from impact zone credits God

By Mark Ellis -- The 9/11 Commission credits Stanley Praimnath as the only known survivor from the impact zone at the World Trade Center towers...

Featured Comments

I’m a Christian minister myself and I can’t agree with disobeying the law. That alone is unscriptural. We are to uphold the law, within reason according to scriptural guidelines. If the pastor was ordered to wear a mask, he needed to obey that. I know Christians have varying interpretations of things. But I fully believe that within our power, we need to obey the government because scriptural says, “the government shall be upon His (Jesus’) shoulders.” I pray for greater wisdom for God’s people, to know and apply God’s Word in all things. H. Davis, 10/21

This news is very encouraging to me, a missionary working among a people group. Peter, 10/21

Thank you beyond measure for this ministry the Lord has given you. I will pray for you and your work every day, that the Lord will use it mightily in the growth of His kingdom. Marion, Barbados, 8/21

In America we have no idea how much people in other countries suffer just to live.  How wonderful it is that many of them come to faith in Jesus because Christians are willing to sacrifice so others can be free and have hope of eternal life in heaven.  Thank you for the stories.  God Bless you in your ministry. Cora, 8/21

Because of Gene, many souls were saved. Was thinking of the story of Joseph. However, just so young and to get the blame. What a sacrifice. Gene suffered because of doing good. Imagine 30 years and more being imprisoned. God bless you richly Gene. Adele, 7/21

This is an incredibly moving story – such humility fom Gene, such clear leading from God. Praise God for every life Gene has touched.  Praise God over and again for Chuck Colson’s prison initiatives that brought the gospel to him. His book Born Again is still so powerful. And thank YOU Mark for all your hard work in bringing thse stories together and sharing them. Please do keep going! God bless, Robert, 7/21

Wow!  What an absolute miracle, truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing that story…Woody, 6/21

Thank you so much for caring and praying from so far away! You lift our hearts up here! We love you. Thanks and God bless you. David Eubank 6/21

Wow, what a story! A true miracle! It shows the power of prayer, though it took Zachariah 25 years to see the fruit of his prayers! Michele, 6/21

Hello, thanks for the reply and again I love your site! The Holy Spirit makes my heart leap from many of the stories I read here. I typically wait until I go through all the news to come to your site so that I can leave my consumption of the news with testimony. I went back and read this article. The Lord revealed your heart about this as I read through it and I understand. God bless you and thanks again for this wonderful site! Thalion, 5/23