Hindu found healing by praying to Jesus


By Peter — 

I come from a Hindu background and used to practice idol worship. Though I followed the Hindu rituals, my life was without peace. Later in life I became very ill. For 8 months I suffered from severe issues with my kidneys. I went through treatments, took medications and consulted many doctors but nothing helped.

At this point in life, someone advised me to attend a house that was known for prayer. Having nothing to lose, I visited and shared about my sickness. In addition to praying for me, they said, “Believe in Jesus and He will heal you.”

Some Hindus believe water from this well can dissolve kidney stones

This sent me on a journey to know Jesus. I started to attend a local church and continued to pray. Soon, I accepted Jesus and slowly I noticed that my health was improving. Eventually, my kidneys were totally healed. Now I truly have the peace I searched for most of my life.

For the past 5 years I have been actively sharing Jesus and making disciples. Praise the Lord that many are also finding salvation and peace in Jesus. — Biglife


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