Trump’s policies saving more babies in the womb than any other president


By Chad Dou and Michael Ashcraft —

Before Inauguration Day, liberal magazine Mother Jones moaned that Trump would be a “nightmare for abortion rights.”

Today, pro-life leader Cheryl Sullenger is hopeful about the pro-life movement under the Trump administration.

“He’s been their worst nightmare,” said Sullenger, senior vice president of Operation Rescue. “They’re desperate to keep their funding. These people are a business. I don’t care if they call themselves a non-profit. They’re making money doing abortions, and fewer and fewer women are going in for abortions. Basically, federal funding is propping up a failed abortion industry.”

According to Sullenger, Trump has done more to save babies than all previous Republican presidents since Roe v. Wade.

Trump track record on abortion
The Left calls the pro-life movement ‘a war on women,’ which is hard to understand since women lead the pro-life movement.

“All the other Republican presidents just gave lip service to the pro-life movement. It’s been really frustrating,” said Sullenger. “Even Reagan did nothing substantial to move the ball down the field.”

“Trump’s been great,” she said. “The only reason he hasn’t done better is that he’s met with resistance in Congress. It’s not for a lack of trying. There’s been no other president who has done more” to protect babies from the death industry.

So why hasn’t Planned Parenthood been defunded yet?

Ironically, it’s a handful of conservative and moderate Republican senators who stymied the repeal of Obamacare, which enshrines abortion funding, Sullenger said.

What’s at stake in the abortion debate

A vote for Obamacare’s replacement – and the defunding of Planned Parenthood – was just postponed until after July 4. Conservative senators are balking because they want the complete repeal of Obamacare while Trump has called for gradual steps towards that goal, Sullenger said.

A few moderate Republican senators are concerned that the current bill will lead to deep cuts in Medicaid and put health insurance out of reach for the poorest Americans.

While they dicker over health insurance, Planned Parenthood continues to receive funding.

But in good news for pro-life movement, Trump:

  • Selected a staunch pro-life vice president. Mike Pence was the first VP to attend the March for Life protest.
  • Appointed to the Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch, expected to vote firmly pro-life. Gorsuch – and any subsequent justices Trump may appoint – could wind up being Trump’s biggest pro-life victory, making possible the chance to overturn Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in 1973.
  • Denied by executive order any funding to international organizations – such as departments of the United Nations – that promote abortion.
  • Named pro-lifer Jeff Sessions the U.S. Attorney General. As soon as he can free himself from left-raked controversies, Sessions is expected to prioritize 16 congressional referrals for criminal investigations into abortion clinics for crimes ranging from live-birth abortions to selling aborted body parts, Sullenger said.
  • Chose pro-lifer Tom Price to head Health and Human Services. Price will be critical in deciding funding and policies. His abortion-promoting predecessor under Obama did much to fuel the death industry. Price “is going to have a huge impact,” Sullenger said.
VP Mike Pence at the March for Life.

In addition, Trump is expected to:

  • Close loopholes in the Hyde Amendment, which barred federal funding for abortion. The Obama Administration skirted that act by encouraging abortion clinics to allow all abortion-related services – such as ultrasound and post-abortion care – to be exempted, Sullenger said.
  • Ban abortions after 20 weeks.

While he was a real estate magnate, Trump declared himself to be “very pro-choice,” but his position changed when a friend very nearly got an abortion. Trump was so impacted by the beauty and intelligence of the child, he experienced a change of heart.

On the campaign trail, Trump caught the attention of pro-lifers and the ire of pro-choicers when he said women should be prosecuted for having an abortion, which he equated with murder. He subsequently moderated that statement.

Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

Since mainstream media is dominated by pro-choice liberals, the standard narrative is that the issue is one of women’s rights and gender equality, since men can walk away from a pregnant girlfriend. It is not infrequent to see the debate cast as “war on women.”

“That’s just propaganda. It’s like saying blah blah blah, and there’s going to be a certain amount of weak-minded people who pay attention to that,” Sullenger said. “In the pro-life movement, the majority of people and leaders are women. Do they really think we hate and are trying to oppress other women?”

In 1991, there were 2,176 surgical abortion facilities. Since then 81% have closed, according to statistics compiled by Operation Rescue. At the same time, abortions have declined.

“There is a direct correlation between the number of abortions and the number of abortion clinics,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, on the group’s website. “When abortion clinics close, abortion numbers decrease and lives are saved.”

The troubled pregnant mother is pressured by the clinic worker to abort, Sullenger noted. Without that pressure at a vulnerable time, the “need” for an abortion disappears, and the mom researches other options, like giving the child up for adoption.

Despite an onslaught of news reports propagandizing the issue, America is not overwhelmingly pro-choice, as suggested. In fact, a 2014 Gallup poll found 47% of Americans described themselves as pro-choice, while 46% are pro-life.

The gap has narrowed dramatically since 1995, when pro-lifers floundered at 33% while pro-choicers roared with 56%, according to Gallup.

So why are politicians so afraid to act in favor the moral choice of saving lives? They can’t claim they’re representing their constituencies.

“Trump’s not a regular politician,” Sullenger said. “He’s trying to actually get things done, and that’s stirring up the pot.”

Cheryl Sullenger is the author of the new book, “The Trial of Kermit Gosnell,” which demonstrates that aspects of Gosnell’s “criminal enterprise” can be found in abortion facilities around the nation.

Chad Dou studied at the Lighthouse Christian Academy on the west side of Los Angeles. Michael Ashcraft was his teacher.

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