The strange marriage of the Far Left and ‘Sharia-supremacists’ in Minnesota


By Deborah Hamilton —

Muslims gather at U.S. Bank Stadium August 21, 2018

As tens of thousands of Sharia-supremacists convene in Minneapolis/St. Paul’s Minnesota Vikings’ stadium for a two-day “show of power,” the context for such a demonstration—and its implications—is urgently needed.

Fortunately, a new Center for Security Policy (CSP) Occasional Paper by author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon explains how Muslims intent on fundamentally transforming America have achieved an ominous beachhead in Minnesota, thanks in large measure to that state’s long-dominant radical left.

Loudon’s “Red Minnesota: How a State’s Communist Roots Produced the Hard-Left Politics that is Enabling Its Burgeoning Sharia-supremacism” reveals a chilling reality: The “Land of Lakes” has become one of the most Islamized states in the Union because it is one of its most socialist states.

Muslims bow for prayer at U.S. Bank Stadium August 21, 2018

A man who personifies this “Red-Green axis” is the Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood-tied Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress in 2006 who has just won the Democratic nomination for the state’s Attorney General. His candidacy has become a crucible for the further coalescing of the far-left and Sharia-supremacist movements into one great stream dedicated to undermining and eventually supplanting the traditions of political freedom, Western values and religious tolerance.

Imam Farid Ansari (left) and Congressman Keith Ellison

As Loudon meticulously details, the roots of the problem lay in the waves of leftist Northern European, and especially Finnish, refugees from Czarist Russia to the region around the turn of the 20th century. The Socialist Party of Minnesota was formed in 1899.  It was succeeded in prominence by the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (D-F-L) in the New Deal era. The D-F-L persists to this day as Minnesota’s Democratic-affiliated but independent, “progressive” party at the state level, one of only two states with such an arrangement.

The movement reached its apotheosis following the death of Democratic Socialist and populist icon Sen. Paul Wellstone. His legacy Wellstone Action organization’s Advisory Board included Ellison, former Sen. Al Franken, former presidential candidate Walter Mondale, Donna Brazile and the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka.

These leftist political institutions have established close ties with Minnesota’s predominantly Somali Muslim immigrant community and are now enabling the latter’s Sharia-supremacist agenda and helping empower its proponents, politically and otherwise.

Upon the release of “Red Minnesota,” Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney noted:

“Trevor Loudon’s characteristically insightful and well-documented deep-dive into the left-wing radicalism of Minnesota politics is as impressive as it is instructive. ‘Red Minnesota’ makes clear that Sharia-supremacism finds particularly fertile ground in polities whose character has already been undermined by leftist cultural-relativist forces.

“Minnesota is facing myriad, significant challenges. Among them is the increasing muscle-flexing of its Sharia-supremacist population.  This important and timely study can serve both as a roadmap for a long-overdue course-correction in that state and as an object lesson for other states who want to avoid finding themselves in the same, dire predicament.”

“Red Minnesota” is excerpted from a forthcoming Center for Security Policy monograph that will explore other aspects of Minnesota’s transformation at the hands of its Red-Green Axis. “Red Minnesota” is available as a free PDF on the Center for Security Policy’s website.


View the media page for the Center here or visit the Center for Security Policy website for more information on the organization.


  1. It seems the Left has adopted Muslims as a cause célèbre simply because the Right, and the Christian Right, has tried to warn about the dangers and true intentions of Muslims in America. Of course, there are millions of peace-loving Muslims who can live and work with Christians amicably. I rejoice for them and with them. I would like to sit down and talk to them. We can compare peacefully our religions, discuss and not fight over them. But there are lurking in their numbers always a minority agitating, insisting they represent “true Islam,” a radical fringe that could win the hearts of the bulk of Muslims at any time and re-direct them towards the type of mayhem advocated in the Koran (please note that violence in the Old Testament hits its expiration date with the New Testament and should be seen as history and no longer as a current God-given injunction; the Koran has no such similar demarcation in its scriptures).

    What is surprising is that the Left is deeply suspicious and cynical of Russia but incomprehensibly optimistic about Islam. If we want everyone to acknowledge Russian agents, Russian foul play, Russian evil intentions, shouldn’t we use the same skeptical analysis when we look at Islam in America?

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