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He lived for money til mom grinned on her deathbed

from drinking in the streets to preaching in the streets | Scotland
By Michael Ashcraft -- For his 40th birthday he planned a 3-day drinking binge at a hotel in Edinburgh for him and five buddies, but...

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Outreach in Denmark uses ‘Gideon’ strategy

By Michael Ashcraft – René Celinder is an evangelist in the classical sense of the word. In other words, he doesn’t focus on mega churches...

Rapper ‘Mogli the Iceburg’ overcame early loss, depression

By Michael Ashcraft – Because his mother died when he was about to turn 12, the Christian rapper known as Mogli the Iceburg rejected the...

Wheelchair-bound girl with Down’s Syndrome radiates love of Jesus

By Carol Round --“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”—Matthew 5:14 (ESV). Her bright, sequined clothing...

Football coach wins huge prayer case at Supreme Court

By Mark Ellis -- In a huge win for religious freedom, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of a Washington state high school football...

Jamaican immigrant loved reggae and womanizing

By Michael Ashcraft -- His marriage was in shambles because, despite loving his wife, he fooled around with other girls. "Our mantra was we don't fall...

She had 5 husbands, lived with 6th, who was 7th?

By Jerry Wiles -- A man from a remote village in a Central American country attended an Orality Training Workshop.  After learning and retelling the...

Day of jubilation: Notorious Roe v. Wade decision overturned

By Mark Ellis -- This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, as well as the 1992 Planned Parenthood v....

Imam’s encounter with Jesus leads to furtive meeting, amazing result

By Mark Ellis -- When an imam known for instigating violence and brutality against Christians called Pastor Kofi, the pastor was immediately suspicious. The imam on...

Prison chaplain put notorious inmate on ‘hit list’

By Dahlia Gonzalez – Only 8 years old, Casey Diaz tried to kill his father by pushing his face into a portable gas heater and...

Featured Comments

How wonderful! Thank you Lord Jesus. Anyone can do this – turn a mundane situation into an opportunity to share the Gospel! Don’t wait for it to happen – just *look*. The devil lies to us and says we’d be “intrusive” or “annoying” – so go ahead and be intrusive – you will find many times, they were just waiting for you to come along and “intrude!” People get saved when you speak Jesus and His salvation.  It works! Linda, 6/22

I read this article in heart pounding fear, though I already knew Nick didn’t succumb. I never was into drugs, drinking or anything like that, but that didn’t matter. CHURCH raised people (as I was) ARE TRYING AND KNOW God’s ways, still can get lost or regretfully errant. His story sounded so much like mine years ago in that temptation is overt and it tries to overtake you in spite of your faith. STRENGTH is needed to resist. I just heard, “sins gives you kicks going in, but you get kicked going out.” That’s its deceit. I’m glad he made it. I know what it’s like. This is the ministry for so many Christians who think they can’t find their way. If this finds its way to Nick, let him know I’m so glad he got saved and I champion him. God Bless. -Kevin M., 5/22

Great work, may our Lord keep blessing you and your ministry, and may He keep watch over you always. Pastor John from Kenya, 4/22

This is wonderful – one of the best articles I have read on the topic. Thank you so much. God bless you! Ted, 4/22

I beg your prayers for my brother Edgar who suffers from a serious illness, I believe that God can touch his heart for salvation and also his body for healing, please pray to the Throne of Grace. Austin, 2/22

Stop. Now. Pray…for many to encounter the appointed-and-anointed by God Savior of the world. True liberty and justice for all; endless limitless life through God’s gracious forgiveness. Phil, 1/22

Every word of this short article resonates as TRUE. I thought I was immune to this Spirit of Fear but now see how I’ve fallen into it’s trap also. Mary, 1/22

I wanted you to know that in just the last three weeks, two people have read the article you wrote about me and both liked it. I had an operation at the local hospital three weeks ago. The night nurse came in and said she had been stalking me on the Internet. She read the article you wrote and really liked it. She said it was a great story. And then yesterday my longtime friend, also a wrestler at Oklahoma State said that he read it and really liked it. I have been concerned for his spiritual condition for a long time and was really glad that he read my testimony.  Since you published that article on your website, I can’t tell you how many people have read it and then reported to me, even some of my grandkids have read it after googling me. That article is the first one to come up when someone googles me.  I am really glad that my testimony is out there for folks to read. Thank you and keep up the good work! Stephen, 1/22