‘My Husband is Attracted to Men–Now What?’


In all the controversy over so-called “conversion therapy” for people who don’t want to

(photo: Brothers Road)

be gay, there is typically little or no concern for the fact that many of the men seeking therapy are married to women — and hoping to stay married.

That means there is a wife in the picture whose concerns are often overlooked.

A unique webinar this Saturday, August 29, at noon, U.S. Eastern time, will feature conversations with two married couples whose marriages were severely tested when the husband revealed, many years into their marriages, that he was attracted to men.

Titled “My Husband Is Attracted To Men — Now What?,” the webinar will share the struggles and successes of two couples and how they came to rebuild their marriages on a foundation of rigorous authenticity, forgiveness, and renewed love.

This, despite a culture (often supported by marriage therapists and even some pastoral counselors) that insists there is only one solution: divorce, with the husband then free to embrace a gay identity and seek out a same-sex relationship.

The fee for the 90-minute webinar is $15. To register, visit www.brothersroad.org/webinar.

The program is hosted by Brothers on a Road Less Traveled (“Brothers Road”), a non-profit, multi-faith fellowship made up primarily of men from homosexual or bisexual backgrounds who, for their own personal, faith, or family reasons, typically choose to not embrace a gay identity or engage in gay relationships.

Brothers Road is best known for running the experiential, personal-growth weekend intensive called Journey Into Manhood, which helps men explore some of the root issues that may be underlying their unwanted same-sex attractions.

It also runs a companion program primarily for wives of SSA men, called A Woman Who Loves, as well as weekly, online group coaching and support sessions for wives.