Palestinian leaders telling children that Israelis and US behind death of Arafat

Photo from the Palestinian Media Watch.
Yasser Arafat in his final days

By Brandon Montes

Palestinian officials have been indoctrinating children with a malicious falsehood, that former President Yasser Arafat died of poison administered by Israelis, with the complicity of the United States.

In 2004 Arafat became ill, fell into a coma, and died on November 11, 2004 at age 75. Muslim news accounts alleged foul play, but independent investigations by the French and Russians found no grounds for such accusations.

The latest round of fabrications on Palestinian television appear aimed at inspiring a new generation of young people to participate in suicide bombings and prolong the bloody conflict against Israel.

The baseless accusations constitute a strategy to demonize the Israelis and continually arouse Palestinian bloodlust.

“They killed Yasser Arafat, because until his final breath he defended the children of his people in war and in peace, diplomatically and also with a rifle, with a weapon,” announced the Palestinian Authority television channel on Nov. 11, according to Palestinian Media Watch.

The carnage of a Palestinian suicide bomber.
The carnage of a Palestinian suicide bomber.
Yasser Arafat resorted to all means, legitimate and illegitimate, to drive Israelis out of the the Holy Land.

A young boy responded on the TV show with a famous Arafat chant: “In spirit and blood we will redeem you Al-Aqsa! In spirit and blood we will redeem you Al-Aqsa! Millions of Martyrs are marching towards Jerusalem! Millions of Martyrs are marching towards Jerusalem!”

Stoking the flames of jingoism, the host urged martyrdom (suicide attacks) with grim resolve: “We will follow Yasser Arafat’s path.”

A day earlier, Abbas Zaki, a member of the Fatah Central Committee which governs the West Bank, said “the US and Israel are the main suspects in the assassination of Arafat, in addition to a ‘treacherous’ hand that is suspected in the crime.”

He alleged that the US and Israeli governments have frustrated attempts to determine the cause of death, which he attributed to polonium-210 poisoning through the ear.

On Nov. 15, Fatah Advisory Council member Ahmed Abd Al-Rahman went so far as to make up a supposed conversation between the former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and then U.S. President George Bush, without saying where he obtained the information.

“Sharon said to Bush: ‘My brother, let us get rid of him and kill him.’ [He was talking] about Arafat. [Bush] told him: ‘Leave it to God.’ Sharon responded to him: ‘But God needs helpers on earth.””

The accusations are nothing new, but this year Fatah leaders accused Israel of plotting to kill the current Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas as well, as reported by PMW.

These irresponsible accusations and demagoguery continue to frustrate any attempts to bring peace in the Middle East, possibly until Jesus returns.

Brandon Montes is a sophomore at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica.