Riding to a higher elevation with God, finding greater revelation


By Andrew Bills —

Dr. Andrew Bills and his wife, Ann Marie

Are you aware that a great change of scenery is required through an elevation process in order for you to hear from God and experience changes in your life?

The other night, The Holy Spirit awakened me from my sleep at midnight as He spoke a prophetic word to my heart.   He said, “Tell my people to come up higher where they will see things differently and receive from Me.”

As I meditated on this word from The Lord, Revelation Chapter 4:1 immediately came to my attention, likened to an elevator in a high-rise office building.

Revelation 4: 1 NLT says, “Then as I looked, I saw a door standing open in heaven, and the same voice I had heard before spoke to me like a trumpet blast. The voice said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must happen after this.”

The Apostle John had been exiled on the Isle of Patmos but instead of dying from his imprisonment, he continued to worship The Lord and would not allow the deplorable circumstances defeat him.

Suddenly, The Apostle John received a vision of Christ and was directed to write seven letters to the seven churches.

Then, having seen the glorified Christ and having written the seven letters to the seven churches, John saw an open door into heaven and heard a voice summoning him up to a higher elevation in order for him to receive a special revelation.

Upon this elevation, John was permitted to look upon the throne of God and was given a complete view of things from the first to the last.  Then he was instructed to write, in order to bring encouragement to the persecuted church and to show unto the people of God, the things that “must be” as decreed by God.

Suddenly, in my revelation, all of this was “spiritually likened” to an elevator in a high-rise office building.

Have you ever realized that an elevator is completely full as people get on at the ground floor but the higher it rises, the thinner they become?

There’s a sacrifice to make and a price to pay to go up higher.

On the lower level, you’ll find the mailroom.  But, if you want to be elevated, you’ll have to begin to do something that others usually don’t want to do to be promoted.

Extra effort, hard work, longer hours, education and training, along with constant ridicule from those who want to remain on the ground floor, are a part of your experience as you advance upward to a higher level.

On the top floor, the president and the senior executives meet to make corporate plans for the direction and financial success of the firm.

As you go higher, you’ll see things differently from being on the street level and position yourself to receive greater inspiration, revelation, instruction, wisdom and guidance from The Holy Spirit of God.

As you go higher, you’ll begin to see what others cannot see.  The things you’ll be called to do will be viewed as foolish, illogical and unpractical by those remaining on the ground floor.   God may even instruct you to do things that your very own intellect or flesh might question, but you’re constantly learning that obedience to Christ always results in the miraculous.

So, why is it that many won’t continue higher?   While everyone is called to come up higher, many are content and comfortable being on the ground floor or lower level, fearful of the changes in lifestyle, character and attitude that the higher elevation would bring.

Then there are others who want to go higher but they don’t do anything to be elevated upwards and taken there.  They talk a good talk but won’t make the commitment and walk the walk to get there.

Christ is calling you to come up higher, are you ready to go?