The day after ‘Azusa Now,’ God sent revival to humble coal-mining town in West Virginia


By Mark Ellis —

Many baptized immediately (Photo: Charlee Lifestyle Photography)
Many baptized immediately (Photo: Charlee Lifestyle Photography)

The day after 70,000 people jammed the L.A. Coliseum to cry out for revival, God sent the wind of the Holy Spirit many miles away to a humble town of 500 in West Virginia coal mining country.

“We’ve prayed for many years for this,” says Mitchell Bias, pastor of the Regional Church of God in Delbarton, West Virginia. His church had a live stream from the Azusa Now event on April 9th with their own prayer gathering, but little did he know what would happen, beginning the next day.

It seems Pastor Mitch had invited Matt Hartley, a 31-year-old evangelist from Tennessee, to preach at the church’s “spring revival.”

“I felt impressed of the Lord to connect with him,” he notes. “I knew he was a young evangelist.”

After Hartley checked his schedule, he proposed April 10-13 for their event. “He came and started that Sunday. We had tremendous services the morning and evening on the 10th,” says Pastor Mitch.

Matt Hartley speaking April 12th at Regional Church of God
Matt Hartley speaking April 12th at Regional Church of God

The next day Hartley spoke at a chapel service for the church’s Christian school in Williamson, the adjacent town, which Pastor Mitch describes as another “tremendous” gathering.

On the 12th, Hartley spoke at a prayer club meeting at Mingo Central High School at the invitation of the students. The club normally has 30-40 students show up, but everyone was shocked when 450 students arrived – more than half the high school.

“He (Hartley) preached the Gospel, preached against sin,” Pastor Mitch recounts. “I know it’s not popular, but he did. It wasn’t a lengthy sermon.”

At the end of the message Hartley gave an altar call. “He gave an invitation and 150 students responded to receive Christ. There was a lot of emotion. They cried. He prayed for them. They were touched. It was a move of God,” Pastor Mitch says.

Revival at the high school
Revival at the high school (Photos: Kaleb Hanshaw)

“The Lord did it. It was a sovereign move of the Lord.”

Two days later, another prayer club meeting was held at the same high school. About 450 students came, and 150 more students received Christ!

Meanwhile, Pastor Mitch’s church continued their revival services at night. “The crowds continued to grow at our church,” he recounts. “We wanted a revival. We wanted a radical move of the Lord. But we didn’t anticipate this would happen,” he says.

Young people from the high school began attending in the evening, along with others, and the word spread thatMeeting at field house God was stoking the fires of revival.

“By Saturday we were going to have a break and let the evangelists have a break.” But some of the students decided they wanted to organize a rally at the stadium.

Some 2500 to 3000 students from 25 schools in the area jammed into the stadium. Hartley preached and again had a great response as the Lord touched many hearts with salvation.

“The next Sunday morning and evening we had huge attendance at our church. After the Monday evening service we realized we couldn’t accommodate the crowds,” Pastor Mitch says.

One student, Mackenzie Lester, received the Lord in that first week and posted this on her Facebook page: “I’m so happy to announce that my best friend and I made the most amazing decision tonight, we completely gave our lives to God. Three days ago my life was changed for the better and I have pastor Matt Hartley and Kaleb Hanshaw and the rest of the prayer team to thank for that.”

(Photo: Mackenzie Lester)
(Photo: Mackenzie Lester)

“They have really opened my eyes, and made me see such wonderful things that I’ve never saw before. Tonight is a night that I will never forget.”

Another student, Cynthia Kaye, also posted on her Facebook page: “Tonight 602 people came to Revival and 32 of them were saved. The numbers keep going up! God is moving, and I’m pumped to see just how far it goes.”

“I’m beyond blessed for him to have given me a second chance, and so glad I can say I’m saved! The joy I feel is unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life. He is so good, and I just wish everyone could feel the way I do. God is so good, and he’s so great. This is just the beginning of what God is getting ready to do.”

On Tuesday, April 19th the meetings moved to the Williamson Field House. “There, it became a multi-congregational revival,” Pastor Mitch notes. “We led the worship; I welcomed everyone and introduced and Matt preached. Scores and scores of people – not just young people — were getting saved.”

After meetings on multiple nights a week for five weeks, the revival spread to Logan County, with gatherings at the Coal Field Jamboree. “We feel like the revival will continue to course through this state,” Pastor Mitch says. “We don’t want this to be a novelty. It’s got to be the real thing or we’re not interested. We just want the Lord to get the glory.”

He hasn’t seen any unusual supernatural manifestations. “We don’t have any gold dust appearing. Nobody’s

Pastor D. Mitchell Bias with his wife, Regina
Pastor D. Mitchell Bias with his wife, Regina

teeth are being filled supernaturally. No one is barking like a dog or laughing.”

“We want the Lord to inhabit this place. We need him. We are desperate for him.”

Pastor Mitch finds some irony in the Lord choosing to bring revival to small towns in an equally humble state. “This state is a hidden place. You can’t even see us on the Weather Channel. They never mention us. I watch them cover Pittsburgh or Lexington or Richmond, but they don’t even see West Virginia. They never mention us. Some people don’t even know we’re a state.”

In 1998 Pastor Mitch attended a prayer event in Flatwoods, West Virginia organized by Ron Thaxton. “While we were there the Lord gave a prophetic word like he was speaking to a person, but he was speaking to our state,” Pastor Mitch recalls.

That word has been “emblazoned in his spirit” ever since:

Do not disdain your hiddenness, West Virgina. For I have hidden you for the last days. If you will seek me for further revelation, I will show you what this is all about.

“Then the Lord quoted from Micah 5: But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth…”

Pastor Mitch is hopeful the wind of the Sprit will continue to blow. “I believe the revival will just continue to spread from county to county,” he says.

“This is not about us. Let the Lord do what he wants. We’ve prayed for many years for this.

Pastor Mitch notes that West Virgina is the only state in the U.S. formed by executive order by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. “Primarily it was that our people did not believe one person could own another person. We did not believe in slavery and would not stay a part of that.”

“Williamson is known as the heart of the trillion-dollar coalfield. God invented coal and he put it here,” he notes.

In 1904-05, God sent revival to the quarries and mining areas of Wales during the Welsh revival.

“My house is in a valley and off in the distance is a coal mine on the mountain top and a deep mine. A beautiful stream that is crystal clear runs from there near my house. I don’t wipe coal dust off my furniture. We are smack dab in the middle of it.”

For whatever reason, the Lord smiled once more on those who go down into the heart of the earth and mine its riches. While many are out of work today, they have felt a wind from God lift their spirits and fill them with unsurpassed joy, as they continue to watch many entering His kingdom, day-by-day.



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  1. West Virginians 1:1 “Do not disdain your hiddenness, West Virgina. For I have hidden you for the last days. If you will seek me for further revelation, I will show you what this is all about.”

    Finally some more Holy Scripture to fill in the blank pages at the back of my Bible! But wait, maybe it should be added to the Koran instead; after all the lord gave Mohamed a prophetic word too. Or should it be added to the prophetic word that the lord gave to Joseph Smith in the Book of Mormon or The Pearl of Great Price?

    Decisions, decisions…

    • “St Lee” Just read Ephesians 4:11. Jesus is the one who gives the gift of prophecy to edify and equip His Church. Yes, there are false prophets (like Joseph Smith). But that doesn’t change the fact that there are still genuine prophets through whom God gives words of wisdom, direction and even warning. They will never contradict Scripture, and what they prophecy should be “judged” for that reason. If what they prophecy consistently comes to pass, aligns with Scripture, and glorifies God, we can be thankful for what Jesus has established as the function of His Church to equip the saints.

    • St. Lee – People are receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. Does this offend you somehow?
      Have you never sensed God speaking to you in some manner that manifests thoughts and concepts to words?
      Do you think the only words God ever spoke to mankind or individuals are all written in the Bible? If so, what do you make of the many prophets mentioned in the Bible that nothing is heard of other than that they existed?
      Are you appalled by the notion that God might “speak” a “word” of comfort or direction to someone? Do you worship a silent God?

    • Brothers, let us not be confused. We have here a PROPHECY supposedly from the Lord.
      First we need to establish that God’s word in the Bible is both complete and sufficient. In other words, any modern-day so called prophecy will never be on the same level (totally free from human error and applicable universally to all believers). Our loyalty is directly to the Holy Spirit via the book He has inspired. The Bible is SUFFICIENT.
      Second, if God were to inspire someone to utter words in our day, it would probably be an explanation or application of the existing and binding word of God AS WRITTEN. Or it could be some personal guidance to the individual soul. And it would be something NECESSARY for the given situation.
      BUT, the hearers (and even the receiver) of such prophecy are bound to check out this so-called prophecy. Is it totally in harmony with the WHOLE of scripture? Is the so-called prophet living contrary to scripture? (In other words, does his life condone what the Holy Spirit in scripture condemns?) If so, he is frankly a FALSE prophet or teacher and is very dangerous. And of course, there is the acid test: Does this so-called prophecy actually come true?
      Shame on those who either prophesy or approve so called prophecy carelessly and lightly so that when it doesn’t prove to be true they merely shrug it off saying “Whoops, guess it was a mistake.” But hey, it was given IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. This is no light thing! So those who feel they have a word from the Lord must WAIT on the Lord, read the scriptures, and only utter what has been PROVEN to be true by the Bible. Base everything on scripture. If it cannot be backed up with the Bible taken in context, throw it out.
      So let’s say you have a dream or vision or receive an impression or hear it from another believer. Test it out! Try the spirits. It may be some necessary direction for you personally (received directly from the Lord) BUT, is it SCRIPTURAL? RIGHT? REASONABLE? PROVIDENTIAL? The Holy Spirit is not foolish nor rebellious against His own revealed wisdom in scripture. Before you utter anything, wait on the Lord. The devil will hurry you. God will patiently tug on your heart. In fact, is your own heart attitude SUBMISSIVE to the Bible? If inner rebellion exists, then the heart is wide open to Satan’s tricks and FALSE PROPHECIES.
      You may expect the Lord to guide you PERSONALLY when it is necessary. If you accept direction from another believer AS FROM THE LORD you have just given in to fanaticism. You must answer directly to Christ. You must prove all things by scripture. The Lord will confirm it to you directly.
      The Lord works on the basis of necessity. If He wishes to communicate with us in our day, it will either be through scripture or totally in harmony with it and something which is truly NEEDED. He doesn’t play games. And he will confirm it by more than one witness.
      The Lord’s sheep hear HIS voice–the voice of inspired scripture. Know your Bible WELL. Take it in context. Accept its sufficiency. And be cautious, especially when you hear something supposedly from the Lord.
      We can even test revivals in the same way., We are told that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. Is this happening in this seeming revival? In other words, are folk humbly acknowledging their personal, rebellious spirit, repenting of their past mutiny against the Lord and His word, and turning AWAY from every work of Satan? Is this a SIN-KILLING revival? Are the participants willing to humble themselves? Confess their wrongs? Make things right? Are they turning to Christ with sincere faith that His sacrifice for sin on the cross is sufficient to atone for their past sins and that His blood is an able defence against His arch-enemy, Satan? Jesus came to save us FROM OUR SINS.
      Does this revival center around God’s word or around man? Is it all emotional or is there true melting and breaking before God that results in a reversal of patterns of life and thought?
      May God grant true revival!

      • I grew up in WV and in the Pentecostal church environment, where almost everybody in the church thought they were “prophets”, and there was a preponderance of emotionalism overruling wisdom and truth. There are a few things that stand out to me that people who are unfamiliar with the state or church denomination need to understand about the people and these “prophesies”. The particular “prophecy” they are referring to is from 1998, which makes it one of several hundred or thousands of prophecies made in this circle of people since 1998. Statistically, it’s likely that I could randomly make a few hundred “prophesies” and have at least one them “manifest” over a 20 year period.
        Also, I’m disgusted by the way the water coming from the coal mine is clean and pure. I wonder why he doesn’t take a big drink of it? Lol. Probably because, like much of the water, air, and land around coal mines, it is loaded with toxic chemicals and waste products from the coal they worship in WV. People in WV are desperate, but neither a revival or Donald Trump will bring back coal. A real miracle would be for them to admit that coal is dead, isn’t coming back, and their reliance on coal is keeping them down. Over half of the population in WV is unemployed, yet they are holding out for coal jobs where you can make good money without a high school diploma. For generations, education was not valued, diversification was seen as bad, new things were scary, and no one was willing to imagine a world where coal wasn’t king. Businesses have difficulties finding enough people who are willing to work and who can pass a drug screen. If this is “revival”, let it revive or create a willingness to do something different, to open the state up to something other than coal and Walmart, to value education and gainful employment for its citizens.
        Finally, the bit about WV being a state that stood strong against slavery is ironic, given that WV is statistically the least diverse, most insular state in our country. I’ve never lived in a place where racism is not just accepted, but expected and seen as normal. The n-word is routinely heard in homes, schools, churches, and public places If asked, I guarantee that at least 60-70% if its citizens would say that all blacks are inferior, all Muslims are terrorists, all Hispanics are illegals, women need to be subservient to men, and gay people shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely among “normal” people. If revival has come, I’ll believe it’s legitimate when the people of WV repent if their racism, bigotry, and discrimination.

      • I think pastor steve is a little upset revival hasn’t broken out at his church…until you align yourself with the same word your using to year down this outpouring, your church will remain a dead, religious, lukewarm church. There’s no room for self in what God plans to do in these last days. Don’t be upset because your not at the center, rejoice because his spirit is moving and the spirit realm is shaking up and the floodgates are beginning to open. I bet you disapprove of brownsville too don’t you? There’s always a few…

      • 1 Corinthians 12 King James Version (KJV)

        12:1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.
        7 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.

        8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

        9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

        10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:
        28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
        31 But covet earnestly the best gifts

      • Amen, brother! Stay in that Word! God is not subject to his Word, neither is he above his Word. Rather, GOD IS HIS WORD!

  2. well the Bible does say that in the last days there will be scoffers – pleased with yourself?

  3. In every revival there are naysayers and detractors. During the Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards documented the attacks against excessive emotionalism present in some of the meetings. In my conversation with Pastor Mitch, I was very struck with his humility. He turned down many requests for interviews, doesn’t want the limelight, has urged all the leaders involved to “stay low” and let God get the glory. I can’t speak for him, but I’m certain he would say the canon of Scripture is closed. Listening and discerning the “still small voice” of the Lord should not be ridiculed, but tested against Scripture.

  4. I am happy for what is happening in WV, but I do have a theological question for Mark Ellis. Most of the time when people say something was a “sovereign move of the Lord,” they mean that God did everything, and man had nothing to do with it. Yet, that language is used of what God is doing in WV, but the article also says that the people had been praying for this for a long time. So, which is it? Is this something God would have done by Himself, without the prayer, or was it a cooperation between God and man? What, exactly, do you mean by it was “a sovereign move of the Lord”?

    • As a non-theologian journalist, I believe it is God’s sovereign choice as to when and where to send revival. There are probably hundreds and thousands of people around the world in different locations praying for revival to come. He chose to send revival to this location, in His infinite wisdom. I can recommend “Unsurpassed Joy” by Martyn Lloyd Jones, which analyzes great revivals in history from a theological perspective.

    • Michael, it is the believers’ duty to pray. It is up to God whether to answer it in our own terms or in His. That is sovereignty.
      Hope that helps.

  5. I am personally glad that God is still here and moving in the USA. I remember reading the bible and the disciples saw some people doing miracles but were told they are not of us. Jesus told them leave them alone who ever is for me is not against me. So I say if true repentance is at the forefront of this move of God let the fire burn. If it is of God who can stop his work? No man not even a saint.

  6. I live in Fl. now but I was born in WV. (Morgantown). Medical school in Morgantown also. I do love WV an I do love the Lord. I am so happy to hear of the young people getting close to the Lord an the young ministers doing the leadership. God bless all of you. My wife an I are old now but we are fortunate to have a great church here in Naples. Keep the Holy Spirit going in WV!!

  7. This article just filled my heart with such happiness… I am Canadian and I too along with many others, have been praying for revival here in our country.. This story has given me encouragement and hope and reminds me that nothing is impossible with our amazing God… I hope there are enough devoted Christians in that area to take these new converts under their wings and teach the truth of the Bible to them so they will become strong and on fire for the Lord, Christians… God bless the Pastors involved and the many who prayed for this wonderful event..

  8. My husband and I have been hosting the Presence of the Lord in Malaysia since 2010, and when we were recently in Cambodia for ministry, we heard of the revival that the Holy Spirit ignited in West Virginia…..and immediately my heart burned within me with PRAISE and WORSHIP! West Virgina is my birth state and the state where I grew up as a teenager when my dad pastored a church in Wheeling, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

    I thought, “How just like God to choose this humble state that has never been considered one of the “cool” states…..always a bit down trodden and the butt of many jokes….but all that is just in man’s eyes. God sees it entirely differently and has heard the cry of the West Virginians’ hearts to send revival, bringing many into His Forever Family. My “West Virginia heart” rejoices with you all that the Spirit of Almighty God is moving mightily in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia……may it just be the beginning–a Holy Fire that will spread from state to state….and go global, reaching Southeast Asia and this nation of Malaysia! To God be all the GLORY!

  9. I started following this revival in April when the first reports were hitting Facebook. I was cautious at first, because I have seen “revivals” started by well meaning enthusiastic individuals, emotionally charged services filled with believers who are hungry and desperate for a move of God, but never going any further than that. What I noticed immediately, was the fact that young people were getting saved in the schools, kids that were messing around with drugs, alcohol and elicit sex were suddenly wrecked by Jesus and living for Him with fire and passion. And the more I watched the services that were being live streamed, the more I saw that it was not man made, nor was any man being glorified by his fancy preaching, nor were any professional musicians or worship leaders in the limelight. No…every single person who has committed themselves to serving others in this revival are hand picked by God because of their humble hearts and willingness to “stay low” and decrease as God increases. Matt Hartley is not a polished ” religious” speaker by any means, he is more like John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness. I have never witnessed such intensity and genuine passion for the lost and the desire to see complacent, apathetic Christians turn from the sin in their lives and run to Jesus. There is such an urgency in his messages. This revival began where it did because God chooses the unlikely people in unlikely places, so all the glory will go to Him alone. There will be scoffers, and there will be religious doubters, but this river is flowing and it’s not about to dry up or run out. My prayer is that this river will fill dried up tributaries and streams of living water will branch out into every part of our nation. Thank you Lord for what You and You alone are doing because of the heartfelt cries of Your people.

  10. Wow! Wow!wow! This is what we are praying for years… We are expecting something great from God. Great action from heaven that will advance his kingdom on earth.. Revival does that .Gods action to take society for Him… My prayer is ” Let it fall here in the philippines also Lord… We really need it… As you have promise let it fall in the island of the philippines and let it burn for your Glory..”

  11. God is saying much through this! He has chosen W.VA. I believe to lift up the lowly and bring down the pride of those who want to be seen by men! This True Azuza Now will break loose as a mighty River of no names, Men and Women like prophets hidden in caves, they will be brought out of His Quiver for such a time as this! All for His name sake and His Glory to be SEEN, no name, no man will touch His Glory! Most past movements left us with a war among those who may have been used to strike the match, but this move upon us will be like no title waves! No titles to be waved but ONE, The Head of The Body, JESUS CHRIST alone will be lifted up as HE draws ALL unto Himself. May He be exalted I pray as we decrease, let Him increase among US. As HE spoke to me : A to Z in the USA ! AZUSA ! Don’t you See it ⁉️

  12. From here in New Zealand: thrilled to hear what God is doing in W.V.
    So wonderful when you consider all the aetheistic, hedonistic garbage young people have pumped into them through the education system and media. Our God reigns!

  13. I too am Canadian and we praise God for what He is doing in W. Virginia. May it turn into a great movement of God’s Spirit that will sweep across America and Canada, as well as over to Niger where we serve for 9 months of the year!

  14. When a move of God is seen as a “Last Days” event it will eventually fizzle out and detract from the main mission of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here in the Earth. This is not the Spirit of God retracting His move in that locale, it is the preconceived notion of people that we are living in times that we DO NOT live in. is a great place to start for further information on exactly WHEN the last days were and what days we are currently living in. We are in a time where the Lord is calling His people to unity for the purpose of advancing His never ending Kingdom here on this Earth.

    Further thoughts for the general audience that might read this post: I am not slamming in any way what is happening now in Appalachia country, or what has happened in our past history with Revival times. I had the privilege of attending Brownsville on several occasions and was deeply impacted by that opportunity. What I AM issuing is a word of caution that if these types of occurrences are seen as “Last Days”/”End of Times” events, they will also fizzle out. What we need to maintain is an ongoing priority of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and continuing to bring the body into unity around the world. The WHOLE Earth will be filled with the knowledge of His greatness and wonder of His love. We have a long way to go before that is seen as manifest, but it will happen.

  15. This is the Good news from our God.
    We have been praying for the Generation, and It is the answer of our prayer.
    There are more of us we believe when God does something some place, we need to join Him from where ever we are in praising Him. W.V is a good start let us join them in celebration , by praying together, let the Revere of God flow all over United State. Let us not stop the River from flowing by not praying and declaration God’s divine will. Amen

  16. I’m glad to see The move of the Holy Spirit move in West Virginia, and lives being changed. We all need this in America in general. I’m looking forward to seeing such an outpouring all over this nation one like we never seen and spreading like wild fire that just covers this whole nation in Jesus’s name.
    I’m praying for you and your church, May God continue to move in your city.
    God bless you and your family,

  17. The true earmark of Revival is obedience towards God. Prophecy is the anointed preaching of the pure Gospel of Christ. God uses the preacher when they are a yielded vessel of honor. The Holy Spirit awakens, convicts and regenerates the souls of men . This is HIS work. Sometimes the Lord of the harvest chooses to work in a more pronounced way. This seems to be one of those times.

  18. I will say this. I am excited for what is going on. God has shown me revival was coming to Newfoundland also and I’m expecting and believing and very excited for it to come. Praise the lord that souls are being saved. I will say this to those who are so sceptical without testing if God. God will move how he wants to move and where he wants to move and he showed me 2nd chronicles 7:14 is what he calls for us to do. Also, humility is the key. Until we come humbly to throne of grace and repent – truly repent in our heart- which only such wisdom of our sins can come from him- then we will miss it.. The Pharisees thought they knew it all- and they did- but they missed the marvellous mysteries of Christ that can only be taught by the spirit of God and not man. I heard God say to me one time as a pastor spoke on Leary of supernatural. He believes supernatural, but when I asked him by what he was saying- so like heaven is for real and the little boy goes to heaven and comes back and sees Jesus – you don’t believe that. He describes Jesus and another little girl who has visions in another country who he doesn’t know draws Jesus and the little boy sees a pic one day and says to his dad- that’s him dad, that what I saw. He said could be, but Highly unlikely. I was so grieved by what he was saying that again I went to my pastor. I was told but Wanda he believes in it because he speaks of something happening to him. I said nothing. Yes I believe he believes but only certain ones in his eyes I guess truly get supernatural. He basically was also speaking That things must be judged against theology. God said loud and clear to me at that moment- I surpass all theology. I didn’t have a clue what he meant. I went to my pastor and he said but Wanda God is theology. Later on God revealed this to me, which I went back to my pastor. Now God is theology – but he led me later to his transfiguration on the mount. The desciples walked with Jesus. They were taught by him but on the mount of transfiguration they missed it, and this was after Jesus asked peter who do you say I am, and peter replied you surely are the son of God, but see he knew it but missed it on the mountain of transfiguration at first. They put Jesus with Moses and Elijah ( prophets) but then fell to the ground when a cloud overshadowed them- why, because they only then knew he was God- because they knew of stories of when their people were led out of Egypt by cloud. And in the bible the theologians did not believe Jesus was Jesus. I will say this also- and I’m not judging – but rebuking some theories I hear- see theology is taught by man, same as bible school. Not saying I do not respect- I do- God says to- but you must remember pastors to always stay humble. God is the only true teacher of the word! There are marvellous mysteries of his word that he reveals to a heart of humility! Humility is key and I have been taught by him that the moment you think you have it, you lost it. We must always pray to stay humble. I will also say- when Seymour had revival there were many pastors and others that came not believing, but when they went they saw and recognized it was God. Now of course some didn’t. The same will happen again. And about false prophets- God showed me that false prophets are put in as to be cautious of them. He showed me it’s like any weather storm warning- when you hear storm, you weigh how bad to determine if go out or not- you don’t just stay home in fear right. Same as false prophets beware but don’t be so consumed that you judge to point of missing!!! You will miss… He showed me this also- my sheep will know my voice. We don’t need to worry. See if your in him, praying, seeking, he shows us things and we will know! Also. Seymour . When the fullness of the baptism of the spirit fell on them- it says there were pastors and others who came in and would jump up saying this and that and Seymour in love , by the discernment of the spirit, could recognize flesh. He would in love say brother these meetings are different than any other meeting you have attended- these meetings are to glorify God, there is no room to glorify flesh. So we need not be so wrapped up in false prophets if we are truly in God! Be aware yes! And yes test everything that is given by the spirit to see if lines up with word. But in response to telling people prophecies this or for this- be careful folks. Stop trying to contain God in a box! He may move how you least expect and you will miss it! Well, we know some will! Bible says it! I don’t need to judge if false or not-I just need to be in God to not be led by false- simple as that! God will judge those that are false- man doesn’t need to! I say if hundreds or 1000s coming to Christ in a day or week- that sounds pretty amazing! That is not man but GOD! Because no man can do that! No matter how good your sermon- no matter what you have meetings over to bring more people in- it won’t work! You want more souls save- then let’s get on our knees, alone and more importantly in UNITY- which that is missing in a lot of churches. We have work in the natural- like falling on our knees seeking his help knowing apart from him we can do nothing, repenting, praying and fasting…. To see God move!!! You don’t see that a lot of churches right now! I have heard also, some prophecies (like above comment re prophecies) never come to pass!!! Well, not yet anyway!! Abraham never even got to see it come to pass. Your job is not to know is it when it comes to pass? If it lines up with word and God does confirm it I believe with others saying same or maybe confirms it to person your giving it to- but person your giving it to needs to be humble enough to receive it and take it to lord? Or maybe your giving to person because God trying to warn them and so he needs to send others because your not humble enough to hear from God yourself. God does confirm I truly believe- I believe he will confirm to person your giving it to or by others saying same to person that you were led to give or say, but to say , it doesn’t come to pass…. Who are you to say when it should come to pass. God determines that? So I say people we must be very careful to not be so hardened to let God move how and when he wants to move! He will move! No man can stop it! It’s takes people hungry seeking and praying!!! My heart is over joyed that this is happening! Go God go!!!! Bring on more!!! Again I’m not judging but rebuking what I feel God has shown me…. Not all at once but over time! It like grace- I always hear we can’t fall out of grace. That we live more in NT. Once Jesus came, it’s all about grace. It is- his word says it is by grace through faith- but I after hearing a sermon on it- and then later reading in acts of sapphira and Ananias were smote by God after lying. So I went to my pastor to ask re this- because here in NT it seemed they fell from grace!!!!i didn’t feel I got clarity really- I was told about when walk away from God. I pondered and really wanted to know and sought God time and time again to understand grace. I wanted to know! 1 year or so later he shows me by something in my life- Wanda you can fall from my grace when you have unrepented heart. I thought of Ananias – and realized oh my gosh- after God killed husband for lying- it wasn’t the lying – because peter knew from spirit what they did and asked them- God was giving them an opportunity to repent… I had never seen that! My pastor did not tell me this! Why- again because God is best teacher! I love my pastor! I’m not disrespecting, but I’m saying all this for a reason. I’m not perfect either! Oh trust me. Then God showed me that I beat myself up when I fail and I must repent and move on- it is done! He then showed me I need to repent more! I thought but God I repent. He showed me yes on Sunday I ask generally for him to forgive or if I see it I ask. Showed me I must be in him to know what to repent of? i thought ok I got it. What’s funny is now I realize I got the words but I didn’t get at that time what he really meant. About 2 months later while I was at church watching a movie- he broke me!!!! I wanted to run. I was embarrassed. Anyway, he revealed something I did years ago that I repented of, but I truly didn’t repent. He showed me what I was feeling- right now- was complete brokenness for what I did. True repentance. It was this that he meant that you need me to sometimes know what you have done to truly grieve me. I had realized that my repentance before were words but God wanted to break me for what I did to truly repair and restore me for what I did. We must be broken vessels so his light will shine through. I am only starting I believe to truly get that! In saying all this- I don’t know it all and what I know above is surely only a small tidbit to the rest of my life to what he will reveal or show or elaborate on! He is holy holy holy! He is great- the great I am. He is the only I AM! So I got off topic, but wanted to comment on somethings I read that I hear over and over and I don’t 100 percent agree on. It is true and scriptural but not full truth from what I feel God has shown me. I could be wrong to some or maybe not agree with me- but I’m ok with that. I still love all brothers and sisters in Christ. But I believe we must share with each other, because we can learn truly from God first and from each other also as to what God reveals to each, and we can always agree to disagree but still love each other. So I say nil in negativity but what I believe as gods truth! Again, so happy for WV. God pour down your latter rain which will be greater than the former rain!!!! Praise, honor and glory always belong to you!!!! Amen

  19. Just found this article today 8-19-16. Pastor Steve’s comments, while there are good points, seems very skeptical that revival is happening in W.V. God’s Word is sufficient to discern if this is of Him. The prophecies of Isaiah and other prophets in the Bible have NOT all come to pass, either in their day, or presently. Consider that hundreds of years have intervened. The people of Isaiah’s day did not see the fulfillment, so does that make Isaiah a false prophet ? If so, what is his book doing in the Bible ?

    God told Isaiah to lie naked in the street as a warning to Israel. Can you imagine the naysayers at that time ? They ‘knew’ God would never condone that ! Of course it wasn’t from God ! They were wrong. There will always be those who know better because things aren’t happening according to their human understanding.
    Is the Pastor of this church taking the credit ? No. So, Pastor Steve let me paraphrase the sufficient Bible itself….don’t fight against it or you might be fighting against God. Pray and watch. Perhaps you will live ling enough to see Isaiah’s prophecies come true.

    As for Ryan’s long angry comment since you seem to despise W.V. hopefully you have moved to a more enlightened state like say, Cal. or New York. where all the smart people live off foreign oil from countries that keep their people in bondage, and buy products from China ‘s slave factories. Your denigration of W.V. immediately brought to mind Scripture. ” Can anything good come out of Nazareth.” Please get over yourself and your own prejudices, that all West Virginians are dumb and only work in the coal mines because they won’t get an education. Coal mining is not for sissies. get a grip on yourself. Yes, much good can come from West Virginia, get over your pride.

    If Jesus showed up in person some people would still deny Him.
    And so what if people work in the mines, too beneath you ?

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