Five-year-old dreams of heaven, confirms ‘Heaven is for Real’ account, Akiane’s painting of Jesus


By Mark Ellis —

Wyn and Ton's wedding day
Wyn and Ton’s wedding day

Her husband’s untimely death from a rare form of cancer left her reeling. As she wallowed in grief, seeking God’s presence, her five-year-old had several vivid dreams about heaven (and hell) that buoyed her faith in the Lord.

Uyen “Wyn” Tran and her husband Ton lived in Australia for 30 years following their arrival from Vietnam. He was a mechanical engineer and she a pharmacist, fulfilling their dreams in a land of fresh opportunities, when they received unexpected and devastating news.

In 2013, Ton was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer growing in his nose and throat. He was given four months to live. Ton was not a believer during their eight years of marriage, but two months before he died he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

Family photo taken a few months before Ton's passing, with their children Kieran and Skyla
Family photo taken a few months before Ton’s passing, with their children Kieran and Skyla

“By God’s grace he lived a year,” Wyn recounts. “When he passed away I was so devastated. I believed with all my heart he would be healed.” Some of their friends also believed he would be healed and even thought they saw a vision of him cured, testifying about his healing.

But it was not to be. On February 13, 2014 – one day before Valentine’s Day — he passed into the arms of Jesus.

Because of Wyn’s overwhelming confidence he would be healed, Ton’s passing undercut her faith. “I held on to that (his healing) with every ounce of belief. When he actually passed away I couldn’t figure it out. For three days I was in a daze,” she says.

“Please give me a dream or vision,” she cried out to God, desperate for His reassurance.

The dream came from an unlikely source – her five-year-old son, Kieran.

On Sunday morning Kieran woke up and came running into her room. “I saw dad and he was in heaven. It was beautiful mom. He was with God,” he said, breathlessly.

She asked Kieran what God looked like. “He had long hair and looked like Thor and he wore all white,” he said. Kieran had recently seen the film Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor (Paramount Pictures / Marvel Studios)
Chris Hemsworth in Thor (Paramount Pictures / Marvel Studios. Kieran had recently seen the film Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth.

He said Ton was also dressed in white, with white shoes and a white hat, which Wyn thinks may refer to a halo. “It was like it was dad’s birthday and everybody was singing and clapping to him.”

“After that mommy, I was in daddy’s room,” he continued.

At first, Wyn thought he meant his earthly room, but he was referring to Ton’s heavenly home. “I was sleeping beside daddy and when I woke up he fed me my favorite food and my favorite drink and we watched TV together,” he said.

“When I got up to leave three fairies stopped me. They were really tall,” he recounted.

“Why do you say they were fairies?” she asked.

“Because they had large white wings. Then God the Father held me,” Kirin said.

“How do you know it was God the Father?”

Kieran Tran
Kieran Tran

“He was invisible but I know He was God the Father.”

In a second dream, Kirin described his dad’s heavenly house as very large and brightly lit. “Daddy was with God,” he said. “I was sitting with God and told him a joke and he laughed.

“I saw two holes in his wrists. One hole is here and one is here. He was bleeding, mommy, but he wasn’t crying.”

Wyn was intrigued by his description. First, she never told her son about Jesus being crucified through his wrists. Secondly, she always thought the nails that crucified Jesus went through the palms of his hands. But as she researched this, she discovered there are many who believe the Romans may have crucified Jesus through his wrists – something her five-year-old would have no way of knowing.

In the dreams, Kirin also saw rainbows, animals, and “insects that don’t bite.” He said the light in heaven comes from God.

The thing he remembers most about heaven is the peace, a concept his mother never taught him about and thinks would be difficult for most children his age to grasp.

“I have never explained peace to him,” Wyn notes. “Everything he said was consistent with what Colton Burpo described in Heaven is for Real,” she said.

“It was like he read Colton’s book, but he never had.”

Akiane with Jesus paintings
Akiane with Jesus paintings

In the book there is a painting of Jesus by the talented young artist, Akiane, based on a vision she received from God. Colton Burpo said her painting was the closest to the Jesus he saw in his near-death experience of heaven.

Wyn showed Kirin several depictions of Jesus from the Internet and asked if any of them resembled Jesus. He shook his head each time an image came up, but when he saw Akiane’s painting he exclaimed, “Yes, that’s Jesus!”

“There is no doubt in my mind that that is Jesus,” Wyn says, marveling that several children around the world independently verify the image.

In his dream, Kieran also saw Satan fighting with God. He said Satan’s mouth had a long tongue like a snake. “They were fighting, mommy, and God won, and kicked Satan out of heaven,” Kieran told her.

In Kieran’s three dreams of eternity, the third dream was about hell. “It’s really hot and it stinks, just horrible,” Kieran told her. “There was a part that Jesus held my hand and said it was dangerous and he would not take me in there.”

Wyn recorded her son describing each of the three dreams. She is glad now, because he has already forgotten a few of the details.

She believes his story may bolster people’s faith. “I have used my story to tell people there is a heaven and hell,” she says.

“Heaven is for real and God is there!” she exclaims.


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Woman’s near-death experience of heaven confirms Burpo account, painting by Akiane


    • Thank you kindly, CC.

      My greatest desire throughout my personal ordeal is to reach out to those who do not yet know God so that more souls could be pulled away from the inevitable road to hell just for the simple reason being that they do not – yet – have a relationship with God. This inner burning desire to tell people about Jesus, just to save one more soul from hell has become a “need” in my life, & this NEED burns ever more so fiercely, within me, with each passing day.

      I love how Bill Wiese explains why people cannot go to heaven on the account that they think they have been a “good person” all their life.

      I was led to Bill Wiese’s life-changing account of hell & other concepts – following Kieran’s dreams of heaven. I was so intrigued, & probing, & delving, & searching, & God led me to stumble on Bill Wiese. The clarity of Bill’s explanations & descrptions is staggering & blows me over, & it is clear why God hand-picked him to experience 23 minutes in hell!

      My dearest folks, please take a little time to watch the following account by Bill Wiese. I PROMISE it will be LIFE-CHANGING!!!

  1. Just this week I wrote a story for Chinese children. I said (for a radio show) I don’t know if there are insects in heaven? But if there are insects, I know they don’t bite! That one line on insects blessed my heart. Such a small question, yet here’s the answer!

    Thank you for sharing your story about heaven. You were wise to write down your son’s words so that you can remember them forever. I wonder how God will use him when he grows up? God bless you.

    • Dear Hope, I am touched to read your: “That one line on insects blessed my heart. Such a small question, yet here’s the answer”.

      I believe that many things that we hear or read relating to God are by no accident – regardless of how large or small the point is. God gives answers to the questions of His children all the time – whether it be through what we hear from the mouths of those around us, or through reading scripture & other works about God, or through promptings inside of us. God loves to answer us because He is not a God Who likes to toy with our mind! He is a Father Who has all the time in the world to answer His little ones’ questions – just like most earthly parents! God also loves to answer us to “keep us on track”… remind us that He is watching over us, & that He certainly does not take a rest from taking care of us. I can honestly say, & I’m sure many Christians will agree with me, that the more I grow in my faith, the more I find that many of my answers from God become “more immediate”.

      The bottom line is, many of our answers from God may be ALMOST immediate – if we keep our eyes & our hearts watchful. If the answer you are seeking from God was not immediately responded to through one method or another by God, it is usually from 2 reasons:

      1) you have not kept your eyes & heart open & watchful for His answer
      2) The right time has not arrived for you to be revealed the answer.

      Through my ordeal & struggles in the last 2 years since Ton passed away, my 2 biggest lessons are to firstly KEEP TRUSTING IN GOD – in all things – with ABANDONMENT, & secondly, God is never late! God is always on time! The Bible refers amply to “the FULLNESS of time” – for when events & occurences were permitted to take place by God. Believe it! God is ALWAYS ON TIME. Just wait on Him with patience.

      A case in point about how God has all the time in the world to answer to all His children’s questions is that God was intentional in bombarding me with His presence during the time that Ton’s passing was fresh. In His wisdom, God knew I needed reinforcement, reiteration & reassurance….because I was only human, & ONE dream…..with the passing of time…..may not suffice to “SPELL OUT THE PICTURE” to me that Ton was, indeed, in heaven with God, which was my dying question to God all along.

      Knowing that Ton was in heaven was so vital to me. Not only did I need to know that the love of my life was in a safe place after he had to leave me, but also, whether Ton made it to heaven or not could potentially “make or break” my level of faith in God! Ton’s death inevitably made me feel that God did not love me enough! God answered my question that Ton was safe, & that He absolutely loves me through Kieran’s lengthy, vivid dream & the series of supernatural events which followed.

      A few weeks after Ton’s passing, I was spending time with my kids. My boy, Kieran, was – out of the blue – exceptionally thoughtful & kind to me. I turned to him & asked why he was suddenly so nice to me! He straight-out said casually, ” God just told me to be good to you”. I was stunned. I squealed delightfully,”Really???! Really???! You mean God JUST told you to be good to me?!!!”

      Kieran, once again, casually replied,” Yes.”

      I asked Kieran excitedly, “What ELSE did God just say to you?”

      Kieran replied, “That’s it.”

      The following week, on Tuesday, Kieran came home from school & told me that during sports at school that day, God told him about the story of the 4 years old boy who nearly died & went to heaven.

      Filled with curiosity, I immediately asked him why God had told him about that story. Kieran shrugged and added, “I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

      This was to become another reason why this book is a turning point in my life, and why I believe God makes time to answer our questions, as significant or as insignificant as they may be.

      Kieran was referring to Colton Burpo when he spoke about this 4 years old boy. Kieran vaguely knew about this story & was told not much more by me than the name of the boy & that he went to heaven. To this day, at 8 years old, he does not know the specifics in that book.

      Kieran’s first visit to heaven was 3 days after his dad passed away. I was given the book, “Heaven is for Real”, close to 2 weeks after Kieran’s dream by a person in our church. I did not know her then but she had a prompting to buy the book from the bookstore to give away. For some reason, she asked her brother, who was a pharmacist working in our pharmacy, if he knew anyone who may benefit from this book. He instantly knew the very person to give this book to. Me. I am still puzzled to this day why of all the countless books written about God, she had to choose this one to buy as a gift to random people, & why – of all time – this book was thankfully & conveniently gifted to me during the time when things were still “very raw” & “harder to fully accept”. The book gave me untold strength because there were so many parallels between what Colton saw & what my son saw regarding heaven, together with so many things about that book that crossed over into my own life.

      In hindsight, I feel it was one of God’s skilfully orchestrated ways of openly communicating to me. Significantly, it was from this book that I found another “example” to show Kieran of a portrait of Jesus, which Kieran adamantly insisted was indeed the face of Jesus Himself. It was this book that gave me the actual idea to ask Kieran as to what Jesus looked like. In front of one of my sisters, I decided to ask Kieran & I taped him answering my question whilst he was playing a game on my iphone. I flashed so many pictures from the internet which I believed could resemble our Lord closely. To my huge surprise, not once did Kieran hesitate or show uncertainties before saying “No” to the myriad of images I flashed at him. Typically, kids generally behave with some amount of indecisiveness, when such a question was asked of them. Typically, they may tend to say “yes” to a number of images, & certainly never adamantly just “yes” to ONLY one image. In this case however, Kieran was very clear & very adamant that NONE looked like Jesus, & very clear & adamant that only Akiane’s painting was of Jesus Himself. When Akiane’s painting was finally flashed at Kieran, the contrast seen in his behavior was so obvious, it left me with no doubt in my mind! Kieran stopped playing the game on the iPhone, and pointed straight at the portrait in black & white in the book,”That’s Jesus!”. It was a “WOW” moment for me! However, I was not satisfied to leave it at that. I pursued further & waved many more “compelling”photos of Jesus under his nose. He kept saying,”NO”, & “NO” & kept pointing back to Akiane’s portrait in the book to convince me that I got it all wrong with how Jesus really looks like! He kept saying, “NO, not that one – THIS ONE!”. For 3 children in different parts of the world to INDEPENDENTLY insist that ONLY ONE face was that of our Lord Jesus – I believe that speaks beyond volumes.

      Here is more about the book that crossed over into my life. After I finished reading Heaven is For Real, I rang one of my sisters, the one whose faith fell to an all-time low after my husband passed away. She & her husband maintain that had God healed Ton, their faith & many others would have stayed intact or become ignited.

      On the contrary, & in retrospect, I feel God will cause greater waves of impact in connection to Ton’s death than his life – had God let Ton live.

      Enthusiastically, I told this sister how amazing this book was & tried to bring her back to God through re-telling the compelling true storyline. She was mildly moved.

      That very afternoon, she messaged to my phone a photo of the actual cover page of “Heaven is For Real”.

      I rang her up & asked if she was trying to be cheeky & cynical & just having a playful poke at me for attempting to bring her back to God through the book. I told her I thought it was plainly a very shallow joke! She offered her defense by quickly replying,”Do you remember that my place of business shares the same building with a Christian church? …..Well, one of the members in that church came to me today & gifted me that book.”

      I was stunned! Of the miliions & millions of religious books ever published in the world in all the history of mankind, why did that Christian member gave, as a gift, to her THAT VERY BOOK on the SAME DAY I tried to bring her back to God by using that book???! I told her that in my world, THAT HAD TO BE A MESSAGE FROM GOD!!! It was too enormous as a coincidence to be a coincidence!

      Again, God was bombarding me with divine activity because I believe He was “afraid” my weak human heart would entertain doubting – mildly – for a moment whether God really did accept Ton into heaven. After all, many Catholics & non-Christians around me, back then, would drop hints or politely say that Kieran’s dream was great & good & everything….. but it just can’t be that easy for Ton to enter heaven. They implied that Ton never left his sick bed to fulfill the 10 Commandments down to a “T” before he passed away, nor did he do acts of service to fellowman after he became a Christian. Ton was indeed too sick to do all of that after he converted to God. From the day we found out he had cancer, the cancer had spread widely into his lungs, liver & bones. It was plainly since he was relatively so young & strong that there were no symptoms, the whole time.

      This is what my tragic experience has taught me. I simply wish to yell out at the top of my lungs to the WHOLE WORLD that the “Good News” which the Bible brings is COMPLETELY true!!! Please cast your eyes to John 3:16 :
      “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”.

      Ton did not get the chance to move from his sick bed to carry out the 10 Commandments or to love his neighbor as himself before he died…….& definitely neither did that thief who was crucified on the cross on Jesus’ right hand side on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. That thief merely displayed his belief in Jesus at that moment in time, & immediately & instantly, he was promised eternal life by Jesus, the Savior, Himself. How simple & easy was that entry into heaven?!?!

      If that was not a message clearly spelled out to us by God, I don’t know what is! Did that thief come down from the cross & carry out acts of service to fellowman & fulfill the 10 Commandments, & loved his neighbor as himself? NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! He was stuck on that cross until he forever died! How did he earn his ticket to heaven, then? Jesus was his ticket to heaven, & the thief received this gift by doing NOTHING, except his “flimsy” belief in Jesus at that one moment in time.

      Therefore, to those who ask, is it really that easy to enter heaven? My answer is – see God demonstrating His answer to this question loud & clear in the case of this thief, who was strategically placed within such a significant moment in time in the history of mankind. Also, see the answer clearly “lived” by Ton’s life. Ton passed away without having EARNED his ticket to heaven. The one & only thing he did was accept Jesus & took time to pray to Him, 3 months prior to his death.

      After Kieran’s 3 dreams close to the time of his father’s passing, Kieran no longer had any more “supernatural encounters” with God. This reinforced to me further that my son’s dreams did not stem from an imaginative mind, but that they were intentionally “downloaded “into his brain by God at strategically the right time.

      Back to Kieran relating to me that God told him about the story of the 4 years old boy. I told Kieran that the boy’s name is Colton after Kieran brought up that incident whereby God spoke about the boy to Kieran during sports time at school that day.

      Kieran did not elaborate much more about that incident. However, on that past weekend, I was debating with a leader in my church about a very important topic. In a nut shell, he told me that in general, one cannot change God’s mind. If we know that God is omnipotent & perfect in every way, to say that we can change God’s mind implies that His original decision was not perfect, in the first place.

      I was devastated & confused because here was a leader & a teacher of the Bible in the church telling me this.

      Did that mean there was no point anymore in sending our petitions to God through prayer because God has already made up His mind. Were there any meaning or use for prayers, especially to ask for the needs of the heart?

      I was bewildered all weekend. I kept pondering & questioning about this matter in my heart & mind.

      Out of desperation, I found myself inexplicably asking Kieran a couple of days after his encounter with God during sport time on Tuesday.

      “Hey Kieran. If you want something from God, does it matter how hard you pray?” I asked him, and immediately kicked myself for foolishly asking a child such a profound question.

      Without thinking, Kieran spoke immediately with his 2 hands on his hips,”Of course it does!!!” Kieran’s tone was very strangely authoritative.

      I quickly asked in astonishment, “How do you know?”

      He replied,”Because God told me”.

      “What do you mean God told you?” I was completely intrigued now.

      Kieran directly spoke,”God said – Colton’s dad, because he prayed the hardest, that’s why Colton is still here”.

      I was speechless. Kieran could never have known this fact because I never told him any detail about the book. Back then, I had too many worries & problems relating to my 2 businesses to have time to bore my 5 years old, whom I felt would prefer his toys than listening to a bunch of details relating a thick book, which was mainly without pictures – particularly since his attention span was not great at that age, & the communication between us was not “in that place”, yet.

      The next day, being incurably thorough as a person, I was NOT fully convinced from yesterday’s conversation with Kieran.

      I asked him again, ” Hey Kieran, if you wish for something from God, does it matter how hard you pray?”

      Again, Kieran stopped solemnly in his tracks, put his hands on his hips – and again – as if speaking from the position of authority, he said,” Of course it matters!” He acted & sounded like it was a matter of course.

      “How do you know this?” I asked quickly, feeling like a silly school girl asking her teacher a silly question.

      “God told me.” Kieran spoke assuredly.

      “How do you mean God told you?”

      Kieran added,”God said, Colton’s dad, he prayed so good, that’s why Colton is still alive.”

      My jaw dropped! God had taken the time to answer my burning question! He answered me through my boy. I connected the dots at that point. God told Kieran during sport about Colton. He must have told Kieran enough about Colton’s story to warrant Kieran to be able to answer me with an authoritative air & voice when I foolishly, without rhyme or reason, asked him my burning question. Kieran himself did not know why God spoke to him about Colton, but amazingly had a ready answer for me – as if it had been planned & rehearsed & scripted, and the words were
      delivered to me – without missing a beat.

      By the way, Hope, I praise God that I have a lot of Kieran’s account of his encounter with God captured on my camera. As a person, I love keeping records of memories & film a lot of things that my kids say or do. I don’t trust my personal memory.

      • Wyn, I am having a wonderful time reading not only the details of this article but your thoughtful and articulate replies to people, as well!

    • I just was asking in my mind this week if the “Heaven is for Real” was truth. Well, I just found my answer in this article! Awesome! Our Lord is so amazing and He does answer us! I’m so happy for Ton to have been converted before his death, so he and others may come to know that God is Love and He is always ready and waiting to have us turn to Him! You can find Him today at:
      Please print out the Seal of the Living God (Revelation 7:2; 9:4) before He comes soon!

  2. Akiana’s painting of the face of Jesus is my absolute favorite…Why? No. I never died and went to heaven, but, when I look at the picture, I see a kind, handsome, inspiring, penetrating, Jewish face. Then, I say, “This is the face of God!”

  3. You never know how GOD is going to heal , sometimes it is taking you home with HIM . Praise GOD HE let the little boy see heaven , and he told his Mom what he saw . And she in turn shared with us .

    • Dear Martha,

      There were other pivotal moments which Kieran saw in his visit to heaven, which Mr Mark Ellis could not fit into the above article. These moments were “pivotal” for me because with them being knotted together by God with the “scenes” in heaven – they served to abundantly convince me that what Kieran experienced was not an average, run-of-the-mill dream, but a message from God.

      Kieran relayed to me, his eyes lit up from seeing the scene so vividly in his head, “Mommy, do you remember when daddy was put on a metal bed in that place?”

      Kieran was referring to the next morning after Ton passed away, when his siblings flew in from the other states in Australia to be with him. Ton was laid on a metal ambulance stretcher at the funeral home as they had not had time that morning to prepare Ton in any proper manner since it was only hours after his body was transported directly from the hospital.

      “Yes, I remember,” I said.

      Kieran continued eagerly, “Daddy showed me, in that room, he was taking photos with his EYES! Like this, and THIS, and like THIS!” Kieran was simultaneously forcing both his eyes to blink in deliberate, successive times, & using both his hands to motion “blinking eyes” by “opening & shutting” his fingers together. His four fingers “blinked open & shut”, relative to his thumb – his four fingers on each hand acting as the upper eyelids, & his thumb on each hand acting as the lower eyelids. I try to paint this “open” “shut” action of Kieran’s, in detail, because one had to have been there to see the painstaking effort my poor little boy was making, just to convey what he vividly saw.

      “And then what happened?” I nudged him on, seized with intrigue. Here was a real-life moment, which I was personally present, being brought up in Kieran’s heavenly dream!!

      “Daddy then showed me the photos he took with his eyes! They were of mummy crying, me {Kieran} crying, grandma crying, the 4th Uncle crying, & the 5th Aunty crying….and then mommy, daddy had happy tears!!!” (Kieran referred to his aunt & uncle on Ton’s side by their “rank in age” in the family, & not by their names, as a matter of respect, as per Vietnamese tradition).

      “What do you mean by ‘happy tears’?” I wanted to gauge if Kieran really knew the meaning of these words. I distinctly knew Ton or myself had never explained to Kieran about “happy tears”, and there was no likely way he had been exposed to that notion at his age.

      Kieran replied, “Daddy was crying…but he was like THIS!!!”. Kieran ran one finger down each cheek from his eyes to motion running tears, and immediately followed this motion by beaming the BIGGEST, “cheesy grin” at me. That was his short & sweet answer. Clearly to me, either God downloaded into Kieran’s mind about happy tears, or Kieran was simply describing – literally – the exact way he saw it in his dream.

      I quickly asked, “But there were lots of OTHER people in the room, why didn’t daddy show you their photos?”

      Kieran shrugged, “Because they weren’t crying!”.

      The others, including Ton’s other 3 siblings, my own father, & my own 4 siblings held back their tears. Skyla, our then 3-year-old little girl did not cry while she was in that room, either. You see, right from the beginning, I had every intention to fiercely protect my children from the blow of their father’s cancer and passing, and I did everything in my power to shield them from the pain and sense of loss. I have, too many times, heard about, and witnessed many children change for the worse (becoming depressed, suicidal, pessimists) when they engage too much in the reality of their loss. I, as a person, CANNOT bear to watch ANYONE suffer, let alone my own children. As such, Kieran did not cry for most of the time in that room, either. He was busy playing games on my iPhone, and was held by one of the adults & was not near Ton’s body to have witnessed who had cried & who did not cry. He could not have known that kind of detail. It was towards the end, and for no obvious reason, Kieran stopped playing his games, and suddenly broke out inconsolably, repeating over & over,” Dad-deeeee. Daddy!”

      I took a moment to process what Kieran tried to tell me about the above scene. Ton, “taking photos with his eyes” must mean that Ton was trying to tell Kieran that while his body lied there motionless on that metal stretcher, his spirit was there in the room, and had captured all the things that happened in that room. Ton must have tried to show Kieran, in plain, simple terms that he eye-witnessed (took “photos with his eyes”) his loved ones crowding around that metal stretcher, and crying over his body.

      In that room, I had just so much in my heart to say to Ton because his death was so unexpected to me. Even when Ton’s heart rate dropped rapidly to zero in the hospital, right before my eyes, I still believed that God would miraculously bring it right back up again. I WOULD NOT let the hospital staff “pack up” (as they customarily do – for the deceased – once confirmed) for hours until they could hold off no longer. That was the faith with abandon which I had in God for Ton’s healing.

      I deeply wondered in that room of the funeral home if Ton could hear my last words to him, never before been spoken as I never expected him to pass away. In that room, myself as a mere mortal, and before Kieran had his revelatory dreams, I subconsciously wondered whether Ton, lying there motionless, could even hear my thoughts, & knew of my heart-brokenness.

      This burning question was AMPLY answered by God through what was downloaded into Kieran’s brain about what happened in that room.

      Ton showed the photos of only those people – not because they were the only ones he loved, but because they were, in fact, the only ones that openly cried. Ton nailed that point to prove ACCURACY and CREDIBILITY of Kieran’s dream – NOT out of a petty “head-count”, or pettiness to count numbers! It was plain & clear to me that God was allowing Ton to reveal these specifics to Kieran to leave no doubt in MY mind that this was NOT a dream, by chance. God isolated a simple, short but very specific, and accurate real-life moment in that room to speak to me, and convince me NOT to take Kieran’s dream as “just a dream”. Having established that this was not a coincidental dream of a child, God tied and knotted together that event – which I knew was very true, & real, & accurate – to other events about heaven revealed in Kieran’s dream which may otherwise, and understandably, be deemed as far-fetched & unreal by us mere mortals.

      The other pivotal moment, for me, which Kieran saw in his first dream was this. On the way to the burial ground, by custom, Vietnamese generally drive the hearse past the deceased person’s house as a sentimental deed. I personally did not want the day to be “over-dramatic” or “theatrical”, & definitely did not feel like “milking” any moment of that depressing day. I had approved the funeral home organisers to not go through with it. However, at the end, something inside me prompted me to go forth with it. Besides, I knew Ton was, at heart, a very traditional guy, who loved tradition and history.

      Kieran shared his first dream of heaven on Sunday morning. On the following Thursday, it was the burial day. While I was driving Kieran, Skyla and their then nanny in our car directly behind Ton’s hearse, Kieran spoke up as we drove past our house, “Mommy, remember in my dream, daddy showed me he was in a box, and driving in front of us, and we drove past our old house …and daddy had happy tears?”

      “What do you mean by our ‘old’ house? This is still the house we live in!” I said, quietly puzzled, but was already clear that Kieran had a good idea about what “happy tears” refer to.

      Kieran thought about it for a brief moment and answered, “Daddy told me….like this.” Kieran dashed his index finger to and fro between his mind and the air, as if to indicate that his dad spoke to him in that way – through their thoughts. I gathered from this that Ton must have conveyed to Kieran, telepathically, that our current house was “his old house” – from Ton’s point of view. Ton had happy tears that his body was driven past his “old house” for the last, final time. I sure was beyond thankful that I made the right decision, at the last minute, having heard this detail from Kieran.

      After Kieran voiced this in the car, on our way to the burial ground, I did remember vaguely Kieran mentioning in passing to me on that Sunday morning about Ton being in a box, and had “happy tears”. I did not probe into this detail as I thought Kieran was merely repeating to me about the first abovementioned moment, and not any other moment, because he brought up “happy tears” again.

      On that Sunday morning, the burial day moment DID NOT register with me because Kieran was then speaking of an incident that was to happen in future time. He spoke of a moment that would pan out in 5 more days TO COME – on the day of the burial. I believe the Bible makes reference to heaven being “outside of time”. The past, present and future can somehow happen or be seen all at the same time in heaven.

      The fact that Kieran was shown this real-life event in his dream – 5 days before it actually happened spoke volumes to me about God’s hand in the dream. This is firstly because Kieran could see scenes in the future – a supernatural thing which can only be made possible through God. Kieran also saw, into the future, whilst in heaven, that Satan was fighting with God, and God won. I believe this fighting scene represented the end-time.

      God also orchestrated Kieran’s dream such that a SECOND REAL-LIFE moment, which I was ONCE AGAIN personally present, was being brought up and “surfaced” – in Kieran’s dream of heaven!! I believe this detail was inserted into Kieran’s dream not just to tell me that Ton was glad I made the decision to bring his body past our house, but was deliberately inserted to set in concrete the reliability of Kieran’s dream of heaven. I feel that God, in His wisdom – again – wanted to take a short & simple TRUTH that did occur in real life and tie that to something harder to grasp or believe. By anchoring a definite TRUTH – to what appears to be “not so real”, the seemingly “unreal” is given more weight and believability. God obviously knew me, as a mere mortal, and knew that in my times of weakness, particularly with so many tongues of the world whispering at me to not believe Kieran’s dream as a message from God, the two TRUTHS, abovementioned, will act to anchor me back to what is TRUTH and reassure me!

      A number of Christians with maturity in their walk with God, who have heard about Kieran’s extremely lengthy and vivid dreams have insisted that they were not dreams but visions, while others again, insist that they were actual visits to heaven.

  4. What this child saw and what Akiane painted are absolutely correct.

    In 1999, I spoke with God the Father. I was going through a very difficult time. He gave me something to concentrate on as I went through this enormous change in my life. I sketched then painted in water colour a piece I was to call “I AM, Father, Son and Holy Ghost”. Although I am decent at sketching I was not so good with water colour or with doing faces. But by the grace of God and his hands to guide my own, I painted the Hands of God, Jesus kneeing on the right hand and the Holy Spirit standing in behind on the left hand. Surrounding these was radiant gold rays and behind the gold rays was the Aurora Borealis (indicative of the changing life). It took 6 months from the initial sketch to the final brush strokes on the painting. Although I don’t have the painting any longer – I was told to give it to a Cree elder when I was given my native name – I’ve written the story of this special time with God.

    In addition to this, when I was young, I had a near death experience. I saw Jesus from across a stream in Heaven but I had to return – It was not my time.

    I have had a number of conversations with God the Father. He tells great puns and have a wonderful deep laugh. How can one not love God. He is so loving and caring.

    I’ve also felt His all consuming love on three occasions. I felt as though I was one with All that is, All that was, and All that ever will be. I didn’t want it to end. One day I hope to live once more in all His Glory in Heaven.

  5. I have read the book “Heaven is for real” and this story about Kieran Is wonderful and because of his age and knowledge I believe it.
    When my Mother in Law died I had a vision of her before the throne, and she was young and she turned and smiled and waved her hand Unfortunately my husband did not see anything himself.

    • You are right about every one in heaven being young & looking their best, Thea!

      My son, Kieran (from above article) told me that his daddy was not wearing glasses in heaven. (Ton was very short sighted for most of his life on this earth). Having just heard that from Kieran, I quickly asked him if daddy was thin & looking just as Kieran last saw him. I was – the whole time – very cautious with my questions to Kieran. Specifically, I was very cautious to never to “give him words” or ask “leading questions” because I wanted to hear the truth, & not ANY distorted truth.

      Ton was very thin & gaunt during his last days due to the cancer & all the side effects of the harsh chemotherapy regime they administered to him because of his aggressive cancer. Kieran replied to me without a pause, “No, he looked REALLY good mommy, BETTER than when he was here {whilst alive}, & he wasn’t wearing his glasses!” Kieran relayed this detail while sweeping one hand over his face to indicate that he was referring to his dad’s face. Watching his clear hand gesture, & knowing him well at that age, I believe Kieran tried to say (but did not find the exact words back then) that his daddy looked very young, & had great facial skin. (Ton passed away at age 47 & the cancer certainly took its toll on his skin).

      I was very surprised & intrigued to hear Kieran’s unexpected answer. I knew that if this was just a normal, random dream -almost any child would quickly & naturally answer that the person looked exactly the same as when they were on earth because such is a child’s instinctive answer.

      Like every other “brow-raising” specifics regarding his dream, this “unusual” fine detail about his dad from Kieran made it clear to me that these things had to have been “downloaded” on Kieran’s brain by God. Clearly, God let Kieran have this experience but also made sure that he remembered them so vividly & graphically to come back & describe to me. Kieran never had before then, & never has – SINCE these 3 dreams – been so descriptive & graphic & lengthy about any other dream! As noted by Mr Mark Ellis, I have taped Kieran’s re-telling of his visit to heaven on camera. Kieran’s account of his first dream spans for about an hour on tape.

      I am so grateful that the dream was experienced by my son & not myself. Had it been my dream – I will always have doubts in my mind whether my wishful thinking was causing me to have such a dream. God is beyond wise to pick my son, instead of me to have the experience….& to have Kieran speaking certain terms, & giving such clear descriptions of things I have never exposed him to, or teach him – I know – without a shadow of a doubt that it was a message from God, & Kieran was His vessel for the message.

      I am also extremely grateful that God gave me my needed answer on the third day after Ton passed away. Many people may go through weeks or years before they should get a sign from God that their loved one was with Him in heaven. However, I believe that God wanted to stay true to His Word. The Bible states that “if you have faith in God as big as a mustard seed, you could move mountains”. Back then, I believed God for healing with ABANDONMENT!! I felt back then, unquestionably, that I was believing for healing in such a way that it was AT LEAST “a mustard seed”. God’s answer to this trust… big as a “mustard seed” – in Him was indeed “healing”, but in a different form (just as Martha Lowrey rightly pointed out) & by 2 counts:
      1) God “healed Ton” by embracing him into His garden to be with Him forever. We must not forget that Ton miraculously converted to God in a deep way only 3 months before he passed away.

      Please note that the Bible states that even our very faith in God is granted to us by God!!! Ton’s miraculous conversion to God, having stood his ground as a Buddhist for all our years together, was itself a priceless “healing” from God.
      2) Kieran’s visits to heaven & all that he saw & retold to me was the priceless “healing” God granted me. God, in His wisdom made the dreams so specific & with details which render it impossible for me to disown as true & a reality. We must remember that in the Bible, dreams were used by God frequently to convey a message to various people. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus was revealed by an angel that he would become the earthly father of our Lord in his dream, & was even told in the dream that he was to call his Son, “EMMANUEL”. Wow! Something so significant as this information was relayed to Joseph through a dream!

      Knowing this much, after Kieran’s first dream out of 3, I pulled myself right up from my dark corner, wiped my tears & buried my pain to face the big bad world – to deal with 2 businesses (a pharmacy & a construction company) & 2 young children, aged 5 years & 3 years.

  6. I just want to say I agree with Anna that God is preparing his people & He loves to use children because of their simple faith

  7. Our daughter preached on heaven when she was seven and then she went to hell it’s been more than once or twice and it’s obviously real and our grandbaby has been visited by Jesus she said grandma he just walk right through the door he didn’t open it and he smiles from ear to ear and I said because he loves Little children

  8. Thank you so much for this inspiring story. My Vietnamese wife also lost her husband 6 years ago, leaving also a 15 y.o son and a 11 y.o daughter fatherless. He had a difficult upbringing being homeless by 15 after both his parents had passed away . However he fought adversity having success with an Australian Rock band that would be an opening act for U2 and INXS, then established a very successful electronics business.In his final few months the Lord brought christian friends into his life who prayed with him. He passed away on the Lords day in October 2010 on the very day that Pope Benedict recognised Mary McKillop as Australias first saint and we believe he accepted Jesus as savior. My wife who was previously buddist was saved two years ago and we pray with confident expectation for our two children to be saved !

  9. My son has dreams of God, Jesus, and heaven. My daughter and I also went through pics on the internet but none looked like him except the painting the girl painted from the movie. He says God looks like Jesus only taller. He has these dreams a few times a week. God always teaches him something. He says heaven is beautiful. More beautiful than earth could ever be and God has a mirror he sees everyone in. He said there is a big gold cross in heaven. He says God is always calm even when he does bad things here. About a month ago he asked what my mom’s grandma looked like. I told him I only remember her being big with grey hair. He said no momma she isn’t big anymore and she has light colored hair. He says she was there bc he got angel wings that day in heaven. My mom later told me she did have light colored hair. He says every time he goes they celebrate him being there. He doesn’t always tell me his dreams but when he does he has an amazed look on his face. He has always told me before he was in my belly he was with Jesus. He told me when he was 6 when he turned 7 he would go to heaven which scared me at first till the morning of his birthday he told me his dreams of God coming and taking him to heaven. He met his step dad’s grandpa who is an Indian. He said he told him he didn’t know God at first but he found him right before he died. He met my grandma and great grandma. He says there is kids there always playing. His love for God has only grown stronger and I love it. The other day he came in the living room and got on his knees and bowed down. He said mom, one day everyone will bow down to God. I said yes they will. He then said I will now and always. He talks about building a church and teaching people about God. He says everyone needs to know. Even the people in other countries. I could go on and on about his amazing dreams but it is getting late. He is 8 now and still has dreams of going to heaven with God and Jesus. I am amazed by his faithfulness, love, and connection with God.

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