Christian crowdfunding website charts massive growth  


By Mark Ellis – The Christian fundraising platform increased its

A campaign to raise funds for a handicap lift for Dillon Strouse’s vehicle has a goal of raising $45,000 here:

payment processing volume 500 percent in the last year and is now being used in 86 countries.

Website traffic increased one thousand percent between June 2021 and June 2022.

It was founded in 2014 in response to GoFundMe removing controversial campaigns due to pressure from liberal groups. As a result, GiveSendGo has earned a reputation for assisting the funding of conservative and Christian causes.

“The support of our givers has been astonishing,” said co-founder Jacob Wells.  “Our supporters exhibit a special passion for causes and the people behind them.  Our company is more than a fundraising website—it is a gathering place for support, prayer and freedom.”

The following are some of the company’s milestones:

GiveSendGo is in the top 1% of websites visited by traffic in the USA.

Over 2,055,000 prayers have been posted on campaigns on GiveSendGo.

Current events increased 85% in 2022 over total years prior.

Money raised for churches increased 95% in 2022 over total years prior.

Medical fundraisers up 70% in 2022 compared to total years prior.

Emergency fundraisers up 57% in 2022 compared to total years prior.

Memorial fundraisers up 60% in 2022 compared to total years prior.

Although California, Texas and Florida have raised the most money, Idaho is the most generous per capita.

Number of employees increased 1,000%

GiveSendGo saw the most traffic in three countries: USA, Canada, UK

“We are astonished by this level of participation,” said co-founder Heather Wilson.  “GiveSendGo’s global reach shows that it is more about money.  It is about caring, the desire to help others and the sharing of values.”