Hindu priest doubted Jesus


By Vivian Chou —

Kosh Dahal
Kosh Dahal

If 330 million gods and goddesses couldn’t respond to his prayers, Kosh Dahal doubted whether one God like Jesus could do very much. Plus, the Nepalese was a Hindu priest from the highest caste in Nepal, and he didn’t want to submit to a belief system he perceived as having a lower status.

“There was no caste higher than my caste,” he said in a YouTube video. “I didn’t want to mix with the people of the low castes.”

So Dahal repeatedly dismissed a Christian evangelist who showed up day after day to share the gospel at his veterinary clinic in Kathmandu. Dahal, a Hindu priest and the son of a Hindu priest, told him to stop coming by, but the pesky evangelist kept showing up and talking about the “loving living only God Jesus.”

“He bothered me because I didn’t want to accept Jesus Christ. He kept coming and ministering the gospel. I kept rejecting him,” Dahal said. “One day I got challenged. I wanted to prove that Christianity is a fake religion. Jesus can’t do anything. I will ask your Jesus – 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening – if He is the real God, come on and touch me and change me for 30 days.”

Kairos Nepali Church KNC in Malaysia
Kairos Nepali Church KNC in Malaysia

If Jesus didn’t respond in an undeniable way, Dahal said he would file a complaint with the police about the annoying evangelist. Nepal law prohibits proselytizing. “You will be in trouble.” he warned the evangelist. But the Christian didn’t back peddle and seemed to relish the wager.

By the third week, there was still no answer. Dahal who dutifully prayed with all sincerity warned Jesus that his time was running out.

At the end of the third week, however, the power of the one true living God struck.

“This power like a current of electricity came into me and began to run very fast,” Dahal remembered. “I was shocked. I was closing my eyes and opening my eyes, and I was very afraid. I kept saying, ‘Who is this? What’s happening to me? What’s inside of me running very fast?’”

It was an experience he had never encountered in his 30 years of worshiping the Hindu pantheon of gods.

“I was challenging Jesus,” he recounted. “Jesus sent the power. I began to say, ‘Wow. Jesus has the power,’” he said. “I believed that morning that Jesus Christ is real. He really is the God who has mighty power. He woke me up. I cried. I realized that Jesus Christ is real.”

Naturally, Dahal failed to disprove Jesus. What lay ahead of him was to honor his wager: he had promised the

Baptism at Kairos Nepali Church
Baptism at Kairos Nepali Church

evangelist he would leave everything to follow Jesus.

His wife Shobah saw a dramatic change in her husband and decided to follow Jesus too. She was eased to faith when she was miraculously healed in Jesus’ name of a uterine myoma, a benign growth that might have required a hysterectomy.

The couple, with their three children, abandoned the Hindu priesthood and began evangelizing. They planted a church in Kathmandu. After some years, they left their jobs, properties and families and moved to the Philippines to study in seminary. While there, they planted five more churches.

Since 2013, they have been ministering to Nepalese in Malaysia at Kairos Nepali Church KNC.


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  1. It’s good to see our Lord meet the and save these people ,Thats he’s heart to seek and save the lost and thats what he wants us to do,

  2. Praise GOD!!! What a powerful testimony! When I hear of the way God is moving in this hour, I know that all biblical prophecy is being fulfilled to usher in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! Let us continue to be the voice of our Master and be used as vessels of obedience to reap the harvest that is ripe and ready for reaping. Thank you Jesus and may your will continue to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.

  3. I am so blessed by your testimony. Thank you for sharing your story and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour… He truly is the one and only God!!! Glory!!! Hallelujah!!!

  4. God bless that persistent Christian Evangelist. This really Shows that if we continue to make ourselves available for God to use us, He WILL NOT FAIL nor turn down our want and need to be used by Him, The ONE and TRUE LIVING GOD!!!! I pray a special blessing over all who read this in Jesus Name…. AMEN!!

  5. Am glad to hear that the Lord does miracles.
    Soon the Lord will do amazing and powerful works as He did in Elisha’s time.
    His Power never changes.
    And is written:
    John 14:12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.


    • Oh how I want and ask to have the Holy Spirit to empower and use me in ways to bring all kinds of healing blessings to others!

  6. “Pls do not try this at home.”
    Why was the Christian evangelist so very persistent in proselytizing or “targeting” this one high-caste Hindu veterinarian, n not the other Hindus or Buddhists in Kathmandu, Nepal.? … = most likely, the evangelist had a direct message from God/Jesus to do so, similar to what happened to Ananias at ACTS.9:10, wrt the unbelieving n murderous Saul of Tarsus.
    Remember, Jesus Christ is God-on-earth, from GENESIS till REVELATION, whether visibly or invisibly(= the Spirit) ( 2COR.3:17, JOHN.8:58/EXO.3:14, 1TIM.3:16, MATT.1:23, JOHN.1:1 & 14).
    ……. In heaven, Jesus Christ was, is n will be God the Father.(ISA.9:6, 1COR.15:24) Jesus is the same yesterday, today n forever.(HEB.13:8)

    Christian believers hv the hope to transition from this rotten/evil-infested earth to a good new earth(= live with JC after His 2nd Coming to earth), n finally to eternal life in His kingdom of heaven.(REV.22)
    … messager7 via Christian Post.

  7. I just started praying yesterday with specific prayers for the lost. I was reminded that Paul came not with persuasive words but “with power” and signs and wonders.

    This is an example. Wow. To pray that we would see more of this around the world and in America? Let’s do it.

  8. I really glorify God for the strength He bestowed on the evangelist who would not take a no or a reproach for an accomplishment. I pray that his ministry will continue to expand. I pray God’s protection upon both families. In the name of Jesus. Let us continue to thank God and pray for the new converts wherever they may be, it is important. Jesus is the Lord and Mighty God!

  9. We serve a Mighty and Loving God in the person of His son, Jesus! No one can escape His love…thanks for posting this encouraging story!

  10. Wow Praise the Lord. Its really encouraging to hear your powerful testimony. I pray for your ministry. I am working In Nepal so pray for us also.

  11. I am writing a book that contains many stories much like this except that Jesus himself is appearing to many who are dying of terminal illnesses in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nearly a million people have come to know him, and he is healing the afflicted up front and personal and then vanishes. They become believers in much the same way this man came to know Christ. It ‘s hard for those who have not seen to believe. The harvest is ripe, but the harvesters are few. He is doing it himself in persecuted countries. Keep coming Lord Jesus.

  12. Why do we not see this kind of conversion experience here in America? Because it takes perseverance and long hours and “a want to.” It cannot be done on the American Christian church model of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p,m. with an hour & a half for lunch and an hour at the gym, off Fridays & Saturdays and find reasons to cancel Sunday night services (the night before federal holidays, etc.). We are modeling our church calendar after the business world. Comp time mist be given for serving the Lord “after hours.” Oh yes, extra pay for weddings, funerals, etc.). And those of us who are considered laymen consider witnessing to the lost “what we are paying the pastor to do.” One hour a week sitting in the pew is considered “suffering for the Lord.” Oops, it’s raining this morning so I cannot go to church in my air conditioned electronic hybrid leather seated car. God understands. And we wonder what is wrong with the U,S.A.!!!!!!

  13. William. I give God the praise for this amazing miracle that brought this Hindu priest to Christ. May The Lord bless the evangelist for his persistence in seeing the Hindu come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

  14. Our God reigns! Let’s continue to showcase Him to all and sundry, in all places where He sends us as evangelists/missionaries, or plants us to pastor congregations for Him. Jesus. Our Lord is waiting for us to make His enemies His footstool; God is waiting to use us to make the kingdoms of this world His Kingdom. He will never leave us or forsake us, as we labor to fulfill the Great Commission, but will rather back us up with diversified signs, wonders and miracles that will make even the most stiff – necked unbelievers fall like overripe apples, ready for the harvest, in Jesus’ Miraculous Name,Amen. The world is groaning to be delivered from corruption to which they have long been subjected. God has promised us that even the prey of the mighty shall be taken, and the lawful captives of the terrible shall be delivered. So, March on, Christian soldiers, having on the whole armour of God, and armed with spiritual weapons that are mighty, through God, to the pulling down of strongholds that hold people captive! Time is running out; let us redeem the time, making the most of the remaining time. Pastor Ngozi

  15. We like when somebody listens to the Holy Spirit and continues and is obedient. This is very exciting to read about this new brother in the Lord and what he is doing with the Lord to reach the nations.

    I have been to Nepal 3 times last 2 years, God has done great miracles each time we have gone.

    Deaf and blind see, broken bodies, demon possess set free, salvation and whole groups of people up to 150 on one church, filled with the heavenly language and everyone healed.

    Seen 6,000 people come to Christ in our crusade in Butwal 2014, seen many people saved, healed and filled with His heavenly launuage. We love to go to the mountain communities and stay there a few days and pray with the people and they see the love of God flow in the communities.

    I am a businessman, work with Pastor Bashu Prasai, Reach the Nation Nepal Ministries in Kent, WA. [email protected]

    We just completed the first floor of a new building in Dharan to train new leaders in Christ so they can be effective pastors, evangelists, or whatever the Lord has called them to. We are excited to leave the hotels where Pastor Bashu has been teaching the leaders for last 8 years or so.

    God bless,

  16. It just shows you that the living faith in this loving evangelist made a difference in this lost soul who had misplaced his faith in the wrong god. When we take the time to share God’s Truth with a lost soul it sets people free. All you have to have is love faith and the Holy Spirit to reach an obstinate soul. We as Christians are to go out into the world and share the Truth with the lost so one less soul will go to he’ll because they rejected Jesus their only hope of salvation. Jesus said that we were not to worship other gods because he knew that those gods were not living and powerless. As this Hindu man and his wife evidenced that Jesus is powerful to love and heal them and to save them. Praise God for the faithful persistence of this evangelist and his love and obedience to Christ the Messiah.

  17. Thanks God for thy Son Jesus Christ who takest away the sins of the world in His crucifixion and
    fullfillment of His promise not to leave us, but His Spirit shall accompany us as we
    continue to believe and follow His commandments and endure to the end despite all
    Odds!!!! We really have a living GOD!

  18. Anybody anywhere too can believe in the Lord and experience the supernatural act of God. SUPERNATURAL HEALING ENCOUNTER DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN CHRIST AND OTHER RELIGIONS

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