Pat Boone shares the miracle recovery of his eldest grandson



By Dan Wooding

Ryan walking with walker in YouTube video

Tuesday, June 19, 2001, was the worst day in the lives of veteran American entertainer Pat Boone and his wife, Shirley. They received the shocking news that their eldest grandson, Ryan Corbin, 25, had fallen through a skylight on the roof of the condo where he was living in Southern California, and came extremely close to losing his life.

His skull was crushed as he fell three stories to a cement floor. Many thought he would never awaken from a deep coma. Then, there was the dreaded fear that he would survive, at best, in a vegetative state.

Even worse, his spleen had ruptured, one of his lungs collapsed, and it took 36 pints of blood to keep him alive.

But then, the ASSIST News Service, and many other media outlets and individuals, including veteran TV host, Larry King, launched prayer campaigns for Ryan, whose mother is Lindy Boone Michaels, one of the four Boone daughters.

While on a Larry King show, Pat Boone and Lindy, talked about Ryan’s recovery, healing and wellness as though it had already taken place and Pat shared with the Jewish host about the “power of prayer and faith.”

Now Pat Boone has told ANS that Ryan has become a “walking miracle” and said that the proof of this is in a YouTube video that has recently been posted at

In an exclusive interview Boone said, “The latest news is that you can see for yourself in the video, Ryan walking with his walker, unaided by anybody.

“He is taking steps and this is a vast step forward for us, because we know that if he can do that now, and if he keeps it up, he will after a while not even need the walker.

The veteran entertainer went on to say that on the previous day, he had attended a “semi roast” lunch at the Sportsmen’s Lodge for Larry King, put on by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, and he was able to tell King about the latest good news about his grandson.

“I gave Larry a copy of the Enquirer that was open to the two pages of the story and pictures which chronicled the progress from when they didn’t think Ryan was going to live and was hooked up to every medical device that was stuck in his head, throat, and everywhere, including a tracheotomy, to now.

“My grandson was eight months immobile in a comma, and for eight years he had no use of his legs at all. But now you see him in the YouTube video, taking deliberate steps with his hands on a walker, and the more he does that, the more he now knows the impulses go from the brain to the legs and the feet.”

“It’s been eleven years now — as you know having written many stories about it – and I keep thanking people for praying because their prayers are being answered. Please keep it up because he’s still got a few more steps to take.”

I then asked Pat Boone if Ryan was now able to talk.

“Oh yes,” he replied. “He’s witty and he’s smart. He memorizes and quotes scriptures, but he’s funny and he intrudes into conversations rather than just answering questions. He wants to know what you’re talking about; who you’re talking about; and then he joins in. His intellect is about eighty percent back and so God’s putting him back together cell by cell.”

I concluded the interview by asking Boone what Larry King, being Jewish, made about seeing this great miracle.

“Well, the Bible says the Jew requires a sign, and though I didn’t quote that to him yesterday, but we were still talking – he, Barbara Sinatra [Frank’s widow] and I — before the tributes began, and Larry was saying that he wishes he had a faith like ours, but it just never connected with him as he always can’t get in his head the question of why God, if He’s all powerful and loving, lets bad things happen to good people. But I believe that what has happened to Ryan is a partial sign to him.”


  1. I find your story so inspirational. My son was hit while walking by a drunk driver and landed on his head. It was the only part that was injured. It has been 7 months and he also has had 2 shunts placed in his head and he just started blurting out words. It has been the biggest challenge I have ever had to deal with. God gives us nothing we can t handle. But it has put me to the test. Thanks for sharing this story it gives me hope for his future.

  2. This has endorsed my Faith in this old trite saying, which sadly the world has forgotten today:
    “More things are wrought by prayer than this world thinks of”


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