Are people born gay?


By David Kyle Foster —

David Kyle Foster was once a male prostitute

The world would have us believe that people are born gay and that there is no brokenness involved. Yet, such a stance has no science behind it despite the fact that millions of dollars has been invested in attempts to prove the assertion. In truth, just the opposite is true.

There is also what I call the “Judas Church” who would have you believe that homosexual behavior is natural, healthy and holy. So-called “gay and affirming theologians” preach this false doctrine despite many biblical references that homosexual behavior is an abomination to the Lord, (see Genesis 19; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Timothy 1:10), though as forgivable as any other sin when remorse and repentance are involved (1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 John 1:9).

The truth is there are numerous primary factors and dozens of secondary or contributing factors to homosexual confusion. One might say that there is a conspiracy of factors that combined, put natural heterosexual desire into confusion. These components interact with a person’s personality to create a unique mix for that person. Consequently, the set of issues for one person will differ from those of another person.

In this new 4-part “Pure Passion” podcast series on the primary causes for homosexuality and bisexuality, we examine the factors that cause and contribute to same-sex attraction. This series of four programs will then be followed by a 6-part series on the path out of homosexual confusion.

Primary causal factors include:

• failure to emotionally bond with one’s same-sex parent (for any number of reasons)
• sexual abuse by either sex
• our sin nature
• one or more experiences that have corrupted a person’s view of the opposite sex – producing fear or hatred of that gender.

Contributing factors (among a host of others) might be:

• an unusually sensitive temperament
• one or more experiences that have given the person a negative view of God
• living in the state of envy and/or idolatry, which is trying to find one’s identity, satisfaction and/or hope in someone or something other than God
• a lack of healthy love and/or affirmation, including rejection (perceived or real)
• ridicule by peers – the very peers who represent masculinity to that person
• loneliness and depression
• viewing homosexual porn (or sometimes even heterosexual porn) that is reinforced by fantasy and masturbation
• disappointment by at least one parent that their child wasn’t born the opposite sex
• narcissism
• family-line curses and negative traits
• the passing down of the sins of the father
• unhealthy soul ties
• a worship of the creature rather than the Creator
• spiritual pride and performance orientation
• demonic strongholds of various kinds
• the lack of a saving and intimate relationship with God the Father
• a sense there is something missing in their masculinity or femininity – that they in some way don’t measure up
• attempts to fix themselves without God’s help
• the classic combination of an emotionally smothering mother and a weak or distant father
• being bullied
• pressure from a culture, the media and/or other authority figures to experiment sexually in any and all ways
• self-hatred and an obsession with unhealthy introspection that becomes fodder for self-condemnation
• demonic targeting, which often happens to those who are destined to serve the Lord and make a difference for His Kingdom.

A Conspiracy Like No Other

In my case, the primary factors listed above conspired with many of these secondary factors to create a degree of sexual identity confusion that could be estimated as a five on a scale of ten. (It’s much more complicated than simply being gay or straight).

With the many factors that I had, you would think that I would have rated higher on such a scale. However it is not the number of factors, but their unique convergence that creates the problem. Such factors impact a unique human being with his or her own unique personality, family history, spiritual health, character traits, surroundings, experiences (and their timing), as well as mitigating outside influences.

I did in fact eventually push myself higher on that scale toward homosexual confusion because of my personal choices regarding sexual behavior, which in and of itself is one of the most powerful of all formative agents.

David Kyle Foster

There are of course many more things that could contribute to a person’s homosexual confusion and not everyone has the same mix. In fact, not everyone with one or more of the primary factors will develop homosexuality. As I said, it’s complicated. But we now know enough about what can cause homosexuality to press on for the healing of such brokenness through the revelation and cleansing power of the Holy Spirit.

Join us then in this detailed 4-part examination of factors that can lead to homosexuality in any given person. To listen to this series of podcasts, go to:

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