Israel: Rabbis ask Trump and Putin to help rebuild Temple in Jerusalem


By Mark Ellis

Model of coming Third Temple
Model of coming Third Temple

A group of leading Israeli rabbis are calling for President-elect Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin to help the Jewish people rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Temple would most likely be rebuilt on the Temple Mount, considered the most sensitive, politically-charged piece of real estate in the world. Christians believe it will be center stage for a final countdown prior to the return of Christ.

“The political conditions today, in which the two most important national leaders in the world support the Jewish right to Jerusalem as their spiritual inheritance, is historically unprecedented,” Prof. Rabbi Hillel Weiss told Israel National News.

Rabbi Weiss serves as a spokesperson for the Sanhedrin, a modern initiative to rebuild the Jewish people’s Third Temple.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss
Rabbi Hillel Weiss

The group sent letters to Trump and Putin calling on them to support this project they believe will benefit all mankind.

With or without their support, Israel is “poised to rebuild the Temple,” Rabbi Weiss asserted.

Islam teaches that Allah went up to heaven from the Mount after he created all things. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam is located on the Mount.

Judaism teaches that Abraham dutifully took his son Isaac there offering him as a sacrifice to God, but God provided a substitute – a ram caught in a thicket. Later, King David bought a threshing floor on the same rocky knoll that became the site of the First Temple.

“The Bible predicts that a Third Temple will someday be built,” notes Don Stewart and Chuck Missler in their book, The Coming Temple. “This will trigger a series of events that will climax in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth.”

“The future of this planet will revolve around events that happen on this sacred piece of real estate.”


  1. I am amazed! I just prayed about this earlier this week, that my tax dollars will no longer fund any abortions but instead that my tax dollars might actually help rebuild the temple! Please, everybody, join me in prayer about this. Can you imagine? That we might contribute in a small way to rebuild the holiest building in the world? Please, please, may this happen!

  2. What are the chances Trump and Putin will agree to rebuild it? If they do, and you haven’t accepted Christ, now is still the right time because Jesus is coming soon

  3. Hebrew year 5777 with the meaning of building and prosperity. When I heard this before the election I knew Trump would win because he will help rebuild the third temple.

  4. Ooooooh my God….are you folks serious ! The Antichrist will be the one sitting in the holiest of Holly.. “that temple” .”He will be a genetic clone Alien ” an abomination of desolation “Doing miracle’s and wonders…and only ones who will awake will be “The muslems who will know he’ a fraud and fake..and those who have ” Gods holy ghost of fire!~will also know this beast is the Antichrist…”One faith ‘One God do not be fools..!! … ..Do not be deceived…

  5. If we can see this and hear the way things are going with Israel among other nations, we go into the Bible and find promises about the coming of messiah, we should prepare by turning to holiness and the righteousness of the lord for us to enter heaven.

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