Egyptian girl watched ISIS kill her mother


By Mark Ellis —

Nesma lost her mother in terrorist attack at church

On December 29th, 2017, ISIS fighters opened fire at a Coptic Orthodox church on the outskirts of Cairo. The orchestrated attack began 10 minutes after the service ended at St. Menas Church.

Of the 11 people killed, one was a young mother, Nermeen Sadiq. Her 13-year-old daughter Nesma was at her side when she was shot.

Nesma left the historic church – which dates back to the sixth century – with her cousin and mother. A prominent cross dangled from her mother’s neck.

“As we turned into a side street, we saw someone on a motorcycle heading toward the church,” Nesma told the Aid to the Church in Need Foundation.

The man on the motorcycle hit a pothole and crashed. Feeling compassion, Nesma’s mother ran up to the man to offer assistance.

“In the name of the Jesus Christ, are you okay?” she asked.

But the man surprised them by jumping up quickly and pulling out a weapon. “In a blink of an eye he opened fire on us with an automatic weapon he pulled out from under his vest,” Nesma said.

Nesma hid behind her mother when she saw the weapon. “Run away; run away!” her mother cried. They were only a few feet from the man.

“The terrorist first shot her in the arm while she was trying to protect us. As we ran away, she fell down and could not escape with us.

Nesma and her cousin ran into a small supermarket, where the sales girl hid them behind a refrigerator. From their hiding spot, they could see the attacker looking for them.

“When he couldn’t find us he turned to mom again and fired more shots at her. All this happened in few minutes.”

After the gunman left, they ran to Nesma’s mother. “Many people had gathered, but they all refused to touch my mom, to turn her over, even though she was still alive. I kept screaming for someone to help me, but no one did. I reached my uncle, who came right away.”

An ambulance arrived, but the emergency workers refused to put Nesma’s mother into the vehicle until they got permission from security officials who were hunting for the terrorist, as well as another shooter who had attacked people in front of the church.

“A gun battle erupted, and people fled. My cousin, my uncle and I stayed with my mother.”

As her mother was dying, she looked up at Nesma and said, “Do not be afraid, I’m with you. Obey your father and take care of your sister.”

She remained in the street for an hour. Nesma went back to the church and saw three people she knew laying in pools of blood near the front door.

“I knew they had been killed,” she said sadly. “By the time mom was taken into the ambulance she had died.”

“the blood of the martyrs…”

Nesma does not walk alone in the streets anymore. Her father accompanies her everywhere.

“Despite the pain inside my heart—I miss my mother desperately—I am happy because she is a martyr and I don’t feel afraid of the terrorists anymore. I was with her at the time of the attack and did not even get injured: it was God’s will to specifically choose her to go to heaven.

“I do not want to leave my country, but I certainly want to find a better chance to live and study, especially since our financial situation isn’t good. My dad, who is 35, works as a driver, but he has no regular work; my mother provided the main source of income for our family; she was a nurse at the Cairo Kidney Center. I hope to become a doctor of nephrology; that was my mom’s dream for me.

“This is my message to all the persecuted people around the world: ‘Do not be afraid! Our lives are in God’s hands and we have to adhere to our faith.’”


  1. Great Testimony…I pray that her mother’ s wish could come true….and she ends up being a doctor….if God is alive and real He should makes it a Reality!!!

  2. The face of Hitler Has Changed
    Asylum Seekers or Terrorists – An International Concern
    Here we sit in the middle of one of the biggest humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. Or is it? The question is on the front of everyone’s mind due to worldwide atrocities against humanity. At the head is the suggestion that the US is mistreating immigrant children, which has put a spotlight on this problem unlike what we have seen since WWII. Research orphans after World War II and how many were displaced.
    This is not the first time the world has had this type of problem. In fact, a mass exodus of people has continued to happen in pockets of the world where an evil controlling group that resorts to genocide to promote their agenda oppressively controls everything. This is not new.
    Knowing that this problem has always existed, it is quite amazing that there are millions of compassionate, well-meaning people who seem oblivious that the world has seen this before. My suspicion on the apparent lack of knowledge must be a direct result of schools stepping away from teaching traditional subjects. They are redacting much of the history related to humanities plight over the centuries and begun to assert that YouTube classes, social media classes and focus on sports activities are more important than history, economics and the 3 R’s. I personally have 4 children and I am witnessing this to be the case.
    When I was 17 and had been driving about a year, I really detested the seatbelt laws. I thought they were restrictive and foolish. The laws to me seemed like an overly intrusive abuse of law making me wear a seatbelt in my own car. Yes, I was 17. I meet people today, adults, who still think seatbelt laws are an abuse of power of the government to “tell you what to do.” I was sitting in church about that time and my pastor, F. Nolan Ball, used an example of seat belts for some odd reason and compared it to God’s word. He said that he had at one time looked at seatbelts as restrictive but that he then began to view them as something to keep him in place in the event of a potential accident so he was held in the best place to keep control of the car. It changed my perspective on many things. That can be personified in several ways.
    I’m going to share one complication to this huge problem. The face of Hitler has changed. During WWII the face of Hitler was thousands of identifiable German soldiers and Gestapo in uniforms going about the work of the Nazis. They were very open about their intent and had the support of the military and crazed dictator to support them. Today, Hitler’s face is multi-national, Sunni, Shiite or displaced impostor from Central America by way of Afghanistan who hates America, hates our God, our way of life and is licensed by their Quran to lie to accomplish the will of their false god; allah (caps intentionally left off). I’ve been accused of confusing the problem of immigration, now an international crisis, by asserting that the concerns of terrorism supersede the compassion we should have toward what we think are or may be displaced people.
    Our friends have trained resistance fighters in other countries to raise up a force against murderous regimes only to find out that the same people they trained had no problems turning their weapons on their trainers, in the name of allah (capitalization again intentional) once the oppressive dictator was eradicated. The majority of compassionate Americans have never dealt with a culture, in fact multiple islamic cultures, who are taught from birth to hate Jews, Christians and anyone who is a non-believer (specifically in allah). Americans cannot fathom how that kind of political, social and socio-economic system actually exists. One reason is because the educational system has dulled our senses by calling muslim invaders and terrorists who haven been terrorizing the world for the last 1,400 years by so many other names. In our history books they are called Turks, Moores, barbarians of the Barbary coast and Eastern slave traders. If we don’t teach the next generations who the real bigots, terrorists, Hitlers and genocidal maniacs of the last 1,400 years have been and who they are today, how do we expect them to have a realistic look at the threats they pose today?
    Many who are duped by socialistic and communistic agendas, who somehow believe that a utopia exists just the other side of a few more elections, have a harsh reality that they just can’t come to grips with. Evil exists! The poor exist! Both will always exist and we cannot effectively rid the entire world of either.
    Here is what we can do. Try to convert the evil person in your immediate surroundings by offering them a real God and a real solution to their problems. Feed the poor person in your backyard who is willing to work and get on their own feet to support themselves because sometimes bad things happen to good people who are worthy of care. If the entire world started with helping the people in their immediate vicinity this worldwide problem we have today, that has existed forever, would barely exist. Yes, there is a solution. There is an answer for the sluggard in Proverbs 6 and answer for the evil man in Psalms 10:15. Sadly enough, so many reject the Jesus who has the answer and they continue in fruitless strife.

  3. Of all the stupidest, wicked things to do, to stand on protocol when a life is dying before their eyes, refusing to put her in the ambulance until security had hunted down the terrorist!!
    It was cowardly of them, had they had the humanity necessary, they would have ignored the usual protocol and placed her in the ambulance and she may well have lived!!
    Well, the Lord knows.
    Now this girl is missing her mother and the little family do not have enough money.
    Sorry if my reply is not very mushy, I am only saying it as it is.

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