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The wild, childlike faith of Bear Grylls

By Mark Ellis -- British adventurer Bear Grylls, who starred in the TV survivor series Man vs. Wild, has eaten snakes, scorpions, and the eyeballs...

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A tribute to my deaf father, who found Jesus in jail

By Eric Jordan Epps – Eric Ollie Epps went to jail at 21 years old for fighting. Incredibly, he wound up in a cell with...

Prophetic warning about party saved lives

By Allie Scribner – David Ajala warned his friends not to go to a party one Saturday night in college, but two of them didn’t...

Easter Epitaph: Billy the Kid, Buddy Holly, and Jesus Christ

By Brian Nixon -- Roughly one-hundred-and-sixty miles apart stands two gravesites holding the remains of men who experienced early deaths. In Lubbock, Texas pop star Buddy...

What ever happened to the Asbury revival?

By Wendy Griffith -- It's been one year since the biggest U.S. revival in more than 50 years broke out at Wilmore, Kentucky's Asbury University. Although...

Jewish man went to Israel to party, found Jesus on Mount of Transfiguration

By Ezekiel Young – Greg Hershberg felt “a pull” to climb Jesus’ Mount of Transfiguration on his honeymoon. Aside from it being his honeymoon, what...

Is there a link between vegetarianism and demonic activity?

By Jon Courson -- Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs....

Sound of Freedom beats Taylor Swift concert movie, Mission Impossible at box office

By Owen Toomey – Sound of Freedom, the call-to-action thriller about a Homeland Security officer who went rogue and busted sex traffickers in Colombia, ended...

Former aide to Arafat sees revival breaking out in Gaza

By Benjamin Lahood – A former sharpshooter Muslim and aide to Yassar Arafat, Taysir "Tass" Abu Saada strongly believes a revival will break out after...

Gov. Kristi Noem loves ranching, but God called her to a...

By Michael Ashcraft –- She grew up on a ranch and loved that lifestyle, but a freak accident propelled Kristi Noem into South Dakota politics...

Featured Comments

Blessings on my sister in Christ, Young-ae. May the LORD answer her prayers for her family and neighbors in North Korea. May the LORD continue to prepare her to fulfill her heart’s desire and bring her family and neighbors to Jesus Christ! Surely the God who provided the cloud, the shepherd and each new day of freedom will also provide the Way for her loved ones to come to Him as well. What an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing. It reaffirms my own faith! God is amazing and hears our prayers! Lila, 12/23

Very inspiring testimony.   JESUS is the only living GOD, who took the form of a man and came down to the earth and displayed the real love of GOD.   HE healed the sick, fed the hungry and preached the gospel.   Only JESUS can give us peace and joy of life, costing nothing. A.S., 12/23

Thank you Jesus for preserving Loren all those years, and doing mighty things through him. The passing of another one of God’s greats. Laura, 10/23

Beautiful article.  Loren Cunningham was a powerful servant of our King.   He finished his race well.  Keep up the great work shining light on those who have devoted their lives to building His kingdom. Ryan, 10/23

A heart touching story.  Really appreciate the family who stood by him as he gained courage to undergo the treatment.  This really proves whatever you do, your family always loves you and want you to be the best.  God’s blessings was the best part of all without which he could never come out of his addiction. Kamuna, 10/23

Great testimony! That Christian who came out to his car to “cajole him into coming inside (the church,”) reminds me of Jesus telling us his servants, ” Compel them to come in..!”(Luke 14:23) He didn’t take no for an answer – thank God! And the man got saved!! Laura, 7/23

“God is on the move, Pearson says, and He’s inviting ordinary people to display His goodness and love to a lost and dying world. ” Yes, it is a “lost” and “dying” world. And, it is a world under siege. They are now, openly, promoting Satanism – as entertainment. In this very face – of what they are now doing (boldly), it is time to come forward and Stand (without a doubt). Gary, 3/23

God is always on the move; He’s always looking for someone to use. I know people who say there’s a great revival coming, yet they miss every opportunity God puts under their nose in the meantime! Why should people suffer and die and go to hell, while we wait for a “Great Revival?” “The fields are already white unto harvest.” People are ALWAYS in need.  Let’s go! Linda, 3/23