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Pint-sized Italian evangelist used mightily by God

By Mark Ellis -- His mother was urged to abort him. A childhood brain tumor meant he never grew taller than 4’1”. Yet this pint-sized...

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Featured Comments

Very real and helpful insights from Connie. I remember as a young pastor in SoCal in 1981 hearing from my district superintendent that his generation had the same perspective that Chuck Smith had about ministry coming before family … giving as an example that an evangelist in our denomination was expected to be out on the road when his wife was expecting a baby. In Lonnie and Connie’s case, it does seem like a serious neglect of pastoral oversight by those who should have been more watchful over the flock, especially those so young in the faith and doing extremely difficult work like Lonnie and Connie were doing. Dave, 3/23

God bless you Connie! The movie inspired myself and many others to research and dig for the truth, and to ask God for more of His Spirit! Watched interviews with Lonnie’s brother Stan, then John Ruttkay, watched the Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher documentary (unsettling – esp. Chuck Jr.’s comments) then read Connie Frisbee’s full interview after she saw that documentary – very eye opening, like this article. Ordered all 3 books of Lonnie’s life story…and blown away by the power of God. The supernatural conversion stories of Gregg Laurie, and Mike Macintosh!!! Not like the movie, I’ll just say. I am convinced that Lonnie and Connie are the real deal. My heart breaks for how they were handled, I look forward to meeting them in heaven! I am grateful for the Jesus Revolution movie – which introduced them to me and provoked me to dig deeper. Deborah, 3/23

The youth (at Asbury) are the leaders of tomorrow. We should raise them in God’s way so they will not depart, keep the faith in Jesus Christ name. Onias, 3/23

A great GREAT article. I could sense Connie’s heart in every word of it. Do it again God…and even GREATER things! Don, 3/23

Thank you for the update. You and I know full well that a Mighty Holy Ghost revival is surely coming to Ethiopia. And also, that it’s coming here to stay and to spread further. Would to God that this ancient land and its peoples be refreshed and renewed, with all of Yahweh’s Truths be restored and girded for the Second Coming of Jesus, The Christ. Pastor Bekele, Ethiopia, 3/23

“And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.”  “And how is it that we hear, each in our own language…?” A Revival – Fulfilling, Sweeping and Uniting… Gary, 3/23

Thank you for this article which admits to very honest truths about history, Israel and the Jews. It is very refreshing to see this. Embarrassingly, the church has a lot to apologize for in the way it has related to and treated God’s ancient people for many centuries. I cannot imagine that Jesus and his disciples ever imagined or intended that their teachings would be used for the self-righteous hatred and violence perpetrated on Israel throughout history. Ayachad, 11/22