Unconfirmed report: Member of Kuwaiti royal family embraces Christ


By Mark Ellis

Arab Christian

Al-haqiqa, a Christian Arabic satellite T.V. station, broadcast an audio file attributed to Kuwaiti prince “Abdollah Al-sabah,” in which he declared his faith in Jesus Christ and renounced Islam, according to ¬†the¬†Iranian Christian News Agency Mohabat News.

On the recording, Abdollah Al-sabah said, “First of all, I totally agree with the distribution of this audio file and I now declare that if they kill me because of this audio file, then I’ll go into the presence of Jesus Christ and be with him for all eternity.”

“I’m satisfied with whatever they do to me, because the truth in the Bible has guided me to the right way.”

Al-sabeh also made reference to the tectonic shifts taking place politically in the Middle East, “Islamic communities have always wanted to attack in different parts of the world but God has preserved the world and still protects it. This is why we have recently seen disagreements appearing among Islamic groups who are now fighting with each other. They are about to divide further into different groups.

The pronouncement of faith made headlines briefly on Arabic News wires and also in the Iranian government run news agency. Some independent Shiite websites contradicted this report and quoted another Kuwaiti prince, Azbi Al-sabah as saying, “there is no one in the Kuwaiti royal family by that name.”

Kuwait neighbors Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran across the Persian Gulf. The Al-sabah dynasty came to power in Kuwait in 1752, and the family has ruled the oil-rich kingdom through a family council which selects each succeeding emir.

Islam is the official and dominant religion in Kuwait and almost the entire population is Muslim. Only 4% of the population is Christian and there is a tiny group of other religions. Article 2 of the Kuwaiti constitution reads, “Islam is the official religion in the country and Sharia is a main source for legislation.”


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