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Abused by a priest, he entered the gay lifestyle

By Mark Ellis -- He was the surprise baby his mother never really wanted and he grew up in an abusive family environment. Later the...

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Black pastor in Japan pondered a child’s question: ‘Why are you black?’

By Michael Ashcraft – Blacks aren’t generally well accepted in Japan. Even Japan’s 2015 Miss Universe candidate Ariana Miyamoto, being half black, was widely rejected...

Finding Rest for Our Weary Souls

  By Carol Round - “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you...

’78 Chevy Beauville became his church bus; the pretty blonde led him to Christ

By Michael Ashcraft – The “goon-mobile” or “swagger wagon” – a 1978 Chevy Beauville van that belched out blue smoke from its tailpipe – accompanied...

‘Man in White’ appears to Muslims, brings salvation

By Mark Ellis – During Ramadan, CBN News detailed some notable stories from the last few years about how Jesus has been revealing Himself to...

Answering a call to the last and least, ministering to Pygmies

By Mark Ellis – Don Foster once owned the largest appraisal company in Las Vegas. In 2000, he felt God’s leading to sell everything, give...

Fact Finding, Sightseeing, and Prayer Walking

By Jerry Wiles – Fact finding, and sightseeing are opportunities for observation and being alert to the needs and interest of the people we connect with...

Church of England repents of anti-Semitism

by Charles Gardner -- Possibly among the most significant events in church history was witnessed at an English cathedral on Sunday May 8th. The Church of...

Fact Finding, Sightseeing, and Prayer Walking

By Jerry Wiles – Fact finding, and sightseeing are opportunities for observation and being alert to the needs and interest of the people we connect with...

Angels rescued mechanic crushed by truck axle

By Mark Ellis   He was underneath a Peterbilt logging truck’s engine when the jack gave way, and 10,000 pounds crushed his body to within an...

Featured Comments

Great work, may our Lord keep blessing you and your ministry, and may He keep watch over you always. Pastor John from Kenya, 4/22

This is wonderful – one of the best articles I have read on the topic. Thank you so much. God bless you! Ted, 4/22

I beg your prayers for my brother Edgar who suffers from a serious illness, I believe that God can touch his heart for salvation and also his body for healing, please pray to the Throne of Grace. Austin, 2/22

Stop. Now. Pray…for many to encounter the appointed-and-anointed by God Savior of the world. True liberty and justice for all; endless limitless life through God’s gracious forgiveness. Phil, 1/22

Every word of this short article resonates as TRUE. I thought I was immune to this Spirit of Fear but now see how I’ve fallen into it’s trap also. Mary, 1/22

I wanted you to know that in just the last three weeks, two people have read the article you wrote about me and both liked it. I had an operation at the local hospital three weeks ago. The night nurse came in and said she had been stalking me on the Internet. She read the article you wrote and really liked it. She said it was a great story. And then yesterday my longtime friend, also a wrestler at Oklahoma State said that he read it and really liked it. I have been concerned for his spiritual condition for a long time and was really glad that he read my testimony.  Since you published that article on your website, I can’t tell you how many people have read it and then reported to me, even some of my grandkids have read it after googling me. That article is the first one to come up when someone googles me.  I am really glad that my testimony is out there for folks to read. Thank you and keep up the good work! Stephen, 1/22

I’m a Christian minister myself and I can’t agree with disobeying the law. That alone is unscriptural. We are to uphold the law, within reason according to scriptural guidelines. If the pastor was ordered to wear a mask, he needed to obey that. I know Christians have varying interpretations of things. But I fully believe that within our power, we need to obey the government because scriptural says, “the government shall be upon His (Jesus’) shoulders.” I pray for greater wisdom for God’s people, to know and apply God’s Word in all things. H. Davis, 10/21

This news is very encouraging to me, a missionary working among a people group. Peter, 10/21