For child art prodigy Akiane, Jesus is for real


By Mark Ellis —

Akiane with Jesus paintings

Her atheist parents were surprised when their three-year-old began to describe dreams and visions from God. This inexplicable direction in their daughter’s life, combined with a remarkable talent in art and poetry, inspired her family to re-examine their own lives.

“My life began in an unusual way,” says Akiane Kramarik, 17, who spent her early years in rural Illinois. By unusual, she refers to her underwater birth in “a shack” on the edge of a cornfield. “Our family had no money, no friends, no relatives, no television or radio. Our life was quite simple — long walks in nature, open conversations, and hands on explorations of knowledge,” she says.

Her mother, Forelli, is a Lithuanian immigrant educator. Akiane’s father, Mark, is a chef from Chicago with a Catholic background. In her early family life, there was no prayer, no discussions of God, and no visits to church. Yet in the insular atheistic environment her parents created – free from media influences or even outside babysitters – Akiane suddenly began to talk about God.

She spoke of colorful dreams and visions about heaven, Jesus, and God’s amazing love. Her stunned parents realized her intense focus on God could not have been inspired by anything in the world they created for her. Indeed, Akiane seemed to be having supernatural encounters with the living God.

“Most of my spiritual experiences I kept secret, so as not to overwhelm my parents,” she says.

At a tender age, God implanted the desire to articulate her divinely-inspired dreams and visions into art. “When I was four years old, suddenly I started experiencing vivid impressions about different dimensions and a great desire to express them through art,” she says. Initially, she utilized whatever medium was on hand: candles, lipstick, fruits, vegetables, charcoal or pencils.

“Prince of Peace” by Akiane

At eight-years-old, Akiane decided she wanted to paint the face of Jesus, based on the visions she received. She looked for a person she might use as an artist’s model for a long time, and finally told her family they should pray for God to send someone.

On the day they prayed, a mysterious carpenter showed up at their front door looking for work. Akiane took one look at the man’s facial features – remarkably close to the vision she received – and told her mother he was the one.

In humility, the man initially said he was not worthy to represent his Master. But reluctantly, the man agreed, although he asked to remain anonymous.

Akiane’s painting of Jesus was a painstaking effort. “The ‘Prince of Peace’ took me 40 hours to paint and another 20 hours of working with model sketching,” Akiane says.  Akiane deftly works with light and shadows to create powerful impressions. “The light side of his face represents the truth, the dark side represents suffering,” she notes.

Colton Burpo, the subject of the book “Heaven is for Real,” identified this painting of Jesus as the closest representation of the Savior whom he witnessed in his dramatic vision.

Akiane and Colton
Akiane and Colton

Both Akiane and Colton were struck by the beauty of Jesus’ eyes. “All I remember were the eyes,” Akiane says, “ and they were like no other colors that were ever created. The closest color I can depict through paints is a sapphire hue.”  Colton identified the color of Jesus’ eyes as blue-green.

In 2010, Akiane told Seattle station KCTS that her spiritual epiphanies caused her parents to start seeking answers. “We went through almost everything,” Akiane said. “We went through being Christian, being a Catholic, we studied Buddhism. At this point every one of my siblings have their own path toward a spiritual enlightenment.”

“I have my own and my parents have theirs and my brothers have theirs,” she continued. “I’m the same person as when I was four-years-old. I haven’t changed.”

Akiane’s discovery of God seems remarkably personal. “Since nobody told me who God was, I found God myself. He’s been there for me through the years.  I don’t belong to any denomination or religion. I belong to God.”

To eliminate any confusion, however, Jesus is first in her mind.  “He is the only way to God — the only way to heaven and joy,” she states. “My personal views on Jesus have only matured and deepened since age 4.  As I grow I see how vast and unlimited His love is.”

“Jesus remains my highest authority, love, and God,” she adds. “I pray every day that people will one day follow Jesus, His teachings and feel His love.”

“Father Forgive Them” by Akiane

Akiane completed her second painting of Jesus, “Father Forgive Them,” at age 9. “I have painted about 10 paintings of Jesus,” she says, “including his mother Mary and many paintings of His creation. My current painting is another tribute to Jesus, a very special portrait, titled ‘IAM.’”

As Akiane gets older, some of the early dreams and visions have begun to fade in her memory. “Although I have forgotten most of my early heavenly contacts, my recent visions continue in a special way,” she says.

“I alone know how important Jesus is for me. Instead of writing it is best for me to express (this) through my personal connection — art. I portray Jesus how I see him, as human and as divine.

“My art is only a representation of what I see — Jesus’ glory is beyond any description!”


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    • Don,

      Well Don, she has proven she did the paintings, the rest of her story could easily be true. Don, how would you like to substantiate the story? Go back in time to when she was 4, find the man she used for the painting?
      No matter what the family does to prove it you could just continue to think it’s a promo and false.

      What would proof be for you?

      • How do we know that Don’s letter wasn’t made up? It seems like a deliberately dumb letter easy to knock down.

        I like her Jesus. He looks like an Armenian linebacker.

        • No, He looks like my family and we are Jews. His lips reminds me of my brother’s Jacob, his eyebrows of my father’s, His skin is olive like mine. He is a Jew, believe me.

          • Yes T He is beautiful. Thank you for your post. My prayer is that all will come to know Him personally, for His love is like no other.

          • I believe in Jesus. I believe that he did show them heaven. God is real. I pray that every one follows him, for he will not hurt you. God love’s every one equally. He is there. I love god , as he loves me. Jesus is our every thing.

          • What a truly manly Jesus, with depth, intelligence, compassion and charisma. And yes, he look like a Jewish man, as the Son of God would. Her story of how this painting came to be is as simple as the truth always is.

          • Dear T, Jesus Christ was a Jew aka the Son of God (The Heavenly Father) and the Jewish People (Gods People) murdered Jesus Christ (My Savior) and he is the Messiah and Lord for All Children of God who is in Heaven that declares that Jesus Christ is the way for Salvation (Amen) -Dusty Arnold

            *Prayer of Salvation: (Holy Bible: Matthews)

            Dear Heavenly Father who is up in Heaven, I come to you in Prayer that I confess of all of my Sins and I repent my Sins, I ask for You GOD to forgive me for my Sins and please forgive me, I declare that Jesus Christ is MY LORD AND SAVIOR, I believe that Jesus Christ has died on the Cross for my Sins and rose up from the dead to have eternal life up in Heaven, I ask for the Holy Spirit to come into my heart and soul, I believe that Jesus Life will help me change my life and be a Follower of Jesus Christ who I believe in the Son of God, I Love Jesus Christ who is My Lord and Savior, Thank You God and in Jesus Christ name we Pray, Amen!

            (You Have Been Saved Jesus Christ Follower)

            *Jesus Christ is Love*

          • I was thinking the same thing. He looks like my family -and we are Jews to. Same nose, same eye shape, same chin…. Although no surprise since Yeshua being a Jew Himself would carry the features of the bloodline.

          • Then why does he have blue eyes? And why is he handsome? Jesus was just a normal lookg guy. He was not handsome.

          • If only everybody believed in Him like we do. I pray that there won’t be a soul that hasn’t been convinced that He is real because of Akiane’s miraculous work. Go Akiane!

      • Glad to see she is making a fortune selling her paintings to the gullible. Just as the little boys father in the movie is making a fortune in royalties from the book and the movie. Religion has always been a great way to make money. Get the faithful to pony up ten percent of their income, go on TV and make even more millions. In the unlikely possibility that there is a god, then he or she must be really pissed off at all the profiteering from his name. The moneylenders are no longer just in the temple. They now own the temple.

        • Ralph….
          1) there ARE some religions & people who have harmed christianity, true. But, as with EVERYTHING else, you pull those weeds-dont let the bad apple ruin the bunch.
          2) ALL religions are the creator of its personal opinion thats why i will never belong to a RELIGION. Now, on the other hand, CHRISTIANITY is completely different entity-its the belief in Jesus
          3) Satan’s greatest lie is to convince the world (HIS domain) that Jesus isnt real (for his own personal gain)
          4) his greatest weapons are s hardened heart and any belief that excludes Jesus or God (great power, self interest, and worshipping created things)

          • mary… u answered ralph’s remarks in a beautiful Christ-like way … we really need 2 pray 4 folks like ralph as it is NOT our Sweet Lord Yeshua’s desire to
            see any of his children perish , but that they might have eternal life in Him !

            mr ralph… whenever i c remarks like yours on Christian articles , videos , etc i cannot help but 2 wonder what u are doing on sites like this ; perhaps u are desperately searching 4 something … i feel i know what u are looking 4 in order 2 fill the hole in your soul ; His Name is Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) + just know He loves u more than any human on the face of this earth — He gave His most Precious Blood + Life 4 u 2 wash u clean of your sins…
            pls we really pray u come 2 believe this … The Lord bless u + yours

          • To Dusty Arnold
            A point of correction, but first things first I am not a Jew just want to make that clear because of what I am going to say,
            Jesus was not murdered by the Jews, if you want to lay the blame on anyone we all are to blame for his death because Jesus came to die for the world, Jesus gave himself. The soldiers would not have been able to arrest him if he had not given of himself. He said I lay down my life. This was something that was planned from the very foundation of the world. Without his death and resurrection there is no salvation, the means of his death was just a way to accomplish what was required by God the Father. It would be nice if we as Christians globally realised this and stopped blaming the Jews. I grew up hating Jews cause I was catholic, until I received the real Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and started to read the bible for myself, and realised that Jesus came to die for my sins that he gave himself. John 3:16 Says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Jesus was given for us. He says in another place Icame that you might have life and have more abundantly, Jews did not murder Jesus we all did cause all have sinned an fallen short of the glory of God, and Jesus came to reconcile us to the father.

        • Ralph: “Religion has always been a great way to make money.”
          You need to visit the, they have cheap looking t-shirts for $20 –but if you hate buying high markup religious merchandise, you can just go directly to the donate tab.

          • I like the comparison between $20 t shirts and the American culture of mega churches and “prosperity doctrine” which parlays right into the extravagance of catholicism. Sorry, there is no equivalence here. Yes this is all a lie to make money. And God would be a total jerk if he only talked to little girls who want to make mad cash selling pictures of some dude that showed up. God is free to enter my fully formed adult mind that is free from manipulation of my parents in a stifling “insular” setting rife for building this horribly cynical scam, and false memories created by my parents.

          • If only you knew. If only you could sit and pray and realise how evenly God distributes his power. The reason God doesn’t stop us is because he has already tried. No matter what he has done humanity has always found a way to ruin it. He sent down Jesus, his own son, and yet, humanity is still being sinful in terrible ways. It makes me cry writing this, thinking about how much he has done for us, and yet people like you still cannot realise it. If only you had read the Bible. If only you had went to Church every Sunday and listened to the priest review entries in the Bible. If only.

        • Shut up Ralph. YOU are the one tainting this story. Throwing out the idea of religion just being a money maker. You’re seriously going to sit and think to yourself every person whom has had a vision or connection with God are all liars? I highly doubt it. I will pray for you now.

          • I dreamed about Christ as a small girl. But I never got to see his face. But I have certainly heard him speak in the stillness of my heart when I am listening. In hardships he is my rock, my light, my solid ground. Abs I always remember those dreams from childhood. It brings me a warm glow feeling. I know he is always there.

          • First of this is no way to respond to any situation. I’m sorry Ralph that this is the answer you would get from someone claiming to be Christian. Our purpose on earth is to bring God glory, and show the world his love, not to bring them down.

          • You just have to believe, why is it so hard for you?
            There is only one God It doesn’t matter what religion we find Him in. What color skinHe has. We are all His people.
            Did you know, that all you have to do is ask the Lord, and he will grant you. Peace, a pathway, faith, Joy, Love healing …………………….

          • Why would someone in his right mind even think that children this young would want to use such stories to make money? What would they gain by lying? Why don’t you just admit that these stories are true? I know that deep down in your heart you know that these children are telling the truth and it scares you. Yes God is real and Jesus is real and judgment is coming very soon whether you believe it or not, it changes nothing.

          • Thank you. Jesus is alive and struggling just like many of you. You may see him literally everyday but you won’t notice him unless you make eye contact. Even then it’s likely you won’t know what you saw. To understand who he is is not so much important as it is understanding who you are. When you find the light within you it is then you can learn more about Jesus if you wish to do so. Spoiler alert: He is just like one of you!! The true you. Not the one who arrives ten mins early for work everyday or changes the tp roll without gloating about it. The one you that always was with God. He is everywhere helping people. He takes the weight of the weak and carries it with him 24 7. Next time you decide it’s in your best interest to make decisions that hurt others think about who your really hurting. JESUS! Who cares if you don’t believe Jesus is alive and living among you. What’s important to remember is that we are all Jesus. Even the ones you see as unfit. Can we all try being adults and treat each other how we want to be treated considering the circumstances? It’s not about forcing your opinion on others to deliberately make people look stupid. It’s about harnessing your light that was given to you by God and for God. Many will not want to listen. Pray for them but don’t forget to pray for Jesus too!

        • The profits from her paintings go into a charity to repair the lips of children. Please research about her before you make such comment. The movie about heaven is for real was not as good as the book. The movie focused on the struggles of the family and not what he saw in heaven. Many things were left out by Hollywood.

          • All any of us can do is pray for these people who doubt God is real. Remember Satan’s greatest lie…. is convincing the world he does not exist. Pray for these lost people. JESUS will do the rest….

          • I heard the actor who played the(the main character) girl in the movie wasn’t even a christain until after. It changed her. And also I know what Ralph is saying is upsetting people, but there probably is a reason why he is on this cite and making a comment like that. Also After reading a few comments after that, someone replied to Ralph with kindness rather than anger or frustration and some one else saw that, now wants to know more about God and his Son Jesus. Now this is my opinion and I may be wrong, but I feel that in some ways it’s part of God’s plan that Ralph was able make that comment. Therefore creating a chain reaction and having someone wanting to know more about Christ. (Again I could be mis understanding this.) What we should do is pray for Ralph, show love to others, and pray to ask God to help us draw others closer to him not further away, remember we are all sinners, but Christ died for us.

        • What is she doing with the money ? $10,000-3m
          And the book and movie royalties ?
          Is anything being giving back?
          Its not for us to worry , if they are christians they know the right thing to do

          • … as opposed to what?… if they are not Christians, they would nNOT know what to do with the money? Holly Shmolly, people! What a Fudge are you discussing here? “Jesus looks like Jew on her paintings”… “No, he looks like Armenian”… “What do they do with the money?”… I am laughing through tears…

          • i read that a part of the money goes to different charities. Do she looks like she is driving a big car, wear fancy dresses, etc?
            If she would do it, i wouldn’t care. I think through her painting some people find the way to god. She isn’t doing anything bad. She never says, go be a christian, catholic, muslim, buddhist, etc. So i would say, God didn’t say her, to do that and at most, to use your last sentence, she isn’t christian and i am pretty sure, she know the right thing to do.

        • God has a reason for all that he does.The fact that they are getting royalties from there work is not the point, Jesus is the point Love is the point, they are the Catalyst the Avenue that God is using. Skeptics, people who are scared fall to see that.

          • I felt the same way! Shouldn’t be getting paid. Is to spread the word not make greed. Money is evil and was made by the devil.

          • To Cara,
            it is not money that is evil, but the LOVE of money which is evil. Money has no volition of its own, but people do. I pray you come to understand the difference for there is much more locked up in your anger.

        • Ralph, most preachers are either middle class or downright hard up for money. I remember looking at my pastor’s shoes one Sunday as he was leading the song service and there were holes in his shoes because he couldn’t afford new ones. Another pastor I knew had to work for a construction company in addition to preaching and taking care of the church because he could not afford not to. Sure, some do become wealthy but you will find out they worked hard to reach all the people they minister to for years and years. Besides that, this young lady has a desire and ability to help the needy and sick people who can’t afford their medical care in Africa. Look at the whole picture before you make widespread accusations. Meet the people who are doing the work of the ministry and find out about how 99 percent of them are struggling very hard to make ends meet not just for themselves but for their ministry also. They care and work toward the benefit of others.

        • what is it Mr. Hater or should I say Mister I’m jealous that they are makeing money off of this stuff..Maybe the Lord wants them to and he’s trying to tell you something…It’s people like you that make me shake my head in sorrow and pray that you find the Lord in some way of your own. SO WHAT IF THEY MAKE MONEY….maybe the lord wants them to. Maybe they help other people with that money, maybe they give more than your words of hate will EVER hopefully give anyone with half a brain. Your ignorance only makes my faith in the Lord stronger than it ever has been. I am & will pray that you open your heart & eyes and see that the Lord will use you in a positive way to gift others the way these people are. Did’nt you ever hear of the saying, “JUDGE LEST YE NOT BE JUDGED”???? I’m not judgeing you, I’m praying for you, but YOU ARE JUDGEING these people whom you have probably never met in your life. I pray for all of the people in the world like you. Maybe there would be less violence and much for love for one another. God Bless you, and I hope you have your own experience with Jesus in some form or another.

        • ralph,.
          they didnt do it for fame or money. its what god wanted.i pray god will help u and open ur eyes .

        • Ralph: did you know that most of the proceeds for Akiane’s art goes to things like providing for the homeless? Have you not seen the videos of Akiane in the act of painting these? And did you know that there is a remarkable resemblance among ‘The Prince of Peace,’ the Shroud of Turin, & the ISA mosaic tiles? Google ‘overlay comparison of Prince of Peace.’ AND the little boy from ‘Heaven is for Real’ identified the PoP as the Jesus he saw in Heaven. This is all fact…armed with just that information alone, we would be gullible to just assume it’s a hoax or some scheme to make money. No devout Christian would turn their back on God & say that they were once atheist unless they really were atheist, and no atheist, at least none that I’m aware of, would pretend to believe in God for a second. So, knowing all this, and knowing where the proceeds go, please tell us what you think the purpose would be to devise such a grand scheme?

        • Ralph…
          If there is no God, where did our world or our universe begin. Everyone knows that it had to have a beginning. Even back to the big bang that had to have a begining. Sooner or later you have to have something from nothing. How does that happen? Even the orgion of life points toward a divine intelligence. Lee strobel writes books that I would encourage you to read with an open mind.
          Yes people are greedy and look for money, but if it wasn’t religion it would be some other way, humans are sinful which is why we need Jesus he is the only way to heal our hearts and take away our burden and guarntee eternal life. And you sound like an atheist, and I think you have to have alot of faith, to bet there is no afterlife and no judgment at the end of this life, I encourage to search for truth, if you seek God he will find you right where you are.

          • James,

            1.Have you ever heard of the big bang theory

            2. If there was nothing before god, then where exactly did this GOD come from?

        • I don’t see what difference it makes if they make money or not. Their message remains the same. Besides, I doubt anyone begrudges you making money for whatever it is you do for a living, Ralph. Why should Akiane and Colton’s father be any different? Writing and painting are professions too.

          No, if you’re going to try and bring them down, at least be honest about the real reason you want to. You aren’t unhappy that they’re making money. You are unhappy that people like Akiane and Colton – eyewitnesses to the existence of God and an afterlife – are out there and speaking out. And what’s more, you’re unhappy that they’re helping to open the eyes of other closed-minded people like yourself to a universe that is beyond anything their limited minds once could have believed.

        • Oh Ralph, have you ever been close to death or died for a few seconds? I have. I have seen Jesus. He is very real. Jesus IS as real as it gets. Which leads to the next question you need to ask yourself. When your spirit is finally absent from the Body and present standing before Jesus what will you say to him then? What will HE say? Ralph, he longs for you… but that day that your spirit finally leaves your body for the last time and there is no ‘undoing’ or ‘going back’ what will you do then? Jesus said ‘Deny me and I will deny you before my Father.’ You cannot go back and UNCHANGE your life once it is gone….

        • Why is making money evil Ralph? Do you earn money by working? I know first hand two people who have shared that they saw Jesus. No charge for that. Peace!

        • Ralph, I am sorry that you mention “if” there is a God. I would say I’ll pray for you, but you would not get it. I will pray for you anyway, however. Could you possibly consider that maybe you are wrong?? Any method of getting God’s word out is I’m sure okay with Him.

        • Wonderful paintings…
          The Prince of peace is if course ruling in the heavens since 1914(first world war).
          It won’t be long and He will release his fury onto wicked mankind and cleanse the earth of all wickedness!!rev12:12
          This time we await shortly.
          In the last 50 years mankind has developed weapons of mass destruction that they now can destroy all life on earth 14times over….
          proof that Jesus must and will take action soon..
          He will never let our beautiful earth be destroyed:)
          How do I know 1914 was the start of his rule?
          I invite everyone to USE THEIR BIBLE and go to our amazing website in over 700 languages.
          Many more answers can be found to life’s most difficult questions.

        • it is in the bible would a man rob God ..yet ye have robbed me ,where have we robbed thee,in tithes and offerings . if you pay an honest tithing i will open the windows of heaven and pour out the blessings. since the day he spoke it, it has not changed.
          he gave us the law of tithing.he gave us everything, he only asks us to give 10% back

        • Is not about money. She has her fame. That guy looks like one of the actor,
          who portray as Peter the apostle. Is sad that someone who is weak in faith,
          or who do not know the scripture, will take that to worship. Jesus is a
          true Hebrew Isrealites, that means he is of darker skin, not European, or
          today Jews. In Issiah 53:2, He has no form or comelineness; And when we
          see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him. We worship God
          in Spirit and in truth. No images of Him Exodus 20.

        • 1 Timothy 5:18
          For Scripture says, “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”

        • The book or paintings weren’t intended for money but to spread the word of god how they saw it when they had their near death experiences and there’s always going to be those people who put down the word of god and try to explain what they think heaven is but you can’t unless god wants you to, until then all you can do is have faith

        • Gullible? I suppose that depends on your interpretation of the word. Jesus said, “Unless you become as a little child you shall never see the kingdom of God.” The prophets say, “Behold a child shall lead them.” That’s what you’re seeing here Ralph, children leading adults into the Truth. Let me address their income and the paying of tithes. You say “Get the faithful to pony up ten percent of their income…” All we are doing is showing God that all we have belongs to Him. I’ve worked with people who have worked double shifts their entire time I worked there and I didn’t work any overtime unless I was forced to. My family had enough to pay the bills, necessities and have an occasional treat, like going out to eat or something. My fellow workers, the ones working double shifts, could barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. Why? God is why. We put our trust in God and He blesses us. Now this young lady and that young boy are “making a fortune over all this. This upsets you for what reason? If I make $1000 a week, then I tithe $100 dollars. Suppose I started selling books and making movies. I could be pulling in more than $25000 a week, possibly a lot more, and my tithe would be $2500. So the more one receives the more one is able to honor God with. They aren’t robbing the Temple. They are the Temple and prove so by their giving.

        • please, if you don’t make pure money through God’s name. is it now better to make it in the name of the devil?

        • I think it’s always better for people to keep quiet if they have nothing positive to say about others and situations. Inasmuch as we have freedom of speech, it’s not for indicting the innocent. Remember, your freedom to swing your arms ends where another’s nose begins. Be mature and objective in your comments please

      • Erik,

        I too have had personal experiences with God and I have no doubt her stories are true. As a scientist, I realize these experiences could simply be the product of an overactive imagination. However, to the people who have them, they are real and very beautiful. If more people had similar experiences to ours, there would not be as much grief and suffering in the world, as we see in our state and federal prisons and in Iraq and Syria today.

        Michelle Snowden

      • You know it amazes me how things about God or Heaven raise doubt in people’s minds. Anyway, Don, I understand. Knowledge of Christ and belief in Him are gifts of grace. No one can come to Christ unless the Father draw Him. I pray the light of Christ shines on you to dispel every doubt. Jesus is real and will reveal himself to you.

      • Well, it is a fact that the very young lad who clinically died twice (Read Heaven is for Real) describes he was in Heaven and say on Jesus lap and he could not find any drawing, painting or image of the Jesus he saw…until he saw a copy of “The Prince of Peace”. “Daddy! That’s Jesus!” a four year old cant make up stuff like that.

      • Erik, After reading both of these family’s experiences, I accept God’s word were it is written, He has smeared scales over, or removed the scales off the eyes of people. Isaiah 44:18 Acts 9:18

        All you have to do is — “Seek and You will Find!” 😉

    • For some no amount of “proof” will ever be enough; for others no “proof” is ever needed. The pharisees asked Jesus for a sign – for proof- too.

      Then some of the experts in the law along with some Pharisees answered him, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from you.” But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation asks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it …
      Matthew 12:38-39

        • Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and accept the free gift of eternal life
          and you will see “the man”. You will meet Jesus Christ himself.

          • You are exactly correct, Joseph…What an awakening it will be for the “unbelievers” when Jesus returns for the second time.

          • Anyone with a brain knows that Jesus was born in the Middle East of Middle Eastern parents. So why to our pictures picture him as being European? And in the movie Jesus having a blue and a green eye to boot. Probably because we don”t like the idea of our Jesus to look like a Muslim. We want him to look European or American. But if he existed, he was neither. He was Middle Eastern damnit. Get over it.

          • There are blue-eyed Jewish people. Paul Newman is one example. Also, Christians believe Mary was his mother, but Joseph was not the father; Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, who would presumably have at His disposal the entire gene-pool.

          • Hi
            Matthew (25)40-46
            these verses can be interpreted in many different ways by many people.
            I prefer to interpret it as we can see God in all we do to serve those around us and he sends up the people who need to be helped by us not only to better ourselves but to better them as well.
            The Carpenter that showed up to their home to do work I believe was sent by Heavenly father to best represent his son in the portrait work of this wonderful young woman who has found God in a unique way that is so much a gift from the father.

            40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

            41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

            42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

            43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

            44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

            45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

            46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

          • In response to the blue eyes nether Akiane’ or Colton could describe the color blue green is as close as the could get to what we know as color.

    • Read the book “Heaven is for Real”. Colton Burpo (who experienced being in Heaven) and Akaine did not know each other yet when Colton saw the picture Akaine had painted, he identified that picture as the Jesus he met when he was in Heaven. None of the other pictures he had seen of Jesus caused that same reaction.

    • who would benefit from a ‘promo’ for Christianity in this story? There is no money involved, no one asking you to believe. It doesnt matter if you believe or not to anyone but God, Jesus and you. Why would anyone need to prove it to you?

      • No money involved?????? The father is makinga fortune in royalties from the bookand the movie. The girl is selling her paintings for large sums of money.

        • Let’s suppose that Ralph is correct. Let’s assume that these people are only interrested in money. And that they’re just “using Jesus and God” soley for the sake of profit. Pefectly willing to sell their souls and that of their children for money alone. Rather presumptious wouldn’t you say? Just as if I were to make a movie about the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr. and make millions off of the movie, I too, could be accused of “using” him as well. So, anyone who profits from telling a story, whether real or not, whether sincere or not, should be frowned upon. Christians are not allowed to be anything other than destitute. Only Muslims, Jews and others are allowed self gain. Right?

          Good intentions or not. There is a distinct difference between most wealthy Christians and all of the rest:

          Whenever Christians come into money, that’s usually great news for most everyone. Christians donate more money, time and materials than any other religion on the planet. How often has ‘Ralph” heard of any Muslim or Jewish Foundation donating, millions upon millions of dollars to victims of a Tsunami, an Earth Quake, Aids, Wars and or Disease? It’s always those rascally, evil and up to no good money grubbing Christians to come to the rescue. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion. Now you know mine.

          • John you crack me up!!! That last statement reminded me so much of my brother and his personality.

            But very true Brother! Very True. Been reading all these post and that what one right there made the most sense to me.

        • People with skills and talent have sold their wares forever… Why is it an issue that they are selling this? If they were making films and books and paintings about something else, would you care? Is it that u believe they are selling a lie? If so why would that be wrong? I’m sorry that your questions have prompted ridiculous harmful statements from people who profess JESUS, who patrionise you by saying that they are praying for you, after attacking you for your opinion)… I’m not interested in condemning you Ralph, just wondering why it bothers you so much?

    • it’s all true: there is a book available also at Chapters, and minister Paul Keith Davis did a dvd, interviewing her and her folks…showing her painting,etc…take a look at her own website…be blessed…whatsoever things are lovely,kind and of a good report- think on THOSE things…

    • Seek Him for yourself and He Will Reveal Him Self to you if with an Honest Heart & Mind seek – He is not a religion He is not a denomination He is not an imagination either – He Is God – and when you with all of your heart seek HIM & Call out to Him and Humble yourself to His Reality – then you will know for yourself – BUT – if your heart is hard and your mind is closed and your spirit is unwilling than how can you say you really cared about knowing if this is a scam – Akiana has nothing to prove nothing to hide and nothing to say but The Truth and is growing in Him who is The Only Way to allow us to come before The Fathers Throne Room of His Grace and Unlimited Love –

      • This is beautifully written. It is by “faith” not by proof that we believe. Without “faith” no man can please God…it is written. One day, everyone will be believers, but for many it will be too late. I encourage the non-believers to watch the “Left Behind” series and then look at the times we now live in. My niece at the age of 12 told me she did not believe in God or Jesus. I asked her if she believe in the Devil? She said no, and that night she had two demons visit her. She was so frightened she went and slept in her cousin’s room. Next day she told me, and I said “well C****, you said you don’t believe in the Devil, and he made himself real to you.” She cupped her hands and said “I believe…I believe…”. It was comical actually to me, but her encounter was very real to her. To this day she does not toy with the notion of unbelief.

    • Have faith thats how you know that shes not lying and that shes telling the truth and besides when you are a follower of Jesus and God you try not to lie, you try to obey Him because you love Him. What do you have to loose by believing in them? Don’t you want to have that feeling of being loved by the most powerful being that ever was and ever will be?

    • Don, Ask God to prove it to you. Tell him you want to know the truth. He always honors our desire to know the truth about him. And when he reveals it to you, you’ll know in your heart. Funny thing is, some other skeptic will say, that’s not proof, that’s just what you feel or think or believe. But you will know.

      Blessing to you, sojourner!

    • Read Heaven is For Real…book by a 4 year old who went to Heaven. From there you will know this is not a promo.

    • Dude seriously a promo for christianty ? Wat do you have between your ears ? Do yourself a favour and read heaven is for real by todd burpo where a young boy confirms the painting . How els would she get the picture so acurate

    • You don’t know Don, but that is what faith is all about. Look and feel deep within your gut and ask for the truth and that will be the truth. Good luck to you Don. I believe.

    • You’re asking us? How about you find the answer? Belief is an individual matter. We can’t make you believe – you either do or don’t. If you’re trying to believe go do your home work, keep looking, keep knocking, keep seeking and the door will be open to you. The closer you get to God the more open your heart is.

    • One of my friends had an asthma attack. She died and they revived her. She went to heaven and when she came back, she almost immediatly sketched out a drawing of how she saw Jesus. The sketch looked almost exactly like the picture this girl drew.

      • Beth, your story of your friend is much like mine. I apparently died in the night about 14 years ago. I was in HEAVEN for a very short time. Words can hardly describe what it is like.
        I saw fascinating colors, was standing on street of crystal, saw the beautiful River of Life, heard the Rushing wind, saw cathedral type walkways,etc. JESUS appeared to me. He
        looks exactly like the picture Akiane painted. I had not seen this portrait until 10 years after, and almost burst into tears when I saw it. It is HIM. God does not force us to believe in HIS one and only Son. But it is the only way into heaven. Those that don’t believe, please get a Bible and begin studying. Upon death, there will only be heaven or hell. It’s your choice.

    • Don, you need your own personal encounter with Jesus. It is simple. Get on your knees and ask him to reveal himself to you. Give your life to him and acknowledge that he can manage it best. Sin separates us from the life of Avinu Shabashamayim (Heavenly Father) so confess this to Him and ask Him to cleanse you so that you hear and see Him clearly.

      Welcome to your new life in Jesus. The Way, The Truth and The Life.

    • I believe that our lord and savior chooses special people to spread the word and the truth. I’m always happy to hear when stories like this come up, it gives hope. Trust in the lord with all your might and everything will come together. Jesus is the way.

    • I am not a religious fanatic but as I read the following excerpt (below) this morning, it made me pause and think that we should humble ourselves and rather than question everything (which is easy), try believing. Believing requires intelligence and an open mind. Innocent children do not lie and it appears that maybe, just maybe there are bigger stakes on the table than trying to prove oneself right. How many 4 to 9 year olds have the gift of painting? Seems pretty miraculous to me.

      Excerpt from God’s Daily Promise:

      What is the worst sin we can commit?

      And when he comes, he will convince the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment.

      John 16:8 NLT

      The worst sin

      What would you consider the worst sin you could commit? Adultery? Stealing? Murder? You might be surprised by the answer the Bible gives.

      The worst sin — and the one with the most far-reaching consequences — is this: to refuse to believe in Jesus Christ.

    • How do you know it wasn’t made up is the larger question. So many are so quick to be skeptical of something being valid rather then invalid. Seems backwards to me. If it is invalid, what will you lose by believing it? Nothing. If it is valid and you did not credit it What will you lose? The potential opening forwards your bed in heaven, putt as simply as possible. It seems that giving faith a small opening in your soul to try to listen to the Lord’s guidance just might g have more gain than loss.

    • Don, you don’t… God and Jesus cannot be explained. It is personal for us. We cannot show you. It is a “Faith Thing” God will show you who He is for those truly wanting to know, just ask Him if he’s real or not. I didn’t believe or cared to believe and I would argue with anyone who said He was real! Until someone told me to ask Jesus if He was real or not. I asked but I didn’t want to know at first and I never got any answers so I assumed as I always did it was a sham for over 20 years this was my proof that He didn’t exist! One day something personal happened to me and I wanted to know for real with all I was and He answered me! When you truly want an answer when you are ready for the answer ask… When you ask Him from the right place in your heart, He will show you and you will know the truth….. No one can tell you or show you otherwise, we cannot manifest Him for you, or prove anything and we don’t have to, God’s words are foolish to those who don’t want the truth, even when it is right before your eyes… We know, that we know, that we know God is real and no one can tell us otherwise! NO ONE!! Just as we can’t tell you He does…. This is why they call it Faith and personal! I pray one day your ready ready and find out for yourself….

    • Because God cannot bless a lie, and no Christian would lie to “prove” God.
      For myself, I let Him prove Himself, and defend His OWN reputation, He is well able.
      I do not worry about who “believes” and who doesn’t – its their choice.
      Having said that I do understand that question though, I was once lost and with Jesus and thought Christianity was a crock..but meeting the Lord changed that.
      N o one wants to convince you of anything.
      Its your choice.
      Hopefully you will give Him a chance, all the same!

    • If I were to imagine how to describe the color of our Lords eyes they would be a mix of the earths greenest greens and the skies bluest blues for when HE made them both HE saw only good things ahead. When I visited Israel and took a boat on the Galilee imagining being on the water just me and our Lord peacefully discussing how to deal with this world until HE comes back to set it all straight, and personally I can’t wait but he says we have to for HIS name sake. So for all the nonbelievers on earth the only thing to say is, when you see HIM coming in the clouds you will know the true color of HIS eyes, for when he looks into your eyes and reads your heart then you will know as HE whispers your name you are HIS and then you will believe. Would like to say a few words to Michelle Snowdon I see where she posted, I love your Son for what he’s doing wish my 3 Sons could be as BRAVE as yours, and let him know every time I have trouble with my phone or computer instead of kicking them out the window I scream “Snowden Snowden where are you” please come help me screw with THEM like they screw with me. And thanks so much to Akiane for painting our Lords image, I think HE is just to handsome for words. XXXO


      • No I don’t read the bible. I have already read it. I now read a fun book- well, books. All books. Scientific books. Mighty interesting.

    • How do you know that any story or News Report is true? They are all equally plausible, but you only think to question it when it has to do with religion. Come on, don’t doubt something just because it has the name Jesus in it. If it was about aliens, you would probably believe it!

    • A friend of mine saw this story and the painting and sent it to her nephew who lives in Canada as is 22 years old now. When he was 3 he fell on a coffee table and pierced his oesophegas he stopped breathing for a time and when he was revived and came out of the anesthetic he told his mother he was playing with Jesus and some puppies.
      When my friends nephew saw this painting 19 years later he cried on the phone and said that’s the man I was playing with when I played with the puppies.
      I believe there is something beautiful after life on earth and a higher being

    • Ask Jesus to come in your heart and forgive your sins. Ask him to show himself to you and he will. You will see him even though you can not. Then you will realize that only the true and living son of God can do this. Ask God to prove he is alive and he will. Seek him and you will find him. Knock and the door will be open. Ask and you will receive the gift of everlasting life. Everyone and thing around you has a story from a laugh to a baby’s cry. From the wind blowing across the grass or through your hair. You feel the wind, you see the effects upon the blades of grass however you can not see the wind. Even with smoke you can not see the wind. I ask you this. What harm will it do for you to try? You have a bigger risk from not trying.

    • Akiane herself does not promote any particular denomination. As she always states, her family was initially atheist. Akiane’s visions alone came through her dreams. She knew nothing of religion, Christianity or God. Today, her individual family members all have their own special and individual belief systems.
      I feel that Akiane’s beautiful artwork says it all. For a small child to feel so compelled to paint such detailed paintings of heaven and earth, the source of her true inspiration must have come from God.

    • Don because Jesus said ,narrow is the path and few that will be that find it ..but broad is the path that leads to destruction and many be that will find it .. he also said man will rationalise his way to hell.. he also said that to some i give one talent and to another two and to another three and if you use your talents more will i add unto you but if you do not i will even take the ones you have away …Don you know how you can know for sure ..james 1 chapter 5 if any of you lake wisdom let him ask of God. that giveth to all men liberally , and upbraideth not and it shell be given him… in plain English get down on your knees and pray to God if she is real or not and he will reveal it to you .but pray with a sincere heart with real intent and it will be revealed unto you ..

    • Don… open your heart to Jesus and then you will know. The feelings and warmth that flood your heart and soul the moment you do that have no words to describe them. Prayers go out to you Don!

    • Well Don,,in 1965, i was 5 yrs old. My family were Chotholic. There were no paintings nor crosses on the walls.I’ve never been to church. I didn’t know about Jesus, Mary, Or nothing religious. One night while in my bed I saw some one or thing sitting on a gas brick heater.The heater was lit and very hot.There was a golden reddish light all about the wall,-behind the heater. I fell out of my bed, and crawled to the vision,Iwas walking at that time, but could”nt . The feeling inside me wasn”t fear, but ecsticy. I could”nt speak. As I got closer, there in front of me was – still to this day – the most beautiful child. The hair was gold, the eyes were large and brilliant teal. The clothes, silver, all in one , and closed toe sandles that lased up the calves. We stared at each other, didn’t speak.The child smiled at me, and then drifted up the wall and disappeared. The heat from the gas heater hit me, I fell back wards. My dad found me laying there still. I tried to tell him of it but he said it was a dream. Several nights later,I was in the same bed. Our bedroom door was open,always. For some reson I awakened, seeing a yellow golden light entering in getting brighter and brighter. A man in a white gown, holding a golde candle holder , with lit candle, walking along side the wall. The light was bright . The man had reddish-brown hair with a short beard.With a thin golden belt around his waist. It seemed to take him a long time to cross the room, and then disappeared into the corner of the room. Light and all. The next morning I told every one. Day and night I spoke of it. My grandmother and great grandmother lived next to us. My great grandmother heard of it and several days after the visions, she put me on her lap and put this big, scarlet book on my laps. While sitting in her favorate rocker; she said to me, as she opened the book, going through the pages; “tell me if you see those that you seen in your room ? As I was looking at the pictures she was showing me, and there were lots of them, I seen the child and pointed him out, and then the man. Both were dressed and looked the same. She was astonished, and told me that the book was the Bible, and the two figures I had pointed out , Jesus, as a child, and a man.!! I”ve seen divine, and demonic visions after that. So”””,is Jesus real?? I’d like to go on, but this is long enough.!! If I were to tell you all of what I”ve seen and felt,,It would lead into a book..Through all I”ve been through, I will leave you with this”It is impossible for me to say there is no Jesus, and God does”nt exist !! There is no way I can make you or any one else believe !!It is up to the individual to do it !!And to do that you must give your complete heart to HIM !! In prayer and in tears, until He touches you. And then you will know .

      • Riviere,J. Via Shepherd’s Chapel, Gravette Arkansas -THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE OF JESUS- Translated report from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar. While Christ was about 3oyrs old. An agent of Pilate observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calming addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily suspected, because there was such a great difference between Him and those listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave his appearance a celestial aspect. Never have I ever seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His listeners with their black beards and tawny complexions. Another spy/observer reported that; never before has he ever seen the works of other philosophers come close compared to the teachings of Jesus. He made a deep impression upon me and everyone because of His kindness, simplicity, humility and love.

    • Sorry, but what a looser! It doesn’t have to be a promo for Christianity, can’t you just appreciate the beauty in the creation????

    • In 2012 the morning of a major surgery I was woken from a so real life dream and I was walking with this same Jesus in a weird stone garden I have never seen before. I can still see this exact Jesus 4 years later! After surgery I was to be unconscious And on major pain meds. Instead I awakened and got out of bed with out ever taking pain meds and was discharged a few days later. Dr. Said he has never witnessed this before! It is your choice to believe or not to. Man does not listen to God he listens to himself!

    • Well you know that this is not a promo for Christianity because she stated …. “Since nobody told me who God was, I found God myself. He’s been there for me through the years. I don’t belong to any denomination or religion. I belong to God.”- Akiane

    • Don, If everyone believed it to be true, then we are all saved, but this would be like passing a test absolved.

      That’s the power of Faith; Believing, without seeing the true first hand…

    • “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

    • Gee, good point, BUT! It is real, because Akiane said that it was, and that’s enough for me. If she said she saw Him, then she saw Him. There’s nothing else to it!

    • Dear Don

      After my husband passed away at aged 46 from cancer, my 5 years old boy has had 3 visits to heaven in his dreams, & 2 more encounters with Jesus through hearing His voice. All of this happened in the early days of my late husband’s death, & no more encounters have happened since, & certainly none before my husband’s death. My boy hardly knew about God before his dad passed away as I was literally a non-practicing Christian back then, & my husband was the whole time a Buddhist up until he became a Christian, just 3 months before he passed away.

      In front of my sister, & with a camera in hand, I showed my little boy dozens of images of Jesus from the Internet, which I was convinced would be very
      alike Jesus Himself. My boy would continually shake his head to indicate that the photos/images were no where near what Jesus really looks like. When I finally showed him the painting of Jesus which Akiane has painted – as featured in the “Heaven is For Real” book, my little boy immediately confirmed that that face was Jesus Himself. In disbelief, I continued to flash more “Jesus photos” on my phone which were from the Internet to my son. He continued to discount those photos as being alike Jesus, & kept pointing back to the painting of Jesus featured in the abovementioned book, & kept insisting that that very painting was the only accurate face of Jesus. Now, if 3 different children in different parts of the world (we live in Australia) – have independently confirmed that the ONE photo/image is the only accurate face of Jesus – I strongly believe that this should speak beyond volumes in answering your question!

      By the way, since I am a keen collector of memories, I happened to have recorded on camera the very time I asked my 5 years old son (in front of my sister) to testify the face of Jesus Whom he has seen in his dreams – the dreams in which he sees his daddy in heaven with God by his side. If you wish to watch this footage, I will be happy to arrange for you to watch this. My little boy’s encounters with Jesus & the very unique & real & incredible details in his encounters have brought me back to God. I know my story will touch lives by bringing more people to knowing that God & heaven IS FOR REAL! This is why I came to more readily accept what has happened to me & my family.

      Uyen Tran

      • WOW, that’s beautiful! Wish I could see that video. Also, I am so impressed with this incredible artist and her skill. How awsome is our God!

    • As with all beliefs in the Atheist religion, this story will always be denied because it is more proof of God. For anyone asking to “substantiate” how often do you ask scientists to prove even the atom exists despite having no evidence of it except for pictures DRAWN by electron microscopes. I could come on here and say, “Jesus and God are fake, I’m a scientist (which I actually am by the way) and we are all pudding” and an Atheist would believe it without even asking if I exist. What a sad religion.

    • Oh Don and others who doubt or have questions, for Christ lives, I promote people to believe because I have my own sacred witnesses. But I didn’t received those because of my faith. But perhaps pray about it. Or if you are seeking proof of Christ, just look at the life on earth, the planets, stars and universe. No explosion like a big bang could have created such beauty, just like a bomb cant create an animal or birth baby. The flowers blooming, the planets, the water molecules respond with words. I know because I have seen many places that aren’t familiar with others for her art. But if these things dont help than hopefully you can just believe in a life of spreading unconditional love. This is to all who may read this.

      Best of love greatest of blessings


      • Thomas himself denied Christ’s resurrection to His disciples. Later, it was Thomas who said upon Christ’s sudden miraculous appearance in an upper room whose gates and doors were barred, “Unless I see the nail marks in His [wrists] and thrust my hands in His side, I will not believe.” Thomas didn’t have to touch, he simply recognized who Jesus was and proclaimed, “My Lord and my God.” Jesus told Thomas that he was blessed for his belief after seeing; but he also said “more blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed!”

        • I agree with you Mark. When does one truly believe? To see and then believe or believe and you will see? Remember that Jesus and God like to test us most of the time but that doesn’t give us the privilege to doubt him. Don’t doubt, put your faith in “HIM” after all “HE” put his faith and give his undying LOVE to save us by giving “HIS” Beloved SON to us. Don’t be like ” Doubting Thomas” … “someone who refuses to believe something without physical evidence or direct personal experience. In other words, a person without faith.”
          Excerpt From: Heaven is for real. So Have Faith before it’s to late…

    • Seek and you will find. We are not here to convince, only to reveal, love, and forgive all. No substantiation is needed when the Holy Spirit is with you. “But you have had the Holy Spirit poured out on you by Christ, and so all of you know the truth. I write you, then, not because you do not know the truth; instead, it is because you do know it, and you also know that no lie ever comes from the truth.” (1 John 2:20, 21)

    • Don, I have read a lot of the answers people have written to about you comment on the art of a child. It sounds to me like you are a Christian man very much like I was. I made claim to the title of Christian because I knew about God and about Jesus and all the stories about them in the bible. But you know Satan also knows everything I have just told you about God and Jesus, the biggest difference between me and Satan at that time was the fact that when I heard the name of Jesus, it didn’t bother me, and I ever used His name in cursing others, but when Satan hears the name of Jesus, he and all the demons (fallen angels) tremble with fear. We humans ha the unique ability to be absolutely stupid about how we relate to God the Father and to Jesus, His Son. It wasn’t until I finally woke up, and discovered that I needed Jesus in my life in a PERSONAL way. That is when I really became a Christian. All the years before that, I thought I was a Christian, but if I had died, I would have gone straight to Hell. No other options. If you have really accepted Jesus into your heart, and accepted what He did for you personally on that cross, then I will gladly believe that your are truly a Christ follower. You seem to want more proof than is necessary, I also hope for your sake that you are not one of those fence sitting Christians who Jesus will say to them “depart from me, I never knew you”. Just thought you’d like to know. Gordon Sattler,Christ (JESUS) follower.

      • Gordon Sattler, No need to worry about me being a “fence sitting christian”. My heart is well established in the Lord. Yet, all it takes, is Faith knowing that, with a dying person’s last breath says. “Jesus I accept you as my Lord and Saviour” boom your saved! Even then for all the people in this world who have never seen or heard of the Bible/Christ, there is the Millennium. A time of teaching and discipline. No Faith required, “A DO-OVER!!” That which was hidden will be revealed. Our Father is a Righteous Father! 😉

    • It’s a beautiful story that may start others thinking about Jesus and eternity…Someone will be saved for all eternity because of this story.

    • As with all beliefs in the Atheist religion, this story will always be denied because it is more proof of God. For anyone asking to “substantiate” how often do you ask scientists to prove even the atom exists despite having no evidence of it except for pictures DRAWN by electron microscopes. I could come on here and say, “Jesus and God are fake, I’m a scientist (which I actually am by the way) and we are all pudding” and an Atheist would believe it without even asking if I exist. What a sad religion.

  1. Akiane has received coverage by CNN, Diane Sawyer of ABC, Oprah, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and many other prominent journalists who have top researchers at their disposal. If there was a hoax involved, it would have been uncovered.

    • Using mainstream media as a reference is the most foolish things you can use, as they make a living based on lies. If you don’t believe it, just look at American society.

      For all those so called Christians that belong to your group, they attend church every weekend and spend their life screwing others (especially politicians).

      Most of you sound like radical Muslims putting down and judging anyone that questions your fairy tales stories.

      Christians judge other and as long as you do that, you will only preserve the myth that inner-peace comes from self-righteousness. As long as you keep dividing humanity with your prejudices, they establishment wins, for their brainwashing keeps going strong…

      An open mind will help you convince many others rather than repeating non-stop bible’s verses (made by men to control the sheep).

      Until the 1400s, Christianity was a pagan religion and it’s only when the Vatican took over and through fear and torture (inquisition), that they started to spread the stuff you keep repeating like robots.

      Don’t let ignorance win…

      Though there may not be much use, I leave you with this:

      “Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.”

      Robert Anton Wilson

      • whoa! talk about a narrow world view. somebody needs a hug and prayer. good luck man with that dude! this comment is truly reactionary – probably a victim of too much media – as well. anyway, this sheep bids you a good day. God Bless and cheers.

      • I question your knowledge of history. Where did you learn that “Until the 1400″s Christianity was a pagan religion ….”. I was tracking with your skepticism until you showed ignorance of basic western civilization. Instead of an honest thinker you seem more like a angry (frightened) mocker.

      • Robert, you do not know the girl who painted these marvelous paintings, nor do you know me. To say that all Christians believe in fairy tales and that we’re all delusional is the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard—now that I know the Truth. I used to think like you AND if I had read your post before Jesus revealed Himself to me I promise your words would have given me faith to keep believing the Bible was untrue and that Christians were liars. Not every Christian knows Jesus in an intimate, personal way and only focus on being religious and are just overall misguided people, but some do know Jesus and it is possible to know Jesus right here, right now. You can think youself intellectually superior to Christians all the way to hell where there is weeping a gnashing of teeth and feels as real as it would here on earth. It won’t feel like a dream. You will feel, smell, bleed, break bones, gasp for air as you would on earth. Hell is a real place and Jesus is really God. Since this is a fact I suggest you humble yourself and ask God from your heart that if He is out there to show you the truth because this isn’t a game of pretend.

        • Hannah,
          I love what your reply to Robert was! Whats so awesome is that God isn’t OUT there! God is in all of us through the Holy Spirit! We only need to seek him with in our selves. He’s always & already there for us. Blessings!

      • Belief (the Greek word in the new testament means unwavering trust) is all tied up in faith. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” If this were as you say a cult it would’ve died out a long time ago. Yes, until the “Reformation” started by martin Luther, Papal influence across Europe was responsible for the murder, torture and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands, many of them Evangelical who were more than willing to pay the ultimate price for their faith. The Bible is an “integrated message system from beyond our time domain, authored by a Creator who simply wants to have a personal relationship with his creation: that’s YOU! Whether or not you chose to believe in what it cost God for that relationship is entirely up to you. Akiane has been given a gift. God gives gifts to all that are His. I pray you find yours. Romans 1 says that “man’s wisdom (“intelligence?”) to God is foolishness.” It is also true that man has done more damage to the cause of Christ than anyone else apart from Satan himself. “It is God’s will that none be condemned, but that all come to repentance.” Again, it’s up to you.

        • Just a small comment on the greek if I may, but the word belief in greek means belief. I dont mean to make a big deal out of that its just that I am greek and i had to mention that.

      • i will pray for you charlie. what came 1st the chicken or the egg? you cant have one without the other! yet you do. in the begining god made everything.

      • Jesus was here for you, He died for you, He rose again for you, He lives for you, and He will return for you. Search history, the Bible, philosophers, historians, even scientists. They know He lives… You don’t have to go very far, He is there…

      • Charlie
        1. The bible says that we are not to judge others because we are not worthy to judge and the only one worthy to judge is God himself because he and he alone is perfect.
        2. True Christianity is not the belief of salvation upon self-righteousness but salvation upon grace. The bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god. None of us deserved heaven but JESUS DIED ON A CROSS SO THAT WE WOULD BE ABLE TO ENTER. It is through GOD’S GRACE only that one may enter into heaven. Don’t let all the false prophets and fake Christians sway your view on the Christian lifestyle.
        Belief is not the death of intelligence but the foundation of salvation. I pray that one day your idealistic ignorance of the word of God will be cleared and you will e exposed to the truth of the word and that is Jesus Christ.
        Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.- john 14:6

      • Don’t come onto something so sacred and precious as this and spout your unbelief in pride. No one wants to hear you. Please find a “good” aetheist site and hang out with people of your own kind.


      • Jesus followers are to spread the gospel… not make you believe in it. If you don’t, then you don’t. If I am a fool for believing, then I am a fool. Why do you have a problem with that?

  2. Highly unlikely that Jesus, a first century ethnic Jew with a very strong Israeli ancestral pedigree, would have blue eyes. Great art. But for a more likely “look” at what Jesus Christ may have looked like visit any Eastern Orthodox Church and look at an icon of Christ. The earliest icons of Christ have been reported early in the first century and are remarkably unchanged in image 2000 years later. Great story, but probably not very accurate in terms of likeness of Jesus.

    • Jesus was not conceived from a “normal” human connection. Because of this, hereditary/genetic factors do not carry the same weight. The Creator of Jesus was God the Father. It would stand to reason that He could decide to make Jesus look however he wanted.

      • Lisa,
        Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:
        But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:
        And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:
        That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
        And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.phil 2:6-11
        And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.1john 5:20
        That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him.john5:23

    • John,
      How would You know what Jesus’s likeness is? maybe his eyes are the color of water, who knows? Maybe that is why she cant describe it and it would be very hard for a child of 4 or even 8 to describe something they have never seen before…. i’m not certain, that he would look like any of us envisions him to look regardless of where in the world he was born….Why is it so hard for humans to believe that another human had a vision or heard his voice? is it because he didnt come to you or speak to you???

    • John, I totally agree with what an ethnic Jew looked like in ancient times. But remember, even his disciples didn’t quite recognize him on the beach after his resurrection. That would be the Jesus that these two children saw and are depicting. I love the paintings they are somehow penetrating to me.

      • Exactly. Jesus has a glorified and resurrected body. Jesus today probably has skin that glows like gold and has perfect white teeth and eyes that are transfixing…which is different than what He looked like before His death because He had a regular physical body like the rest of us. I’ve never seen Jesus but when I saw this painting I just knew inside this is the closest image to what Jesus really looks like.

    • Not true – King David also had blue eyes and red hair – as many other Jews do as well – besides since God Reveals Himself through all of nature and He Himself is Looking Down – so to speak -at us even now – why is it then that in nature the sky is colored Blue? Have you ever given that any thought?

    • My thought is that His resurrection changed a few things. All the wounds – save the marks in His hands and feet, and His side – were gone, so it seems reasonable to me that His eyes could be whatever colour He needs them to be now.

    • He is the Son of God his eyes can be whatever color God wants them to be and You didnt read the part when Akiane said Jesus’ eyes were a color never seen on earth before.

    • got news for u …i have been to the Holy Land and met many true, full-blooded Jews on my trip there and there were many with blue eyes!!!…seeing is believing!…

    • jesus can have any color eyes he wants to have. it just so happens they are blue. are you forgetting that God created the heavens and the earth and man. if you believe in God and you have him in your heart then you don’t have to question if his eyes are blue green pink gold .i believe because i feel it is him.

    • To Me Its Normal For God To Have sky blue,green eyes to me its earthy and it brings out life 😀 and if you look in to them it makes you feel warm and happy inside O.O

    • Yes, it would make sense that the God of the universe and His Son would be inexplicably “normal.” Good luck with that.

  3. I think this story is wonderful. God works in ways beyond our understanding. This little girl had no idea who God was and through her simple life He was revealed to her. She was given the opportunity to know Gods love and inspire others through her story.

  4. I believe this girl experienced these visions and now is a christian because God was reaching out to her in this way and she heard him and saw him for his purpose for her life. Do not doubt what she has done; i believe in my heart and spirit this is real; ordained by God to reach others for Christ. Just pray and ask God to reveal the same to you and see how your life will change.

  5. God is wonderous!! If He wanted Jesus to have blue eyes he would have blue eyes! According to Colton Burpo who met Jesus in Heaven, Jesus had blue green eyes, and since he met him in person I feel we should believe him, and since Akiane has had visions of Heaven and Jesus she should be believed as well. God bless us all! I pray one day that everyone believes in our blessed God and in his son Jesus.

    • Right on Sis – I also had a Vision of Jesus and His Eyes were the most Amazing radient Blue Eyes – Soooo Full of Love – Love I have never ever seen in any one since then – Sooo much Love – I Sill have His Face vivedly in my mind – exspecially his Blue Eyes –

  6. Why do we concern ourselves with saying Jesus looks like this or that? Jesus can look any way he wants. He is the Savior and not bound by the same rules as man.

    • We like to imagine what Jesus looks like so we can talk to him not just as our savior but as a man..

    • Agreed…I believe that when a white man looks at Jesus, he will see a white Jesus; when an African looks at Jesus, he will see an African Jesus; when a Chinese man looks at Jesus, he will see a Chinese Jesus, etc., etc., etc.,…………………………..

  7. Don, I am also a Christian, and personally I believe that this story is true because I do believe that there are child prodigies in the world today. However, whether it is or isn’t, this doesn’t change my relationship with God. So Ifind no need to invest time questioning it. We all go to Heaven (and account for what we have or have not done) one at a time. So even though I am an accountant for an international company, my daily focus is on the Lord.

  8. Great story. I personally love art…so it grabbed my attention off the bat. Her skill is amazing. I’m intrigued by the discussions so far and understand the doubt. We’re in the ‘flesh.’ But as I read the story, it’s not much different from the stories where my God talked to Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Saul/Paul, David, Deborah, Mary, Joseph, Joseph of the old Testament, Peter, John…or anyone else who had visions and personal discussions with God. My God, as I read about Him in the Bible is very capable of showing himself in anyway necessary for someone to be able to come into a relationship …eternal relationship… with Him. The end result for this young lady is summed up in one phrase that overshadows the whole “news” story. “Jesus remains my highest authority, love, and God…” If that statement is true, then God’s way of connecting with her, no matter color of painted eyes or amount of artistic skill or characteristics of her parents matter. She is now a disciple and messenger of God who is using her in great ways…and she’s not ashamed about it. 🙂 Should encourage us all to share our own stories as well.


  9. I am a total Christian and an artist and I can’t imagine seeing my savior and trying to paint him!!!! This girl has courage beyond MY understanding. I look forward to meeting her and all of you one day. Praise God!!!

  10. I had the privilege of visiting Akiane and her mother in 2009 at their home. We spent about two hours there. She showed me her paintings and took the time to explain each one. I was a “nobody” – not a reporter, not a celebrity, not clergy – yet she was completely accessible, humble and thrilled to answer any questions without pretense. She was a little girl who was having a total blast with her art and loved sharing it with anyone who cared to look. I was stunned – by her talent of course, but even more because she exuded such genuine joy and love. I believe her story because she is obviously someone who has been with Jesus!

    • That is Too Cool ! ! !
      So Great to hear that someone has such great Love for our Gods Sons and is Humble to boot – that is just Great – glad to hear it – she radiates His Love – Awsome ! ! !

  11. This story is so inspiring. I think Jesus looks really cute! I have read dozens of accounts of people describing the physical features of Jesus after seeing visions of Him or visiting Heaven and talking him personally. Akiane’s Painting here confirms many of my previous reads. Amazing!

  12. There is no way for any one person to say what our Lord looks like. Today, he may look just like what she painted, and tomorrow, to someone else he may look like someone else. He is God! The carpenter that she chose to use as a model, who is to say that was not Him, or an angel coming to fulfill her prayer requests? Who are we, little people we are, to say God can only do this, or do that? We are truly small, powerless and our God is truly the creator of every single thing that is out there, and beyond what we can see. All that there is, is by Him, the universe, and the things that we cannot see, are all created by the Living God! I find her paintings to be incredible not just as art, but as tools for some to see what others see by only faith. Yet, on top of her paintings, the deeper truth remains. At an early age, she was having a personal relationship with our savior! Remember, it is by faith we believe in our God. I find that the greatest part of her story is a story for all of us; that Christ desires to have a relationship with each and every single one of us. He is not being selective. He chooses to have a relationship with all of us. The things that will hold us back is jealousy, and other issues. I am not jealous of her relationship, I am inspired deeper and will as well, do all that I can to deepen my relationship with the God that I truly love. And, there is only 1 God, 1 Son, Jesus. I believe in Him, and His amazing, incredible deep merciful love that awaits all of us, no matter what we have said, or no matter the depth of sin we have walked in. I pray, that every person on this planet would one day, have a relationship with Jesus!

    • Well said Matthew. I too, find it amazing that God desires to have a relationship with each of us independent of religion and tradition. I also find it fantastic that God has created a witness for Akiane and Colton in each other’s testimony. God loves to produce witnesses to testify of His presence and wonder. Jesus is my king and I am grateful to my God for that truth. The reality is that I see God everyday in all his glory all around us. Today I saw Him in the mercy given in loss and in the laughter of a disabled child. God’s mercy and love is all around us if we are humble enough to offer it. May the Lord open the eyes of the hardened and soften their hearts…..for the will and glory of God.

  13. It is written, out of the mouths of babes, thou hast ordained perfect praise. My sheep know my voice, anyone who doubts the voice, then should examine their place as a sheep. Its amazing that Jesus should reveal himself to a baby, a heart unadulterated by the theology of this world and the prejudice of denomination. My take out is to seek him as an individual, to know him in the silence of one’s heart before the loudness of the congregation drowns out the truth of his beauty.

  14. If you need more evidence of how awesome this is, read “Heaven is for Real” about Colton Burpo. As stunning as the artwork this girl can paint, the encounter Colton has had with heaven is as incredible – and he also pointed out, with no prompting and after looking at other portraits of Jesus over around 3 years, that was what Jesus looked like.

  15. I also love the model that Akiane used for the portrait came to them AS A CARPENTER looking for work. God has such a sense of Humor!

    • Agreed!!! So often Jesus is painted without a smile and solemn. However I can say from personal experience that he has the best sense of humor ever!!! 🙂

    • May be it was Jesus – ever read the paper back written in the 1980’s ? called Joshua – check it out – it will make you wonder if in fact the carpenter who showed up at her house was not in deed Jesus Him Self ! ! !

  16. As an outreach our church has a book study and the Burpo book was one we recently finished. What amazed me was that the lad kept rejecting pictures of Christ as the individual he spent time with in Heaven until he saw this picture. There are brown eyed and blue eyed people all around the planet, one is always more prevailant but none are cast as definite without exception.

  17. I saw this story about a year ago now and was similarly skeptical until…I went to her website ( WOW is all I can say. This girl is a Wunderkind in regards to her art. What blows my mind is how big her paintings are. These aren’t 8×10’s folks…they are 3’x4′ and up. I do have one comment in regards to her impression of Jesus. I had a dear friend pass recently. She is and was the most spiritual person I know. On her deathbed she sat up and started speaking to “someone”. Everyone realized she was speaking to her Lord and Saviour, Jesus. She described Him as having long white hair, a glow around his head but she couldn’t see his face. She also said he was BIG and very loud. I believe in my heart and soul she saw Jesus. I look forward to the day I can do the same.

    • She may have seen Jesus in His Holy State – when God gave me a Vision of Jesus His Body was as the color of Silver – which represents Purity – but His eyes were/are Bright Blue –

    • If you read Colton Burpo’s story, that sounds more like his description of God. Pretty amazing story; worth the read!

  18. I cant believe that god or Jesus showed visions and dreams to a 4 year old girl that didn’t know about god wow:].GOD IS GOOD.

    • No way !!! Not only was it confirmed by Colton, how would she just start painting these things at random in a sepereated, aetheist home? But to be quite honest who cares??? The point is that he came. We humans are always wanting more info but we’ll just have to wait!!!

    • Very likely the case. Not only was she born into poverty, But her father had A catholic background. This is important because he now identifies as an atheist. So, its already obvious to him, much alike anyother atheist, That religion is influential. (Christianity topping the charts for most commonly accpeted religious veiw in america its obivious why A hoax like this could be easily accomplished.) All the mystical aspects of this event simply fuel awe in the public at large. Onced awed the mass population seems to open it’s wallet less hesitantly.

  19. Jesus is absoluely stunning….I believe the child. The first thing I wanted to see was his eyes…and my heart simply jolted…I read the book The Shack…and I believe that testimony to be true as well…I just know it in my heart…I also can share a testimony about the Lord and His grace and love.

  20. After reading Burpo’s book Heaven is for Real , I visited Akiane’s website to view her paintings. She does some amazing work but I was struck by the paintings of Hinduism and Catholicism and some that seemed really ” dark” to me. As believers in Christ we should always be aware of Satan trying to place dark corners in our life. Unfortunately, I believe he has done this with her in some ways. Don’t get me wrong…most of her work is beautiful but I am disturbed by a few of the others. At the end of the day it is knowing that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins and without full acceptance of that there is no entrance to Heaven.

    • Would you mind telling us which ones you think are dark? I don’t want to sound mad or anything but everyone ought to have a voice in this. However I do agree with you that it all comes down to Jesus. However it’s always good to know what page everyone else is one when we’re having a conversation.

    • to this I reply that she says she was seeking God even in Buddisim to more fully understand Him – she didn;t find Him there so moved on – what she painted as I saw it was an honest interpretation of that which she saw – was the buddist painting His Light or a dipiction of what she saw – you saw darkness and I think you are right – but she also painted where that man is in his spiritual journey – maybe God brought him or allowed him to come to open her eyes – God gives us lea way when we are honestly seekibng Him – I also studied many religions in my quest to find Truth – God allowed me to study other religions and philosophies and in doing so I knew that they were not The Truth that I was looking for – so also with Akiana – don;t seek to jude so quickly – But Love & Speak His Truth as He Gives you utterance via His Presence in and through you – and try and understand others in their walk with God – Remember He is not worried if we are seeking to understand and know Him better even if we loo in areas whee He is not fully manifested as all religions and even denominations have a part of His Truth and He is represented in all of nature as Scripture says – Nuff Said –

  21. I believe her story because she is obviously someone who has been with Jesus!
    Is any thing too hard for the LORD?
    I also saw many things, I can even say that I sow Moses in one of my Visions.

  22. I really don’t care if it’s true. That doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that her work is drawing others to Christ and that is all that matters! When I saw the picture of Jesus by Akiane today in the Christian Supply bookstore, I just froze and got chills. I didn’t know who she was or anything. I was just drawn to the picture in the frame. I think it’s beautiful. My first husband passed away in 2002 at the age of 47 and recounted to me a dream he had before passing away. He was in the woods like he was out hunting and he described a man with long flowing white hair, a long linen type robe with a tie around the middle and holding a staff. He told me how the eyes of this man drew him to him. He asked the man if he could go with him, begging him really. The man told him that it was not his time yet and that he had to go back. He kept telling me over and over again…it was the eyes! The eyes so full of love like he had never seen before. The very unusual thing I noticed was that after he had this dream, HIS VERY OWN EYES were something that I could NOT look at for awhile. I cannot explain it, but it was like looking into someone’s soul looking at eyes…there was a power coming out of his eyes like I have never seen. I had to look away. It made me think of the story of Moses and God’s glory shining around him. We never know what tools God uses. I don’t know if Colton’s or Akiane’s story is true, but what does it matter…God is getting the glory:)

  23. Just to let you all know, my background is Jewish, although I am not practicing – any religion. Having learned about this amazing girl and having bought her book “Akiane her life her art and her poetry” one copy for myself and one for my mother, who has already fully accepted Christ and converted to Christianity (baptised in her late 4o’s and all), I am now planning on reading the New Testament and am moving closer towards accepting Christ as our Savior, when I wasn’t there prior to learning of this girl. So, don’t question a beautiful, peaceful thing that is only bringing peace, love and goodness!!

    • If you’re moving closer, you are hearing His call! The God of the Universe through Christ His Son is calling you. Think about how amazing that is!

      “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” New International Version (©1984)

      “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” New Living Translation (©2007)

    • it doesnt matter which religion is right or which is wrong,or even what jesus looks like.
      Many translations have been interpreted over the years.not sure jesus would want people making money off of his likeness, but it getting the word of god and heaven out to millions of people cant be wrong! Im not sure I fully take everything in the bible as fact,many interpreters and translators over a couple thousand years. But to think we all got here and everything to work in harmony for this life is exceptional and to believe there is not a greater power ,would be foolish.and admit it or not everybody can feel the presence of good and evil and knows when youve done something bad! And if the whole world could believe in aplace where everybody loved everybody the world would be a wonderful place! We call it heaven! What good does it do for atheist to try and convince people there is no god’

  24. Oh you of little faith!

    Jesus is the way the truth and the Light! If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that he was raised from the dead you will be saved and have eternal life. Romans 10:9

  25. What you see in Akiane’s paintings is of your own manifestation. Those who see Light, and peace, know light and peace in their own lives. Those who see darkness, know darkness. Those who fear Satan, fear it in their own lives and it has no bearing what so ever on the this artist’s work. They are your manifestations and your realities, and should not be attached to the artist. What her paintings brings to each soul who view them, is as individual as the DNA of our humanness.

  26. to John Darnell Jan. 5, I’m sure Jesus “probably” had brown eyes as do typical Hebrews. He was after all a descendant of Noah (as we all are) more appropriately his son Shem. And the decendants of Noah specifically Noah’s son Ham have black skin. As for Jesus’ blue eyes, there was this event called the “Transfiguration” when Jesus was taken up bodily into the clouds in view of some of his disciples. Being “transfigured” He easlily may may now appear to have blue eyes to those who have seen Him in his Heavenly realm. With God all things are possible. Have a blessed day.

  27. Revelation 1
    John saw the Lord. Can you believe that?
    Rev 1:12 Then I turned to see who was talking to me, and when I turned I saw seven gold lamp stands.
    Rev 1:13 Among the lamp stands there was someone like the Son of Man. He was wearing a long robe with a gold sash around his chest.
    Rev 1:14 His head and his hair were white like wool, in fact, as white as snow. His eyes were like flames of fire,
    Rev 1:15 his feet were like glowing bronze refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of raging waters.
    Rev 1:16 In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword. His face was like the sun when it shines with full force.

  28. I know for a fact that many Christians, not all , but many are easy to persuade. Stick to the scriptures people of God. Good intentions are not always true.
    God told Moses not to use strange fire to light up the candle sticks in the tabernacle. What did God mean by that? In the new testament the apostle Paul said; Galations1 1:6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of the Messiah and, instead, are following a different gospel,
    Gal 1:7 not that another one really exists. To be sure, there are certain people who are troubling you and want to distort the gospel about the Messiah.
    Gal 1:8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we proclaimed to you, let that person be condemned!
    Gal 1:9 What we have told you in the past I am now telling you again: If anyone proclaims to you a gospel contrary to what you received, let that person be condemned!

  29. John 20:29 Jesus told him, “Is it because you have seen me that you have believed? How blessed are those who have never seen me and yet have believed!”
    Why have faith anymore you have seen Jesus. Now what?
    There is no comparison with the Apostle Paul or any other believer of the bible. The more I listen to the young artist,the more I see the world view of what God or heaven looks like; DISTORTED. I will suggest to anyone that is interested to read, at least the new testament and then make a wise biblical response. I wish everyone to be in heaven. God is love. God is Just.

  30. It’s a beautiful painting, whether you believe in Christ or not. The features are definitely Semetic. However, she saw Jesus with green eyes? The only people who had green eyes 2,000 years ago were from the north (i.e., Vikings) and there is no evidence they ever went as far south as the Middle East. I think they call this “artistic license.”


    • dude you read my mind i was waiting for someone to say it… soo when did Jesus have short spikey hair, i thought it was long and curly;

  32. Don’t be a doubting Thomas. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is real!! Believe and have faith. One does not have to place their finger in nail holes to believe.

  33. I think Akiane’s paintings are great! I have some information that might interest Akiane? St. Faustina Kowalska had a mission to spread the message of Devine Mercy. Jesus had appeared to her in a vision. There was a artist commisioned to paint her vision. Sister Faustina was not pleased with the art work ” it did not show his beauty. Later a second verison was painted by a second artest it is used today. I looked at all three paintings looking for simular features. There were seversal . The good sister Faustina left a discription of her vision which is on the web.

  34. All in all it doesn’t matter what Jesus looks like. But what I can’t help but find is that these pictures are a blessing and God is using for a reason and this is the most real she can get. And I say that because something happens to me when I look at them or even just think about them. They’re so healing, and the healing is hard to explain. When I don’t feel well or have a troubled heart or mental anguish I find I feel better by just even the thought of them. A trait God have me is that I have to see what makes me feel safe in order to forget about my agony whatever it is and roll it off my shoulder and not let it get to me(1 John 4:18). I’ve been walking with Him for five years now and the bonding process of knowing Him has kept me going. I have had a tough life but it doesn’t matter to me anymore because He is my Everything. Like I said, the paintings are healing and I’m very certain that is one of the purposes God is using them for. Glory be to God, my Master. Amen.<3

  35. We all go by our faith. Whether you believe her or not is beyond what is important. What matters is our fatih.

    Way back in high school, I had a regular prayer time in my school’s chapel, one before I came to class and right after class…everyday. I’ve been doing some meditations as well, i felt that it was not quite what my strict catholic upbringing (school even) would have approved of. I came to a point wherein I can immediately see Jesus’ face once I close my eyes for prayer, it was as if He was living flesh. For some reason, I got so drawn to His eyes and at first they seemed the color blue to me, but when my view got closer I got surprised as I saw some flash of green. Jesus’ eyes were blue-green! The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen… nothing like what I saw on papers or statues or books as to depict a close image of him. I feel humbled that He allowed me to see Him up close. There is none like Him.

  36. I LOVE finding stories like this, that confirms Jesus is real, and God is real, but then when I read stuff that counters it (like the big bank stuff) then I get knocked down and deflated. I want to believe Jesus, God, Heaven etc is REAL. I love God and Jesus and I wish everyone would come to realise that Jesus and God is the best way and the only way. Amen.

  37. Marian June,
    What do you mean with( like the big bank stuff). And yes, the Jesus of the bible is very real and so is God. Is it the money people make by exploiting God’s Word of hope for salvation?
    2PETER 2:3 says:
    In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.
    2CORINTIANS 2:17 says:
    Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God.
    1Thessalonians 2:5 says:
    You know we never used flattery, nor did we put on a mask to cover up greed God is our witness.

    In any case the Lord Jesus loves you because He cares very much for humanity and so do I. I pray that the Lord’s truth will reign in peoples’
    lives. Please read the bible. Start with the new testament. The last word is the Word of God.

    • j-correa, you must be of some religion I don’t know because I have not seen any one religion that does not ask for and receive a great deal of money. Many of these religions promote and abet the proliferation of nuclear weapons which the adversary has enlightened his earthly compatriates to develop and deploy. They are totally deceived thinking they will be safe. The whole world does lie in the power of the wicked one. As far as Akiane is concerned we don’t know what happens to the money she receives. Perhaps she helps needy orphans like she claims. I for one am glad she does not give the money over to despot organisations in the name of Jesus.

      • There is no point Hephzibah.

        These people keep repeating quotes, for that is all they have been taught and know, while the Vatican and other so called dear leaders plan what to do next to the sheeple.

        The bible was written by men to control men.

        We must give them credit for brainwashing many so well…

  38. Hebrews 11:6 NIV
    And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

    John 14:23 (The Message)
    “Because a loveless world,” said Jesus, “is a sightless world. If anyone loves me, he will carefully keep my word and my Father will love him – we’ll move right into the neighborhood!

    If we talk about God, It has to be based on His written word. Remember not to be wise in your own opinion.
    PROVERBS 3:7
    Don’t assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil!

  39. Dear Joshua’ Paul
    I want to share a Biblical passage that will help and see that Jesus will come
    to earth only at the second coming and not before or to knock at anyone”s door.
    Hebrews 9:28 (New International Version)
    So Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him. I copied your statement below to make sure we are on the same subject. And I quot:

    “Joshua’ Paul
    February 9, 2012 at 9:54 pm
    May be it was Jesus – ever read the paper back written in the 1980′s ? called Joshua – check it out – it will make you wonder if in fact the carpenter who showed up at her house was not in deed Jesus Him Self ! ! ”

    The Jesus of the bible does not contradict His word or promise, I assure you!!
    And I also say this with a sincere heart. Jesus loves you.

  40. It is possible this child speaks the truth of her visions and demonstrates them through her talented paintings. I have read the story by the little Burpo boy and watched interviews of Akiane. These children, in their innocense and purity I believe were chosen by the Lord to share a message with the rest of us. I too have been dead and made the journey similar to the little Burpo boy’s. Therefore, that qualifies me to validate what he says and what she portrays are remarkably true about heaven/paradise to my astonishment. Its ok to be skepticle. It ok to choose not to believe. After all, you have nothing to gain, but everything to lose.
    Akiane’s portraits are simply remarkable.

  41. Hi Jerry,
    Heavenly matters are always supported by biblical truth. Do you have some that will help on the subject at hand? If it is about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, hell etc. For example:
    2 Timothy 3:15
    and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
    What say you?

  42. LIESSS. I respect religion and I would like to believe there is a God. But something does NOT add up with this girl. Where are her recent paintings? She claims that her “visions have faded”. She said she heard the “voices of heaven” on a talk show she was on. What did those voices sound like? Don’t you think that someone who was touched by God and spoken to from the heavens would give us a little more. She doesn’t go into any detail at all. Don’t you think God would give her a little more to go on? To help people that don’t have faith? And don’t tell me that “God works in mysterious ways”. Is “mysterious” defined as exploiting people’s devotion to God by selling each painting for millions of dollars? If she was a prophet and touched God or whatever, money wouldn’t mean a thing. Let alone demanding MILLIONS of dollars. She would give it away to the Church or something. When shes on the talk shows, she doesn’t promote the wisdom of Jesus or God. She promotes her paintings. Direct quote – “I believe that everyone is soo special. Just like Jesus. And I hope that they can be inspired by this painting”.. Shouldn’t we be inspired by the fact that God came to you? And maybe what He actually said? I’m sure God didn’t say “if you paint these images of my ‘Son’, you can sell them to a select few and make ALOT of money!”. NO. He would have said “give these paintings to those who need it most” or something along those lines. This just doesn’t add up. She only has paintings from when she was a small child? And NOW once shes an adult, she wants the people to know? What is it that she wants them to know I ask myself? A message from God (which she never mentions) or the price of the painting? (which she is more than happy to share).

    • If Akiane didn’t paint these pictures who did? The messages are extremely prolific. I was spoken to by a messenger from heaven who appeared as a woman and when I returned with my mother I saw who I thought to be a gardner and later thought this person was Jesus. He was much like Akiane’s painting; He looked immaculate. I remember his eyes. His eyes made me afraid as in aware of His awesomeness. He corrected me three times when I asked about a fortune teller and I was then reproved into knowing the messenger was from heaven as she had told me. The messenger then spoke to my mother. This happened many years ago. I was told to write to someone and told many things. Even though I feel unworthy I still search for that person.
      No person has believed me and although I don’t like being called all the names the good Christians call me I continue obedient to the message given. Akiane’s paintings provide many messages. Her paintings illustrate the pain and suffering of many not helped in any way by Christian ignorance or world hypocracy, cruelty and lies. Akiane has a relationship not with religion but with God and interprets His love and anguish at what ignorant, selfish mankind are bringing about. God is love and if we judge and hate others we do not know God no matter what religion we profess. It is better to know God than quote according to the word and teaching of man.

  43. I don’t know who put this girl up to this.
    A few verses of the bible to remind the unsuspecting.
    “Be wary of false preachers who smile a lot, dripping with practiced sincerity. Chances are they are out to rip you off some way or other. Don’t be impressed with charisma; look for character.
    They’re a sorry bunch – pseudo-apostles, lying preachers, crooked workers – posing as Christ’s agents but sham to the core.

    Again, I do not think that this young artist is acting on her own.
    This girl can paint! That is all she really does.
    The word of God is not what she knows. Jesus loves akiane, not her lies.

  44. I have seen Jesus in a drem walking amid wild flowers looking peaceful,I COULD NOT PAINT WHAT i SAW EVEN THOUGH i TOO COULD STILL PAINT PORTRAITS,THE TRUT IS hE LOOKED FAR TOO WONERFUL TO MAKE A GRAVEN IMAGE OF THE FDREAM LEFT ME IN A VERY PEACEFUL MIND WHICH WAS BEFORE ANXIOUS AND AFRAID ,NOW i have trust and peace to face lives diffculties and my illnesses so my drem was far more therapeuticto me than any painting she can do peace comes from \god and prayer and doing kind things not from boasting about ones special abilities we all have gifts but iyt is more important to be kind hearted and helpful towards others especially those who really need helping.

  45. John 14:27 NIV
    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

    For my friend Tiny Susie.
    Jesus my savior gave His word. He loves you very much.

  46. Regardless what your beliefs are, think about how an 8 year old writes, their motor function, then think about what the average drawing looks like coming from an 8 year old,and then think about the girl is a self taught artist!

    Some have their eyes open, and never see, some have their eyes closed, but see!

  47. ST PETE,
    I believe the subject is about a so call message from God. No one disputes
    the prodigy child’s ability to paint. The paintings are exceptional in did.

  48. I spent last night looking at many of the You Tube stories which show Akiane and her mother and father, beginning when she was 9 or 10 and on through when she was 15. She was from Idaho, not Illinois, as the original article here states, and although her earliest paintings did indeed portray Jesus, she also has visions of stars and galaxies which have been recognized by astronomers . She is not particularly Christian but is passionately God-connected and God-inspired. She reminded me a lot of a wonderful 71 year old spiritual teacher named Patricia Sun. An amazingly mature young woman.

  49. Victoria Tierney,
    How is it that Akiane can be inspired By the God of the bible
    and bring a different message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Do you know the bible that well and make such a statement? You just admitted that Akiane is not a Christian. Then what kind of god is she talking about? What Jesus is Akiane presenting to the world? Is the God of the bible contradicting Him self?

  50. 1John 4:1 (New International Version)
    Test the Spirits
    1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

  51. Hephzibah,
    I am sorry to hear you say that Christians call you names. The new testament will give you confirmation on whether or not you received a message from God or a demon. To know if a message is from God or not you need to expose it in the light of scripture.
    1John 4:1 (New International Version)
    Test the Spirits
    1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
    Do your self a favor, read the new testament.
    Yes, demons give messages in the form of familiar spirits, but not from God or the Lord Jesus.
    The message is in the bible. The Gospel of Jesus Christ ,the good news for salvation. Repent and receive Jesus in your heart as Lord and savior.
    Confess Him as Lord of your life and believe in Him with all your heart.
    I say these with a good heart and for your own benefit. May the Lord bless you with His saving grace!

  52. I know this story is true! I am a Catholic and I have read the book by Colton.
    You have a beautifula and divine talent… My daughter is a painter as well. I am unable to print the picture from this page can you please e mail me the picture of Jesus so I can print it from my e mail?

    Thank you,

    And, God Bless you Adiane!

  53. John 5:24 (New International Version)
    “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.
    If you examen your self, will the word of Jesus Christ be in you?
    How much of the word of God do you Know?

  54. Hi Isabel Sebastiao-Vieira
    Your best way of getting a copy of the picture you want is thru a religious
    book store. Or you can order one thru Akiane’s web site. I know Akiane will
    be happy to share a copy with you. Go to

  55. The paintings are not an accurate depiction of the Savior. The Savior was a Nazarene and therefore had parted hair down the middle, and a parted long beard. While the artists depiction of a man with a beard is nice, it still isn’t Jesus.

  56. Hi Prestodo,
    I have a question for you. Where do you get that Jesus was a Nazarene?
    Can you point out some biblical direction please. And, yes I do agree
    with you. There is no biblical support for such picture claims.

  57. Hi Prestodo,
    I am sorry, did not explained my self clear, but I do understand that Jesus was raised in the town of Nazareth and his followers were called Nazarene. Also the prophets mention Jesus in those terms as part of the fulfillment of scripture.

  58. I hope there is no misinterpretation with the word Nazarene or the word Nazirite.
    The word nazir which refers to a man who is consecrated and bound by a vow to God, symbolized by avoiding cutting his hair, eating meat or drinking alcohol. Such a man is usually referred to as a Nazirite in English translations, and there are a number of references to Nazirites in the Old Testament.

    This was not applied to Jesus. Or to better say, Jesus was not a Nazirite.

  59. It’s true. I received a white stone in heaven from Jesus himself. This painting is close to what he looks like in heaven, but with radiant light beaming around his face. Don’t stare at Jesus in heaven. He doesn’t like it. Jesus told me this. Jesus said that I was different; that I wasn’t like everybody else. “I can’t quite put my finger on it” he said. I hope everyone goes to heaven; besides me.

    I hate God and his glory. He should have not created me. Jesus can have his stupid little white rock back, and whatever the second gift was. I am a sinner, and I choose hell over heaven. Am I a bad man? Is it too much to ask to be destroyed forever and ever; to be like dust; and nothing more? Jesus will never get my love unless he can destroy me for the sinner I am now.

  60. For a long time I have felt empty and lost, I am just now finding faith in God. I feel more at peace when I attend church and speak with Jesus, theres a comfort in knowing that he is listening to me. I pray for my family to be healthy and protected by him and for the world to find peace as I have come to learn.

  61. It matches the face from the shroud of Turin. History channel did a documentary and it shows a 3d image that matches this painting. Check it out on YouTube. It is called the face of Jesus. It proves through fact that Jesus existed.

  62. The world will always want to see in order to believe.
    It’s by faith in His word.
    2 Corinthians 4:2 NIV
    Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.

    2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV
    We live by faith, not by sight.
    John 4:48 NIV
    “Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”

    John 6:30 NIV
    So they asked him, “What miraculous sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you? What will you do?

    • Satan will keep distorting God’s Word in the mind of the religious to focus on Jesus, our Savior and Lord in the physical. The Bible never gives any physical description of Christ. The closest thing we get to a description is in Isaiah 53:2b, “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.” All this tells us is that Jesus’ appearance was just like any other man’s – He was ordinary-looking. Isaiah was here prophesying that the coming suffering Servant would arise in lowly conditions and wear none of the usual emblems of royalty, making His true identity visible only to the discerning eye of faith.
      The Lord calls us to forgive ignorance as He did on the Cross, and to Seek Him in the Beauty of His Holiness while we may find Him. Psa. 104.

  63. I have been blessed to have been in the presence of our heavenly father twice in my life. The first time was a devine dream. I probably would have believed it was nothing more then an ordinary dream except for the fact that all of our communication was telepathic, and he opened his eyes wide and hit me with a feeling of love that I have never experienced in my life. It felt as if every pore of my being was filled with love. While being filled with this awesome feeling, I realized that I was being sent back, although I begged to stay. I knew without words that I had more to do before my journey was through. He had dark hair that went straight back without a part, and it was shoulder length. His face, and especially his eyes were so beautiful! I will tell you about the the other experience in another blog.

    • Hi Carol.
      Are you going to heaven?
      And what makes you believe you are going to heaven?
      I am curious.

      • I hope to go to heaven some day, but I am not implying that I will go just because of my experience. We should all strive to live the kind of life that will allow us to be considered as candidates for heaven. I am not perfect by any means, but we are human and the lord knows this. It isn’t by our actions no matter how great that we get to heaven, but by the love and forgiveness our merciful God shows us.

  64. My friend the bible is very clear on the matter of salvation by grace and not by works. The scriptures say in Ephesians 2:9 NIV
    not by works, so that no one can boast.
    John 5:24
    “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my WORD and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
    Favor from God the Father is only through Jesus Christ along. No help from anyone on this earth or the universe for that matter.
    The price for our the salvation is in the blood of the Lamb.

  65. My last experience (the second time I saw him), I find hard to talk about because I had been behaving badly. I was thinking one day about how nice it would be to see the father again since it had been about 10 years or so since the first experience. I was really wishing on and off that I could see him in the flesh. Be careful what you wish for! I want to digress for a moment to tell you that I had a terribly abusive childhood so aweful that it has affected me to this day in varying ways. Anyway to get back to what I was saying, my husband and I were heading to the local casino one night, when our buick began to leak oil while heading into the parking garage. When we walked into the casino. my husband called one of the local towing shops to get the car towed to the garage that we usually use for repairs. I said to my husband,”see if the tow truck driver will drop you off at the house so you can get our other car since the auto shop that we use is just a short way from there. The guy agreed to drop off my husband, and left me to play the slots. I have certain slot machines that I like to play, and it seemed that everyone I liked was occupied. I suddenly felt so much anger and hatred toward these players for what I perceived as a ruined outing for me that I cursed them and spewed obsenities at them. I turned around to walk the other way, and I saw a man standing at the far end of the direction I was walking with his head slightly bowed, and his hands crossed in front of him. As I got closer, he looked up at me, and opened his eyes wide and said telepathically,”knock it off! I recognized him as the same man I had seen in my devine dream. Then he turned his head away as though he were ashamed of me. I wanted to speak to him but I could not say a word. I quickly rushed past him and hid in a row of slot machines. I was so shaken that it took me a while to calm down. I got the message that you can’t clean yourself up to prepare for the lord because he sees all of our sins. I got my wish, but I am sorry that he saw me acting like a fool. I hope that if I ever am lucky enough to see him again, I won’t have to be ashamed of my behavior.

  66. I was thinking about how loving our God is today. How many of us could forgive those who would hurt our daughter or son. Yes, our lord rose from his tomb to sit at the right hand of his father as planned, but think about it, he still had a human body, and still felt all of the pain that any mortal would. How it must have broken God’s heart to see his only son suffer. We as humans would have demanded retrobution for a life taken. How many of you could forgive if your son or daughter was taken in such a violent manner? We all need to remember and realize the sacrafice that was made for us. I honestly don’t know if I could forgive if it was one of my children because I haven’t been put in that situation. God commands that we do forgive no matter what! He was the greatest example of foregiveness.

  67. As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I came from a very abusive and dysfunctional home. I experienced every kind of neglect and abuse you can think of. Both of my parents are now dead. I have wrestled with forgiveness most of my adult life. I always thought that to fogive them would be to let them off the hook so to speak. It has been very hard to forgive, as the abuse has taken it’s toll in so many aspects of my life. I did forgive them although I will never forget. My brother John grew up to be a dysfunctional alcoholic who eventually commited suicide. The pain from all that we have gone through has been tremendous. But I know that vengence will be the lord our God’s choice. I eventually came to a place where I felt sorry for them more then angry. Me and my remaining siblings were much better parents. I can’t imagine hurting my children the way my parents hurt us. I feel that they cheated themselves out of loving relationships. Anyone who doesn’t charish a precious life which is God given, cheats themselves in the end.

  68. I do not know whether Okiane will bother to read my comment. Her picture of Jesus in “I AM” is almost similar to that Jesus I saw in my terrible vision, except he was looking straight at me and THROUGH me, with such agonising, PULSATING eyes, as if each heartbeat was through those eyes laid upon me, and as if each beat was his LAST one, as if it asking/pleading ever so gently and languidly: “How could you?” and Oh! what pain! I am very disturbed by this painting. Our Lord is always in pain for us. He may tries to hide it in heaven, but cannot conceal it in the eyes of his flock. Okiane has captured something REAL in that painting; I cannot stop feeling sad to think that I contributed to cause him so much divine sadness. Please Lord share a little with me, it rips me apart to see my God so sad! What Have I Done?

    • No One Is Righteous
      9 What shall we conclude then? Are we any better ? Not at all! We have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under sin. 10 As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one; 11 there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. 12 All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” 13 “Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.” “The poison of vipers is on their lips.” 14 “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” 15 “Their feet are swift to shed blood; 16 ruin and misery mark their ways, 17 and the way of peace they do not know.” 18 “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” 19 Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be silenced and the whole world held accountable to God. 20 Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of sin.
      Righteousness Through Faith
      21 But now a righteousness from God, apart from law, has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. 22 This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.
      The question is;
      What can you do today. And the scriptures will inform you of God’s intentions for believers in Jesus.

  69. Tho young lady is amazing, she has been given such a gift!!!! When I was a child I remember dreaming that Jesus would talk to me and telling my parents , it went on from as early as I can recall till 7 then faded away . I always thought it was really because he talked to me like a “grown up ” and how could a 4-5 yr old make those conversations up in a dream , but as I got older I just assumed they had been dreams . Nevertheless I have always known , have had enough weird things happen over the years that I couldn’t deny the existence if I wanted to . My Dad passed in 2005 , I had a miscairiage that devistated me about 7 months after that. One night maybe a week after the miscairiage I had a dream I was sitting on the grass beside a baby girl with very blue eyes , she was old enough to sit up and wearing a denim jumper with matching hat , little bit of dirty blonde baby hair peeking thru the front of the hat and I knew she was mine, I never wanted to wake up 🙁 So when I did wake I cried so hard I woke my DH up and told him the dream and I missed her .See I have dark hair and brown eyes and so do my other children . Two months later I found out I was pregnant again , 9 months later I had a baby girl with a little bit of light hair and the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen ( my eyes but her fathers color) . She later owned a denim outfit with a hat at that age and we sat on the grass and played many times <3

    • Wow what an amazing thing! I believe that God speaks to us in many ways if we just listen and believe. Most people are too quick to dismiss a supernatural experience as imagination or all in their minds. I know that my experiences are very real. Why Jesus chose to reveal himself to me is a mystery. I believe it probably has something to do with my terrible childhood experiences. I always wanted to believe, but all the abuse I suffered made me doubt that if God truly exsisted, he wouldn’t have let me and my siblings grow up in a way that I can only describe as hell on earth. I remember asking him repeatedly to make the abuse stop, but it never did. I just decided that it was all a fairy tale much like finding out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. I now know that he is very real.

        Matthew 4 (New International Version)
        4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

        2TIMOTHY 3 (New International Version)
        16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
        The devil is a liar, a thief and a murderer.
        Personal experiences do NOT make you right before God.
        Can you give me any biblical support or doctrine for the experiences?
        My intentions are in good faith in the the of Christ.

    • We are His messengers spreading the Seed of the Gospel in different types of soils. Read Revelation 3:20. On which side is the door knob?
      Akiane is indeed a Prodigy and only The Lord looks at her heart. We are just outsiders enjoying the wonders and beauty of God’s creation. Us.
      Bless you!

  70. I respect your views J, but I didn’t ask for my experiences, they just happened. How can I prove it with text or doctrine? As I said earlier, all communication was telepathic. I know it was Jesus without a doubt, but of course I am not out to convince you or anyone else for that matter. You can believe or dispute it. In the first experience, I stood before him, and realized I had been in his presence before, or I should say that something in my soul recognized him. I said to him telepathically “I know you! He just smiled. I never felt that it was anyone else in disguise or otherwise.

  71. I would also like to add that I don’t think anyone other then God himself could have filled me with the degree of love that I felt. As I mentioned earlier, it was unlike anything that I have ever experienced or probably will again while on this earth.

    • My dear friend, concentrate on the new testament reading. It will give you
      a great deal of information. The scriptures belong to Jesus as well. Jesus
      is interested in you. He loves you, He died for you on the cross. And He wants to communicate his intentions by using his holy word of truth and life the Bible. Amen.

  72. I am very amazed and pleased of the way that the negative photo of the facial image on the “Shroud of Turin” and the painting by Akiane of the “Prince of Peace” fit together so well.

    • Dear Emmett, has it occur to you that Akiane has a good imagination.
      It could very well be a good copy, that is all.

  73. If this has not completely inspired you then you will have to give up looking as it’s not going to ever happen. Perhaps in another life time, you’ll be more advanced to recognize the truth. For now may God Bless you, and touch your soul.

    • Sorry you feel like that
      Matthew 4 (New International Version)
      4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

      2TIMOTHY 3 (New International Version)
      16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

      My dear friend, concentrate on the new testament reading. It will give you
      a great deal of information. The scriptures belong to Jesus as well. Jesus
      is interested in you. He loves you, He died for you on the cross. And He wants to communicate his intentions by using his holy word of truth and life the Bible. Amen.
      In the love of Christ Jesus. Amen

    Deuteronomy 4:16
    so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman,

    Exodus 20:4
    “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

    Leviticus 26:1
    Do not make idols or set up an image or a sacred stone for yourselves, and do not place a carved stone in your land to bow down before it. I am the Lord your God.
    Isaiah 40:18
    With whom, then, will you compare God? To what image will you liken him?
    Jeremiah 51:17
    “Everyone is senseless and without knowledge; every goldsmith is shamed by his idols. The images he makes are a fraud; they have no breath in them.

    Acts 17:29
    “Therefore since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone—an image made by human design and skill.

    2 Corinthians 4:4
    The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the GOSPEL that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

  75. Why Seek You Him Here?

    Why look for him in prayer
    God is not there

    You can’t place a local call
    to the All-In-All

    Not responding to anyone,
    why, that’s half the fun

    He has gone into his father’s house
    He’s got no time for the likes of us

    Too busy creating fresh wounds
    to manage old accounts

    Best look for him in jail
    picking his teeth with a nail

    Better, look where no one looks
    and not in gilded books

  76. The god of this world has his own followers and doomed to inherit the lake of fire created for the devil and his angels.
    2 Corinthians 4:4
    The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the GOSPEL that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

    Revelation 14:11
    And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.”

    Revelation 15:2
    And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea, those who had been victorious over the beast and its image and over the number of its name. They held harps given them by God
    John 1:17
    For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

    2 Corinthians 6:2
    For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.

  77. J Correa,you seem to be the unbelieving one here,cos you oppose everything said by people here. Jesus can choose to appear to anyone if he wants,that is why he is God. God appeared to people before and he still does,so ease up on all the quotations and believe in his love and mercy to reveal himself to some people.

    • Onyi,
      Sorry to hear you say that I do not agree with the god of the imagination of this worldly
      opinions about the God of the Bible. There is a great difference here. The God of the bible
      and the god of the imagination. you decide. Do you have any biblical support for your views, please let me hear them. Sorry my dear, you did not read all the responses, or you skipped through to get to me. Happy to now you are interested. A good step in the right direction. Hope to hear from you again.
      Proverbs 3:5-6
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

  78. I totally believe Akiane she seems so familiar to me. i wish i could write to her personally. She truly is amazing.

  79. This kind of thing is a mystery and seems to provoke good and bad things. However, this picture does seem to pass more than a passing resemblance to an actor who has played Jesus in a number of different films – Bruce Marchiano

    • I agree. The moment I saw her picture, I immediately thought of Marchiano. And the visual Bible with Marchiano came out in the mid-90s, so years before Akiane painted her picture. To me it seems unfortunately that she is not painting Jesus but has seen some of the film merchandise etc. She is gifted – sure – but her Jesus facial expression is way too similar to Bruce Marchiano’s.

  80. When this painting is compared with the 3D image in “The Real face of Jesus”, a documentary produced by the History Channel based upon the image found on the Shroud of Turin, the remarkable likeness of the two is undeniable.

  81. J Correa, You said it all when you quoted the bible phrase,”Do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. If I would have relied on my own understanding in regard to my experiences, I would have believed that I was hallucinating, or had gone completely crackers. But I tell you, my experiences are absolutely real, and I don’t care who believes it. I am not out to prove or convince anyone because it just doesn’t matter to me. I know it happened.

  82. This is has been an interesting thread of comments.

    The church has to beware. There is an onslaught of books, movies, etc. that really lead to a false view of Jesus Christ.

    The first clue that you are following a false Christ is that you put emphasis on your experiences, and hyped books rather than the actual Word of God. Carefully read 2 Corinthians 11:1-4….It says that you will easily receive another Jesus and another Gospel and will be led astray.

    I have always spent much time in God’s Word and Bible study. Once a series of experiences happened to me because of a prescription drug that allowed a deception to initially occur. Satan presented himself to me under the guise of love and extreme peace and joy. Yet I followed a biblical standard of testing the spirit and it was exposed as an illusion. Satan cloaks himself as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14. I have denouced these things and repented of rebellion.

    People need to devote themselves to the written Word of God. But instead they want a Jesus that does not require them to be born again, or one that does not say that we need to pick up a cross on a daily basis, or one that makes us feel good about ourselves instead of convicting us of our sin. The Jesus of the Bible is coming again and He is coming in judgment and will throw many who thought they were doing many things for Him in Hell. He will say “I never knew you.” Matthew 7:21-23.

    The Bible says people will follow fables and myths, so throw away the books, disregard the images that create idolatry and start reading the Bible. Sola Scripture.

  83. I just can’t get over how Akiane and Colton’s images of Jesus tie together. I take this as God speaking to all of us through these lovely children. This is no coincidence.

  84. To the people who question or doubt this story there will never be enough proof of what this girl envisioned or painted. But when you ask for a model from God and then a man mysteriously comes knocking at the door who isn’t to say that is might have been Jesus
    himself that came to her? We would all love to see what Jesus looks like and who better
    to show us than from a child?

  85. Please private message me with the answer. I would love to purchase one of the paintings of Jesus. How do I find out if Akiane is willing to sell one?
    Thank you.

  86. I havent heard akiane’s testimony so I would not know at this point if she ever recieved Jesus as her personal Saviour. It would be great to know her talent brought others to the saving knowledge of God. As to her being a christian I pray she is. As for Jesus the bible says he is seated at the right hand of God. Hebrews chp 1 and 7. So I am not sure it was Jesus she saw I dont know if the man she saw in her vision said he was jesus, I dont doubt what she saw at all, i would love to see jesus personally. The bible says that blessed are those who believe without seeing. What she saw would strengthen anyone’s faith, but to the rest of us who have not seen with our physical eyes, we will be more blessed, and our faith can still remain strong if we keep our hearts and eyes heavenward praying and reading our bible untill that blessed hope!

  87. Hi Matthew-
    Thank-you for the most rational and important post that I read. Jesus wants each and every one of us to have a relationship with him-to be in communion with him. If these 2 stories are not true, they have at least sparked a lot of thought and conversation over Heaven and Jesus being “real.” If they (the accounts) are true, so much the better. I saw the movie this past weekend, and I found it both comforting and validating. I believe, I choose to believe. Some things are more than coincidence. With everything I’ve seen and experienced in my life, I’ve all the “proof” I need to believe in the Holy Trinity, Heaven, Satan and Hell.

  88. I have read many of your comments on what you believe and do not believe. I can only say this; man was created to choose for himself what is right or wrong, real or not real. No one on earth can make that choice for us. We may be forced to do or say things that we, deep down in our hearts, do not actually believe in. He died so that “every man” would have eternal life. Where our eternity will be, is entirely up to us.

    As for me, I choose to believe in my Savior Jesus Christ. His love, mercy and grace are too real to me not to believe. He has been my comforter in so many dark hours. Without him I am nothing.

    “I would rather believe and be wrong than to not believe and be wrong.”

  89. I just got back from watching the movie heaven is for real and at the end at the movie it said based on a real story and it shows a little girl that painted that pic and I did not believe that a kid made those pics and I had to look it up online and I can’t believe my eyes she got a great talent to also talk to God and be able to draw a magnificent pictures

  90. For most people that are Christians, faith is a basic tenet of their belief. As JESUS said, Blessed are those who believe, yet have not seen. There are a gifted few whom GOD has blessed with removing the veil between this world and the spiritual world. To be given the ability to have a glimpse of GOD’s world for even a moment, takes away all doubt about what comes after this life. Faith is no longer what’s important to you, but helping others to believe, what you now know is real, that GOD and JESUS do exist. Some will never accept that truth until they breathe their last breath on this earthly plain and then sadly it will be too late for them, for that truth will become a reality that they can not change.

  91. I just watched the movie and I HAD to look up the picture this young lady has painted to really see for myself.
    I had my near death experience about 20 years ago and I can definitely relate to what the children are saying and describing. For me, I arrived too soon in heaven as it “wasn’t my time” and He sent me back to earth. But I did ask him questions which He did answer. Young children are the closest to heaven than adults as they are not “grounded” to this earth. Children are new arrivals from heaven to earth so some of the children bring their experiences/memories with them.
    I definitely relate to the vivid vibrant colours. Earth is a mirrored reflection of heaven, like looking at a reflection of yourself in the water. One side earth, the other side heaven. He was absolutely beautiful and loving and warm. The one thing I do remember is for all of us to “love” one another with compassion and selflessness regardless of religions….We are all his children and we will all eventually go to heaven…..ALL of us.

  92. He is the way the truth and the life, we walk by faith and not by sight.
    so for all who mock the Alpha and Omega, the one true God, well the day when he come down on his cloud of glory, it will be to late to ask for forgiveness, his coming is near, he is now revealing himself to children, in the bible it states that we should have child like faith because only children would never doubt what they believe or what they see. Everyone I ask you, go to the word of God, just seek him and you will find him and all the questions will be answered.
    The bible states ” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and everything else shall be added onto you. God loves each and everyone upon this earth. But the scriptures state ” Many are called but few are chosen” Make sure that when he comes you will be one of the chosen ones. Just reverencing his presence is so amazing, the love and peace that your mind, body and soul feels, is more then anyone could comprehend. I love my God, he is my everything and if it was not for him, I would not be were I am, just be faithful and live the way God wants you to and keep seeking him in everything you do. God is the judge of people who falsify his word and speak words of hatred to him and his children. But he is also a God of forgiveness, mercy, love, grace. All who are weary shall come to him and he will give you peace. Just speak to him and you will see. Thank you Jesus for your unconditional Love, I stand in awe of you. There is nothing and no one that can compare to you. I will scream your name on mountain tops and rejoice for I am not ashamed to proclaim your mighty name. I love you my God

  93. Dear Ralph,
    Good morning to you sir.
    I am writing to you from across the ocean sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day.
    I read your comments and they touched me deeply.
    You are right Ralph – we (Christians) are very poor examples most of the time despite our best efforts!
    The reason is that we are ALL sinners – please forgive our actions and please forgive yourself also.
    The wonder about God and Jesus is that He SAVES!!!
    He created you!
    You are unique!
    He LOVES you and knows you intimately!
    He wants to have a relationship with you because He has a purpose for your life.
    That being said He is patient and will not force you.
    He gave you free will to choose Him.
    I am sure you understand the extremely personal nature of His request.
    He is asking you to believe in HIM as your ONLY salvation!!!

    The road God is asking you to walk is difficult.
    It is in fact the MOST difficult thing you will ever do, however, it will also be the MOST rewarding –

    It is overwhelming isn’t it???
    You feel like saying it’s TOO MUCH!!!

    You are right!!!

    We CANNOT believe by ourselves.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!
    God GIVES us faith and the strength to carry on His name.

    I pray my brother that you may give Jesus your heart…

    God bless and keep you Ralph.

  94. I have a spiritual father in Greece who knows everything about me without me telling him and when I was going to change to protestant I saw a miracle in him when attending confession and remained Orthodox. He is one of many Saints, many who come out of Mount Athos in Greece. You have to be very careful not to use your faith in a means of making money. There is one holy communion and one baptism but God will judge harsher to those who have seen the truth than those who don’t.

    • I think your pictures are beautiful and we know you are painting Jesus and you aren’t making another idol like a golden calf or a silver fox so I don’t know what that other person was trying to take things from the bible and twist them. I think Jesus would be very happy for your love. We have many Saints in Orthodoxy and Saint Luke actually painted an icon of the virgin Mary and Jesus which is in Greece there are actually three of them so what does that tell you. People that don’t want pictures of Jesus want noone to remember him as far as I’m concerned, that is their sneekiness.

  95. It’s probable today that there’s a man somewhere that looks like Jesus. I found a man who wrote about his near death experience and to his surprise he found out that he looks like Jesus. After viewing the many images he created of himself, I come to the conclusion that he resembles a lot like the 3-D animation of Jesus face Ray Downing created on the History Channel. The man’s name is Alex Acropolis Calderon; he has a website named Versailles Exquisites:

  96. My mother taught her children about God and Jesus at a young age. Maybe to help us cope with above and neglect from our parents. God has always been in my life and I have witnessed many miracles. Our miracle child took over 2 yrs to come to us and we recently found out she is a Spiritual Guide that did not have to reincarnate but will only come back to earth in a family of unconditional love. She had blue eyes at birth but they have changed to blue green and many people have stared into her eyes as if they see something. It is the glory of God and Jesus. In 2012 I became disabled with severe cardiac issues and this is when we found out from the spirits that Our 11 yr old daughter is a spiritual guide to help my husband and I get thru this very tough incarnation. A world renown medium told me I had chosen a very hard incarnation one of the hardest he had seen and I have my daughter and brother in spirit helping my entire family. My husband, my daughter and I have accepted Jesus as our LORD and SAVIOR.. We have devoted our souls to GOD. There is no other. I pray the entire world get on sit knees and accept Jesus he has suffered for us and Risen. Peace be with you. Veronica

  97. Hi.
    I just recently watched Heaven Is For Real and thought it was very interesting and peculiar. I looked up the girl who painted Jesus and found this. Honestly I find it rather humorous that God and Jesus are watching down on us scrambling to find out if she colored Jesus’s eyes right. But that’s how God created us, to ask questions, and try to comprehend Him and His only Son. Whenever I think about it my mind just becomes boggled. I can’t even fathom Heaven, Jesus, or God. I hope and pray though that others will try to fathom it as well.

  98. for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers” (John 10:4b-5). died. I heard Him tell me “All will be as it should be” when I begged God to send me back to mybody, so I wouldn’t leave my children. I don’t understand why these experiences are so hard to believe. I wasn’t allowed to “see” because I wasn’t staying yet, my life on Earth was not over, but in the pitch (immense, timeless, darkness) I knew it was God that spoke to me. I cannot describe the peace I felt, the love I was filled with. I would rather bring God’s love to ONE soul than to make $1 billion. You are priceless, your life is worth more than you can understand. And there is no time, no pain and no sorrow, should you choose to walk the path He has said out for you and follow His voice.
    If it was dark, how do I know it was God, I questioned myself.
    The answer came nearly a year later when I heard (and then looked up and found it in the Bible!):

  99. If the story is fake then will your life be getting better? if the story is true, would it make your life change better? think about your own life

  100. Enough with the bible versus, So what does the Vatican say about all of this the movie and the book?Did any of the Archdiocese pay a visit to Colton or Akiane for questioning? Colton has the same discriptions as everyone else who experience near death. the only difference is Colton saw Jesus with his own eyes and everyone else just heard voices of him and walk through a bright tunnel.As for Akiane paintings of the new Jesus is The Historychannel gonna make a whole new documentary of Jesus new face? or just keep the old version of what Jesus looks like – don’t need to change.Its funny how everyone is fascinated about his color of eyes i think is a mix of everyone’s eye color.

  101. If only Jesus were here to see this. Haha. So many people argueing about a painting of what a girl believed Jesus looked like. This is foolish, there is no reason for us Christians to defend this. I see this picture and it makes me smile, as it does God. The negitivity is too much, and Satan is winning this battle. The world will never accept the fact that Jesus is the savior, even if he did come down and tell us all that he lives. People everywhere would still be foolish enough to question him and say this is all for money. No need to fight over this, I think it is beautiful, and if you don’t that is your own opinion.

    • Drew, very wise words and I can’t agree more. This seems like a lot of wasted energy and precious time to be debating and arguing to make what point? A humble person understands that he/she does not know what they don’t know. A wise, intelligent person chooses to accept and embrace the prospects of being educated. I choose to believe that these children are telling the truth and that the real evil resides elsewhere; just watch Fox News for 5 minutes. Your comment about Satan is winning this battle is interesting because every negative post is a step in that direction. My advice is for us to not even acknowledge or respond to the negative posts, it’s a waste of precious time. The paintings are amazing at any age, clearly a gift.

  102. As a little I remember when I needed an escape I would run to the backyard and lay in the grass and asked Jesus to appear and talk to me so he would make me feel safe and loved. He never failed me and his beautiful peaceful face full of love would appear. We would what seemed hours talking. To this day I remember that beautiful face in the clouds. He has always played a special part of my life and always will. Because all he ever has is time. Time to listen and time to show his undying love.

  103. I had a near death experience a few days ago…I was ordering lunch at a restaurant near work for my lunch hour. I was standing waiting for my food order to when all of a sudden I found myself short of breath. My hearing went away, then my vision got really blurry. I felt my body weak and all I said to the cashier was to call 911. I knew in my heart those were my last moments. I told got “I don’t want to die!”, as everything surrounding me got brighter. God spare my life! Miracles happen but it was Jesus Christ who let me live another day. I believe in God…

  104. I feel so heartbroken for anyone who doubts this story! I would love to have such a awesome experience. Keep the faith no matter what people say. God is real and alive. Ur a very lucky girl. I would love to purchase on of ur paintings. God has blessed u.

  105. The fact that she had dreams and visions of Jesus in spite of her atheistic upbringing is the most amazing of all. And that she could draw him at such a young age. God knew what he was doing choosing her.

  106. Don’t let the devil prosper by arguing with nonbelievers. It’s the devil working through anger, pain and sadness. I’m a believing Christian and will pray for anything contradictory to God’s word.

  107. I don’t believe in religion n the bible. It’s all man made. I believe in this girl n Colton story. I believe in Jesus and u don’t need to go to church to look good in front of your neighbors or friends. This movie have strengthen my faith on god and humanity. I have faith on him, that’s all I need. Thank you akiane and Colton for being our guide to the kingdom of heaven.

  108. Regardless how Jesus looks like and regardless if the story is true, what’s more important,if not the only one that really matters, is Jesus is our Savior, our Redeemer, our Master and heaven is real. Do you know who your master is and do you know where you will ultimately end u? Stop all the hate, anger, jealousy and envy. These are all branched out by fear which is used by the devil to deceive people like you and me. Love is what matters and God is the source.

  109. well there is one thing and that is Jesus, he is the only truth,way and life. And I am sure such things can happen cause the bible tells us act 2-17 specially verse 19.
    And God is doing it for two main reasons and this are 1.for the fulfilment of the word of God specially as a sign of the last days, The prince of peace is coming soon, amain!
    2.So that christiance wouldn’t loose faith.

  110. God does not belong to only Christians. God belongs to everyone regardless of what name you use. When it comes to believing, there is no right or wrong. Only what works for each individual. We are here to learn and to grow. Leave your heart and mind open. Your answers will come to you when you are ready and not before; and the answers may not be what you expect. We all get there in our own time. Judgment is not ours. We are only asked to love, everyone, unconditionally. Loving someone does not mean you agree or condone everything that they have done. Again, we are only asked to love. Easy, not always. Fulfilling, always. Peace, Hope and Love to you.

  111. My 5 year old son was telling me that he sees Jesus when he sleeps. I asked him a few questions like did he talk to you, what does he look like, did he have anything in his hands. He said Jesus said he loves me thats it and he sits in a chair made of gold. He said everything is there even the sun and he started to name animals that are in Heaven as he stated. He said the lions didnt eat the puppies. I asked him what color Jesus’ hair is he said brown he pointed to my hair that is short and brown and he said like yours mommy but out more. I said sticking out more he said yes. I remembered this girl painting pictures of Jesus so I decided to pull it up on my computer without mentioning it to him.I called him over and I did not say a word he looked at the picture of Jesus and started shaking his head yes I said what he said thats him mommy thats who I saw in my dream and then he fell into my arms for a hug and went back to lay on the couch. I found this quiet profound and I wanted to share.

  112. Both Akaine and Colton story about Heaven were true. Remember what Jesus told Thomas
    (one of His disciple) when he doesn’t believe that Jesus is the one appeared to them until he saw the mark on His hands. Jesus says, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing me” John 20:27-29

  113. I love this story and her artwork. I know she painted Jesus, and assume that she is referring to Jesus when she says the painting of Jesus was when he was speaking to his Father. What I cannot find is anything hearing her actually mentioning Jesus’s name vs. God. When she says God, is she referring to the Father or Jesus? Does she discuss being saved, acknowledging that Jesus is our Savior because he died for our sins?

  114. This Jesus looks like someone very magnetic and seductive, who could lure you into believing all sorts of stories about him but stab you in the back if it suited his purposes. Maybe he fitted a child’s male phantasies and allowed herself to express herself artistically and display her great talent, but neither she nor most religious people are equipped to recognize true spiritual and character greatness.

  115. Thank you for showing us what Jesus looks like. He looks like the man I saw when he picked my mother up by her hand on the side of the road in 1967. Jain mansfield son.

  116. what about indigenous races that don’t have a Jesus like us Maori living in New Zealand we have many gods but no Jesus, is he going to show him self as having brown skin and yellow eyes…..I don’t know and is their a genealogy line from Jesus to a living person today…Well Maori do from our gods to dime gods and to us living today and I think we are the only race in the world that can trace our genealogy line back to our ancestors and our gods……

  117. Some years ago I had a vivid dream of Jesus stepping out of the door of a caravan and smiling at me. He didn’t resemble any pictures of Jesus that I had ever seen. His hair was short, dark and curly. His expression was indescribably beautiful. I tried to draw the face I had seen, and failed miserably. Then, years later, there was a documentary on UK TV about Akiane. There was ‘my’ Jesus! Now I look on that wonderful face every day. Thank you, Akiane.

  118. I saw this picture and instantly believed it to be true. I didn’t believe until I saw this picture. Blessed are the children for the are the keys to heaven.
    If you do believe or if you don’t it’s not for us to judge nor is it for us to condem or praise. We are quick to put people down because we don’t want to believe. We pray we want to meet jesus yet when it’s shown we don’t believe well that’s why jesus died on the cross because the priests of the time didn’t want to believe what the preached everyday. If one thing we learn from the bible is the greater teachers are the children we should be listening to them.

  119. Jesus came to me in a dream a few months ago. I saw a man standing at the bathroom door knocking on it, he was wanting to talk to my sister who was in there. He was wearing a white robe with a hood. I put my hand on his shoulder and he took his hood off and looked at me. The color of his eyes was exactly as they described almost like a blue green but brighter and more vivid. He looked a lot like this painting that this girl did. He had golden streams of light shining through out his hair. I just kept telling him how much I loved him. There was such peace with in his presence. He took me by the hand and we walked out to the porch and he prayed with me. I just stared at him while he was praying and holding my hands. I was in awe of him. Then he told me he had to go. I begged him not to and told him I loved him again. He flew up to the clouds and waved at me. That dream was a message from him to my sister. I called her and told her about it. She broke down crying telling me how bad she had backslid. I told her Jesus was waiting knocking on the door waiting for her to answer. After that she has been going to church and turning to him more and more. I long for him to come again. I know it was him. After I seen these paintings it confirmed it. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  120. Question for those who believe this version of Jesus looks Jewish…. Do you really believe Jesus would look like a European Jew? Or if more realistic that Jesus would look like an Israeli? By the way, I happen to believe her painting is real.

  121. Mel, that was a beautiful dream. I’m glad you were able to reach your sister. God works in ways people just don’t realize.

    As for those who think this is a hoax, well just look at this girl’s work. How many of you can paint a portrait like this at such a young age? Look at our world, it had to be created somehow. Can you make anything out of nothing? If I give you something from an empty hand can you turn it into a seed and make it grow? No, you can’t. So there is something out there that has created everything you see. If you can’t see that, then you have blinders on and you need to ask to have them removed. Try asking all of your deities, then ask the one and only “True God” in the name of Jesus and see what happens. Then and only then will you truly know. IF you aren’t sincere, you won’t get an answer. IF you are then he will reveal himself to you.

    I pray that everyone who reads this message and doesn’t believe, that they will receive Jesus. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  122. The simplest things we can do for each other are the greatest! Giving in hopes of making someone feel better or giving in order of taking away burden and expect nothing In return for ourselves. To reach out our arms and give love. When we do this we are given the gold in our hearts that we get to take to heaven. But man can’t live on earth without material. Food, shelter, medicines and much more doesn’t come without cost. I have faith profits from both this movie and these paintings help many. But most important open the hearts of many to the Truth, Love, Peace and the light that is Jesus Christ! May God Help use All for we are all One in the Light!

  123. How appropriate! How beautiful! I don’t see how much more this could be packaged for the masses than it is!! What kudos to the family that is “all following their own spiritual path”!!!! This entire story is diabolical…..why????????”they shall be known by their fruits”…So let’s look at the flowing “fruits” of this supposed glorious vision?
    What are the results? Is her father teaching her the true authority of Christ in the household? Is the family baptized and seeking to live a holy life under one roof of faith?
    Wisdom teaches us that to know authority is to know God. Anti-disciplined life = diabolic
    “Beware for in the end times my spirit shall be poured on all peoples and there will be much confusion”… farah

  124. Our grandson visited heaven 7 times and after his first visits we urged him to see if there are more children who had such experiences. I saw the picture of Jesus and save it as a screensaver because I wanted to see Hugo’s reaction.. We did not say anything about who was in the picture to him. But when he saw the picture he was so exited and shouted out, “come look this is Jesus.” Well done Akiane. O yes I had a vision of God with his back to me and I was looking at the material of His Robe and never saw it on earth and the material was exactly the same as in your picture of your first piture of Jesus so thank you that was great conformation. God Bless You. Naomi

  125. I believe in God.. His creation… lucky are those who saw him in their dream… I just want to thank Akiane for giving us his image..

  126. Holy Hallelujah… “Word of my Testimony as Jesus commanded in Mark 9:34-38”
    Young Lady…
    Long ago I found myself blind amongst the TREES of the Garden in Genesis 3:8… Than suddenly for only a moment…
    “I Heard a Light” piercing through the Gross Darkness in the cool of the day…. and instantly a unimaginable GREAT TEMPTATION TO HIDE over whelmed and nearly swallowed me up in the Darkness…
    BUT I KNEW THE SOUND OF MY LORDS VOICE (John 10) and my HEART EXPLODED with unimaginable “ECSTASY OF JOY” as it is written in Jeremiah 30:21 and Genesis 49:10.

    Without being called by name… “Naked and Unashamed before God”…
    My Heart engaged its self and Stepped out from amongst the TREES of the Garden and with bubbling ecstasy of Joy…. I approached the “TREE OF LIFE” standing upon a mount in the middle of the Garden of Eden… ((Very Long Story yet to be told)).

    I gave you a very small picture of a Journey that begun without a “WAY” out of the Prison of Religious strongholds….. BECAUSE OF YOUR PORTRAIT OF OUR LORD GOD!!!

    “YOUNG LADY”… as I approached Jesus standing upon the mount, The First thing I noticed was PERSONALLY very shocking…
    My Lord God look nothing like his Image I grew up with!!! and with frustration…. …..
    Thank you very very much!

    And I have a challenge for YOU!!!
    Before I found myself amongst the TREES of the Garden.
    The Lord gave me his “GOLDEN CROSS OF LIGHT” of the Saints of the most High twinkling in the KNIGHT SKY as it is written Daniel 12…
    THEE FLAMING SWORD WHICH TURNED EVERY WAY, “TO KEEP” THE “WAY” OF THE TREE OF LIFE….. standing upon a mount in the middle of the Garden of Eden.

    In due time when the Lord leads your Heart… “I would love to see you give life to such wonder of an Cross radiating with Majestic Glory of Yeshua…
    Thank You!

  127. I think you are amazing, my wife and kids are huge fans of your paintings..Thank You

  128. This is exactly how I see Jesus. Thank you for painting him so that others can see what you see. Absolutely beautiful!

  129. It’s a good thing she believes Jesus is the only way. All denonmiationalism is man made and would be destroyed as we are built into unity in the Messiah. Blessings!

  130. No need to argue about this. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that this is the face of Jesus or not.It may or may not be him.Remember there was a model for this painting.Also let us be reminded that even the real Jesus was rejected by his own people during the time he was here on earth. there was a time that his own family they doesn’t believe him. Eveyone can pick on Ralph for his remarks or opinion, or some may even agree with him. Does it matter ? As Christians we somtimes tend to be more critical of others. No one can make Ralph believe or change his view but the Holy Spirit itself, not you or me. Pictures are nothing. We need to have Christ in our heart, that’s the greatest experience we can have with him. To those who are still in doubt, we can hope and pray that God will create a life changing event in their lives to search Jesus to know him more , to love him more, and to serve him more.

  131. I’m a Christian, and I believe this is the face of Jesus, I look at other pictures of him and they don’t snap like This one, just like Colton the eyes caught my attention and there is such a peacefulness to him. I hope everyone will know God, because no matter what religion you have or how much you reject him and say he is fake he loves you, Gods good thoughts for you outnumber the grains of sand. I pray for anyone Christian or not to have a happy life and that God will bless you, that he will be with you through hard times and will watch over you. God loves you, he was thinking about you when he died for you so you could spend eternity with him in heaven. Keep in mind that the creator of the UNIVERSE loves you no matter how much you sin.

  132. Akiane, Young lady I first of all would like to congratulate you on the outstanding portrait that you have painted depicting The Lord Jesus Christ. God, Lord Jesus Christ as well as the Ancient Ones are all also extremely pleased with your work! God and all of Them from Above them send Their Blessings to You! You are Special.

    I have been having to deal with some horrendous Spiritual Warfare for quite a few months now and with the assistance of God, The Lord Jesus Christ, My Guardian Angel ~ Daniel, and Many Many More whose Names I do not know they have enabled me to see it through and stay sane. It has not been an easy journey and it is not yet over, yet satan’s and his minions grips are getting weaker. LOL, they will probable give me extra Payback for that comment tonight.
    Blessings to everyone that has been supportive of Akiane.

    To RALPH, et al and their ilk. Pay them no heed! Jealousy can be very nasty indeed. They probably are unable to even do a decent drawing of anything. Amen. Bless you Guys!

    Please email me directly if you would like more information if you intend doing another portrait.

  133. This picture struck me like none ever has.even if it’s not really His actual one but still… enough to be true.kudos to the artist. it touches the soul

  134. Jesus came to to me in a dream several years ago. He walked across a room and kissed me and said “I love you” to me. Akaine’s painting is the image of Jesus that I personally know. He is beautiful!

  135. Great, you have a painting of Jesus,… Now What? Is that painting stopping the war and suffering? Is that painting stopping crime? Is that painting instant healing the sick? Is that painting give you new knowledge to expand the Kingdom of God Almighty on the earth. Is a shame that so many people “Go to heaven”, talk to Jesus about insignificant stuff, and come back, and then all they talk about is; “Oh how beautiful heaven, Oh how beautiful it is”, Oh how wonderful Jesus looks”, and that it. They come back with no new knowledge, wisdom, or understanding to really make a significant different, that changes the world. What’s the point of being face to face with the all-knowing Jesus, if all you are going to get is a new book and some paintings?

    • Hey Nathan, God created this world PERFECT. Then He created us, with the responsibility to keep it PERFECT. Man created WAR. Man created SUFFERING. Man created CRIME. Man caused SICKNESS. Man is given KNOWLEDGE through the Holy Ghost. And then after we screwed everything up, He comes to earth as MAN, and we kill Him.!! And the ALL-KNOWING JESUS died for MAN, meaning YOU!! NO-ONE will never understand, nor know true knowledge without the Holy Spirit.,Which comes from Christ !!

    • Nathan, we have no idea of the far-reaching effects of Colton’s story and Akiene’s painting. When God reveals Himself in such a way, we can KNOW He is about His business of reaching lost souls. We do know that her atheist mother and agnostic father found God . If only for two souls would be good reason, however, I’m sure there have been many more. The book, movie and painting in themselves, are not the end of the story…but instead the beginning.

    • So Nathan what are you doing towards creating a better world i.e stopping crime, healing the sick ~ I’m at least working towards exposing the really bad guys out there ~ not attacking someone that God has given a magnificent gift to show other believers what to expect when he comes again!

  136. Don, I should have read all the other comments but I didn’t.

    I believe this is true. I’m not sure why. I won’t bicker over the names. You know “a rose by any other name”. Call him or her by the name you use. But as my life went on I came to feel the strength of this belief and life’s experiences added, I am now convinced.

    I hope you get there some day.

  137. What a beautiful gift she has been given. I have seen the Prince of Peace, Jesus and in all the times I have seen him he most certainly does have blue eyes. They are like sapphires and when he looked at me I felt him looking deep into my soul. I have flown with him in the spirit and have been a partaker in his omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. I hovered with him over a group of my brothers and sisters and I could hear them speaking all at the same time and could hear every conversation. Jesus is real and I have known his presence and the LORDS on occasions. I know that most Jewish people have brown eyes, but I can tell you in all truth in all the visions I have had of him his eyes have definitely been light blue in colour. His hair has been slightly longer in my visions. I don’t share this information lightly with people so what I have said is true and I do not stand to gain anything from what I have spoken of in this comment. Praise God. He lives and he cares for each and every one of us.

    • What a beautiful paint you painted

      it is so nice i love it

      what a nice gift she has been given

      you are a talented girl

      and lucky too

    • Jesus, or Yahushua, was not black. And if you asked, what would Jesus do? He wouldn’t care what color you were. He just wants souls to spend eternal paradise in Heaven with Him.

  138. Dearest Akiane,
    I don’t know if you will see this.
    I don’t know how else to contact you.

    In any case, I offer you a special gift, as I do for anyone else on this earth.
    You can post your pictures for free on my blog.
    I believe more of the world should experience the art Jesus has moved you to create.

    Here is the address to my Blog:

    You can make your own group and your own post section and your own question section.
    I started the Blog 2-16-2016.
    It’s all for the glory of Jesus, and the fellowship of His Children, and for the lost to get to know Jesus Christ.

  139. From what I’ve seen in her recent interviews, she rarely mentions Jesus anymore. Why is that?

  140. I don’t doubt her experience or talent at all. People have to make a living, I was also given some abilities by God so I could earn a living and tell a story. So we’re all if you if you actually gave credit where it’s due. I read many comments not all there are a bunch. I just wanted to clarify one thing. The Devils greatest lie isn’t to make people think Jesus doesn’t exist! His greatest lie is to make people think he himself “the prince of this world” doesn’t exist. Let’s face it he can and has gotten away with a great deal with this one tactic. Further if he didn’t exist then it’s much easier in the modern foolish mind to deny God’s existsnce. However, this woman and the rest of us know this one simple truth, God is and it takes some serious self importance for the created to think they know more, better and have the the right to know more than the creator. It’s a sad state of mind and soul!

  141. Akiane!!! I’m so so grateful that you did this painting of our Savior! I love it so much… as much as I love Jesus … who LIVES and is coming soon to take his believers home!!!
    Thank you my dear, for your courageous spirit! Thank you for sharing all you do every day of your life. God bless and keep you always!

  142. This is the closest likeness to him you will ever get to see. I’m fortunate to have shared the same vision and so I’am able to relate. People are not even aware J had a child for he was just a normal person, with an incredible ability as a gift from God. His passing was to remind all of us, that nothing ever dies in truth, this is why he re-appeared to the apostles shortly after he passed away on the cross. To remind us that nothing ever dies for all is just energy an energy can never be destroyed only reborn. For people who will not understand rebirth, the moments of deja-vu are because you have been there before in another life it is that simple.

    You are very blessed to have had this opportunity, only people who are meant to see will, and those who are not may do in the future when he comes to show himself in ways you can’t even begin to imagine at this time.

    Understand he is the peace maker, whom restores balance to this planet an those that surround. His message is simple, he accepts all from all walks of life, do not be divided by race an religion for this is not the way, respect each others wishes an beliefs, for one day soon all shall be revealed and no one will have to question there beliefs again. Remember your purpose an that is work with each other for you are all brothers an sisters. To walk away from each other in times of need to abandon one another is to step away from the light an into darkness. Life is about the abundance of health and this can only be so when we come together through acts of selflessness and equality to all fellow beings. Times ahead will be hard in places, but the good will eventually outweigh the bad an when this moment arises you will know you have made it to the promised land for all will be in perfect harmony.

    Do not allow yourself to become separated from each other, remember there is good an bad on both sides of every argument positive an negative outcomes of every decision one makes. Look ahead an into the future from a higher level to know all is well for all is in good hands for all is in Gods hands, as it has always been as it shall forever remain.

    Stay Blessed


  143. if for not for anything we can at least be proud that He chose some one of our time and era to show Himself. I wish I could have met her back then as she was bubbling with all that information just wanting some one to tell. Its a great honor.

  144. Came across this today as had a dream that was profound in its intensity.Dreamt that it was end of world and I was by the ocean while the seas were getting larger and larger. I came across an old jetty the waves were crashing over and at the end was a man with his arms up to the heavens . The man was dressed in the usual typical garb and sandles you see Jesus depicted with only it wasn’t until I got to near the end of Jetty that this man turned around and I had the realisation it was Jesus. I ran up to him and asked him kneeling before him what should I do before the end and he took both of my hands kissed them simultaneously and said ‘ Find Peace ‘. That was all he said. I burst into tears and kissed his hands on mine and said thankyou thankyou over and over and then a massive wave came over him ( although not me ) and swept him away. I woke up in tears. Now why I’m here telling you all this was that how Jesus looked wasn’t like any usual depictions I had seen before and so went looking on the net to see if I could find someone who had seen him the same way and here is the closest I could get. His hair in my dream a little more sandy blonde/brown although style almost exact. His eyes in my dream were blue and had that same infinite intelligent look which is what struck me the most in the dream. Not all doey eyed as he gets portrayed alot. More piercing and super intelligent although kind at the same time. He looked healthy yet weathered like a fisherman or person whom works outdoors. His hands were like that of yes a carpenter or fisherman too. I remember thinking in the dream how awesome it was that yes a good looking man like say Robert Redford but very personable / approachable just like the guy painted here too. I woke up thinking now that’s a more realistic Jesus I wonder if anyone else has seen him the same way. Good to know other people have ! I’m not religious either for those wondering but definately believe in God and Jesus as the most enlightened being. This is the closet I’ve come to that which was presented in my dream.

  145. It’s probable today that there’s a man somewhere that looks like Jesus. I found a man who wrote about his near death experience and to his surprise he found out that he looks like Jesus. After viewing the many images he created of himself, I come to the conclusion that he resembles a lot like the 3-D animation of Jesus face Ray Downing created on the History Channel. The man’s name is Alex Acropolis Calderon

  146. We watched a piece from the History Channel about a man who used the Shroud of Turin to create an image of the man on the shroud using complex scientific and computer tools. What struck me immediately was the resemblance to this painting. There were differences in the hair and eye color, but enough similarities that I came to look up this image.

  147. Please watch the movie “heaven is for real” and may jesus save your life and spread it to all!

  148. It’s very simple. For the unbelievers…one day, one of us will be proved right. For me, I would rather live like God exists and be found wrong, than live like there is no God and be found wrong…but God has proven himself to me many times, in different ways, and I know He exists. It’s not about Religion, I don’t ‘do’ religion; it’s about relationship – two very different things. It’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the grace that we have because of the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. Check out The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel or read The Shack. The Shack is a fiction book, but it is based on the authors experience. It is all about Gods love for us.

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