God led Christian doctor in Texas to winning Covid treatment


By Mark Ellis —

Dr. Richard Bartlett, M.D. on “America Can We Talk” program with Debbie Georgatos on July 2, 2020 (screenshot)

He’s practiced medicine in Texas for 28 years, served on former Governor Perry’s healthcare task force, and is a medical expert for a CBS affiliate in west Texas.

He is also a strong Christian who says God led him to a cure for Covid.

“In March, I was working a 48-hour shift in the emergency room and I was distraught,” Dr. Richard P. Bartlett, M.D. told Debbie Georgatos on her program, “America Can We Talk.”

The emotional strains engendered by the exploding pandemic were already wearing on Dr. Bartlett. “I am a Christian and I was praying throughout that 48-hour shift and I was thinking, God, what am I going to do if someone comes in here with Covid and they’re dying? They are going to trust me to do the right thing for them and I don’t have an answer.”

Dr. Bartlett continued praying and then caught a catnap between patients. During his brief nap something remarkable happened. God supernaturally inspired his waking thoughts with a treatment protocol that has proven to be 100% effective with all his Covid-19 patients.

“I woke up convinced that God had given me a winning strategy,” he explained to Georgatos. “A week later I had to try it out on my first two patients and for every patient it’s working!”

His God-inspired treatment plan employs an inhaled steroid often used by asthma patients called Budesonide, administered through a nebulizer, a device that delivers a medicated mist inhaled into the lungs. He also uses the antibiotic clarithromycin to combat secondary bacterial pneumonia. For good measure, he also gives zinc to his patients, because it interferes with virus multiplication.

Later, he discovered Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Iceland have been using inhaled steroids with impressive results. Taiwan, with a population of 24 million people, located only 112 miles from mainland China, has had only seven deaths from Covid. Japan, with a population of 112 million, has had less than a thousand deaths.

“That is what they are doing in Japan and Taiwan and Singapore. They are treating with inhaled steroids if they get Covid. They are using a different one than I’m using,” Dr. Bartlett noted. “The one I’m using I think is better…but the silver bullet is inhaled steroids.”

One of his Covid patients was concurrently fighting two forms of lymphoma. “She called me after five days of being flat on her back at her house, can’t get out of bed. Her fever won’t break for five days.”

“She is on chemotherapy right now. She just had radiation a month before for the lymphoma. She should die according to what you hear from the CDC and the WHO, but I gave her the treatment that night. In the morning her fever broke and she had her first good night’s sleep,” he reported.

Over the weekend she recovered. “On Monday she worked an eight-hour day. She is still fighting two forms of cancer, but she is cured of Covid. She is symptom-free and has had two consecutive negative tests.

“That’s a cure!” he said emphatically.

Most of Dr. Bartlett’s Covid patients tell him they feel better after the first treatment.

“Their chest pain goes away. Their shortness of breath goes away. Their fever breaks,” he said.

Dr. Bartlett also treated an elderly woman with a 50-year history of smoking. She previously had four-vessel bypass surgery. She was on medication for high blood pressure and thyroid disease. “She called me after five days of fever and shortness of breath and chest pain. She felt like she can barely get across the room.”

After five minutes of using the inhaled steroids she said, “I feel better after the first treatment.”

“The woman is cured with two negative tests after the fact. She is so grateful,” Dr. Bartlett told Georgatos.

Fortunately, there is a plentiful supply of Budesonide and it’s inexpensive. “It’s generic; it’s super cheap. It’s about $200 for the whole treatment if you pay cash. With insurance, many of my patients are not even having to pay for it,” he said.

“It’s a respiratory anti-inflammatory for Covid, which is a respiratory inflammatory disease – and it works! One-hundred percent of my patients are alive!

Dr. Bartlett has been using the treatment since March. “It takes five minutes to do a breathing treatment. You plug the machine into the wall. You put the medicine that is premixed, pre measured, from the pharmacy into the little reservoir, you push the on button, and you breathe it for five minutes. You don’t even have to have a mask, you can use a mouthpiece,” he explained.

The medicine is considered safe. “It’s been used on two-pound premature babies safely and on the fragile elderly in nursing homes for over 20 years. There are no reservations with it. It doesn’t cause any cardiac risk,” he said. “There are 25 million people in America that have asthma and so this medicine is used routinely for over 20 years to prevent asthma attacks.”

One potential problem is that the major pharmaceutical companies – currently spending billions on research –will not make any money from Dr. Bartlett’s approach. “It is $200 for treatment versus the experimental antiviral that you have to be in the hospital to get and costs over $3100 to get the medicine, then you pay $15,000 to stay in the hospital during that time, unless you go to the ICU and you will get a $30,000 to $40,000 bill on top of that,” he noted.

Dr. Bartlett believes that other approaches to deliver Budesonide will not be effective. “If you give a steroid by IV or as a shot in the muscle – or a pill — that goes total body through the bloodstream. Every time you’re turning down the immune system, the ability to fight infection.

“Every time you’re dialing down the ability to heal. Use it as a targeted source. If you use an inhaler, 90% of the medicine never gets to where you need it. Research shows that. But a nebulizer works.”

The word about Dr. Bartlett’s treatment is getting out. “Inhaled budesonide is currently being studied by the NIH. Their study will be out in October. The country of France is also studying it, a country that has lost over 30,000 people to this. Spain and the University of Oxford have also said they will study inhaled budesonide.”

Dr. Bartlett is concerned the NIH study is set up for failure. “The criteria for the NIH study is that you have to have pneumonia and be in the ICU and be on a ventilator before they will even give you this.

“Early detection and early treatment makes common sense. The CDC says not to seek help until you have severe symptoms. People are being sent away from ER rooms with a positive test with Tylenol and told to tough it out at home. That is the standard of care being put out. That’s a terrible plan for any healthcare problem, especially one that can kill you. We don’t say wait until you have Stage Four cancer and then seek help. We don’t do that with any other disease.

“Don’t wait until you’re a breath away from death!” he exclaimed.

Dr. Bartlett is not optimistic about the development of an effective vaccine because of the way the virus is mutating. “In Iceland they broke down the DNA of the virus and found 243 mutations already in April. A vaccine is not the solution for a rapidly mutating virus. This is a coronavirus. It goes around every year, like the common cold. We get flu vaccines every year and at best it covers 40%. They have not been successful with a vaccine for AIDS because it is a rapidly mutating virus.”

“The beautiful thing about the treatment I’m using is that no matter how many times it mutates, this is going to work because it decreases the inflammation.

“I am not scared of Covid anymore. No one else should be scared of Covid anymore. There are ways to treat it. If your doctor won’t treat it, find another doctor.”

Dr. Bartlett is grateful to God that all his patients have survived. “Each person’s Covid story is different. But thank you Jesus all of them have lived. None of them have died.”

Now to each one the manifestation of he Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit…to another gifts of healing…1 Cor. 12:7-9



  1. If the goverment knows about this and doesnt use it they need to be voted our of office.

    • of all the things to say you go after the government!!! how about writing it all down and going to visit your congressman to make sure they know??? the blame game is so great because you never have to be responsible for anything its always to other guy!!

  2. Thank you for interviewing Dr Bartlett. This news has reached all over via the internet. We are in Wisconsin. I am a person with asthma and I have a nebulizer. I feel much safer knowing there is a quick treatment available to me

  3. Very informative. Will you please share your email address that you gave at the end of the interview. Would like to have a copy of Dr Richard Bartlett’s info . Thank you

  4. If this is good for a virus, could t help a person with pulmonary fibrosis? Was asking because I have pulmonary fibrosis.

  5. I am praying God will enable this to be widely known. Also that those in authority make sure this information is gotten to all medical doctors. I pray against any nefarious elements that would seek to block this information and its application to stem the virus effects

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