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Middle East refugee prayed to unknown God to calm stormy sea

By Mark Ellis -- The chilly waters of the Aegean Sea reached the chest of Eshan* as he and a few other men attempted to...

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Giving Glory to Our Father in Heaven

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Alan Ritchson faced bipolar diagnosis with courage, leaned into his faith

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Tornado tore roof off during evening service, God brought miracle

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92 year old evangelist to hold rally in Ukraine

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Connie Frisbee’s surprising reaction to ‘Jesus Revolution’ movie

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Evangelist’s daughter overcame abandonment issues

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Featured Comments

This report made me rejoice. It means that a Church worldwide is caring more for theological convictions and prophecies to be fulfilled than for people living in this world. I have lived for 54 years in the Middle East and I can tell you about all the wars that have been forced upon us. Now your young people have started telling you that Jesus was and still is with the downtrodden and the suffering. For centuries the Church did not do anything for the Jews. Until today the Church doesn’t love either the Jews nor the Arabs. The Church is only interested in seeing prophecy being fulfilled! Jesus keeps on crying as His people don’t follow His first commandment: “Do to others what you want them to do to you!” Jesus would never ever sign his name on a missile to kill people and He would not fight for a piece of land. His interest is the same today as when He died on the Cross:      “PEOPLE” and they are so important to Him. Read His Words and you will realize that He wants us to love people and lay down our lives for them. “The blood of your brother is crying out to you from the killing fields of the Middle East.” Soon more blood than water!  Tom, 4/24

Wonderful to hear of another lost soul’s journey to find Christ.  I knew a Jewish surgeon with a medical practice, in my church, who also went into the occult and false religions before finding Christ.  He said the battle against false dogma was so intense at times that his hand literally squeezed the little New Testament in his pocket.  After he got saved, instead of prescribing medicine for his patients, he offered prayer instead, some chose prayer and were healed and some saved; so he baptized them in his surgery.  He returned to Israel eventually as they needed “traumatic surgeons.” L.C., 1/24

Blessings on my sister in Christ, Young-ae. May the LORD answer her prayers for her family and neighbors in North Korea. May the LORD continue to prepare her to fulfill her heart’s desire and bring her family and neighbors to Jesus Christ! Surely the God who provided the cloud, the shepherd and each new day of freedom will also provide the Way for her loved ones to come to Him as well. What an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing. It reaffirms my own faith! God is amazing and hears our prayers! Lila, 12/23

Very inspiring testimony.   JESUS is the only living GOD, who took the form of a man and came down to the earth and displayed the real love of GOD.   HE healed the sick, fed the hungry and preached the gospel.   Only JESUS can give us peace and joy of life, costing nothing. A.S., 12/23

Thank you Jesus for preserving Loren all those years, and doing mighty things through him. The passing of another one of God’s greats. Laura, 10/23

Beautiful article.  Loren Cunningham was a powerful servant of our King.   He finished his race well.  Keep up the great work shining light on those who have devoted their lives to building His kingdom. Ryan, 10/23