Girl from Hindu family found Bible in school desk


Bangalore ChristianBy Christian Devantier —

When Jaya Jeevan’s brother caught her reading the Bible, he flew into a rage, broke things, tore the Bible and threw it out of the house.

“He literally blew up everything that day when he found me with the Bible,” Jaya says on on a 100 Huntley Street video.

Coming from a non-practicing Hindu home, Jaya had no idea why he was upset but was hurt by his violent rejection.

Christianity in BangaloreAfterwards, the girl from the Karon District of India felt like she had to read the Bible and pray secretly. She discovered the Bible in a school desk at a Christian missionary school.

At age 21, she met and married a Bangalore Hindu who was supportive of her Christian practices, though his family was not.

Alone and unsupported (with the exception of her husband) in her Christian beliefs, Jaya started to drift away. She decided that while others would worship idols, she would talk only to Jesus in her heart. But slowly she wandered in her thoughts from Jesus.

Hindu Christian marriage“I left Him,” she says. “But He never left me.”

With her husband, Jaya moved to Houston in 2014 and applied for a work visa. She worked IT. She had a beautiful daughter, supportive husband, and a great life, but she fell into depression.

“Why is it there is no happiness in me?” she asked.

She flashed back to her childhood.

“I remember when I was with Jesus Christ, I never had these kinds of situations in my life. Why did I forget Jesus Christ? Maybe my life is like this because I totally pushed Him out of my life. I looked up to the sky and I said, ‘Lord, I don’t know I have gone away from you. I need you. Can you please take me back Lord because I’m lost.’”

becoming christian in INdia
Christianity in Bangalore is making slow progress

She had to travel to India to arrange issues related to her visa. She spent her days weeping.

But somebody invited her to the Baruch Adonai church. Deep Srinivas was teaching and the words brought tears to Jaya’s eyes and repentance to her heart.

“I saw God directly talking to me and how my life was shattered and how He wanted to repair me,” Jaya says. “It changed my life.”

Upon her return to the United States, she got a great job in IT.

“Every day since then, I’ve started seeing blessings,” Jaya says. “If God can choose a person like me who is worthless and can bless me so much, He can do this for anyone. The love that I am tasting today, God is wanting to get to everyone.”



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Christian Devantier studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica, California.


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