Buddhist was demon possessed, had to be bound with ropes


By Mark Ellis —

Sunita came from a Buddhist family in Nepal and admittedly suffered for many years from demonic attacks.

“The demonic influence was so bad it caused me to attack my parents and other people,” Sunita told Biglife. “So my parents would bind me with ropes.”

Her parents sought help from conventional physicians as well as witch doctors, but they could find no relief for their daughter.

Then one day, a Christian woman, Sister Leela, visited the family home and prayed for Sunita. Her parents gave permission for Sunita me to go with Sister Leela and meet with other Christians.

During her visit, something remarkable happened. “As everyone was praying for me I felt something leave my body and that day I received deliverance from the demons!” she told Biglife.

A demon possessed woman in Nepal found deliverance in 2016 following prayer witnessed by Caroline Anderson, a writer for the IMB, and a team of Southern Baptists from Texas

Now in her right mind, she realized that only Jesus Christ has the power to bring healing, deliverance, and salvation.

She surrendered to Him as her Lord and Savior and was born again. “I now follow Him,” she says.

“After suffering for so many years, I am so thankful for this miracle in my life. Having seen the power of the Lord, my entire family is now following Jesus also. I am excited to see how the Lord continues to use my testimony so that others may find healing and salvation in Jesus.”


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