Muslim woman dreamed about a church, then found it


By Peter Wooding —

Fatima was distraught (Screengrab Facebook video by Leading the Way)

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Fatima* cried out to God to reveal himself to her. Growing up in a strict Muslim home had led her to the point of extreme depression and anxiety. What happened that night launched her on a journey toward a new life in Christ.

“I started to cry, and I told God, ‘If You really exist, whether You are the one that is in the Bible or the one that is in the Quran, show me the way.’ God heard that prayer and He responded. I fell asleep. And I dreamed that I was at a church I’d never seen before,” explains Fatima.

The following day she was determined to find the church she had seen in her dream. After asking around, she was overwhelmed when she actually discovered the same church.

“It was exactly like I saw it in my dream. So, I just walked in and sat down. I didn’t know how to pray, so I opened the Old Testament and started to read. I felt a slight change in my life. But it wasn’t the change I needed.”

Photo of the church

When her family discovered a photograph she had taken of the church, they began to threaten her, and she concluded her only option was to leave home.

“I was terrified when my family told me, ‘It is allowed for us to kill a deserter.’ But the Lord opened the door for me to stay at someone’s house where I could be safe.”

It was there that Fatima’s life was transformed. “One day I was watching the TV and I saw Dr Michael Youssef preaching. A number came up on the channel and so I called. Brother Noor picked up my phone call.

“I told him about my situation and he told me to meet him. We met at the church. He handed me a book called Finding the Joy You’ve Always Wanted by Dr Michael Youssef. This book was a shifting point for me.

“Brother Noor prayed with me and then he asked me, ‘Are you going to give your life to Jesus Christ?’ And I said ‘Yes.’ I really felt the presence of the Lord inside of me.”

Fatima surrendered her life to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was born again!

Woman portraying Fatima (Screengrab Facebook video)

“Every time I felt sad or I had a problem, I would receive a message from Leading The Way saying, ‘Don’t treat evil with evil, treat evil with good.’ I thank the ministry for helping me. They will be the reason a lot of people come to Christ.

A woman who once feared death now embraces eternity. “I used to be very scared of death but now I wish for it. I already booked a trip with the Lord. . . . Because now I know I have already gained eternal life.”


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*Name changed for security reasons.

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