How God brought a very unlikely couple together

Devin and Jasmine
Devin and Jasmine, a match made in Heaven

By Zoe Gabrielle –

Devin and Jasmine make an attractive couple at their church, but they have both overcome significant challenges. Devin’s mother shot and killed his father. Jasmine was a lesbian for eight years starting in college.

“God told me that I would be a father that my dad never had a chance to be, and a husband that my dad never had a chance to be,” Devin said, in a testimony given at Fresh Start Church in Peoria, Arizona.

As revival sweeps through many churches this year, it often involves people with broken lives, survivors of abuse and distressing backgrounds.

Devin remembers the terrible relationship his parents had before their acrimonious divorce. His mother was taking drugs and was in an adulterous relationship with her pusher, the biggest drug lord in New Orleans, he recounted.

When Devin’s dad brought him and his twin home one day, he spotted the drug dealer’s car at the house. Realizing what might be going on, he walked in on the adultery. Then a tragedy unfolded as Mom shot Dad twice; the drug dealer shot him once.

Subsequently, Devin and his twin brother were raised by their grandmother. She poisoned his mind by saying Devin’s mom killed his dad for the insurance money.

At age 12, Devin wished his mom would die. Two weeks later, she suffered a severe aneurysm and stroke. She very nearly died.

As he grew up, Devin turned to drugs, booze and women to the fill the void and numb the pain. It didn’t work.

His mom killed his dad when he was three. She was a lesbian. They became a match made in Heaven

When he was 21, a friend confronted him: “If you walked outside and got hit by a car, where would you go, Heaven or Hell?”

He knew, from his hardcore partying, he would be in the flames.

Three months later, he repented of his sins and turned his life over to Christ. He broke off the relationships that threatened to draw him back into the world. He renounced his fraternity, a center of depravity, and even avoided talking to his twin brother for a season.

He persevered in a celibate lifestyle for nine years at church before meeting his wife. “I was looking for a woman who would love the Lord,” he says.

Jasmine came into the church out of lesbianism.

It was in college where she decided to heed worldly ideas and abandon morals.

“Then I went off to college, and decided I was going to become a lesbian,” Jasmine says.

She felt like she could not talk to God because of the lifestyle she was living.

When she moved to California, she lay in bed at night and asked herself, “What is this dissatisfaction that I feel?”

Can a lesbian go straight and get married?God impressed on her heart: You are not living in plan A; you are living in plan B.

At the time she did not recognize the still small voice of the Lord.

One day, God implanted in her the desire for a husband and a family.

But she still felt distant from God, and began experiencing extreme anxiety to the point where she could not leave her house for a year.

She tried everything to help her with this problem. She spent thousands of dollars on therapy, but her anxiety only got worse.

Jasmine decided that she was going to go back to church (she started in the Catholic church) because that was all she knew.

Later she had a vision that she was holding a man’s hand in that same Catholic church.

“God I want someone who is going to lead me closer to you,” she prayed.

About four months later, Jasmine’s sister invited her now-husband and his twin brother over for dinner, but she did not think anything of it at first.

This changed when Devin’s brother talked to Jasmine and told her how he was a good man, and how he had given his life to Christ, and had been celibate for nine years.

One night, Jasmine was sitting on her couch and audibly heard the voice of God tell her that Devin was going to be her husband.

After this, she felt compelled to call him.

Later on, he told her that “one of his spiritual fathers” had just prophesied to him that the woman of God for him was about to come into your life.

Devin and Jasmine have been happily married while growing in their relationship with God.

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About the writer of this article: Zoe Gabrielle studies at Lighthouse Christian Academy near Culver City in Los Angeles.