Hannity led Roger Stone to re-dedicate his life to Christ


By Mark Ellis –

Roger Stone

Roger Stone, the flamboyant former Trump campaign aide derided by some as a dirty trickster, found renewal in Jesus Christ during his prosecution and conviction by the federal government for witness tampering and lying to investigators.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s nightly program July 13th, he named a long list of people who befriended him during the darkest time of his life, including Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Congressman Matt Gates, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, Charlie Kirk, Rev. Franklin Graham, Pastors Mark Burns and Daryl Scott, Florida evangelist Randy Coggins, along with General Michael Flynn and his family.

“This is the most horrible experience you can have,” he told Hannity…”when you’re up against the horrific and deep-pocketed resources of the federal government and these sadistic and arrogant, politically motivated prosecutors.

“I had a biased judge, a stacked jury, and a corrupt jury forewoman,” he contended.

But in the center of the crucible, Stone got wise counsel from Hannity and several other pastors. “Above all, I must tell you, Sean, based on advice from you and Rev. Graham, and the two pastors I mentioned, I really want to thank God,” he said.

Sentenced to 40 months in federal prison, Stone was “literally hours away from being transferred to a Covid-infested prison,” he said. Due to his age, 67, and previous respiratory problems, Stone believed the prison time would be a virtual death sentence.

In facing all this, Stone turned his face to God at the direction of Hannity and his other spiritual advisors.

“More than anything else I am grateful for God because as you (Hannity) told me if I would re-dedicate my life to Christ and be reborn, you said God will never desert you; he will never abandon; he will protect you, if you confess your sins and you walk in his way.

“I have done my very best to do that,” he proclaimed.

Stone continues to believe the Russia collusion narrative was a hoax, but his newfound life in Christ is the genuine article.


  1. I thank God for His continuing Faithfulness to the body of Christ…Who is like Him…No one…I have seen many articles of Restoration & baptisim in Jesus around this country & the world…In Georgia we recently had an Old Fashioned Tent Revival, where many were saved & rededicated. Also in Orange County California, baptisms by the Pacific ocean..God is stirring His children to Himself…Hallejuelah…even so, come Lord Jesus..

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