Campaign to shut down Pornhub gains steam


More than one million people have signed a petition organized by the Traffickinghub campaign urging authorities to

Laila Mickelwait, founder of the Traffickinghub campaign

shut down Pornhub—the most popular pornographic website in the world—over allegations the site promotes child porn and sex trafficking.

A “non-religious, non-partisan effort,” the campaign is “supported by activists from 192 countries and a broad spectrum of over 300 organizations.”

According to, an anti-porn group, Pornhubhas been repeatedly caught enabling, hosting, and profiting from videos of child rape, sex trafficking, and other forms of non-consensual content exploiting women and minors. We’re calling for Pornhub to be shut down and its executives held accountable for these crimes.”

The campaign has also attracted backers on Capitol Hill. On March 10, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) asked Attorney General William P. Barr in a letter to investigate Pornhub for allegedly facilitating human trafficking.

“In several notable incidents over the past year, Pornhub made content available worldwide showing women and girls that were victims of trafficking being raped and exploited,” Sasse wrote.

“Pornhub must not escape scrutiny. I therefore, request the department open an investigation into Pornhub and its parent entity MindGeek Holding SARL for their involvement in this disturbing pipeline of exploiting children and other victims and survivors of sex trafficking,” the letter continued.

One Christian investment company, Timothy Plan, which offers investment products filtering out companies that act contrary to traditional biblical principles, announced an employee-driven initiative to support the campaign against Pornhub, the largest trafficker in internet pornography.

“Some of the staff brought the effort to hold Pornhub accountable for their actions to my attention,” Art Ally, founder of Timothy Plan, said. “They wanted to distribute the petition throughout the office and raise money on their own as a staff. That’s the kind of people we have working here, and I am humbled to have such a team.”

In a further show of support of his employee’s convictions, Ally plans to have Timothy Partners double-match all employee contributions.