God Logic, in the hunt for dawahs in England and elsewhere

God Logic smiles after winning a point in debate. He calls for water to baptize his opponent, whom he teases with being convinced of the truth of Christianity.

By Michael Ashcraft –

Whether it’s basketball or apologetics, Avery Austin Jr. – better known as God Logic – plays point guard. He likes to run the game.

“I got into apologetics because this Jehovah’s Witness just cooked me,” he says on a Da Scripture Plug.Albert video on YouTube. “I was a pastor’s kid, but I didn’t know jack. I realized that the average Christian is not equipped to run into these heretics to be able to converse with them and give them the unadulterated word. I wanted to make sure Christians around the world were equipped to be able to defend the gospel.”

God Logic is part of a new generation of polemicists unnerving Muslims over the fundamentals of their faith. The vanguard of Christian Prince and Sam Shamoun, who were born in the Middle East, is equipping the second wave in everything from the Islamic Dilemma to the intricacies of Arabic.

“I got almost an infinite amount of patience for Muslims,” says the 29-year-old who just concluded a trip to Britain where he hunted down and debated Islamic propagandists known as “dawahs” from the Arabic “making an invitation.”

Debating Ali Dawah’s sheikh

Avery Austin Jr. grew up in church in Lancaster, CA. His dad was the pastor, and his parents taught the kids Bible. Unlike many PKs (who resent the strict upbringing of constant church attendance), Avery loved it.

“It was fun to go to church, fun to be part of Christianity, fun as a kid in Sunday School,” he says. “I was always that kid that was like, ‘Don’t cuss. God is watching. Say, God please forgive me.’ Having that foundation of a Christian home, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

It was enough for Avery to observe others fall in sin and realize he didn’t want to rebel against God. “I was blessed enough to learn from other people’s mistakes,” he says. “I saw the result of what happened to them when they did what they weren’t supposed to do.”

Facing off with a popular Muslim debater Mansur

He was leading ministry at his father’s church when he met the Jehovah’s Witness who “cooked” him – a neologism of street debate meaning that his opponent left him quiet, confused and responseless.

It was a wake-up call. Avery went home and looked up arguments for and against Jehovah’s Witnesses, a sect that denies the Trinity. He found his answers and went out looking for the guy to given him an answer.

He never found that guy ever again, though he did come across JWs and debated them skillfully.

From this urgency to discover the answers to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Avery next looked into Mormonism. From there, he stumbled across the bold and brash Muslims online who dared Christians to challenge them in stadiums.

“What makes these people so confident?” he asked. “They’re not going to challenge my God!”

So he studied Islam’s arguments for and against. He learned from forerunners in the field, polemicists who challenged Muslims in debate, like Christian Prince, Sam Shamoun and later David Wood. He learned about the Bible’s preservation and the defense of the Trinity.

A war of words with Muslim debater Siraj.

As he learned, he began hosting groups online to equip other Christians. Those grew into posting online. He wanted people to see the logic of God – and his online moniker “God Logic” was born. He started with a just a few subscribers, but recently his subs have exploded. Today he has 173K followers on YouTube with 399 videos.

He linked with other online apologists and polemicists. They support and teach each other. Recently, he traveled to England, where Islamicists are trying to take over and impose Sharia Law. Some estimate Muslims will be the majority by 2050 and many white Englishmen are converting to Islam.

He likes playing basketball in his free time, and he plays point guard. In the same way, he likes to control the tempo and direction of the debates he engages in. God Logic is an avid anime lover, with Vegeta being his favorite character. He even has an anime-like picture of himself on his social media.

Avery Austin Jr. aka God Logic

The debates that go on at Speaker’s Corner in London are the modern day Tours.

But while his numbers are soaring, God Logic isn’t swayed by fame. He remains committed to whichever soul wishes to debate him and open to the gospel.

“I’m just your neighborhood apologist,” he says.

To learn more about a personal relationship with Jesus, click here.

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About this writer: Michael Ashcraft pastors a church in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.



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