Captured Hamas warfare manual dictates use of human shields

Hamas Warfare Manual
Hamas Warfare Manual

By Melissa Nordell

The Israeli Defense Force has published excerpts from a captured Hamas combat manual on “Urban Warfare” that proves the Islamist terrorist group exploits civilian casualties – and they readily admit the Israeli Defense Forces will seek to avoid harming civilians, all to Hamas’ public relations advantage.

The manual urges Hamas fighters to exploit the IDF’s desire to minimize civilian casualties, especially women, children and the elderly noting: “The soldiers and commanders of the IDF must limit their use of weapons and tactics that lead to the harm and unnecessary loss of people and destruction of civilian facilities.”

Hamas officially glorifies civilians used as human shields, calling them holy warriors and martyrs whether it is that person’s choice or not. In the manual it notes the “presence of civilians are pockets of resistance” –meaning their presence contributes to Hamas’ war effort.

In addition to the use of civilian human shields, the manual explains other ways the terrorist group uses the civilian infrastructure of Gaza to rally the group’s international support. The manual proves that Hamas’ military infrastructure and hardware is stored in residential homes, complicating the IDF’s efforts to reach them in aerial strikes. The manual illustrates how even if civilians heed IDF warning to leave, Hamas encourages the civilians to ignore the warnings and promotes even forcefully holding them back.

The manual states that destruction to homes can be used to their advantage as well: “The destruction of civilian homes: This increases the hatred of the citizens towards the attackers and increases their gathering support around the city defenders [i.e. Hamas].”

Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati revealed, both in written form and in videos, the truth of what really went on inside Gaza, but was only able show this to the world after leaving — for his safety. He reported that he saw a misfired rocket kill several children but that it was blamed on Israel. He published videos showing Hamas firing rockets from inside and between homes, and in parks – all with children, women and elderly present.

The Italian reporter wrote about one instance: “Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children yesterday in Shati.” Then he witnessed militants rushing in and quickly clearing incriminating debris. The Quran states that it is permissible by Allah to lie if it is good for their cause.

All the videos he took inside Gaza show numerous instances of Hamas rockets being fired within civilian areas with no protection or precautions taken whatsoever for civilians.

Barbati also described how he witnessed Hamas rockets being fired from hospitals with the intent of killing Israeli children that had misfired, killing Palestinian children.  The Hamas militants then pinned the blame on Israeli weapons for this as well. There is overwhelming evidence that Hamas has been following the tactics written in the recovered manual.

Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren described how Hamas uses civilians as shields in the hope of drawing Israeli fire, causing casualties which can in turn change reporting in international media, increasing world support for their cause, deceiving leaders and the mainstream into having pity for Gaza.

“To maximize harm to civilians,” writes Oren, “Hamas fighters operate under the cover of women and the elderly, shoot from inside ambulances, stockpile rockets in schools and prevent civilians from fleeing the places where the fighting is going on.”

The recovered manual acknowledges that soldiers and commanders of the Israeli Defense Force must limit their use of weapons and tactics that lead to the harm and unnecessary loss of civilians and civilian facilities, and that Israel will provide medical care for them.

Please pray for the truth to be shown to the world and for the spirit of hatred toward Israel and the Jews will cease.





  1. If anybody, after watching the following video, still believes that this manual is original and NOT a fake, then they do not WANT the truth. They enjoy being in ignorance. The IDF couldn’t provide a shred of evidence that human shielding exists within Hamas, so they decide to make their own.
    Just watch it, it will prove without a shadow of a doubt that this manual is a sloppy forgery. Just when you thought the IDF couldn’t sink any lower and couldn’t get more desperate. Pathetic.

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