Afghan Christian leader faces Taliban takeover


By Mark Ellis –

As the Taliban takes province after province, all roads lead to Kabul

The Taliban’s swift takeover of most of Afghanistan has shocked the Biden administration, which has sent 3,000 troops to secure the American embassy in Kabul. Many are predicting the fall of the capital within days.

The country is 99.8% Islamic, according to Joshua Project, leaving the tiny minority of Christians in the crosshairs of the Taliban’s surge.

Even within the government now, attitudes are changing toward Christians. “More and more radicals are coming into power,” Brother Firash* told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Already there are threats people are receiving because the more conservative, radical Muslims are taking positions.”

“The government may be doing this to show the Taliban they are Islamic. Some people give the Taliban information because they want to be safe and be protected. Some will tell them everything they know so the Taliban will spare them, protect their family.”

In the current crisis, Christians are not able to trust their own family members. “The Taliban have a book and keep a record. You have to come five times to the mosque and not miss prayer. In northern Afghanistan, having a beard is compulsory. The Taliban come to your house and they ask for food or money. Some are receiving threats they will be killed.

“They will kill the known Christians and want to spread that fear,” Brother Firash says.

Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.  Matthew 10:21

Many will be forced to revert to Islam publicly.

“There are already posters appearing that if you have single girls, 15-years-old, you have to marry them to the Taliban soldiers. Christians fear their daughters will be taken away from them and forced to marry Taliban. They will be sent to madrasas (Islamic schools) to brainwash them. The parents may or may not be killed.”

Christian boys will be taken, trained at the madrasas, and forced to become soldiers.

“One man received a letter that his house now belongs to the Taliban. He is a simple man who makes crafts and his entire savings is in his house. The Taliban will take the property and assets of the Christians and all their women will be taken.”

People are asking, “What should I do?”

“We know as Christians we face persecution. Every Muslim background believer like myself that converts to Christianity knows the consequences of conversion. The Koran is very clear. The Hadith is very clear for apostasy – it is death. They give three days to repent and then there is no mercy.”

Brother Firash asks for prayer from saints around the world. “God has a plan; he knows what is best for his children in Afghanistan.”

“The church has been united. Fear is the biggest thing. If leaders are afraid, the people in the church will be afraid. People are struggling to trust their own God. Through this hardship, the church will grow. But there will also be an exodus of Christians from Afghanistan,” he predicts.

“We want the Afghan Christians to see that Jesus is on his throne. He is still a mighty, powerful, God.”


*name changed for security reasons

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