Former aide to Arafat sees revival breaking out in Gaza


By Benjamin Lahood –

A former sharpshooter Muslim and aide to Yassar Arafat, Taysir “Tass” Abu Saada strongly believes a revival will break out after the Israel Hamas war.

“We are looking at a good revival going on already in the Gaza Strip due to what has happened,” Tass told CBN. “Despite the destruction that is taking place, I believe God has a purpose to get the Palestinians in Gaza to wake up and look at different alternatives to what they believe.”

Tass is himself a Palestinian, though born in Qatar. He passed through the Palestinian militant ranks from sharpshooter terrorist to aid to former PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat. Today, however, he is a Christian overseeing teams who evangelize in the West Bank and Gaza.

Tass is also at work with political groups to redefine the picture of Israel as a federation including the West Bank to end the tensions – an alternative to Joe Biden’s two nation solution. Tass is the founder of the Hope of Peace Foundation.

In the CBN report, Tass confirmed an earlier story that 200 Gazans received Jesus en masse when they all received the same dream about Jesus on the same night. It could not be determined if Tass was the original source of this previously reported information.

“The Lord appeared to them in visions and dreams,” Tass said. “They were hugging each other and rejoicing. They realized all of them had the same vision that each one of them had. Obviously, the Lord is doing his work.”

Several Muslim nations have offered to govern the Gaza Strip after the Hamas leadership is decimated.

“All of these Arab nations are allowing Israel to do what Israel needs to do,” Tass said. “They tired of the Palestinian issue, and they want to see a solution. By destroying Hamas entirely and turning over the Gaza strip to Qatar of the United Emirates, Gaza would become another Singapore.

“As I look at it as a Palestinian myself, the Arabs haven’t done that much for me,” Tass said. “Looking at what Israel has done in the years it’s been established, looking at where they are and where the Palestinians are, I’d rather be united with Israel and give the Palestinians equal rights. That’s the idea of the federation that we are working on.

“I believe the Palestinians would be much better off,” he added. “Their leaders have not done anything. The people surrounding (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) who are now leading, they are the crooks. They rob their people.”

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About the writer of this article: Ben Lahood studies at Lighthouse Christian Academy near Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles.


  1. Unfortunately the Bible predicts the utter destruction of Gaza and all its inhabitants. Zechariah 2:4-7
    While it is good that some people there are being saved, ( hopefully, more than those reported,) we must believe the Word. Every nation, city and individual has an appointed time to get right with God before their judgment. We see those 3 situations throughout Scripture. The Bible says that “The nation that refuses to serve God shall perish.”
    As horrific as it may seem, that is what we’re seeing before our eyes. There will be no one left in Gaza, when the war ends, that’s why no nation is taking them in, they’re penned in like sheep for slaughter. I’ve been in tears for these precious people, but last night in prayer,I felt the Lord tell me to only pray for souls among them to be saved; and for Him to send in people who will boldly preach the Gospel. The west will receive her judgment also: “The wicked shall be cast into hell and *all nations that forget God!*” Ps. 9:17. Our western nations have forgotten God, most do not know who He is any longer. The end of all things is upon us. Please pray people for revival amongst Gazans for NOW – not just the few we hear about,for there will be no “later.” They are dying as you read this. If I were younger and the Lord called me, I’d go. But “the Lord devises means that his banished be not expelled him.” 2 Sam.14:14
    He can raise up help from within Gaza and/or help from without. But they must be people willing to die to save these souls.
    I hate saying these words of their utter destruction, but they’re not mine, they are the Lords’.


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