Pastor hit with acid attack forgives Muslim attackers


By Jonathan Racho

Umar Mulinde

A Ugandan pastor, who was the victim of an acid attack by Muslims, told International Christian Concern (ICC) that he doesn’t hate his Muslim attackers and wants them to believe in Jesus Christ.

“My message to my attackers is simple; I hold no grudge against them. They wished me death but I wish them life today and forever in Christ Jesus our Lord,” said Pastor Umar Mulinde in his statement to ICC.

Pastor Mulinde was a Muslim leader before he converted to Christianity and started a church. He successfully brought many Muslims to Christ and openly opposed the call for Sharia law in Uganda. He was attacked on December 24 near his church in Uganda’s capital of Kampala. He is currently receiving medical care in Israel.

In his message to Christians around the world, the pastor warned about the danger of radical Islam: “The vision of Islam is all about world dominance and no country should think to be safe from radical Islam.”

He also asked Christians to respond to the plight of the persecuted church around the world. He said, “Christians around the world should support the millions of Christians who are seriously being persecuted because of their faith. This happens mainly in Middle East and now in Africa too.”


  1. Thank you for standing up & saying yes to Jesus Christ ,Our Lord & Savior ! Jesus said it best; ” Love one another as I have loved you “. Strong words & yet so hard to practice ! Umar, thank you again for having said yes.

  2. Mr Umar, you are a hero and an example for every Christian and non christian for the love and compassion and forgiveness you had for your enemies that some day by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ you left a little seed that will grow to be big. The fruits that you gave on your example to everybody will not be in vain. You showed how to love and love will win over hate. I really admire you and Umar, God is with you and I know it. Your friend and brother, Juan.

  3. I am truly thankful to you, Pastor Umar Mulinde for your loving and forgiving witness to those who so brutally attacked you of what it really means to be a follower, believer and child of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! I am very touched by your testimony and pray for your continued healing of injuries from acid attack and for continued walk of faith in Christ our Lord.

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