New Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has map that replaces Israel with “Palestine”


By Itamar Marcus and Nan Zilberdik —

Map in new Democrat Congresswoman’s office

A map with a pasted note identifying Israel as “Palestine” is now on the wall of a new Muslim Congresswoman’s office.

This should not come as a surprise. The woman, Rashida Tlaib, identifies herself as a Palestinian American, and as Palestinian Media Watch has reported, the official Palestinian map used by the Palestinian Authority and Fatah presents a world without Israel in which all of Israel is “Palestine.”

As seen above, the PA’s map of “Palestine” teaches Palestinian children that the “geographical area” of the “State of Palestine” encompasses all of Israel. Fatah takes it one step further by putting the rifle next to the map, indicating that through the rifle Israel will become “Palestine.”

Swearing in of Rep. Tlaib, surrounded by family members and Rep. Pelosi

While the map in the US Congress is insulting to all those who care about Israel and peace, the map that the PA uses in its education of its children is far more problematic. The map and the ideology accompanying it, actively destroy any chance for peace. How can we expect Palestinian children, who are taught that the correct map of the world has no Israel, to ever consider living in peace with the country they are taught should not even exist? — Palestinian Media Watch


  1. Ah oh. We have big trouble. This is why it is so dangerous for the Left to be in charge of our country. Nancy and her crew are as blind as bats to the dangers behind this idea or any idea of bringing in more rulers that follow the Quoran. If you don’t agree or believe this, just look up what the Quoran teaches. Yet the Left will always ignore this because they are lead by the father of the world instead of the Father our Creator.

  2. This is not even freedom of religion as the Qumran practioners do not believe in the God of the world. They believe in Allah, which if you check it out, that is the MOON god. Let Nancy be condemned with the rest of them for standing along side of her and supporting her. There is the god of this world (Satan) and the God of the Universe who will set forth on this earth soon. I would like to know where all the so called Christians are who are suppose to be in that governmental realm to let this go on. Thank God we who believe in Christ will be out of here before the final fight takes place, it will be very ugly and personally I do not want to see it or be around here when Christ does what written.

  3. The Jews are God’s chosen people…He will show no mercy for the Satan Worshiping Muslims..They shall all be cast into Hell with their God Allah..

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