Depressed Hindu found Jesus, led 50 to Christ, started 7 small groups


By Sister Nau —

I come from a Hindu background. Growing up, my parents and siblings did not care for me and did not show me love. This caused me to experience deep depression and I had no peace. So, I decided to leave home.

I traveled to a different area and learned how to tailor clothing. It was here that I met my husband. After marriage, we met a brother working with Biglife who shared the gospel with us. We felt very blessed to hear about Jesus and we decided to turn away from Hinduism and follow Christ.

Now, it gives us great pleasure to share Jesus with others and teach them how to do the same. To this point, we have seen 50 people become Christ followers and 7 new groups formed. Praise the Lord! But we want to see many, many more.– Biglife