Power of prayer turns abusive, alcoholic father to Jesus


By Sayan —

I am 10 years old and come from a very poor family. Until recently, my father was an alcoholic and my mother works as a maid to support our family. My father abused my mother and used the money she earned to buy alcohol. Life was very difficult for us.

Thankfully, one day a Christian lady met my mother and shared the Gospel with her. My mother repented and became a disciple of Jesus. I too have become a disciple. After leaning of the power of prayer as a follower of Jesus, my mother began praying for my father. After a few months, my father gave up drinking and has turned to Jesus as well.

Today, I am very blessed and thankful to Jesus for bringing peace and joy into our lives. Please do pray for others in our village and surrounding area who need Jesus also. — BigLife


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