Woman’s near-death vision of heaven confirms Burpo account, Akiane’s painting of Jesus


By Mark Ellis —

Carol and Vern Meyer
Carol and Vern Meyer

She has been a Christian since she was 19, raised in a conservative church that came out of the Anabaptist movement. In her early 60s, she had such a powerful vision of heaven she could barely speak of it, a vision closely matching other contemporary accounts popularized in recent years.

“In all humility, I felt like I was not worthy to speak about what I saw,” says Carol Meyer. She and her husband Vern live on a “gentleman’s horse farm” in Michigan, consisting of a few acres, their modest home, a horse barn, and one tree standing alone in their pasture.

Carol was vice-president of a small bank in Indiana before they retired to their farm in Michigan.

Fourteen years ago, while she slept in the middle of the night, Carol says she was transported to the “edge” of heaven. She had been suffering with a life-threatening gastrointestinal disease that led to a hospitalization immediately before her experience.

Fire, lightning, thunder and water swirled around her as she landed on the floor of Paradise with a “whoosh.” “It was scary and exhilarating all at the same time,” she recounts. “I instantly knew I was in heaven.

“As I was standing there, this incredible peace overtook me. There were no more earthly emotional holes in my spirit. I was completely whole. It was an incredible feeling. This state of being is no doubt part of the scripture that there will be no tears or sorrow in Heaven. It was a very profound experience.”

Carol looked to her right and saw a large angel soldier, dressed in a brownish gown, with no visible wings. His face was set like flint – similar to earthly soldiers guarding important landmarks.

Just beyond him, were three-foot diameter metal tubes sloping down into a cavernous area. Then she delighted as she glimpsed one of her favorite creatures on earth — butterflies.

Oh God, you have all these butterflies up here. This is so awesome! she thought. These butterflies were large and blue, unlike any variety she had seen in North America.

When Carol looked up, she beheld magnificent colors in the sky unlike anything she had ever seen. “It was much more than a beautiful sunset. There were more colors than you’ve ever seen.”

She saw flowers in abundance and heard the sound of either rushing water or a swirling wind. She looked down at her feet and was surprised.

“I was standing on a crystal floor, like gold at its purest point. It was moving in a slight wave.” There were pathways leading in different directions. She was amazed by all the activity she witnessed.

To her left she saw the beginning of a sparkling blue river flowing gently along. “I called it a Rushing River, but the sound was coming from God.”

Then she saw the Lord, who walked out from a ledge covered with grape vines. “He was so beautiful. He had on a soft white linen gown, with a shine to it.” His eyes looked deeply into her soul and she knew instantly He was and is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Just as suddenly as Carol was transported to heaven – whether in the body or not, she doesn’t know – she awakened in her bed. “I woke up in my bed, curled up in the fetal position,” she recounts. “I couldn’t believe what happened to me.”

It took her several days to tell her husband and another six months before she could share her story with other relatives.

The following spring, she visited the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Every spring, the gardens play host to a massive butterfly show, featuring thousands of varieties of exotic specimens. She almost fell over when she glimpsed the same blue butterflies she had seen on her heavenly visit, a tropical species native to South America.

Many years after her vision, she read “Heaven is for Real,” the story of four-year-old Colton Burpo’s trip to heaven after his own near-death experience. She was fascinated by his reference to a painting of Jesus by Akiane, the young art prodigy who also had a vision of Jesus.

Akiane with Jesus paintings
Akiane with Jesus paintings

A friend told her a copy of the painting was at their local Christian bookstore, so she raced there to see it for herself. She almost burst into tears when she viewed it. “The feeling was so powerful. I grabbed it and held it to me.” The painting was so close to the One she saw in her vision, it was uncanny.

Years later, she almost begins to shake when she recalls what she experienced in heaven. “It got me so much I almost couldn’t handle remembering it. That was the effect it had on me. It was like it was so holy it couldn’t come out of my mouth.”

To know more about a personal relationship with God, go here

To listen to the raw telephone interview of Todd Burpo on the Best of the God Reports Interviews Podcast, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBnbuZy3XOY

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  1. Carol,Blessyou Heaps,Shout it from the rooftops.Read,Heaven is so real,It will open up more of Heaven to you,Heaven Is So Real,,,,,,Yes Heaven Is So Real

    • Those of you discussing dogs in re: to heaven. Check out an old Twilight Zone, about an old man with his hunting dog walking a dirt path (they’ve already passed). I Love it!

  2. Tonight, as I sat with my dear 15 year old dog I asked God to show me Sam would be okay. Then, I read this beautiful testimony.

    In 2009, I asked God for a dream to show me our dear dog, Grizz, would be there, in Heaven and I had a beautiful dream that included butterflies. It gave me such peace.

    He blessed me so much with this testimony. It’s 4 a.m. here.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • I lost a very loved cat in a very terrible way and I felt so sick about it. I prayed that God would take care of this for me as I was left with nothing but hurt. One night an Angel appeared to me, woke me by gently shaking my shoulder, and he was holding my cat in the same condition that I had found him in but when I looked at the Angel he smiled and my cat was looking right at me- no longer dead! My cat did his funny little call to me and I almost died on the spot! I was so happy I almost couldn’t believe this was happening and instantly knowing that he was now completely happy and fine! And I recalled the Bible verse concerning the birds of the air…
      The Angel smiled at me and they left. I will never fear for an animal again after God so graciously gave me this gift. He truly loves us and takes every tiny little way to care for us. How wonderful God is and Heaven will be!

      • Jean, God Bless you, and my heart goes out to you for your loss. I sincerely believe that animals go to heaven, and that we will see our loving pets when it’s our time to return to our Father who loves us so much—>pets included!

        My cat Stevie died in my arms two years ago after a long illness, and I was absolutely devastated. It was like losing a child. I was broken-hearted and crying out to God in prayer, when I received the most tender, gentle response. “He is with me, ” the Lord said. “You will see him again.”
        You’ll see your cat again, too, Jean.

        • I was sure that animals go to Heaven, however in the works of a mystic woman who wrote so many books which were dictated by Jesus, whose name is Maria Valtorta, Jesus told her that animals don’t go to Heaven…but I’m still hoping, and I want to believe Maria Valtorta’s visions at the same time, because she suffered so much all her life long, and what she’s written cannot be dictated by the Devil. I don’t know what to think.

          • Hi Donata,
            I googled Maria Valtorta and it seems that she may have gotten some things wrong in either her understanding or interpretation of what she experienced. Her books are not accepted by the Catholic Church who would have been careful in their decision. I trust that she will have found heaven more wonderful and real and that the animals there would astound and bless her.

          • I used to have a telepathic link to my sick dog that amazed people and after he died he came to me in a lucid vision mist to let me know that he was ok that I would see him again but that he had to go on somewhere to go to a higher level and learn so he would not be able to communicate again for a while but it was a good place and people used to call my dog an Angel so he earned it – they do greet us when we die but maybe they are also busy doing important work with Angels somewhere else to higher themselves – maybe that is why psychics get confused . They are happy and at peace and you helped them get to that higher place – that’s what matters most 😉

          • Believe what Jesus tells you not a mystic. I know what Jesus did for me. I had a wonderful beautiful dog. His name was Cody. He was a big white dog. He had long white hair with a tail that looked like a fan his was so long. He was old and suffered from arthritis. I tested him with pain meds for a long time. The day came when the meds didn’t help anymore. He couldn’t stand up without help. So I did the hardest thing I had to do. I had him put to sleep. I grieved a long time. Then one day I was standing against a wall just looking at the sky and thinking about my mom. I thought mom is up there somewhere. Then all of sudden I saw the spirit of a big white dog running through the clouds. It was my Cody. God was so good to let me know Cody was there and he was able to run again. NO MORE ARTHRITIS PAIN!!! I know I’ll see him again. Believe what God tells you. Please do not believe Mystics.

          • Being accepted or not by the Catholic Church validates nothing. Priest don’t speak to you in your dreams or lift you to places you can’t imagine or describe. All things are possible with GOD, you need to but believe!
            GOD Bless up All. In Jesus Precious Name,

          • I can say with certainty that animals do go to heaven. I went and i did see all sorts of animals,,
            there is a reason…. man sinned and put nature into a state of death.. not nature
            God is going to redeem all of nature….. it was not your pets fault.

            a bigger reason is because God as a purpose for all the creatures He made and it is wrapped up in the reason there are so many planets in the universe…

            I know the Angel that took me gave me some of the reasons for the universe… it is amazing..
            and God loves your pets…

            God Bless do not worry your friend is there happy and excited to see you , but having fun right now

        • I’m moved to tears reading this post about your pet in heaven and I’m also glad knowing my dog is there too I loved him so much he passed on four years ago and I was so heart broken I mourned him for almost a year he wasn’t just a pet he was a companion and a friend he didn’t even feel like a dog to me he was more like a person this revelation has increased my zeal to serve the Lord and make my ways right so I can make it to heaven and see my dog again I’m sure he will be so glad to see me there too.

          • I was blessed with a vision of Jesus in the clouds on August 5th, 2015. I went home and drew my vision but I am not an artist. When I saw Akiane’s painting, tears came to my eyes as her vision was identical to mine! On that same evening, I was taking pictures of an unbelievably beautiful sunset. I had recently lost my beloved pet, who succumbed to cancer. He appeared in this sunset. Several of my sunset pictures had visions meaningful to me, such as pets from my past, St. Gabriel and a Blue Butterfly, symbolizing Mary, Mother of God. Almost everyone who has seen these pictures can see what I am seeing. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of Jesus as I was driving and my cell phone was turned off.

            I have been asking God for over thirty years if animals have souls and go to heaven. He has most definitely decided to bless me with a positive and affirming answer. I have always been faithful, but now I am convinced there is a Loving Father, a beautiful Heaven and our loved ones, including our pets are waiting for us!

          • God needs them to be with us for eternity ,,,, we got a lot to do and lot of places to explore ,,, they are our help mates in the next life… and they talk

            i know i talked to a caterpillar

            i am 66 i do not have an aluminium hat… or live in a dumpster

            i m an insurance underwriter

            I tell you God never allows matter to be created or destroyed….. it is a law of Science …. but it was put into place to preserve all things ,,,, forever… God has a reason for this law and it is wrapped in eternal life.

            it is wonderful

    • Catherine, just as I noted in my comments below, in response to Jean and Sylvanus, I believe you’ll see your dogs again, as heaven is filled with all of the beautiful animals God created. Imagine how exciting it will be, to be able to interact with all of the animals and enjoy them for all eternity! I’m looking forward to it…it wouldn’t be heaven without animals

    • Catharine, I lost my dog a few days ago probably the worst day of my life he was 14 and I had to take him to the VET and made the call to let him go and I loved him so much.
      On that night I fell asleep and seems to move up out of water into a lush green field with a hill.
      I saw this bright white light coming down the hill following a twisty path, it was my dog he was really white, hes a border collie and there coat is black and white but the whites we really white.
      I grabbed him and he was out of breath something he didn’t do for a while.
      His tounge was hanging out and looked full of fun, I was amazed to see my other dog another border collie who I lost to this world 13 years ago and he was again so healthy as if they had been chasing everything, I grabbed them and hugged them, then I was unsure if it was them or another voice but told to me to follow them, so I was third person behind them as they ran up the hill, I was following very close behind and I remember thinking if they stop I will crash into them 🙂 anyhow, we got to the top of the hill and there were billion of animals, lions, dinosaurs butterflies, you name it it was there.
      I then heard a voice this is a place for all Gods creation and because they are without sin they will live in paradise.
      It is for the human to enter heaven and call for the animal then they will be taken to heaven.
      I knew instantly all the animals on earth that were hurt, abused ect… all enter this world and live in peace.
      When I get to heaven I will be calling for my dogs for sure and cant wait to see them again.
      Now I know which I always did that heaven is real and animals are there!

      Hope that helps.

      • Yes!!! Totally agree!
        My husband lost his best friend dog (to whom I was a stepmom). His dog died in his arms… and after he had buried him, he was out having a cigarette that night, on the deck. He prayed to God that if Chance was in Heaven, could he show him a sign? A shooting star crossed the sky!!!!!
        I share this story anytime I hear of someone losing their beloved dogs! I am enthralled to know that we will be reunited with all our dogs and animals, one fine day! Thank You Jesus for getting us to Heaven!
        Thank YOU for sharing your story Jim.

  3. so inspired by your story. already read Heaven is for Real and saw the movie. I truly believe Colton Burpo’s story and so glad they shared their story. I cant wait to see what you saw and wish God would give me a glimpse of HEAVEN. THANK YOU

  4. I feel so sad for non-believers one of which is my husband, he believes in God but not the super natural. I pray all the time that he will come to believe so as to obtain all the peace and grace associated with such revelations

  5. There is a heaven and one day god willing we will all see it ,this is only a passing through place where our actions will one day be judged I hope we all make the right choices in life

  6. My name is jimmy. I live in Baltimore Maryland. I dont remember my dreams any more. In factmostof you would viewmeas a sinner and non-believer. I was raised Roman- Catholic and an alter boy. My mother, step father and grandparents are devout in their faith and regular attend mass and pray to god regularly.
    I, myself consider life from, what i have alwaysthought was a more realist standpoint, and considered the bible more of mansguide to living in peace with eachother than a holy testament to the true life of the son of God and scripture to live by.
    My father, who raised me, is, what most would consider, an athiest. Although, he is one of the kindest and most understanding people I have known in my life. He raaised me well and with the best of intentions.
    however, i have grown up a sinner and am not proud of my life. It brings tears to my eyes when i think about the fact that my father is still proud of me. I’ve been in jail multiple times and never lived by any code or moral reason. However, nothing i’ve done has been to intentually hurt others i have hurt myself and therefor my family in many ways and in my wreckless ways other have come to be hurt. I hate this about myself.
    Time to get to the point I think. I wrote this not for myself but for all who read it. The above narrative was only to provide background to what I may say next. I watched the movie “Heaven is Real”,as a matter of fact i stole it from target because i thought it was a movie my wife would enjoy but could not afford it. Such irony.
    While watching the movie I found it a heart warming story as I expected and was satisfiesd with it for what I expected from the film. However, something happened that I did not expect. The moment came in which the young boy and his father find the girls painting of jesus online.
    I do not know how to describe what I felt. I can only say that it struck a chord with me immediatly inspiring belief and recognition. I immediatly went on-line to learn more about this girl and her phenomenal paintings.
    I cannot say that i will never sin again. I cannot saythis feeling will stay with me forever. I hope it does because i’ve never felt this way before. The picture of Jesus spoke to me. Not in words but the moment i saw it i recognised my savior and I hope to change my life to one day be worthy oof his grace again, as for some reason i feel that I have felt it before.
    Again, I say this as a sinner only just berthed to belief, Heaven is for real and i only hope to live long enough to atone for my sins and live the life God had intended for me. I hope with all that I am to experience the peace and love that so many others have given their life for. I am afraid now if i were to leave this world tomorrow I would be unworthy.

    • Dear Jimmy. I have wonderfull news for u. We are saved by grace and not by works. All you need to do is to accept Jesus as your Saviour and ask Him to forgive your sins. Ask Him to come into your life. Romans 3verse 24 tells us that we are redeemed through the blood of Jesus- who died for our sins. Surrender your life to Him and make Him th Lord of your life. He came to give us Life in abundance. Read John 3 and also chapter 10. I will pray for u. Susan

    • Hello Jimmy. My name is Ben, thanks for sharing your story, I myself was raised a Roman Catholic and was also an Alter Boy, when i reached my teens i drifted away from my faith and like yourself and everyone else i have sinned, God has a perfect plan for us all. I was on drugs and thought my life had hit rock bottom but my faith was faint, i believe my addiction was God’s plan for me in order for me to seek him out and regain my faith, my prayers were answered immediatly and God provided me with everthing i needed through the hearts of others to live a happy life and understand God to a more personal level. Without my bad choices in life i may have never thought i needed God and i may have never understood his will for me and his will is to learn his words and get to know him. The Bible has all our answers and death shall not be feared if we know And believe that our father sent his only son to Earth to Die for our sins. Romans 6:14 For sin shall not have Dominion over you, For you are not under Law but under Grace. When We live with the Holy Spirit inside our hearts we are fulfilling Gods plan and when we are not sure about something all the answers are in the Bible and believe me, the Holy Spirit will guide you to the answers, I’m 33 and my life has just bagan, when someone turns their life around they inspire others to do the same the inspirations come from actions more than words, God loves us all the same and we cannot thank him enough

    • Jimmy god love you so much he gave his only begotten son to die a cross for you .your sins have been for given

    • Dear Jimmy, from one Baltimore person to another, May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus be with you. I too am a sinner, and while I have not been in prison I have none the less sinned and in doing so hurt many of my family and friends. I can only pray for the mercy of Christ to be with me, and daily I try to say “God let me do your will for left to my own I will screw it up”, this helps me to be a better person believe it or not. I too have had visions of Heaven, though not from a near death experience of my own, but rather from my Dad who passed in 1983. I missed him so much, when we buried him (in Louden Park Cemetery) I had him laid out in a suit and tie, now anyone who knew my dad knew he did NOT like ties, he would wear them when he had to , weddings and funerals , but as soon as the “event” was over off came the tie. I was mentally kicking myself for not removing his tie after his service, and before his burial. In my dream Daddy was sitting without the tie in his white t shirt on a big rock , behind him was a what I call a “babbling brook”, the flowers, trees and birds and even the brook were singing, I don’t know what they were singing, but I had a feeling it was to Praise God! My dad said to me “don’t worry about me, I am in this beautiful place, and it was beyond any beauty I can describe, the colors were so vivid, and I could feel the joy and peace. Years later I read a book titled 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, and his near death experience described to a T what I saw when I dreamed of my Dad, though my Dad had died in 1983, and Mr Piper wrote his book in 2004. Many do not believe in Heaven or God, and we can not change anyone else, we can only change ourselves. I Pray you strive to remain on the right path, remember the two sinners who were crucified with Christ, one went to Heaven, simply because he asked for and received Christ’s Mercy.

    • You are unworthy Jimmy. Me too. That’s why Jesus took our sins away. So we would be worthy again. Ask him.

    • Jimmy, i will pray that your faith will grow & that you will fall in love with our Lord. Thats when the real change takes place in our hearts. You do not need to atone for anything. Jesus already did that for us & you are forgiven 100%_you just need to sincerely ask & it is immediate. Read the word & pray & uiu will be shocked how your life will change. God bless you.

    • Jimmy… It’s been just over a year since your post. I sure hope this reply finds you and more importantly I pray you have grown in your knowledge of the grace offered to you through our Lord Jesus. He paid it ALL with His death on the cross. None of us can stand worthy by our own “good” acts. Salvation is a free gift offered to anyone willing to accept it. His death was enough… PAID IN FULL… For anyone trusting Him for this gift and truly repentant of their sins. I pray often that God will give me godly sorrow over my sin so that my heart will remain open and soft and full of His love for others. May God bless you and help you to forgive yourself and to walk in the freedom He has for you!

    • Wonderful Jimmy! I just came across this but I see your comment is from a year ago. I hope you still have the same feeling and are doing well.

    • John 3:16 ‘ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, the whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but, have everlasting life.” Just ask its a free gift. Jesus died on the cross for atonement for our sins. He paid the price. And forgive yourself because, He forgives you, and remembers your sins no more. There’s power in the blood of Jesus! Amen

    • hello jimmy
      good to read your note… i went to heave also,, and i am a big sinner. so much so i would not tell anyone i went . i saw the pictures and i am telling everyone i know it is real, and wonderful
      I am 66, it was 1999 when i went march 3, 3:33 pm.
      anyway it is beyond belief
      but what is better news, you do not atone for your sins,,, you cannot , you are a sinner and never worthy of heaven,,
      JESUS is worthy and he took your place as a sinner and atoned for you,, you could not, a perfect sacrifice was required by God and Jesus was it.
      He loves you and paid the price now all you do is accept His payment for your sins and live life loving Him and His payment for you.
      You are as worthy as the next sinner to go to Heaven, just love the Son.

      Amen, have fun on your way to the Kingdom, its more wonderful than can be explained and you will not have to hurry to enjoy it,,, you got eternity to do it.

      God loves you little brother

      See you in the New Jerusalem some day


  7. Hello Jimmy Jesus is our salvation He has already paid the price for all of our sins when He was on the cross. All you have to do is believe that Jesus is the Son of the Living God ask him to forgive you of your sins and you will be saved and your name will be written in the Lamb’s book of life. God will change your life forever and Heaven will be home and the presence of God will be with you every day for the rest of your life. Read John 3:16 I will pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to you. God bless you for sharing your story.

    • Hey i just wrote the same thing,,,, God is great and Grace is free… Just Love the sender and He will make you a new creature with Heaven as the permanent address…

      Amen sister keep on spreading the love.

      I also was taken to heaven , i am 66 , went in 1999,,, what a trip,
      I have felt unworthy to tell anyone, I am a class A sinner and felt it was not my place to talk about heaven’
      Well I saw that same Jesus as in the pictures and MORE,,,

      so today I am going to tell everyone

      God bless you
      PS PS
      never did one of these blog things ever… kind of like it

  8. Thank you so much Marilynn. I started speaking to god whenever i can. I have started living my life a bit differently. I have tried to spread my feelings to those closesst to me but I wm being parient with those who still do not take christ in to thier heart as I am still learning/remembering how to do this myself. I pray for them as I do myself.

  9. Thank you for sharing your testimony Jimmy. Very uplifting.

    You remind me of the tax collector who stays at the back of the Church and says “God forgive me, for I am a sinner and not worthy of You”

    You are the sort of sinner Jesus searches for, and died for. Keep up your journey and search for Gods Will in your life. Now you have found each other. You can be His precious little brother forever. I am a practicing RC.

  10. Dear Jimmy,
    As a Grandma, I would just love to give you a big hug. Your story touches my heart so deeply.

    Marilyn has spoken exactly as I believe to be so true, also. Keep praying that God continually guide you on His path, His will be done. Yes, Heaven is so real, and it can be your home one day, too.

    May He bless you daily,

    With love,
    Carol Meyer

  11. Wow, this is a wonderful testimony, brought a tear in my eye, what a beautiful God we serve, makes me feel unworthy reading this testimony, God bless xxx

  12. It is out of great love and deep compassion that God our creator has revealed these mysteries to us in these ways. And He has done so, so you might believe in Him and devote your life to Him. It is not just to get you emotionally warmed up and then….
    If these testimonies do not draw you close to God, their aim have been defeated. I must tell you that this is one thing Satan is working so hard to achieve.
    The word of God says, “And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.”
    -2Cor. 5:15
    That’s what these testimonies are meant to do in our lives. All issues of disobedience (which God hates) are stemming from the fact that you have been living all your life for yourself-doing whatever pleases you, going wherever you want without the Father’s consent. Notice the word, “henceforth” in that scripture. I pray that from this day onwards, you will have no reason to live if not for Jesus. If not, one day, you will still bow your knees before Him. Those who doubt His existence and personality will yet see Him and one day bow down before Him. The only sad thing is that then, it will be too late.
    One other fact I must also share with you is that God will always reveal Himself to anyone who loves (obeys) Him, and who seeks desperately after Him. He has actually promised that. Hear what He said:
    “He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me. And he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will reveal Myself to him”. – John 14:21
    The reason why Jesus, being so real yet seems like an ordinary tale to several of us is a question that has to do with our obedience to His word in faith. He will not reveal Himself to a man who has made up his heart to rebel against Him. How is your obedience?
    Finally I want to make an observation on Catherine and Jean’s comments: the biblical truth is that animals have no afterlife. This is because they have no souls. We do not see that in the bible. You have an life to live after death either in heaven or hell because for you as a human, you have a soul that God breathed into you that must return to Him after you pass out of your body here on earth (See Eccl. 12:7). This is not the case with animals. So don’t be carried away by sentiments! Seek the truth and find it. Jesus’ death on the cross was for mankind (of even you); not for creatures. For this, it is wrong, and actually a deception for you to claim that your dog or cat died and went to heaven. Even if it was a dream or vision you saw, once it does not tally with biblical truth, discard it. Satan himself, the bible says, does transform himself into an angel of light. Please take heed, and God bless you.

    • This is a reply for Sylvanus. No matter what we believe ( our own personal beliefs) we often times have to ask the Holy Spirit for revelation on things we do not completely understand. I recently got help and revelation on this very subject. God wants us to remember that we are Spirit, Soul and Body. Heaven is a spiritual place. We can only go in our spiritual bodies as spiritual beings. Same for animals. Well God worked really hard to save these created being of his at the time of the flood and he gives us a verse that proves animals have a spirit and will be in heaven. One that we all read over and miss Genesis 7.

      And they went into the ark with Noah, two and two of all flesh in which there were the breath and spirit of life.
      Genesis 7:15 AMP

      If you missed it “spirit of life”!!!!!! Yeah!
      This is clearly talking about the animals if you read the surrounding scripture praise God. He loves us and the anmials! Why wouldn’t He? He created us all.
      Praise God he can use anything to try and reach the lost. Welcome to the family Jimmy. ” Walk ye holy as he is holy” as best you can. None of us are perfect but as said earlier surrender it all to Him. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you Matt 6:33.

  13. Although I infrequently comment online, I felt compelled to leave a comment in regards to Sylvanus. I respectfully disagree with you that animals have no souls, and that they will therefore not be with us in the afterlife. There have been innumerable people who experienced visions of heaven such as those detailed here, and many of them specifically describe seeing beautiful animals such as birds, butterflies, fish, and yes, loving companion animals who have greeted those experiencing their visit to heaven with warmth and recognition. God is a God of love, and for the many, many times animals are mentioned in the Bible, I think it is narrow minded and legalistic in the extreme to rule out their presence in heaven. Gods compassion dictates otherwise.Have you ever looked into the eyes of a pet that loves you? Can you do so and honestly conclude they have no soul, and that the God of the entire universe, who created them, wouldn’t welcome them into paradise as well when they die? Sylvanus, it’s you who sound like you’re lacking a soul, and your comments are legalistic, jugdemental, and even cruel. I believe these individuals did see their pets, which God allowed to comfort them in their grief. Satan has nothing to go with kindness, and neither, it seems, do you.
    For all who love animals, and believe in a loving God who understands the tremendous comfort, camaraderie, and happiness that animals bring and therefore welcomes them home with open arms, I’ll see you in heaven.
    I know my cat Stevie will be there waiting for me.

    • If God takes babies/children, why not a pet? They are both full of love and pure? I think God wants heave to be everything we love/loved on earth. How could that NOT include our dear pets? Animals wake up a kind side to many souls and soften even the hardest of hearts. If anything, animals act and treat each better then most humans do. Think about it, all they do is love, forgive, trust and are such kind souls. I Disagree with anyone who claims our “fur kids” do not go to heave. So many animals work in rehab with the sick, disabled, etc, and have saved many lives. I feel they are furry earth angels! Angels come in many disguises, and i know many are animals. How many people have lost hope, depression, etc., they had a animal come into their life and suddenly had happiness, some one there to give them unconditional love, companionship, laughter and a new reason to have hope and faith in blessings we never noticed before. So, I support all the believers that our fur kids will be with us in Heaven.

      Sylvanus, listen, did you ever think that God has some very wonderful surprises waiting for us in Heaven? Maybe the Bible does not include every beautiful thing waiting for us or perhaps we do not understand all he has written. i know you were not trying to be hurtful. But, i do not think you can insist our pets perish and we are saved. Maybe when we are saved they are also, ONLY GOD KNOWS! You know what i did?? I asked God to save my cat. I said “Dear God,my baby does not have the language and did not have the chance to learn about you. But, she is a pure & loving soul. Please save her as well. She is all love & i know if given the chance, she would love & believe in you” LOL, I DID!!! JUST IN CASE! CRAZY?? MAYBE, But, to me, it is not fare that as you say, they are destroyed. I know God knows every creatures heart & soul. God would never turn away the soul of any loving soul. They don’t have our language, but their love is greater then a lot of humans. Don’t be literal, there is a lot we do to know about what amazing things God has waiting for his children. Eve the furry ones!!! HA! Anyway, BELIEVE LIKE CHILDREN is another word, children believe in magical, wonderful things, without question, maybe you need to think more of a basic, fun-loving way!!! Our pets go also…NO DOUBT IN MY MIND! 🙂

  14. My dear Klim, I wish you understand what I’m trying to say. I am myself, a deep pet lover. I remember how I used to carry our cat and even our he-goat in my arms and kiss them! I truly believe in visions and such divine experiences. I also believe there are animals in heaven, even as the bible talks about the four living creatures…. But the difference in my conviction is how they got there. I believe the animals there had been created from the beginning just like angles were, not from this earth. O.k., let’s reason like this: we know that heaven is for the pure in heart. We are also told that nothing unclean shall enter into it. We are as well told in the scriptures of the unclean nature and character of certain animals like dogs…
    “The proverb is true that describes what has happened to them: “A dog returns to its vomit,” and “A pig that is washed goes back to wallow in the mud.” – 2 Peter 2:22
    “Outside are dogs, sorcerers, immoral people, murderers, idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood”. Rev. 22:15
    We know that God uses these to make an analogy of evil people. Dogs steal (as well as cats!) commit immorality etc.
    The question now is: Since no soul gets into heaven without the critical criteria of holiness, what then is going to be the basis for such creatures’ entry into heaven? And if God would cast into hell human beings for these same sins of uncleanness, why would he let animals into heaven with the same? Has He become unjust?
    Please don’t accuse me of being judgmental, cruel, legalistic. All such use of words on me is simply out of aggression and are not true. Let’s just read the bible and believe it. You can never understand or interpret divine truths from ordinary sentiments! If you have a biblical backing of your conviction, share it with me and if I see that I was wrong, I will humbly repent for spreading heresy.
    God bless!

  15. Sylvanus Biam – I too sense legalism from you as well as arrogance and presumption. That is not judgement, that is an observation of character.

    Suggesting that the others visions are from Satan is deeply disturbing and concerning. I do not sense the love of Jesus or his heart coming from you. At all. Even our enemy knows scripture but that doesn’t make him a Christ follower.

    However, since scripture also tells us not to answer a fool according to his folly, I will address the others now…

    You know full well when a vision has been given to you from the Lord. Don’t let others steal what God has personally and lovingly given to you, even if they want to throw in scripture to try and make themselves ‘right’.

    Just because animals can’t ‘choose’ salvation (I firmly believe they already know) does not mean they are not in the plan for heaven or when Jesus comes back for us. To suggest they arent worthy of Jesus and heaven and eternity is an insult to the very God who created them with his own hands. Many animals have high intelligence, and they can obviously feel and love. Is that disposable?? I think not.

    Dive into the word. The snipits Sylvanus has manipulted to ‘prove’ his point are very surface and very shallow arguments. You know our God is much deeper than that, and much more caring. Toward ALL of his creatures. There are plenty of scriptures to prove just that. Our God is the God of JOY and peace. We find those things in the animals we love, and our GOOD and caring Lord means that to last for eternity. Not to torment us by taking them away. That is not the heart of our Father.

    May God bless each of you!

    • If you loved your pet, then you did something that is part of the nature of God. That selfless love of giving is prompted by the selfless love of God to create something loveable who has no ulterior motive but to reciprocate your love. Now that we understand a little about the purpose of pets, don’t you think that God honours all acts of love? Indeed, all acts are recorded and some are even rewarded, even if it means a cup of water given. Because God is love and because God respects you so much as his child, don’t you think he will save old Billy from the scrapheap of death because of the death of his only begotten Son Jesus? We will see our pets (i haven’t had any) if we desire that and ask Jesus for them. Any act of love will live on in spiritual form for eternity in God.

  16. Hi Carol
    I also am a south eastern Michigander. Haha
    I just read your experience and know it is the truth. My daughter who is 9 now had almost the same experience 4 or 5 years ago when she was either 4 or 5 years old.
    My wife and 3 kids went to church on a Saturday night in January and when we all woke up Sunday morning the kids who at the time my oldest Hannah was like I said and my younger boy girl twins were about 2 years old. I asked them how they slept and if they had any good dreams as I always ask each morning. My oldest Hannah said I went to heaven dad. Me not thinking much about it strted asking normal questions about it and she said her bedroom ceiling opened up and a younger female angel took her hand and they both went straight up. She said she met Jesus who said hi to her in Spanish and she knew what he was saying. He wore a white robe with a purple sash( as she called it a shoulder belt) she seen God on a huge gigantic chair who fed the birds magic bird seed. I asked what that was and she said God throws bird seed to the birds in heaven and each seed has a musical note to sing back to him.
    She said God also wore a huge robe that had everyone’s picture on it. She said she seen monkeys playing with kids on monkeys bars and play ground.
    There was lots of rainbows and crystal clear roads and buildings. She said she didn’t have to ask my permission to do anything or go anywhere. I asked why not ! And she said because Jesus told her that nothing up here can or will ever harm you. She pointed to the cuts on my hands along with all my hangnails as I’m a biter. Haha. And said you don’t have those in heaven as it’s perfect. These are just a few of the things I remember as of now. But the most important I wanted to state was that night I was laying in bed with her and looking up pictures of Jesus on my phone. I did a image search and it pulled up quit a few pictures. It also pulled up the image of the young girls painting that Colton burpo picked out. She studied all the images really close then pointed to the exact same one as you.
    I know that she is telling the truth as she couldn’t possibly make this stuff up.
    I would love to hear more about your experience and share more of hers with you. I should have wrote it down as I have forgotten a lot of her story. It just helps getting through every day knowing what’s waiting for us who believe in him.
    Also she kept saying for about a month after her dream/vision that this life we live is just practice and that heaven is the real life.

    Jeff K.

  17. Never in my entire life was I flooded with so much relief until I have stumbled upon this article of heaven.
    I have seen numerous articles on the internet lately and unfortunately were mostly about horrible visions and/or descriptions of hell and the thing that terrified me the most is that so many of them say that “God has already left the building” that made me almost burst into tears. Then I heard about Colton, heard about Akiane’s painting of Jesus and read your article. This must be the sign I’ve waited for from God Himself telling me that this IS the answer to my prayer that JESUS IS REAL, GOD AND HEAVEN IS ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY REAL AND THAT HE WILL NEVER EVER ABANDON AND LEAVE US NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you for this. Godbless.

  18. I as well loved Jimmy’s testimony. I also had a similar background to him. The more you search for Jesus, the more He will meet you. If you intensely seek Him, He will intensely meet you. To every measure you give, He will equally give to you. Therefore, if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly; but if you mean it with all your heart, you will reap abunduntly.

  19. I dont remember falling asleep. But I saw myself standing on a cement platform and I could hear people screaming and explosions all around me. I knew a war was going on but I couldn’t see anyone but I heard them. I could see the dust clouds as tho people was running. I even felt the vibrations of explosions but my eyes was blinded by the site of it. Then my dream changed and I was running up a long stairwell. A nun held me by the hand as tho she was leading me up the stairwell. By the time we reached the door she reached to grab the knob and my dream changed changed. I was standing out somewhere and I saw at a distance a multitude of people in line going up this invisible stairwell. The stairwell lead to a city up on the clouds. I remember being amazed at the sight of the buildings on the clouds. I have never seen glass buildings. They were all different colors and it was magnificent and beautiful. I saw a man dressed from head to toe in red sequence. He sat on this Hugh throne and was looking down at me. Then my dreamed changed and I saw myself standing on the platform again. Something bright was coming up behine me but when I turned around to see it I woke up.

    • Hi Freddie, I wished this comments discussion was current up to date. As it has been near over ten months ago that you had posted your comment. Therefore I have my doubts you will even see; or read my reply and question to your comment. Dreams have always been so fascinating to me, and yet can be very complex. The dream you had sounds interesting as you have described “seeing yourself” (..I saw myself standing on a cement platform) (.. Then my dreamed changed and I saw myself standing on the platform again.) My question to you is: Did you actually “see” yourself? Like maybe you were outside of your body looking at yourself, Or do you remember was it maybe just more of a feeling of knowing that; that was you standing on the cement platform? I’m merely curious as I have done some research on dreaming but still so little is understood. I have never actually seen myself in a dream. I have felt myself as being myself in many, many of my dreams but never have I actually seen myself in a dream.

  20. I believe everything u’re saying and am hoping and praying i also get the opportunity to have a glimpse of HEAVEN

  21. I’ve been to both Paradise & Heaven. As a baby I was stung by a wasp while sleeping in my basinette . My Mum was outside weeding when she heard my screams & raced inside.She said I was blue & not breathing, they raced me to hospital where I was declared dead. I was put in the pre morgue room for a few hours & death certificate issued. A copy of it was on my file for a couple of decades & it used to freak me out whenever I saw it. I didn’t believe that I was ever dead because Eternity is more real & focused than normal human life. I guess it was at my physical death I got sucked down into the earth, passing through many landscapes of earth, rock, minerals & gems. I was sitting on the knee of a man in white with a beard. I thought it was God but it was Abraham. Paradise is also known as Abrahams bosom is 1 part of Sheol The other part is Hades also known as Hell. When Jesus was on the cross, He told 1 of the thieves ‘today you will be with me in Paradise’. He had to get across to Hades to get the keys of hell, death & the grave back from Satan before he was resurrected & ascended to Heaven.

    • that is totaly amazing i would love to know more about your testimony. im a true believer in Jesus and love everything you wrote and believe it all

  22. Many, many years ago; I’d say it was the depression era, our grandmother ( we weren’t born yet) became very, very I’ll. The doctors told the family she would probably pass. She didn’t. This grandmother lacked any type of imagination. She was a nitty gritty, down to earth, no nonsense person. Yet she always said she went to a place so incredibly beautiful that she couldn’t put it into words. Near death experience hadn’t even been coined yet- it wasn’t on TV or radio. This story was in our family. If you knew our Grandma; you’d know she wasn’t making it up- that’s why I believe.

  23. I was touched by what other people wrote here. Years ago I had to give away a little pomerianian dog because of where I lived. I was very young. 13 years after I gave the dog away he appeared to me in a dream. My thought was he had passed. I hadn’t thought about him in a while. In the dream he showed me “tricks” the other dogs he was living with “taught” him. He actually performed the tricks in the dream! He let me know how happy he had been living with these other dogs and he thanked me for picking him out. The dream was so vivid and expressive. I really thought ” Barron “my dog was in Heaven! Fast forward 10 years later I became a Christian. I have had a few super-natural things happen to me since then. One time I saw angels in my church during worship music on each side of the podium. Another time I saw a wreath of flowers around my Pastor’s neck in my school of ministry. Something said ” Tell your Pastor not to worry- he’s going to get married.” The next week I found out he was engaged! Anyway a few other things have happened and it really ignited my faith. Ephesians 1:3

  24. I believe so much that people have been to heaven and back. As for my experience, it wasn’t in heaven but here on earth. I was lucky that a friend was with me at the time.i was driving along the street at about midnight. We were heading home when we came across this cross that towered over the buildings and it was the most beautiful cross we had ever seen. it was in the shape of a cross but it looked like stairways were formed on the sides of it. the light glowing from it was just amazing. Anyhow we drove around it and just kept driving and never looked back. The question is what was holding the sides of the cross? You would need machinery, a cherry picker to build it as high as the buildings that were along the side walk. This street was or still is the main road that people use 24/7 . in our heart we knew it wasnt from this world. I witnessed something i will never forget.

  25. I was really surprised to find this particular feature on this site. The most read and popular blog I have ever posted (see http://wp.me/p2v96G-lH)
    has been “Colpo Burpo’s Real Heaven, Akiane’s Jesus and New Christ Images”. It is a serious critique biblical and other of the Burpo phenomenon and the universalist Akiane’s Jesus image. The latter called “Prince of Peace” (though the half dark face is almost anxious) has been recommended as a true Christ picture by the Maitreya cult and favoured by new age advocate Oprah Winfrey. Todd’s Jesus and heaven are unbiblical in all sorts of ways I detail some of which are so obvious Christians shouldn’t even need to be told. I would also note that the non Christian Dr Alexander Eben’s heaven popularized in his bestselling “Proof of Heaven” is a home of butterflies.

    I can only say, think again and use some discrimination when it comes to visions. I don’t belong to those who would discard all and every testimony from visions demanding that no one knows anything, particularly no new detail about the hereafter apart from what the bible contains, but let’s be wiser than to take almost anything that’s on offer and let the bible be a basic guide to what gets reported.

  26. i too believe in heaven my dad told of his visit to the outer parts of heaven when he was wounded on Iwo Jima and told of his visit and what he saw I to believe in heaven God bless you all.

    • philip,my name is daniel, i am 66, i never told anyone much about my visit to heaven in 1999.
      you are the first to mention the outer parts of heaven.
      i did go into the new Jerusalem , but i went to the outer reaches of heaven and i know things about eternity because of it.
      is your father alive,,, i guess not, my dad was also in ww2, he is dead.
      did he say much about the outer parts?

      it is more amazing than inside the gates, but it was all great.


  27. I had a bad automobile accident Aug 30, 2002 and woke up in the spirit being taken to the lake of fire by a powerful evil demon. Just before I hit the lake God the Father intervened and gave me a second chance. He spoke to me about heaven and let me sample 7 areas to help me decide. When He showed me the seraphim singing pure worship in the holy purple flame of the rainbow around His throne I just about melted down from the purity and holiness of His worship
    Yes there are perfect animals in heaven and everything is alive, full of light, and perfect
    God id love just as the Scriptures say, and He loves all His creation including us and our pets

  28. I have never had a personal meeting with Jesus or the Father but I have seen one of the Evil One’s demons (or himself) one night on my beds footend – an apparent man with a hat on and and a dark coat. I could see his sideways outline and realised my soul was the target.. After a shock I started rebuking this apparition louder and louder, yet my wife did not wake! I do not boast about this or other things I have witnessed and experienced. At first I refrained from doing so because I felt I was then being proud (which God absolutely detests!), and then I realised, if we do not come forward and share these experiences with others, how do we support and strengthen the brethren?
    I detest the incorrect interpretation (and “preaching” of the Word) where it is untrue. Jonah was not swallowed by a whale but by a “large/big/huge fish.
    The animals went into the Ark two by two, yes, but the sacred ones went in two by two but seven pairs of them. There are other examples but these suffice.
    Preach, read and interpret your God-given Word correctly. Ask Him for understanding. Do NOT be afraid to stand up for Him but do so with humility, and, sometimes, more vehemently.
    By the way I live in Cape Town, South Africa and we have a beautiful and wonderful country that is wracked by corruption etc. but I pray God will change that according to His will.

    • Hallo Hugo. Vrystaat ou maat! The evil one walks around ready to devour all that are weak and without a covenant. Praise God, the living God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Praise God the Father, almighty God and of our Lord and king Jesus Christ in the power of and glory of the Holy Spirit. I saw an angel once, just before I was drafted into the army. It was shining like a burning column of fire and quite tall, I’d say at least 7 or 8 feet tall. The room was filled with tangible love. The kingdom of God is more real than this life. It exists with its own rules and realities. And best of all, Jesus is the light of the new Jerusalem, out heaven, which the father is frantically preparing for us – well, the angels are scrambling at least and the father is anxiously waiting to reveal his true riches with us who believe. All of us who suffered, who had to wait last in line at the bank and when we were given talents and natural gifts and opportunities and good luck etc. will be rewarded at last. Those who served others will be highly honoured in heaven. The sickly and handicapped will be revered. Those who were first will be last and those who were last will be put first. If you really know about heaven your life will change. Every second will become an opportunity to become equal to the suffering and death of Jesus in order to attain the full measure and life of Christ Jesus. If God rewards some with eternal life, will he not also be just and reward others with eternal darkness and fire? Indeed he will according to what has been written.

  29. I do believe that animals go to Heaven. A few years ago I lost my greyhound in the most horrible way. I dug the hole and burried her myself all the while crying to God and it took me awhile to accept His comfort and He showed me the chapter in Revelation where it speaks of a new Heaven and a new earth and I saw all the animals in time in the new year where there is no more sorrow and no more tears.

  30. I too feel blessed by Carols testimony and “most” all of the others here included. First for sharing of the butterflies ..oh how I love butterflies. “Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing” (lyrics from Dolly Partons song): “Love is like a Butterfly” A favorite. My entire bedroom is discovered by butterflies ..They’re everywhere. Attached to a strip of white leather I have wrapped around the center of a wooden cross I made is a butterfly lapel pin I received many years ago upon completing a twelve week co-dependency recovery program. The pin is very special too me as it represents too me freedom of flight. **If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. — 2 Corinthians 5:17 ** Rebirth can be a difficult concept to understand, but the lovely little butterfly offers a picture of what takes place when Christ comes into a human heart. The caterpillar’s metamorphosis provides a wonderful illustration of a believer’s spiritual transformation. And re-guarding Jean and Kims comments ..I too lost my cat this last year. His name is Milkmouth and I loved him soo much. It seemed his liver shut down over night. As I was sitting in a chair outside holding him I was praying asking Jesus to give me the strength to let him go and as I looked up into the sky I seen an image of Jesus’ face in the clouds. It quickly faded away but I really felt like it was our Lord comforting me as I was then able to tell Milkmouth how much his friendship meant to me and that it was okay for him to go. He passed away that night as I lay next to him. I had built a very nice cedar box to bury him in. The following day after I buried him a stray cat wondered onto my property. When someone you love becomes a memory ..the memory becomes a treasure.

  31. Dear Kimi,

    Thank you for sharing of your love of butterflies, and the help that it’s life cycle represents for you. I totally agree that it is a beautiful picture of a heart’s tranformation when we give our life to Christ.
    Just a little side-note of another experience with butterflies which occurred about six months after my near death experience .. ( God always confirms His hand) I was standing outside near my small flower garden on a lovely sunshiny day. When all of a sudden about 3 or 4 butterflies came seemingly out of nowhere and started swirling around me. Each one was a different color. The one that landed on my arm was a beautiful shining copper butterfly. Had never seen one like that before. They swirled a bit more and then all disappeared into the air again. I just knew God was confirming my experiencing( with a bit of a smile on His face.) What a great God we serve.
    We too have lost some very precious pets, one being our 18 year old husky dog. I mourned his death for quite a while. He was such a friend.
    God, being the all sovereign, all knowing God that He is , hopefully, will make provision for all of us to see our precious departed pets again. We shall see. There’s nothing that He can’t do.

    • Who are you to judge what is racist. We have only one judge and that is JESUS CHRIST, and we won’t be judged until we stand before Jesus Christ

    • wonderful thing about God is He loves you no matter how you vote or not… in 4 years you will be able to vote again… and God will love that too

      How about those pictures of Jesus….

  32. Animals indeed have souls…for they have emotions…yes an animal cannot personally accept Jesus as their saviour….but they do not need to…Jesus came to us…because of our sins. When people make the statement that animals do not have souls…I feel like laughing….who ever came up with that? Animals experience fear…anger…joy…love….and they have no soul? They are like a rock? I don’t think so….I look forward to seeing all the animals I have ever loved again. I have a contentment in my heart…the Holy Spirit gives me the assurance
    ..I will see them again…as I touch the face of Jesus…the pets I have loved…will be at my feet.

  33. Oh wow! Just like Paul’s isn’t it?

    “Just as suddenly as Carol was transported to heaven – whether in the body or not, she doesn’t know – she awakened in her bed.”

    2Co_12:2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.


    • When I interviewed Colton, he said his son saw Mary in heaven and she had a role in the “nursery,” raising children who die prematurely or are aborted.

  35. I am a firm believer for sure. Loved this article. But I especially loved reading all of the comments! Very interesting for sure! I am co-owner of a paranormal group on Facebook, Ghostly Paranormal Encounters. Would love to read your experiences within the paranormal on group. Paranormal is the general term used to describe events such as this along with many others. Our group is a closed group as I know some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their experiences with friends and family for fear of ridicule and the like. It’s crazy to think that still today, some people consider such things taboo. To each their own I suppose. Our group has 20,000+ members and they are the best members. Such like minded individuals in great company. Feel free to check us out anytime you are on Facebook. But keep in mind we don’t tolerate anyone being disrespectful or rude to others no matter the difference of opinion or even beliefs. It’s a place to share, get help if needed, or just discuss with like minded individuals. Stories like the one shared here and all the experiences shared in the comments are what its all about for me. Love it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gostlyparanormalencounters/

  36. I’m a 66 year old man that has lived a life I wasn’t proud of. I’ve been to prison numerous times for drug use, and sales. I had a pastor and his family take me under his wing. I was self destructive and on path to hell. I had a bad drug habit and was self medicating myself, which if I would have kept I would be dead, at that time, I didn’t care. My pastor and his family helped me turn to Jesus. That was about 8 years ago, and I’m still following my Lord and Savior. This isn’t my home, I’m just passing through on my way to heaven. I get up every morning and pray to the Lord, I ask him for things and I ask for forgiveness. Thankfully the Lord is in my life, praise God forever AMEN.

    • i did not hear them mention Peter or Paul either, i think it is just the perspective of the writer,
      who couldn’t love the mother of Jesus… that would be silly.
      God Bless Mother Mary what a woman.

      thanks for reminding us.

      God Bless you too


  37. There are many reasons, not least biblical, to be assured that the Burpo and. Akiane claims are deceptive and false if subtly so. Akiane doesn’t even reckon to represent any Christian position and of course she has been embraced by Oprah’s New Ageism
    See full article and critique here

  38. Two months before we knew my husband had cancer, a voice said my name while I was at work and an assistant who was with me heard it too, but no one was around to say it. It sounded like it was within 3 feet of me. Three months after that time, my husband passed. This helped me confirm that there is life after death because I heard it. I am a Christian and believe in life after death of our souls. No one I have talked to ever experienced anything like this of hearing a voice. Can anyone shed some information on this experience.

    • Dear Reets, what does this experience say to you or rather, mean to you personally? What do you think this audible voice means? It called you by your name. Is there perhaps a precedent for this in the Bible, which is the living word of God? I think there is. On another tangent, when I was a boy I frequently thought I heard my name being called. When I was 16 God revealed himself to me while a friend prayed for me. Life went by and now I am 45. But I still feel God calls me, however, it is much more an inside pull than it is an external push. Ask Jesus. He will tell you what the voice meant. Jesus talks to me in dreams (over the years) and they gave me comfort through all my struggles. Eat his Word. It is the true bread of life. Oh bless you my soul. Dear Jesus I praise you. May your name be lifted high.

  39. my name is Obiora am a boy not married still a teen I was brought up from a loving Christian parents with less faith. we pray every morning but non of us actually believed… until I started experiencing something….. in my sleep I would be see things that if I wake up I won’t recall.. during this dream I will be awake but won’t be able to open my eyes nor even stand up until I will call on Jesus all I could recall from this dream is sometimes I would be bouncing can’t move sometimes something will be written on our roof… as for me am a Christian I will pray for forgiveness today tomorrow I will sin until I started thinking that my God has left me because he knows I will still sin….. when I was sick close to death the only word I could say was Jesus I remember that it was as if rain was falling when I was being rushed to the hospital…… I have prayed for long and am losing hope that my God has forgotten me but I do no sometimes wen I see something likes that painting my blood will pass through my vein so fast that I would fill it.
    I say this as a sinner and also as a teen I can’t control my feeling for women (sex) but I haven’t had any but sometimes I would want to …. I know am just allowing my self to be used by d devil but am confused …. all this are from my heart I want to live a life free from sins but I can’t ………………am a sinner thank you

    • Don’t worry my boy. God has your name and he speaks it. You will be fine. Say the name of Jesus over and over. Just his name will change you. Oh lovely Jesus, how precious you are. You know, Paul says that if God gave is the gift of Jesus, that eclipses all other things, would we not then also be able to see our pets again one day? Sure we will, because it mattered to us it matters to God. Have you ever thought that what matters to you matters to God? Is God not our good father in heaven? Sure he is! We will see our pets. CS Lewis suggested this in one of his books as well – not that it matters much – it’s just interesting to know if you love reading. God bless all!

  40. I have a story about a monarch butterfly…. One day as I was doing laundry and getting ready to hang it outside I saw my cat Pinky with something in her paws and I thought it was a bird. I rushed outside and grabbed kitty and shook. This beautiful orange butterfly sprang up and flew into my big maple tree. I couldn’t quite understand as it as it was still quite alive. I walked back to where I had dropped my laundry basket and walked to my maple tree where I had a line to hang my wash……All of a sudden while my hands were both in the air this gorgeous orange butterfly came out of the tree and blest me with butterfly kisses on my cheek and flew away…..I was quite young then but never forgot…. God blesses us all

  41. I have also had a glimpse of heaven. I was really sick and it was only for a millionth of a second but it felt like a whole minute. I was at the gates of heaven and the feeling I had when I was there is unexplainable but I long to feel it again. Now I was only 10 at the time. Even though it overwhelms and I can barely stand remebring it because my earthly body can’t stand it. Though I remeber it like it was yesterday. The feeling oh my gosh. Then there was darkness all around me but good darkness. My favorite part was the door in front me with so much gold light you don’t know how it all fit. This light was not a light like on earth it was different and until that very moment I never understood how the universe went on forever. I loved every moment and have been an even stronger belver since that day.

  42. I believe in that Image Akiane painted that is the Real face Of Jesus christ,also I am 100% sure that Heaven is Real,Hell is Real.
    I am from (NIGERIA) the ministry I attended even our Prophetess has visited Heaven and Hell. God Showed her the vision..so Heaven and Hell is real

  43. I find the ideas of people regarding their experiences of heaven very mich uplifting. I don’t exactly know why it soothes my soul but it does. I always imagine the most stunning gardens, wide open well kept green gardens full of short cut grass and massive trees and maybe a brook nearby with snowcapped mountains in the background. Well, it sounds a lot like Canada or Chile I know, but all our dreams, all our most secret and tenderest desires and dreams are encapsulated in the love of God through his Son Jesus. I long to be with him so. My life… haha. What a short one it has been. What a failure in my own eyes. But there is time yet if it pleases God. Every second counts. Every thought and action is recorded. Live for others, give of yourself to others, even if it is a little, so that we may understand what it is to love the living God. Oh dear Jesus, let your will be done, on earth and in my life as it is in heaven. Thanks God for good and bad. I embrace it all because you will make all things new. You will make it better! Thanks Jesus for your love and that our name may be written in the book of Life with the blood of Jesus.

  44. I would love to tell my story a d my vision I had when I saw this same Jesus and the message I was give. I saw Jesus before the book was written and as soon as I saw the picture of Jesus I could not stop crying because I was so happy someone else saw him the wayear I did .the same face with white cloak and bright Gold radiating all around him but he spoke to me and my story I have to many but I would love the world to get to hear my meeting with Jesus..Noone an take my faith from me and I know the experience I had was REAL.it was a blessing and a renewal of Faith…

  45. Dan P…… I have never written to anyone, i have only told just a few people.. in 1999 i was taken to heaven by an Angel of God and brought back it was 3:33 and I returned at 3:34…. it was March…
    I am ashamed to tell anyone I am not worthy of this information. I am 66 now and feel that God wants me to say something…. I know what it looks like outside the walls, inside the walls of the great city and the Throne Room of the King. I know what it smells like, the river out side and what the Universe is for…. it is too much to understand.
    The Angel answered me without speaking; he would respond to my thoughts and I would to his. He would pass packages of information not just words about my questions , and i have been opening them for years….in my mind and they include complete answers to my questions.. strange but wonderful
    I think i will try to write it. the ones I have told of this say I must tell people it takes all the fear of death away.
    The angel gave me something to prove i went to heaven. everyone says i must have been there when it is revealed….
    I wish i would have said something when i got back, only told 2 people the next day…. but they believe, the others through the years agree no one could know what i know if i had not gone…

    i thank everyone for their experience….
    this is the first time i have read about other people, i do not want to mix other thoughts with mine…..

    God bless you all.

  46. I remember when the movie Heaven is for Real came out and I watched it here at home with my wife. The events of the story were great. Then at the end I saw the picture of Jesus painted by Akiane and I fell to the floor. I started to cry and wail. I also have had visions back between 1998-current of Jesus visiting me and speaking to me, every time while I sleep. The first time I never got to see his face but the more he visited me or took me somewhere He showed me a great deal about the future the more he showed me his face.

    Since that night I didn’t look into this painting. I told myself what He showed me was between myself and him and was for a later time. Just 10 minutes ago I felt this need to research Akiane’s painting. Once I found it again I began to cry and weep!!! I am 110% positive, with every bone, every chromosome, every DNA in by body this is the face of Jesus Christ today in Heaven. Unless He has shown himself to you, its hard to understand why I weep and cry. This love, this wonderful love just comes over me that I can never feel in this world, whenever He visits me while I sleep and now whenever I look at this painting. He is nothing but LOVE, died for you and me because of LOVE, and if He had a choice to do it again, He said He would because He loves us that much.
    God Bless …

  47. In 2014, I had a long battle with cancer. I prayed a lot and asked Jesus many times to keep me alive…not that I’m afraid to die, but because I hadn’t seen my kids in years and I’d never seen my Grandson…I made it through, Thank You, Lord. And I did get to see them. But, wait….there’s more. In October, I had another major surgery that literally killed me. I was lying on my side in the ICU. I was certain I was awake…at least I thought I was. Jesus appeared out of a mist at a distance and walked toward me with his hands outstretched toward me. His white robe was a whiter white than you’ll ever see on earth with real big long sleeves. I had no feeling at all. I mearly Said “I’m not ready yet”. His face was definitely the one Akiane painted and the one Colton Burpo saw. The only difference was his hair wasn’t quite as curly. I always considered myself a pretty tough guy, but sometimes when I think about this, it brings me to tears…and even to my knees. I feel overwhelmingly glad that I got to see Jesus in person…I don’t think very many people have that privilege here on earth and live to tell about it. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  48. my cat died last August in a horrible way i was heartbroken i was a mess i felt the need to go to church i told God i was sorry i felt i let her down i told him how much i loved her and said please let her be in heaven with you Dear Lord.
    i had a dream of her i saw bluest sky greenest grass butterfly’s birds then i was my cat siting on a hill looking peaceful i believe this dream was from the Lord i been going to church ever since and my Love for the Lord is strong and he has given me so much joy and peace kindness love and patience i love him so much , so i believe in my heart and soul that our pets will be in heaven with our Lord God who loves them so much like we do may you continue to worship our Lord and saviour till we meet him in heaven one day and be reunited with our loved ones and our precious pets . in Jesus precious name Amen

  49. what a load of s___ obv brought on by whatever drugs she was tripping on from her illness. god is fake and heaven is fake we have no gods I mean f___ me thor and the sun gods etc were soon unworshipped as were seen as make beleive passed on story time just like the bible which would be best files in sci fi and fantasy. alongside Lord of the rings and Harry potter in a thousand years peoplewill believe that Lord voldermort was real or sauron and worship them. the bible even has it’s own version in Satan the sooner people realise it’s all a make believe story the better

  50. I would say it is all about faith. I am more inclined to believe a child as they have no ulterior motive, no agenda, theirs is only to state what they saw, plain & simple. I have never had a vision. I lament everyday at the cruelty projected onto every animal, sea creature, birds, the environment, what a human being will do to another human being be it man, woman or child. I heave a great sigh everyday at the absolute ignorance in the world from so-called “great & powerful leaders” and how they are managing to steer this planet into a downward spiral, I don’t even want to think about where it will end. I dream about being a super-hero that will “save” the world on a daily basis, laughable I know. But through it all, I believe in something, I don’t know what “it” is, I don’t go to church, or follow a particular religion, but everywhere I walk is my church and I do my utmost to respect every living creature I come into contact with, no matter how big or how small. I still consider myself unworthy but I continue to consider others before myself. Perhaps one day it will all become clear to me, but for now, I am content knowing that the path I am following shall lead me to where I need to go.

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