Golf’s Jordan Spieth puts God first


spieth.jpgBy Michael Ashcraft —

According to Esquire magazine, Jordan Spieth is the new “savior” of golf, but he probably would shy away from such journalistic hyperbole: He knows there’s only one Savior.

The wunderkind earned golf’s #1 ranking with a win at the 2015 FedEx Cup. Two years later, he won his third major at the 2017 Open Championship, by three shots at 12 under-par. A quiet Christian, he attends the PGA Tour’s Christian group with flamboyant buddy Bubba Watson.

“He goes to Bible study with us on the Tour here,” says Watson, who in April 2015 put the traditional snazzy green jacket on Spieth to symbolize his elite status with other Masters winners at Augusta.

On Sept. 27, 2015, Spieth sank putts from anywhere and everywhere on the green to win the $10 million Tour Championship, showing why golf legend Ben Crenshaw nicknamed him Wyatt Earp. On the 11th hole, the Texan dropped a 45-foot putt, a “dagger” that sank his closest competitor’s hopes of regaining the lead.

spieth golf ballHis five wins this year include two majors and winnings totaling $23 million – not bad for a 22-year-old. Spieth’s youth and dominance are strikingly similar to golf’s last and now-fallen Titan, Tiger Woods.

Spieth projects a wholesome, clean-cut image, good sportsmanship and Christian conduct.

While other champs flaunt pictures with hot girlfriends, Spieth likes to pose with his autistic sister, 15-year-old Ellie.

“She’s my inspiration,” Spieth told the UK’s Telegraph. “She’s the funniest member of our family. I really love spending time with her. It is humbling to see her and her friends and the struggles they go through each day, which we take for granted. They are the happiest people in the world ”

with ellie
With his little sister, Ellie

When other Masters’ winners celebrate amid opulence and ostentation at one of Augusta’s many 5-star hotels, Spieth celebrated at Chick-fil-A restaurant. He still drives the same Yukon truck from his youth.

After enduring Woods’ excesses, PGA can relax and enjoy a new group of phenoms who live clean and uphold the traditional American hero image. Bubba Watson shares Jesus every chance he gets and Zach Johnson is overtly evangelistic. With the addition of Spieth, they form something of a Christian triumvirate at the pinnacle of the sport.

“Jordan is just very genuine,” said Steve Koch, athletic director at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, from which Spieth graduated in 2011. “He says what he believes. He believes in supporting others, taking care of others before he takes care of himself.”

jordan spiethMichael Earsing, president of the Jesuit school, also told the Catholic Herald: “We talk about how much he loves his sister. She’s someone he loves and who has kept him grounded.”

Spieth is somewhat reticent about his faith. One secular journalist described not having to endure one mention of God in a half-hour Spieth speech as “an act of mercy.” Spieth talks with his actions. He goes to Bible study. He loves his family. He lives humbly. He praises his sister.

Ever since his wife divorced him over revelations of his affairs, Tiger Woods lost his dominance of the sport. Enthusiasts have looked for a new Jack Nicklaus to wow them. With some heady numbers at a boyish age, Spieth appeared to Esquire to merit coronation. They called him “Savior.”

Some adore him, but Spieth knows Who really is worthy of adoration — his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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  1. As a Spirit filled Christian, I am thankful that God is being glorifed through Spieth. I take issue, however, with the authors insensitive, unforgiving, and calloused words regarding Tiger Woods. If the purpose of this article was to glorify God and Spieth, perhaps if would have been better to leave Woods out of it altogether.

  2. Great to see these inspirational stories. Looking forward to seeing Tiger’s name amongst them! From just another …saved by Grace!

  3. Laughing at impossibilities which are before us.

    Nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.
    St. Luke 5:5

    Father everything said to Peter and those with him that there were no fish to be caught. Peter and the other fishermen had spent a whole night trying to catch fish and came back from their toils with empty boats. Here was a man who knew his business for he was an expert at fishing. Jesus, though, spoke the word and although Peter knew that Jesus was not a fisherman He had experienced enough of Jesus’ miracles to trust Him that He knew what He was talking about. It was as though Jesus had already seen the fish waiting for the nets to be cast into the water. Father what would have appeared an impossibility to Peter speaks to us of the impossibilities which are before us as Christians. Yet we have your Son within us and it is when like Peter we know we have come to the end of ourselves then Jesus can do His work in us and through us. Father ever bring us and keep us from getting in the way of Jesus so we do not hinder His work. This prayer is asked in the name which is higher than every other name that of your Son Jesus Christ so that you shall be glorified in the Son. Amen.

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