Christian broadcaster Warren Duffy passes to his eternal reward


By Dan Wooding –

Warren Duffy

Well-known Christian broadcaster, Warren Duffy, has passed to his eternal reward following a long battle with brain cancer. He died in Bullhead City, Arizona, on June 13th at the age of 80.

His close friend, Bruce Sonnenberg, who God used to help Duffy become a committed Christian, said in a Facebook posting, “He’s Moved!! I sadly, yet with great joy, share that my dear brother Warren Duffy has moved to Heaven! And I can see that big, big, smile as he worships his Savior, Jesus!”

Duffy had quite a career, working on the east and west coasts for many years in radio, also as the PR man for the Beach Boys, and later for Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, but he was possibly best known for his Southern California drive time show on KKLA from 1994 to 2004.

In fact, I, along with Bruce Sonnenberg and Herb Hall, were guests on his first show, and some years later, I saw the pulling power of Duffy’s program, when I asked him to emcee Rick Wakeman’s ASSIST benefit piano concert at Calvary Chapel Cost Mesa, California, and, after promoting it on the air, some 7500 people turned up, a record for the church, and had to be accommodated all over the campus.

After leaving KKLA, Duffy hosted a weekly show on KWVE in Santa Ana.

Terry, his first wife, died in 2002 from cancer, but her memory lives on through “Terry Kids” on the He Intends Victory website. He later married Pam, a family friend.

On April 2016, Duffy, was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer, which he had previously recovered from, and during his 18-month battle, he remained joyful and valiant.

I was able to talk with him by phone a few weeks before his death, and we had a lovely chat during which he said he was ready to “go home.”

Bruce Sonnenberg has announced, “Duffy’s Coronation Celebration will be July 13 @ 11am at Refuge Calvary Chapel across from Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach. All are welcome.” — ASSIST News


  1. Dear Dan:
    Thank you for this note on my father-in-law. A minor observation, I am married to his second child, Cherlye-Ann, from his first wife Marie. Terry was his third wife. Or so he thought. When we last visited him for his 79th birthday, he seemed to think he had been married four times, but was not sure, as “the ’70’s were kind of a blur.” I don’t know if he was kidding around, but we always counted Pam as the fourth. My wife always thought the number was four and we scratched our heads when he told us about the blur. I am glad to see some notices online. I can imagine how difficult things must be for Pam at this time. I look everyday to see what is out there about dad – meager searching I must say. All the best! Charles Lehrer

  2. Sad to hear about Warren’s death. I witnessed to him a number of times when he had his radio program on KKLA. I also remember the illness and death of his wife Terry who fought so hard to stay alive. I told them about faith in Yahweh the Father and salvation through Yahshua the Messiah His Son along with natural healing for cancer. Christianity is a Vatican pagan religion and always was. It’s teachings are against the Bible. For instance, Warren and Terry are NOT now in Heaven as Christianity proclaims. Yahshua taught that the dead are “asleep” awaiting one of two resurrections: the first of the righteous at His Return, the second (after the millennium) of the wicked and not saved. John 11:11-14 So, they like Billy Graham are asleep.
    Because Yahshua DIED for us, we choose to LIVE for HIM! Jayna Dinnyes

    Janos and Jayna Dinnyes
    P.O. Box 9932
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728

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