The feminization of black men


By Pastor Stephen E. Broden —

Pastor Stephen Broden

I’ve noticed that when media represent so-called “transgender” men and highly effeminate males, they are often black. Perhaps far too many people are desensitized to the pollution in our mass media to notice the disproportionate number of high-profile effeminate black men showcased in high rotation in all mass communication media.

These “gender-fluid” celebrities all display a common exaggerated and dramatically “flaming” exhibitionist effeminate behavior. It is my simple observation that whenever the secular humanist liberal class desires to impose non-traditional values into the public square, they often employ compromised black individuals or assume “black causes” to advance their self-serving agenda. These elites care nothing for blacks or America, just their pursuits.

The elites use blacks as a human shield, as window dressing to manipulate, deflect, suppress, and silence any debate, dissent, or opposition from the majority of Americans who fear airing ideas or opinions that would result in being labeled as racists, homophobic, fascists or all three. Most persons dread being marked by the left, and this fear of being smeared strikes fear in most people and effectively squelches counterarguments from conscientious persons opposed to the hedonistic, bizarre, and demented agenda of the cultural elite.

Exploiting sexually subversive black males as their shock troops to undermine the morality of our nation has repeatedly proven an effective weapon in defeating those who oppose the power elites’ master plan to nullify Christianity and trashing the voices and liberties of Christians.

It is increasingly apparent that there is an unusually high representation of girly black men in the public square these days. Because blacks constitute about 12 percent of the total population, the image of effeminate black men as commonplace is evidence of a conspiracy.

First, look at some infamous black celebrities and their toxic contribution to the feminization of black men. NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson’s son is an over-the-top homosexual, and Hollywood A-list actor Will Smith’s son is effeminate and loves wearing women’s clothing. NBA legend Dwayne Wade (who paints his toenails) is raising his son Zion as a girl whom he plans to have sexually mutilated, and Rapper legend Snoop Doggs’ son is a gender-fluid model who models women’s wear.

Magic Johnson’s family

Many black celebrities bow before the LGBTQ+P strategy in hopes of attaining more considerable fortune and fame, and they willingly reject the God-ordained foundation of sex as males and females. Instead, black stars voluntarily use their popularity and fame to blur the lines, confuse our children and young people, and advance dangerous sexual ideas and lifestyles with grave consequences.

Will Smith and his son

Billy Porter wore a gown on the red carpet in Hollywood, and the media told us to “deal with it.” Other black male celebrities’ (Pharrell Williams, for example) deliberately gender-bending androgynous dress and appearance speak Luciferian volumes to young black boys about 21st- century masculinity. Yet, we cannot forget that millions of people characterize these stars and celebrities as images of success to be lauded and copied. How many boys internalize that being female is the fastest and surest way to succeed?

Dwayne Wade and his son

Our nation’s morality is changing into an immoral man-centered system devoid of the divine. Through political correctness and tolerance doctrine, Americans are bullied into accepting as normal and healthy, violating norms and mores that historically maintained social decency from Moses’ time.

Political correctness is a strategy developed by Marxists to undermine biblical values and culture to transform the West into a Marxist paradigm. It is a hammer, an instrument of destruction. Economic Marxism proved inefficient in and of itself to alter the power and influence of Christian values.

Marxist philosophers in 1929 at the Frankfort School in Germany devised cultural Marxism to change cultural practices heavily influenced by biblical Christianity. Marxism shifted from economics to cultural practices focusing primarily on fairness, not the right or wrong of an issue or situation. This strategy has been overwhelmingly successful, particularly in the cultural debate related to sexuality.

Over time, America shifted away from its Judeo-Christian heritage to the embracing of political correctness and the doctrine of tolerance. The one community in America that has been slow to succumb to the incremental and gradual change in our nation’s moral values was the black community.

The black church stood as a bulwark against this moral decline until the election of Barack H. Obama. As president, Mr. Obama challenged the black church to overcome its “homophobia.” Obama’s influence, coupled with what appeared to be an orchestrated media blitzkrieg from all the major institutions that influence us, has prominently positioned in public areas effeminate black men. Their strategy seems to be winning public sentiment across color lines.

Unfortunately, the black church seems to be caving to the left’s cultural agenda. Their plan is an anti-god philosophy that defies God’s anatomical definition of maleness and femaleness.

Friends, we are witnessing an immoral redefinition of masculinity in opposition to God Almighty’s design. Biblical Christians cannot remain silent and un-engaged in this open defiance. We must enter the discourse and represent what thus says the Lord! Every area of strong male character and example is being challenged or coupled with soft “brokeback” men.

The NFL, a male-dominated sports league with rugged, solid athletic men fighting it out on the gridiron, is accompanied by effeminate male cheerleaders. The majority to date are black.

The die has been cast. What will the black church say? What will they teach? Silence is not an option. Our boys are in the crossfire of an evil, anti-god maneuver designed to redefine masculinity by using black men in the public square to affirm perversion and depravity. Or has the church surrendered its moral authority to be salt and light in exchange for 30 pieces of 501(c) (3) silver and become gay-affirming entities?

If we continue on this path, the future is obvious — the legalization of pedophilia and pederasty with black males and boys. Are we going to sit on our hands and do nothing?


Stephen E. Broden is the senior pastor at Fair Park Bible Fellowship, founder of Protect Life and Marriage Texas, and founder of the National Black Pro-life Coalition. He is Executive Director of Content of Character Series.


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