North Korea: Shaman, fortuneteller couldn’t heal girl, but Jesus did


By Mark Ellis –

(credit: Cornerstone Ministries Intl)

A North Korean mom was distraught when her seven-year-old daughter’s fever persisted at a dangerously high level. She sought help from a fortune teller and a shaman, but her condition didn’t improve.

“Oh, No! My daughter Juwon’s body is like a fireball!” the mother cried, according to a report by Cornerstone Ministries International. “If I don’t act quickly, my daughter might die, what I can do?”

She was restless, unsure what to do. Then, a woman who lived next door came over and said, “Juwon’s mother! I know an old man who I think you should go and see. I have heard a rumor that he heals people.”

She went to visit the old man with her two daughters. The old man listened and then asked Juwon to follow him. He took the girl and entered a room and then sent out all family members.”

After thirty minutes, Mom was frustrated and put her ear to door. Juwon’s sister also put her ear to the door, but the old man’s murmurings were unintelligible to them.

Then they were startled to hear him shout, “Satan, the devil! I command you to leave now!”

“Within a few minutes, Juwon came out of the room as if nothing had ever happened,” Juwon’s sister reported. “She was healed!”

“My mother was so happy and left the house without expressing gratitude for what the old man has done for Juwon. She only cared that Juwon was well again.”

After some time, Juwon’s mother visited China. God orchestrated her meeting a missionary there and from him she heard the Gospel for the first time.

While she stayed at a Christian training center, she complained of a severe headache. A missionary at the center prayed with her. During the prayer, the missionary said, “From this woman whose head aches, In Jesus’ name, Satan leave now!”

(credit: Cornerstone)

Suddenly Juwon’s mother remembered when her daughter was healed. “Oh, it is the same as the old man said…”

She finally understood that the old man was one who believed in God, and she was healed – just like her daughter!

“She understood that through Jesus she was healed. So, she accepted the Christ and came back home.  Soon she went to the old man’s home with a humbly thankful heart.”

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