Witch doctor killed his cousin, mother, wife, and son – then he met Jesus


By Mark Ellis —

Jacob, center, with a Timothy Initiative “Paul & Timothy,” and Jacob’s disciple

Following the death of his grandfather, Jacob was next in line to assume the position of chief witch doctor in his village.

During the initiation rites with other witch doctors, he was forced to ingest harsh substances that promised immense supernatural power.

Overwhelmed at first, he wondered how could he walk in the footsteps of such a great witch doctor, without his presence to guide?

“As it turns out, he had nothing to be concerned about. Jacob became so famous that people traveled from other nations to witness his power. His spells could bring either healing or death; his words could calm the tortured mind or drive people mad,” according to a report by The Timothy Initiative.

In order to attain power within his profession, a blood sacrifice was required. To gain the greatest power, human blood must be shed.

Stunningly, the witchdoctor community demanded he sacrifice the lives of those closest to him. Following their counsel, he killed his cousin, mother, wife, and even his own son.

This brought him even greater supernatural power, but guilt began to gnaw away at his soul. To find solace, he turned to alcohol and began drinking heavily. It was the only way to dull the pain he felt inside day after day.

One day at the bar, he overheard people talking about a movie that was to be shown in the village that night. Curious, he decided to attend. As he watched the JESUS Film, grief flooded his heart as the Holy Spirit brought conviction.

He recognized he had committed heinous crimes and was in desperate need of a Savior.

After the film ended, Jacob sought out the church leader, Alex, affiliated with The Timothy Initiative, who had arranged for the showing.

Jacob confessed the atrocities he had committed. Alex explained the gospel to him and assured him of the unconditional love of Christ.

Moved by the power of the Word and the Spirit, Jacob surrendered his life to Jesus that night and was born again.

“The transformation was immediate. He burned his amulets before the village — an action they did not take kindly to. They were so furious by his conversion that they threatened Jacob and drove him out of the village,” according to the report.

Alex took Jacob into his home and began to train him in the ways of the Lord. He encouraged Jacob to grow in his faith and become a disciple maker himself. Jacob began sharing the Gospel with his former clients, many of whom began to follow Jesus.

“Jacob planted a church, and trains others to be disciple makers as well!”


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