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Atheist told friends to stop praying for her

by Michelle Tyer -- Putti Sok's parents are both Cambodian, but she was born in Long Beach, Calif., and grew up in Dallas. Despite being...

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Faith-based romantic film ‘Surprised by Oxford’ inspires

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Lord, Increase My Patience

By Carol Round - “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience”— Romans 8:25 (ESV).  “God...

God blinded man in ‘Damascus Road-like’ experience

By Charles Gardner --Amid the growing darkness in our land, and the rising tide of opposition to the gospel, there are some shining lights breaking...

‘Sewer rat’ wallowed in Satan’s noxious porn offerings

By Ben Lahood – Even through his PlayStation Portable, Lacy Brunson got access to the internet and porn growing up. He was being raised by his...

Blood-clotting lecture convinced him evolution wasn’t real

By Charles Gardner -- Aaron Eime was already a believer but had become somewhat disillusioned with things he was learning at university – until, that is,...

Christian homeschool family who fled persecution facing deportation

By Talia Wise -- A Christian home-school family that was granted asylum in the United States 15 years ago after facing persecution in Germany, will be...

Egyptian surgeon, preacher passes to his reward

“The scholarly and professional community in Egypt has lost Dr Mufeed Ibrahim Said, one of the pillars of humanitarian generosity; a surgery professor who...

Fastest growing church has no buildings, no central leadership, and is...

By Mark Ellis – For the last few years, researchers have credited the underground church in Iran as the fastest growing Christian church in the...

The power of memory passing along biblical truth

The Power of Memory passing along biblical truth By Jerry Wiles It makes little difference how many books we have read or degrees we have earned,...

Featured Comments

Great testimony! That Christian who came out to his car to “cajole him into coming inside (the church,”) reminds me of Jesus telling us his servants, ” Compel them to come in..!”(Luke 14:23) He didn’t take no for an answer – thank God! And the man got saved!! Laura, 7/23

“God is on the move, Pearson says, and He’s inviting ordinary people to display His goodness and love to a lost and dying world. ” Yes, it is a “lost” and “dying” world. And, it is a world under siege. They are now, openly, promoting Satanism – as entertainment. In this very face – of what they are now doing (boldly), it is time to come forward and Stand (without a doubt). Gary, 3/23

God is always on the move; He’s always looking for someone to use. I know people who say there’s a great revival coming, yet they miss every opportunity God puts under their nose in the meantime! Why should people suffer and die and go to hell, while we wait for a “Great Revival?” “The fields are already white unto harvest.” People are ALWAYS in need.  Let’s go! Linda, 3/23

It saddens me to hear that a marriage failed “for the gospels sake”. The pressure is real. When people are giving out day after day, their capacity ends up empty. When there is no support for rest, a marriage, or appropriate boundaries, and then temptation is so strong, people often succumbed to temptation in secret for relief. Thankfully it seems the church has learned so much since that time. BUT God…in spite of the mess…He uses frail flawed people to save and touch the hurting and lost. Thank you Connie for all you did. We are all on a journey and it can be so messy. I am not afraid of the mess. God knows anyways. He knows we are all but human. His redemption story continues through it all. All glory to God. Casey, 3/23

Thank you Mark Ellis for interviewing Connie.  Her voice matters!!!   We shouldn’t be afraid of truth… maybe those who made the movie were afraid to include Connie because they knew her version of what happened would have been brutally honest and they thought the public couldn’t handle the truth.   She has no reason to lie.  I appreciate hearing her story.  She isn’t bitter even though she had/has reason to be.  Thank you Connie for sharing your life and thank you Mark for sharing her insight. Trish, 3/23

Truth can hurt.  Lonnie and Connie’s life story is so heartbreaking at so many levels and yet God used them. I know Chuck Smith was known for being both warm and a hard task master with his co-laborers–he was known for being a tireless hard worker himself and he expected no less from those around him, but I do fault him for not assessing Lonnie and Connie’s background before throwing them into service–they both clearly needed the love and counsel that the Church could have offered..along with necessary financial help.  The big if-only for me is what if Lonnie and Connie got the counseling they needed for both healing from their child hood trauma’s and working on their marriage?  What power-house ministers and counselors they could have been into their late years…together, if they had remained under good teaching and just gotten the love and counseling they needed.   I am praying for Connie to be strong in the Lord and to be encouraged at His soon-coming for his Church.  Lonnie is up there now smiling and waiting. Carl, 3/23