Muslims flock to Jesus in response to ISIS


By Mark Ellis

Pastor Fouad Rasho of Alliance Church
Pastor Fouad Rasho of Alliance Church

Some experts predict Islam will be the largest religion in the world. But Islam is facing a dilemma because of the atrocities committed by ISIS in the name of Allah, which has left some Muslims questioning their faith.

Mission scholars say more Muslims have converted to Christianity since 9/11 than during the entire 14 centuries of Islamic history, according to a report by CBN News.

Many keep their faith in Jesus a closely guarded secret, fearing retribution from other hardline Muslims. In London, CBN News talked to Imram (no last name given to protect his identity), a British college student from a Pakistani immigrant family.

Imram left Islam after his study of the Koran left serious doubts about its veracity. “If someone leaves Islam and becomes an apostate, he is thrown out of his family; his family will be the first ones to abandon him,” Imran told CBN.

“His friends will reject him and he will be killed or he will be persecuted. A lot of my friends said, ‘This is the last time I’m talking to you because you disrespected the prophet Mohammed, you disrespected Islam.'”

Imran is studying the Bible and has concluded that Christianity is more credible than Islam, even though he hasn’t yet decided to follow Jesus.

Some disenchanted former Muslims are becoming atheists. But others find the grace, truth and power of God’s love is irresistible.

In Sweden, Pastor Fouad Rasho of Angered Alliance Church, himself an immigrant from Syria, has baptized more than 100 ex-Muslims. He said because of ISIS, many Muslims are coming to Christ.

“Every week I meet one or more persons who come to me and want to know more about Christianity and the Bible because they are very angry about being a Muslim. They don’t want to continue to be Muslim,” Imran told CBN.

While some European Muslims feel trapped between atheism and radical Islam, others are finding hope in Christianity.

Nassim Ben Iman
Nassim Ben Iman

When Nassim Ben Iman arrived in Germany with his family as immigrants from a Muslim nation, he thought that if Germany is a Christian nation, then Christianity is a dead, sinful religion.

“So nakedness on the television is because of the Christian religion. Living together not married is because of the Christian religion,” Nassim recalled thinking.

But then Nassim developed a personal relationship with Jesus and now he’s reaching Muslims and non-Muslims for Christ.

“When the people understand who Jesus is, they will love Him and follow Him more and more. And when the Muslims understand more and more what Mohammed is, what the Koran is, what the history is, then they will go farther and farther away from Islam,” he told CBN.

The host of an important Christian program reaching Muslims told CBN News, “Islam is going to collapse.”

Brother Rachid is the son of a Moroccan imam and has hidden his conversion to Christianity for 15 years. Now he hosts an Arabic language Christian program called “Daring Questions” that urges Muslims to re-examine their religion.

“Many Muslims are saying, ‘If ISIS is Islam, I’m leaving.’ Some are becoming atheists,” Brother Rachid told CBN. “There is a huge wave of atheism in the Arab world right now and many are turning to Jesus Christ. Islam was never faced with this crisis before.”

Nassim said Islam seems outwardly strong, but its growth is fed by the spiritual void in weak Christian nations. “The greatest power of Islam is the weakness of the Christians,” he said. “That’s what happened in Germany and in America and all the Western countries.”

Brother Rachid says Christians should not fear Islam, because he is convinced it will eventually fade.

“Islam is not God’s instrument to judge the West,” he told CBN. “I think people are afraid because of what they see on the news. But even violence is just a sign of collapse.”


  1. Glory to God, we’ll keep preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, He’s indeed the saviour of the world. The Muslims have to also turn to Jesus and be saved. Hallelujah.

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