Deaf, mute teen miraculously healed by Jesus


By Mark Ellis –


In this mountainous Himalayan country that includes the famous Lord Shiva Temple, where Hindus from all over the world flock on pilgrimage, only one-percent of the population calls themselves Christian.

In 2017, the government of Nepal passed a law that effectively outlaws conversion to Christianity, evangelization, and harming “religious sentiment.”

But the more governments try to stem the growth of the church, the faster it seems to grow, with no laws able to prevail against the advance of God’s kingdom.

Lord Shiva Temple

About the time the law was passed, Pastor Biju, a church planter affiliated with The Timothy Initiative (TTI), stopped to pray with an 18-year-old deaf, mute young man named Tilak, who is part of an unreached, unengaged people group.

“As Pastor Biju stretched out his arm to pray for Tilak, he saw confusion in the boy’s eyes,” according to the report by TTI. “Tilak had no way of communicating with others, and no context for what was about to happen.”

Pastor Biju gave Tilak a reassuring smile before he closed his eyes and focused his attention heavenward. He prayed for deliverance and healing, and as he did, he felt Tilak jerk away.

He could tell by the bewildered look on Tilak’s face something amazing had happened. The young man was instantaneously, miraculously healed!

Tears streamed down Tilak’s face as he heard through his ears for the first time. “He rushed to his mother, who heaved sobs of joy and relief. Her boy was healed, and it was all because of Jesus!” according to TTI.

The entire family surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ that day.

“Tilak and his family were eager to learn more about the God who restored his hearing and released his tongue, so they began attending the very first church planted among their people.”

Now Tilak’s voice was able to join others in worship. As he listened to the teachings of Jesus, he was awed by the miracle that he could hear and understand what was shared.

Then a third miracle happened in Tilak’s life. When he opened God’s Word, he instantly was able to read, without any prior instruction.

The symbols on the pages of Scripture came alive and he was given his own Bible to take home.

“Tilak, the boy who could not read, is now studying the Word of God.

Tilak, the boy who could not hear, is listening to teachings and growing in his faith.

Tilak, the boy who could not talk, is now proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ among those who have never heard.”


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