Hindu found Jesus through dream


By Michael Ashcraft —

Being a staunch Hindu led Mohini Christina to Christ.

When her marriage began to unravel, she searched for answers from the gods, as her parents had taught. Finding none in Hinduism, she was led by a dream to Christianity, where she found love, salvation and rescue for her marriage.

“My family is very, very god-fearing family, especially my parents’ family, so that really helped me get closer to Christ,” she says on a Songs on Fire video. “When I did not find the answer (in Hinduism) and all my questions just bounced back on me, I started searching for the true God,”

Both Mahalakshmi Srinivasan’s parents hailed from high-ranking Brahmin priestly families in Southern India, so religion was a centerpiece to everything. Mohini (which is the name she uses now) geared up from an early age to be a gynecologist but got sidetracked into Bollywood acting when she was discovered doing her hobby of Hindu classical Bharatnatyam dance.

Her marriage wasn’t completely arranged, as it is for many Indians. She and Bharath Krishna began to fall in love, so their parents agreed to arrange their wedding in 1999. That’s when the problems started.

From the engagement onward, Mohini fell into inexplicable bouts of depression and loneliness, suffered nightmares and developed cervical spondylitis.

It turns out that another woman had been interested in Bharath, and when he got engaged to Mohini, she resorted to black magic from the Hindu witches in Kerala, India, Mohini says. But they didn’t find that out until five years later after she aborted a baby because of the cervical spondylitis and their marriage teetered on the verge of divorce.

“She was greatly disappointed and got such a malaise in her heart. I don’t blame her at all,” Mohini says. “But she evolved into something which cannot be seen or heard, or it can only be felt. She resolved into doing something in the occult. She resolved in doing this black magic thing.”

Hindu astrologers counseled Mohini to counteract the spells with certain rituals, but she thought among the vast pantheon of Hindu gods one should be powerful enough to stop it without a lot of hoopla.

“If there is a god, let that god save me,” she says. “That was the next step I took towards Christ. He placed everything in my pathway.”

That’s when Jesus visited her a dream.

“I was standing on a small piece of land with water to my right or left. I was completely marooned,” she says. “Then I saw this handsome man filled with light standing there. I could feel his comforting presence. He gave me an all-knowing smile and his smile was so reassuring. At the same time, I understood that he was a safe person.

“There was so much love from him. He instantly took over my heart. I was swept off my feet by my heavenly bridegroom and I was just looking at him and thinking, is He going to save me? Then He will be my God.”

It was the Lord Jesus, she says.

Next she saw a shabby guy, who it was revealed to be Noah, and an ark (though she didn’t know it was an ark) floating on the sea.

Then her son woke her up.

“How would Almighty God humble himself and come to a Hindu Brahmin who didn’t even have any interest in knowing Him?” she asks. “I didn’t have any ways or means of knowing Him. Every soul is important to Him. The Bible says, ‘I will go after the one lost sheep.’”

Mohini got baptized, read her Bible and spent evenings in worship. Slowly but surely, God led her to peace and she overcame her insomnia.

“Jesus is not our medicine,” she says. “He is our oxygen.”


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