Wife of ‘Apostate Prophet’ takes leap of faith, begins to follow Jesus


By Michael Ashcraft –

The wife of the YouTube sensation Apostate Prophet has converted to Christianity, according to her X feed.

“Feeling good today. What are your reading suggestions for a new Christian?” she posted June 5 on X (formerly Twitter).

Mrs. Apostate has been a courageous critic of religious extremism, particularly Islam, in support of the work of her husband Ridvan Aydemir, who under the moniker “the Apostate Prophet” skewers the religion of his upbringing.

Ridvan was born in Germany to devout Muslim immigrant parents who brought him back to Turkey, where he “reverted” to Islam before becoming disenchanted and doubtful about its tenets.

The Apostate Prophet (left), and David Wood.

He immigrated to America in 2018 and later married his wife, according to YouTube Fandom. Mrs. Apostate was an atheist like him.

Sam Shamounian, a polemicist who converts Muslims live on his YouTube channel, broke the news Thursday of Mrs. Apostate’s conversion to Christianity.

Sam showed a post forwarded to him from “The Archive” from Mrs. Apostate: “I now understand what it means to ‘take a leap of faith.’ I feel like I jumped without being 100% certain of my conviction, and God caught me. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me.”

Mrs. Apostate reposted this graphic on X on June 2. She quoted Mark 9:24: “Help my unbelief.”

As he was live-streaming, Mrs. Apostate popped up in the comments of his live-stream: “I just came to the Lord. I’m looking into Orthodoxy. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. God is good. I felt a miracle by turning this steam on.”

Sam Shamounian predicted the Apostate Prophet himself would eventually come to Christ. Recently, Ridvan announced he has moved from atheist to agnostic.

The Apostate Prophet hit one million views with a video of him ripping up the Koran to protest anti-blasphemy laws. He took the video down after news reports spread and Muslims raged. He debates some of the biggest names of Islamic apologetics on YouTube.

Ridvan is a friend and frequent guest of David Wood, the polemicist who led Nabeel Qureshi to the Lord.

Wood was one of the first to prove that critiquing Islam was more effective evangelism than the don’t-ruffle-their-feathers approach of Christians more than a decade ago. His Apologetics Roadshow on YouTube purees Islam and atheists at 1,700 revolutions per minute.

When Ridvan and David started collaborating, it seemed like a strange duo. David was a strident Christian, and Ridvan a stalwart atheist. Mohammed Hijab has unleashed an expletive-laden fury against both of them.

Somehow, Ridvan and David became friends, colleagues and frequent guests on each other’s channels.

The pair recently visited Israel to see firsthand the horrors of the Oct. 7 Hamas invasion. Upon his return, Ridvan explained he felt some sort of mystical experience in the Holy Land.

“I have been a little bit different since I went to Israel and came back,” he says on one of Wood’s channels. “Right now, I feel like it would be more accurate for me to say that I am agnostic. After I went there and came back, something happened in my head and in my heart. I can no longer have this conviction that there definitely is no god.

“It started with going to Israel and feeling weirdly attached to that place. It didn’t feel like a strange place,” he added. “It felt like home.”

To learn more about a personal relationship with Jesus, click here.

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About this writer: Michael Ashcraft reports from Los Angeles where he pastors the Lighthouse Church in Van Nuys, CA. 



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