Radical Muslims rejoice over Houston flooding


By Michael Ashcraft —

While floodwaters threatened innumerable lives in Houston, Shia Muslims half way around the world rejoiced openly on social media that calamity had befallen theĀ  “infidels” in America.

“Allah, destroy them more and more because they destroyed our countries,” Bushra Atwani commented on a Facebook post showing the Hurricane Harvey rains overrunning streets and homes.

“I had fire in my heart against America,” wrote Ali Albaghdadi, an Iraqi. “But when I saw this video, all the fire is gone. I’ve become very happy. America is the head of the snake. We prayed for that. We asked Allah to destroy America like they destroyed our country.”

The outpouring of hate, the disturbing glee among Muslims who see the devastation in Texas, makes one wonder what kind of religion they have.

“We ask Allah to protect the Iraqi people there and kill everyone else,” wrote Qasim AL Gohrabi. Houston has a sizeable Iraqi population.

“This is Allah’s punishment for everybody who is against us,” wrote Ahmed El Zrafy. “I ask Allah to not help them, to leave them to their fate.”

Sadly, the comments, which were interpreted by a translator and not software, are not a smattering of isolated fringe elements but represent wide swathes of Muslim opinion. In the view of the translator who reviewed the comments, about 80% wish evil upon America. Those expressing grief usually do so because they have a friend of relative living in Houston.

A Pew Research poll in 2014 found 85% of Egyptians hate America and 62% of Pakistan also express anti-American sentiment, as reported by Foreign Policy. By contrast, Israel holds the second highest regard in the world for the United States, with an 81% favorable outlook, according to Pew.

“We tend to see more negative sentiment among Muslims in the Middle East, such as those from Egypt and Jordan,” said Bruce Stokes, director of global economic attitudes at Pew, as reported by the BBC.

Ahmed Hussein Mohammed wrote: “Allah is angry at America. They say, ‘We are the greatest country in the world. We have money. We have weapons. We have everything.’ But they cannot protect themselves because Allah is against them.”

Abo Ahmed Jameel posted a picture of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un subtitled “I wish you the best. Keep mocking America.” Kim Jong is currently facing off against America, Japan and South Korea with a display of missile prowess. In late August, Jong Un launched a missile directly over Japan into the Pacific Ocean, a roguish provocation.

Ali Ali wasn’t satisfied with the current extent of the wrath of Allah. “You (America) haven’t seen anything yet,” he wrote on Facebook. “What’s going to happen to you in the future is going to be worse.”

Michael Ashcraft pastors the Lighthouse Church in Van Nuys.

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