Tantalizing clues to David Bowie’s faith in God


By Michael Ashcraft —

David Bowie released "Lazarus" days before his death
David Bowie released “Lazarus” days before his death

In the months before he succumbed to cancer, David Bowie, the moré-smashing hedonist who resonated with a generation of young people, reconsidered the God he flouted most of his life as a rocker iconoclast.

As his life ebbed away quietly in the grips of end-stage liver cancer, there were signs the 69-year-old titan of rock and rebellion found peace with the Creator.

This photo taken shortly before Bowie's death
This photo taken shortly before Bowie’s death

“He reassessed everything when he was terminally ill a year ago,” a family friend told the Sun UK. “He concluded there was something greater than all of us, and that may be some version of what others might call God. This was probably quite comforting. He certainly wasn’t scared of death.”

While he mostly abused drugs and lived like a libertine, Bowie searched through Buddhism, Satanism and Nietzsche’s existential philosophy for the balm to the raging angst in his soul. At one point he quipped that he had even tried to make a religion out of pottery and finally settled on singing as his faith of choice.

Still the London-born glam rock pioneer was searching. In an interview in 2003, he recognized he could never utterly reject faith. “I’m not quite an atheist,” he said. “I’m almost an atheist. (But) all the clichés are true. The years really do speed by. Life really is short as they tell you it is. And there really is a God.”

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His second marriage fared better than his first.

Bowie’s final music video based on his song, “Lazarus,” portrays him bandaged in a hospital bed while the opening line sings hauntingly: “Look up here, I’m in Heaven.” The track was on his last album, “Blackstar,” a hodgepodge of mysticism and the occult, released three days before his death.

His 1976 track “Station to Station” was about the cross of Christ, Bowie said. “The ‘Station to Station’ track is very much concerned with the Stations of the Cross,” Bowie told Q magazine. “I’ve never read a review that really sussed it.”

As far back as 1969 when Bowie hit fame with “Space Oddity,” he sang, “Check the ignition, and may God’s love be with you.”

Of course, there was rampant sin as well – in his life, his music and his videos. He experimented with bisexuality, made shocking statements just to sell albums, became addicted to cocaine and speed and lost his first wife to divorce after a decade a marriage.

His second marriage to Iman lasted for 23 years – until his death, an indication that possibly he had settled down. After Bowie married Iman in a private ceremony in 1992, he said they knew that their “real marriage, sanctified by God, had to happen in a church in Florence,” according to Wikipedia.

david-bowie-GodIt was the same year he knelt onstage at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and recited the Lord’s Prayer in front of a T.V. audience reaching a billion people.

As far back as 1975, Bowie recognized, “I felt totally, absolutely alone, and I probably was alone because I pretty much had abandoned God.”

As he did for all his life, Bowie eschewed orthodoxy, even as he was working his way back to the only God who can fill the hole in the human heart.

As death slithered forward and tightened its stranglehold, Bowie observed grimly: “On the battlefield, there are no atheists.” He passed into eternity on Jan. 10, 2016.

His wife Iman tweeted days before his passing: “The struggle is real, but so is God.”


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  1. I sure hope he got saved. But no mention of Jesus..that is concerning. A lot of folk talk about “God” which is s very generic title and can mean any one of thousands of gods, it is Allah to Moslems, and so on It takes courage and commitment to say His Name: Jesus. One never suffers persecution for believing in God, but they do, for confessing His Holy Name which is above every other Name.

  2. There is only one God, no matter the religion. Only one God created all of man, regardless of how they choose to worship him or what names have been given God over the centuries. There is no magic incantation, even the name of Jesus, that can “save” someone if they are truly evil. God sees through such things; truth, acts matter. If Bowie was reciting the Lord’s Prayer, given us by Jesus, onstage in front of countless others, then i think that says a great deal about his love for God.

  3. John 14:6King James Version (KJV)

    Jesus saith unto him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.

  4. Jesus was born as a sinless human with the unfallen nature of God in Him. He was and is God, but He set aside His divinity to come to be born as a human, and live His life as a human filled and led by the Holy Spirit of God. His life lived is exactly what the Father looked like. It’s what our lives were meant to look like before the fall of man. When Adam (man) ate of the tree, Adam didn’t physically die. The image of God (Love) and the nature of God in man is what died. And so, we had to be “born again.” Jesus came to show us the way back to the Father, the truth of the Father, and the life of the Father. And then he willingly and “for the joy set before him” (of getting back his Father’s lost sons and daughters), laid down His sinless Body and Life so that we could have His Life and Body in place of our nasty, ragged lives and bodies. Jesus is Amazing, and Holy Spirit is the Power which makes the Will of God happen…in Jesus’s life and in our lives.

  5. I hope that David Bowie was saved the Bible way John 14:6 as it would be a sad tragedy otherwise. He was such an amazing talent and musical inspiration. He brought art into music in a unique way also. I wonder if he confessed Romans 10:9 and 10? From Simon

  6. I’ve had a friend in the UK whom I explained a “biblical calculator” (aka: Gematria or “American Gematria”) to, which explains (Revelations 13:18) what/who/where “666” actually is. Google these things, you will see the very language we speak is as intricately crafted as our DNA chain. All things have a numeric pattern, “666” fits into one of these patterns and Gematria can be used to discern what is “666”.

    Would you believe, even after showing this to an atheist, he said it was all coincidental and no matter if you went to heaven or hell after this, it also wouldn’t matter grow accustomed to whatever the living conditions were there?

    Then I showed him how
    “a Clinton IN” = 666
    “Trump IN” = 666
    “a UK Brexit” = 666
    “The Brexit” = 666
    when I found these summer of 2016. He’s been pretty quiet ever since.

  7. Bowie’s last album and the single “Darkstar” definitely have some Satanic connotations buried in the lyrics. I’ve heard of Satanists contracting cancer and also know Satanists use a single candle for their rituals. Dave was “playing with fire” at the time these final album songs were written. He must have experienced a visitation or something to cause him to wake up. I’ve been visited by both Christ and Satan several times. I won’t embellish but each time, it’s an eye opener and cause to be “careful for what you wish for” since Satan likes to masquerade as Christ.

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