Actor Mark Wahlberg: ‘Stay prayed up’


By Mark Ellis —

Mark Wahlberg and Mario Lopez (Instagram)

Mark Wahlberg, the Hollywood actor known for his roles in blockbuster films such as The Departed and Ted, previously nominated for two academy awards — and always bold about his Christian faith — shared recently on Instagram some sage advice.

The Father Stu actor appears in a video clip with fellow actor Mario Lopez on their way to church, undoubtedly a rare sight among Hollywood actors.

Wahlberg, a busy father-of-four, introduces Lopez as his “brother in Christ” and “in life.”

He goes on to say: “We’re about to get into that church and stay prayed up.”

Lopez, also a strong Christian, was baptized in the River Jordan in 2018. He replies: “Always … Gotta build those spiritual muscles as well.”

The pair then go off to church, leaving one more encouragement to “stay prayed up.”

The short clip has been viewed nearly 5 million times. “At a time when sharing your faith so openly in Hollywood can be seen as career-damaging, Wahlberg is proving that his energy and enthusiasm for God is only helping him achieve all that he sets to do,” according to Aleteia.

Wahlberg’s faith has been a central part of his life since he was a young boy growing up in Boston. He credits his mother, who was a strong Christian, for instilling in him a strong and active faith in God.

Despite his early exposure to Christianity, Wahlberg admits that he strayed during his teen years, when he indulged himself in drugs and alcohol. However, he says that his faith eventually helped him turn his life around.

“I was in trouble, and I needed somebody to help me,” Wahlberg told one interviewer. “I needed somebody to give me that guidance and that direction. And that’s when I turned back to my faith.”

Since then, Wahlberg says that his faith has played an important role in his personal and professional life. He attends church regularly and even considered becoming a priest at various points in his life.

“I want to serve God and do what’s right, but I also want to be successful in my career,” Wahlberg said. “It’s a balancing act, but I think that with faith, anything is possible.”

Wahlberg’s faith has also influenced his work as an actor. He has spoken publicly about his decision to avoid roles that conflict with his values, such as those that involve explicit sexual content or profanity.

“I have to be true to who I am and what I believe in,” Wahlberg observed. “And if that means turning down a role or two, then that’s what I have to do.”

Wahlberg’s openness about his faith has earned him praise from Christians. In particular, his decision to avoid roles that go against his deeply held values has been commended by many as a brave and principled stance in a notoriously permissive industry.

Critics on the left have accused him of being judgmental, but he disagrees. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a strong belief system and trying to live your life in a certain way. I’m not here to tell anybody else how to live their life, but I know what works for me.”

As Wahlberg continues to navigate the intersection of his faith and his career, it is clear that his Christian beliefs remain an essential part of his identity. Whether he filming a movie or in sitting in church, Wahlberg says that he is always pursuing Christlikeness.


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