‘The Vow’ book provides story of faith behind the movie


“It’s really about the Lord”

By Marty King

Carpenter family

An updated version of “The Vow” book (B & H Publishing) has been released, the amazing true story of commitment and faith that inspired a major motion picture by the same name.

“The Vow” movie premiered Friday (Feb. 10) and tells the fictionalized story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter who made national news in the 1990s when an auto accident left Krickitt with no memory of her husband or their marriage. The book, initially released in 2000, tells the true story of the couple’s commitment to their wedding vows, the rekindling of their romance, and their strong faith in God.

“This story is not about me, and it’s not about Krickitt,” husband Kim writes in the book. “It’s about the Lord and how He brought my wife and me through a terrible time to a life that is greater than we could have ever imagined. It’s about a commitment to the Lord and to each other.”

Married just 10 weeks in November 1993, the Carpenters survived a terrible auto accident that left Kim critically injured and Krickitt in a coma. When she awoke, head trauma suffered in the wreck claimed 18 months of her memories including all recollection of meeting, dating and marrying Kim.

With Kim committed to his wedding vows and Krickitt maintaining her strong Christian faith, the couple began a long road to rebuild their relationship, including a second marriage ceremony and renewal of vows almost three years later.

The movie, produced apart from interaction with B&H Publishing, is rated PG-13 and contains content some viewers may find objectionable. (A full content analysis for The Vow and other movies is available at KidsInMind.com and PluggedIn.com)

“Our prayer is that the movie will provide a bridge to the book where readers will find the actual events, including emphasis on the Carpenters’ strong faith and commitment to Christ,” Jennifer Lyell of B&H Publishing. “The book presents the Gospel clearly.”

Kim says publicity over the years has brought a demand for the couple to speak to churches, marriage enrichment groups and other audiences. “We were willing to do that for the opportunities of sharing what the Lord has done for us. He has answered our prayers and kept our story alive.”

Krickett closes the book with a strong testimony.

“Life is a gift from the Lord and He is our refuge and strength in God. If there is something missing in your life, seek the Lord.”

The Carpenters live in Farmington, N.M. and have two children, Danny, 11 years old, and LeeAnn, eight years. — Marty King, director of communications for LifeWay Christian Resources. B&H Publishing Group is a division of LifeWay Christian Resources.


  1. What does a devoted husband do when the lovely young woman he courted, loved and married, is injured in a devastating accident? When she comes out of her medically induced coma, she has no idea who he is; she only remembers her OLD boyfriend and events from five years and earlier! Chick Flick Alert! We love ’em and aren’t afraid to admit it. Happily, this sudsy PG-13 romance is based on a true story and we see a photo of the real people involved during the closing credits.

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