Hindu’s healing miracle led to faith in Jesus


Adav and his mother practiced Hinduism. One day, his mother was oppressed by an evil

(photo credit: FTT Coalition)

spirit, causing her to fall seriously ill. Sunrise to sunset he would worship tirelessly, yet his mother’s condition did not improve. The family took more extreme measures by seeking out witch doctors and even offering animal sacrifices, but nothing resulted in progress.

At this point, Adav and his mother lost hope of finding healing. But news came from his neighbors of a nearby church, where people were being healed from various diseases. Adav convinced his mother to meet with Hansa, a missionary of the church who shared the Good News of Jesus with her. The message of God’s love touched her heart, and she received Jesus as her Savior. But on that day, she was not healed.

Hansa continued visiting her, sharing more about Jesus, and praying for her healing. Four months passed, during which Adav’s mother kept learning from God’s Word and persisting in regular prayer. In that fourth month, she was completely healed!

At the sight of this miracle and his mother’s faithfulness in prayer, Adav was convinced that Jesus must be the true and living God. That day, he surrendered his life to Christ too.

Adav and his mother are overjoyed to have Christ as their Savior. They have found complete peace and happiness in Jesus. They regularly attend church, fellowship gatherings, and continue to engage in prayer. In prayer, they believe the Lord hears them, and moves for them! — Finishing the Task


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