Short film features conversation between Bono and Eugene Peterson about the Psalms


By Mark Ellis

Bono with Eugene Peterson
Bono with Eugene Peterson

Bono, the brilliant songsmith of Ireland collaborated with an equally superb wordsmith and author of The Message, Eugene Peterson, to create a short film exploring the book of Psalms.

Bono often recited passages from The Message during his concerts and had admired Peterson from afar. He finally met the 83-year-old author, scholar, and poet in 2010 during U2’s 360 tour.

When Bono initiated contact with the aging Peterson, he had never heard of the rock star, and declined Bono’s first invitation for a private meeting.

The 20-minute film, produced by Fourth Line Films, is the first production of Fuller Studio, affiliated with Fuller Seminary. Portions were shot in Peterson’s home on Flathead Lake, Montana and New York’s gallery for the International Arts Movement.

The film intimately captures the two titans in their respective fields ruminating about the Psalms.

“Our hope is that as a result of watching the film, people will be curious or inspired to read the Psalms themselves and to discover this remarkable book of poetry in Holy Scripture that has captured Bono and Eugene’s imaginations,” David Taylor, the film’s producer told the New Boston Post.


  1. I’m so glad you have taken the initiative to show and say that yes there is violence in this world and always has been and as “Bono said” I’m am also tired of this airy fairy life we portray cause live is not always a bed of roses people are hateful; even those who say they are loving they seem to somehow have that sliver of hateredness deep within. I for one would love the the truth of who our Lord had to deal with and how at times how he had to rebuke the people who continually harrassed with unkind words cause I know at times I get so tired and kind words don’t come to mind for answers. I would love to read your translation of the Bible for this generation. By the way I do understand why you felt it necessary to finish Isaiah instead of going to a U2 concert, although U2 is one of my favorite, God’s Word’s should come first. Bono’s concert you can see another time and if not then in heaven. That’s where will meet him and his family personally and here him sing and I’m good with that cause that will be eternally.

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